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A Note To The Reader:

This fictional story contains male / male sexual situations. If you find this offensive then it is strongly suggested that you read no further.

Scene One: "The Threesome"

I noticed that she was trembling as she took my hand. I glanced at her angelic face. She smiled a nervous but eager smile. I was sure that my expression mirrored hers. I leaned down to her and kissed her deeply. She exhaled a sigh and for a brief moment as her breath filled my heaving lungs, I was certain that our souls were one.

Turning the knob, I pushed the heavy, wooden door ajar and we entered the room together.

As my eyes became adjusted to the dimly lit space I noticed that my gaze was drawn to a fire burning in a fireplace which spanned the entire rear wall of this enormous room. Shadows danced and light flickered throughout the room and there were candles burning in sconces which hung every ten feet or so on each of the four walls. The air was filled with the fragrance of an intoxicating incense. It was sweet and pungent not unlike the scent of jasmine. There were towering windows along the opposite wall which sprawled upward to the arched ceiling. I noticed that the windows were divided into panes which resembled prison windows and the moonlight passing through between the plush, floor length, velvet curtains cast grid like shadows across the marble tiled floor.

"Wow" She said, "How beautiful." I recall marveling at how her voice was reverberating against the smooth marble walls.

"I'll say. This place looks like it was built for royalty. It's even better than I had imagined" My voice filled the shadowy hall with an almost eerie, deep reverberation .

At the center of the room there was an enormously long wooden table with no less than twenty high backed wooden chairs surrounding it. A single, multi-tiered candelabra stood at the center of the table. Five tall candles burned, casting a glow across the massive, highly polished surface. I noted that the chair at the far end of the table had been removed and was now centered before the fireplace at the rear of the room.

"So," She said gesturing toward the single chair before the fireplace. "Is that where we're supposed to....?"

"Fuck!" I finished her sentence with a smirk.

She giggled a girlish laugh and I could see goose bumps forming on her bare arms in the moonlight which pooled around us as we stood just inside of the doorway still holding hands. My cock slowly found its way up and out of the gap at the front of my bathrobe. With her other hand she stroked my shaft tenderly, playfully and without another word I gave the heavy door a substantial shove and we walked hand in hand to the chair before the mammoth fireplace within which the glowing fire snapped and hissed with a life of its own. As we reached the chair the solid, massive door latched itself with a load and echoing "click-bang". Again I was reminded of a prison.

Stopping in front of the substantial wooden chair she reached for the waist strap of my robe as I simultaneously slipped my fingers under hers and as if on cue each of our robes fell to the floor. Her skin was awash in the firelight. I couldn't remember her ever looking more beautiful, more inviting. I pulled her into my arms and she sighed as I pressed my lips to hers. I felt her jaw relax, parting her lips and then a tentative tongue flicked across my lips as she teased me into her mouth. She pushed me down onto the chair our tongues still dancing. She broke away and knelt before me. Taking my already throbbing cock into her hands she locked her gaze on my eyes and her expert mouth engulfed me. I instinctively pushed my fingers through her hair and gently cradled her head as she worked her magic bringing me to a higher state of arousal. With one hand she pumped my cock in time to her slipping her lips over my length. With the other she reached down and began to trace circles around her clit. She would occasionally dip a finger or two into her now dripping pussy to add to the delicious sensations that she was creating for herself. When my breathing became heavier she released her grip on my cock, pulled her mouth away with a smack and never once did she break her transfixing stare into my soul.

"My turn" She said as she stood pulling me by the hands to my feet as well. She stepped around me and I spun around to follow her. Plopping herself down onto the chair and pulling her knees up to her chest, she exposed her glistening pussy to me and demanded. "Lick my pussy!" She didn't need to tell me twice. There are few things I enjoy more than burying my face into her delicious cunt. I dropped to my knees and plunged my hungry mouth into her. She inhaled sharply with a gasp and huskily cooed. "Oh yes, Yes! ...Lick it. Oh God YES!!!" She likes it when I press my tongue hard against her clit and rapidly lick up and down and it doesn't take her long once she's got the rhythm. I could sense the familiar urgency as she bucked her hips to meet my persistent assault.

