tagNonHumanThe Trail Ch. 02

The Trail Ch. 02


Christina couldn't fight them off as he stood with the head of his dick aimed at her sweet spot. She realized she was in trouble as he sank it slowly into her warm body. She looked around at them as they all cheered him on. He was deep inside her as he began to fuck her deep and hard. Christina was now the fuck toy of the king.

She looked at Shelby as she swallowed cum and was filled with the figures cum. She closed her eyes as the king dug even deeper into her body! The figures holding her legs down lifted them up and held them out as he went yet deeper into Christina! She never experienced such a thing as her cum was flowing for the king figure. She cried as his dick grew and he tore her up.

"NO!" She cried as he fucked her good.

Back in the cave, Mellissa sat up and looked around and then down at her naked body. She held her crotch as it was sore from the figures fucking her non-stop. She stood up and walked out of the cave and heard Christina's cries for help. She staggered through the dark woods in search of her partner.

Christina looked at the paper Shelby had handed her and read it. She chanted it over and over as the king stopped and looked at her. He snarled and began to really pound her wet pussy. Christina kept chanting loudly as he fucked her. He felt funny and realized it was working!

He pointed and her voice went out. Her eyes widened as she was silenced by the kings magic. He smiled and continued to fuck the famous Christina. He knew he would win the fight as his followers held her down and let him do her. She realized that she was never going to win this fight. Then she felt the hands that were on her tits milking her tits. She was lactating for the king! He swallowed her milk as both tits sprayed her warm milk into his mouth.

Mellissa walked up and found Christina and Shelby getting fucked by the figures who fucked her. The king pointed and her pussy moistened. She looked down wide eyed as her body got off without anyone inside it! She looked at the king as he moved his finger up and down. She fell to her knees as he magically finger fucked her! He laughed as they held all three women down with sex!

Christina gave up her fight as the king had his way with her tan body. He dug deep as he exploded inside her. He screamed as his boys infiltrated her fertile body. She felt the change as soon as it hit. He pulled out as her belly began to swell instantly. He smiled as she looked at her once flat stomach. They held her legs steady as his sperm hot every available eggs she had. Christina was impregnated by the king! Lucky for her these figures were rapid growers and within ten minutes she was pushing out five new figures!

They were out of her and her stomach went back to the sexy flat she liked. She fainted as the new figures sucked her tits for nourishment. The king stood in front of Shelby as the two figures that were fucking her moved and let him look at her. She chanted fast as she could, the faster the chant, the faster it weakened them.

He smiled as his dick hardened again at the sight of her pretty mouth. He went to grab her head but Mellissa picked him up and threw him against a tree. The chanting had weakened his magic and he lost his control of Mellissa. He stood up and pointed; Mellissa smiled as his magic disappeared. Shelby was winning against the king. He growled and ran at the tall woman. She kicked and sent him flying backward and he screamed as he got impaled by a branch.

The other figures looked as their king hung lifeless on the branch. Mellissa smiled at her win and turned as two flew at her. They tackled her and began to beat her as Shelby wiggled out of the thong holding her wrists. Mellissa was screaming as they punched, kicked and stomped her skinny body. Shelby got up and ran over to find them fisting her once tight body! Mellissa cried in pain as a figure was shoulder deep into her pussy.

Shelby chanted even faster as they looked up at her. They turned their attention to the topless woman and one jumped up at her crotch. Shelby felt him hold her hips as he licked her cum filled pussy. She fought the feelings as she chanted. His slid his hard tongue in and out of her wet hole. She closed her eyes and realized he was turning her on.

Mellissa was spitting up blood as the figure crawled into her body. Her eyes were big as saucers and starred straight up as he was inside her skinny body. Shelby looked and saw the figure moving inside the once skinny Mellissa, now she looked like she had a ten year old kids inside her. Shelby's eyes filled with tears as Mellissa's body went limp and she was killed by the figure.

Shelby's pussy was violated by the tongue over and over. She looked over at Christina who lay unconscious. She continued chanting but her knees began to shake. She fell to them and he laughed as he knew he was winning the woman over. Another one climbed up onto her back and pulled her black hair, her head was snapped backwards. She fell to her back and her legs were open. He took the advantage and slammed his cock into her and fucked her as the one on her back slid his dick into her asshole and fucked it. Shelby's eyes watered as the chant became stuttered. They were nailing her again and liking it!

All the other figures gathered around the king and Mellissa. The one inside her overtook her body and he moved her like a puppet. Shelby was getting a double pentatration and was about to give up as the sun came up. They all looked at the sky and screamed as the sun beams struck them!

They began to disappear one by one! The two fucking Shelby were gone and she was left on her back. They had won against the shadow figures. Shelby sat up as Mellissa kicked her face; the one inside Mellissa's body was protected by the flesh it wore!

Mellissa crawled on top of Shelby and sucked her tit! The figures saliva force her tit to lactate and she felt her milk getting sucked. She struggled as Mellissa's body held her down. She was not winning against this one! She felt fingers inside her wet pussy and didn't fight it as this figure won her over.

Christina sat up and looked over. She saw Mellissa fingering Shelby and sucking her tit. Shelby looked over in fear and Christina noticed the blood on the ground.

"It's milking my tits!" Shelby yelled.

Christina knew what it was and got up. She walked over to Mellissa and kicked her off of Shelby. A spray of milk caught Christina in the face. Mellissa got up and punched her. Shelby tripped her and she fell to the ground. Christina saw the figure within Mellissa and she knew her partner had died. She found a sharp stick and began to poke the figure. The holes let light in and it screamed as it disappeared.

Christina stood looking at her dead, naked friend. Shelby stood up and looked around. Sirens filled the air as the police arrived. Christina had won but lost Mellissa. She walked over to a car as they pulled up. She was tossed a suitcase; she got dressed and tossed it to Shelby. They were dressed and awarded by the one who hired her.

"I take it you may need a partner?" Shelby asked as they walked out to Christina's car.

"I do now. Need a job? You seem to know how to deal with shadow figures and well you take a good fucking like I can." Christina said "Get in."

They drove off and waited a new assignment. Mellissa was buried in the local cemetery. The trail was safe after they defeated them. She was paid and had some time off to relax.

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