"Stop! Stop!" She interrupted. "Don't make me cum yet. I want to feel you inside me."

Again she pushed me away and rose to her feet.

"Sit" she commanded.

I did as she asked. Stepping toward me she swung a leg over me and now straddling me she reached down to grasp my cock and guiding my pre-cum covered knob she buried my shaft balls deep into her slippery hole in one fluid motion.

We both gasped loudly in response to the intense pleasure, our cries echoing against the marbled walls. Moonlight, firelight and candlelight bathed our bodies as she began to grind herself on my cock. Again we began to kiss deeply our eyes closed as we concentrated on exploring each other's mouths. Passionately kissing and grinding our bodies together we were unaware of anything else in the universe. Until that is, that a long, thick and warm cock snaked itself between our interlocked lips. Startled at first, we both reacted by rearing backward. Both of our mouths open in shocked disbelief.

It was Seth. He stood smiling down at the two of us while stroking his enormous and beautiful cock. When I regained my senses I laughingly inquired. "How long have you been watching us?"

"Long enough to know that I need to get in on this." He said, still smiling handsomely.

Seth was one of Jen's favorites. Whenever we'd watch the erotic films together she'd always squirm in her seat and remark about how hot he was. And she was right. At slightly over six feet tall with well defined muscle tone, long brown hair and six-pack abs he was a sight to behold. Add to that a cock that dreams are made of and you've got a man that simply exudes sexiness. Many were the evenings that Jen would cum multiple times while watching Seth fucking and sucking with the other boys while I either lapped her cunt like a hungry dog or while she fingered herself with her eyes glued to the television.

And now here we were the three of us naked, aroused, willing and able.

"This is perfect!" I exclaimed. "Absolutely perfect!"

"It sure is!" Jen added finally able to speak. "I'm so glad that you could join us Seth."

"The pleasure is mine, I assure you." Replied Seth. "Please, continue. I like to watch." He said while resuming his stroking himself.

Jen smiled up at him and began once again to grind herself into my somewhat startled and softened cock. Reaching out to Seth she cupped his firm ass cheek pulling him closer. My erection immediately restored by the proximity of Seth's long, thick penis to Jen's and my face.

"Where were we?" She said seductively.

Seth offered his gorgeous cock to us again and this time we both hungrily began to lick and kiss him and each other across his tool. Seth placed a hand on each of our shoulders and began to slowly slide his cock between our wet mouths. Our tongues slithered all over him and each other as he slowly brought up his tempo. This continued for several delightful minutes until Jen began to raise herself up on my shaft and slam herself back down with a hunger that always gets me fired up. Seth then turned slightly toward Jen and she took his massive cock into her silky mouth. With a heavy sigh Seth threw his head back and pulled my face toward his heavy, smooth balls. I eagerly met his request by sucking one and then the other into my mouth. Licking, sucking and loving every minute of it. Jen's tempo had increased to a hard slamming fuck. Her ass slapping onto my thighs with a satisfying smack and each time she'd rise and fall she would take Seth's cock deep into her mouth. She was obviously getting close to cumming and she was making sexy, muffled, pleading moans around Seth's shaft. Soon the first wave consumed her. She pulled her mouth from Seth and seized his cock in her hand as she cried out in ecstasy. I had all I could do not to cum myself but I had other plans. I wanted Seth's cum and I knew that my desire would be severely diminished if I allowed myself to cum before he did. Jen continued to fuck me while holding Seth tightly in her fist. Seth was pumping his hips into her grasp with an urgency of his own. As Jen began to come down from her climax she looked me in the eye and in between her heavy breaths she panted...

"Suck this big dick Baby! I wanna' watch you suck this cock!

With that she directed her hand still wrapped around his cock toward my mouth. I eagerly began to fuck Seth with my mouth, taking him all the way down my throat and all the way out again. Over and over I rhythmically sucked him while Jen held the base of his cock and met my movements by pulling and pushing him into my mouth. She reached under him and began to fondle his massive balls. Looking up at Seth she coaxed him toward his climax.

"C'mon big boy, give my husband that big load. I can feel how heavy your balls are. You must have lots of hot cum for Michael. He wants' it so bad. He's been fantasizing about this moment for so long. He needs your cum. He needs it. Fuck his mouth!"

This hot talk was getting the desired result and Seth was beginning to breathe hard. He was meeting my movements and ramming my mouth forcefully. He placed both of his hands behind my head and pumped in and out of my mouth rapidly.

Suddenly Jen exclaimed..." Oh, your balls are tightening up Seth." She was still holding his balls and pumping his shaft." That's it! Shoot your load in his mouth. Give him your cum. C'mon...C'mon!!!!!"

Seth's thrust's switched to short, quick pelvic convulsions. His fingers tightened in my hair and with one final, powerful thrust he began a long and deep groan as the first of an amazing number of spurts shot powerfully from his pulsing cock. My mouth was full with his very first spurt and I quickly swallowed all of it. Then another, and another, and another as I tried to keep up with the incredible amount of delicious sperm flooding into my mouth. Jen was still shouting for him to shoot his load with the most lustful look on her face as she took in the scene before her. Her eyes were locked onto Seth's huge shaft. Each time that he would launch a stream he'd grunt and thrust into my mouth. Jen was squeezing his balls tightly forcing him to empty himself. After several spurts I replaced Jen's hand with my own around his cock. I pulled him from my mouth and aimed his convulsing rod at Jen's face and he fired three more blasts into her open waiting mouth and across her beautiful face while I pumped his enormous cock furiously. When Seth was finished he took a step back smiling broadly, his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. His cockhead was glistening with the last bead of his cum and my saliva.

I turned my attention back to Jen as she began to rock herself back and forth on my straining cock. She was still holding Seth's cum in her open mouth, showing me what I needed to see. She began to allow his cum to leak from the corners of her lips while she looked directly into my eyes. This was exactly what I needed and my own balls began to tighten and boil. She sensed this and increased her tempo. I leaned in and began to lick Seth's seed from her chin as it poured from her pouting lips. She leaned back still drooling cum and expertly dribbled it onto one of her rock hard nipples. I bent down and sucked it up noisily, greedilly. With that Jen began another orgasm which pushed me right over the edge and I began to fill her cunt with a huge load of my own. As I dumped my load into her convulsing body I kissed her deeply lapping the last of Seth's sperm from her gaping, contorted mouth. I was grunting loudly with each wave of pleasure, filling her with my seed as I sucked and licked Seth's cum from her whimpering lips.

This was by far the most erotic experience that I'd ever imagined and judging by the expression on Jens face I'm sure that she would concur. Jen looked up at Seth and thanked him for his participation to which he ceremoniously and comically bowed and retreated rearward and out of sight into the darkened corner behind him. I glanced down at my lovely wife taking in her beauty and finding myself surprisingly aroused so quickly by the sight of the firelight illuminating the wetness on her face and breasts. She was slick with another man's semen and I was intoxicated by the decadence of the entire scene.

Suddenly, someone shouted "CUT! ...That's a wrap." The room was filled by a deafening applause. Turning my gaze toward the table I gathered instantly that the rest of the crew were clapping, cheering and whistling their approval of our little threesome. It was at that exact moment that I remembered that we'd been captured on film and this was to be one of the scenes of the film. I smiled at Jen and she blushed sexily while smiling at the rest of the cast and crew. If this was what it was like to make a porno film then we were definitely up to the task.

I, your author will take the opportunity at this point to present you, the reader with a point of view which you may or my not agree with. None-the-less, for the purpose of my own sanity I will attempt to present my rational...

It has always been my contention that it is not naturally human for folks to be monogamous. My logic for coming to this conclusion is simple. In the natural world, when higher mammal females are "in heat" they become receptive to any available male. The male's role is to contribute his seed in hopes of propagating the species. The sole purpose for the act of intercourse is to ensure exactly this outcome. This, I believe is precisely why women are multi-orgasmic and men are not. You see, way back when, before humans developed the complex social behaviors that we practice today including marriage and love, we were no different than any other highly evolved mammal. When a female came into estrous she would welcome the advances of the stronger males because they were the ones who were able to get to her first. After the dominant male copulated with the receptive female he would contentedly sit back, relax and eventually drift off to sleep. There were still plenty of eager males gathered around her who wanted nothing more than to deposit their seed into her as well. The female, being multi-orgasmic and having just had the pleasure of being fucked by the dominant male was still quite aroused and receptive to every other male who wished to have his way with her. One by one each male would fuck her and then wander off to fall asleep until every male in the group got his shot at her. Thus, it is my contention that all women possess deep within their souls the most basic of instincts, the ability to be absolute cock whores for the sole purpose of perpetuating the species. I for one embrace and encourage all women to succumb to these instinctive urges and to be the sluts that they were originally intended to be. Women are wired for gangbangs and men are wired for gangbanging.

Why is he making these claims the reader may ask. The answer is simple. I fantasize daily about seeing my wife gangbanged by a large group of men and it just so happens that our crew and cast were more than willing to set the stage for just such an episode. After all , I did write the original screenplay and I did win the sweepstakes.

Here I was, completely drained after filling my lovely wife's pussy with my seed but quite to the contrary, Jen was just getting started and the lust in her eyes would betray any attempts on her behalf to deny it. She needed cock lots of cock and as luck would have it there were lots of cocks at her beckon call.

Scene Two "The Gang Bang"

The applause and cheering continued as the rest of the cast and crew approached. Jen and I were still seated on our chair in front of the fireplace. Jen was blushing but smiling broadly. The boys surrounded us, all of them naked and in various states of arousal. Seven gorgeous young men with tanned, hard, stark naked bodies and packing equipment which was larger than life were standing before us and at our disposal. We were here to make a film based loosely on the suggestions that I'd made in a spur of the moment email in response to the sweepstakes offer to "Write your own script." at the end of an X-rated DVD movie that we'd watched together.

As the cast of gorgeous men gathered around us they each began to offer their congratulations and words of encouragement.

"Awesome scene guys" Said Grant.

"That was so hot!" exclaimed Terrence.

"It's so nice to add a woman, and a sexy one at that to the mix." Added Brandon.

Jen was smiling broadly and was making more eye to cock contact than eye to eye. It was rather obvious to me and to the others that she was entranced by the attention of all of these beautiful, young men and the boys wasted no time in exploiting her willingness to go along with their advances.

"Jen, you were awesome!" Adam remarked. "I think I'm in love" he said playfully as he embraced Jen and I in a warm, lingering hug.

Jen blushed but still had the courage to reach out and tug on his beautiful, perfectly shaped penis. Adam reacted with a shudder and a sexy moan.

"Yeah Jen, we don't get the opportunity to play with girls very often if ever. I for one can't wait to perform with you." Kurt said.

All of the other guys nodded at this while adding their own words of encouragement.

Looking down at me Eric asked politely, "Michael, would you mind if we paid some attention to your lovely wife."

I felt my spent cock stir at this and Jen wiggled her perfect ass over my growing erection with a giggle and lifted herself up and to her feet. She spun around to face the gang of hot young men. My semen hanging as if on a string from her beautiful, freshly fucked pussy.

"Have at her boys." I said. "She can set her own boundaries."

I watched from my seated position as the boys began to fondle her trembling, naked body. There were hands of various sizes and colors caressing her shoulders, cupping her breasts and pinching her nipples. The group of very aroused studs began to crowd around my deliciously, sexy wife, pressing their erections against her soft, supple flesh while exploring her body with their hands. When Taylor's expert fingers found her moist vagina and began to tease her clit she reacted by throwing her arms around his neck and grinding herself into his hand. She purred in his ear, "Oh God yes! That feels so good."

In my mind I was fighting back the jealousy and focusing on the incredibly erotic spectacle before me. Of course there was the part of me that desperately wanted to take it all back and make her forget what had just transpired but there was an even more powerful, lustful need to see my dainty wife overcome by seven of the most beautiful of men with the most amazing equipment and because I wrote the script, I knew that she was going to do just that. She and I often would whisper little scenarios in one-another's ears during lovemaking. I knew the things that she fantasized about and she was going to live it with me right there in this magnificent Newport mansion.

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