tagMind ControlThe Transformed Man Ch. 03

The Transformed Man Ch. 03


At the end of last chapter:

"Turn on your side and open that beautiful, filthy mouth of yours," Tom told her. Paula's heart jumped back to the rhythm it had persisted at when she had passed out. "I'm going to fill it with my cum now," Tom said, and turned his body and pointed his cock at Paula's head as she turned and took the end of him between her lips, wrapping her hands around the base of his cock and his balls.

Her plump lips and hot, wild tongue slicked up and mauled Tom's cock head, all that she could work into her mouth, and in moments Paula could feel rumbling in his cock and balls. She braced herself, forcing her head down and holding on to his cock to keep herself in place as powerful jets of cum shot into her mouth. She feverishly gulped the plentiful globs of cum that shot into her mouth, moaning approval as she did. 

Tom stroked her hair, loving the touch of her, resisting the impulse to shove his cock down her throat. 

Paula felt a love for Tom that went beyond anything she had experienced before, and would have happily swallowed all of him before. But this cum was different. It tingled and tasted amazing, and did something to her as she swallowed and swallowed it. She felt like the feelings she had been having for Tom, the passion and desire and longing, was now becoming a part of her.


Paula smiled serenely, cooing as she licked her lips, trying to get any of Tom's massive load that he hadn't pumped into her eager mouth.

Tom stood, his recently satisfied cock and balls swinging heavily. "I should go see Susan," he said, unconcerned about any sense of jealousy Paula might feel as he spoke of going to see another woman naked, her saliva still dripping from his cock.

"I'm coming, too," Paula said. She sat up on her well massaged thick ass and thighs, her massive breasts bouncing. She seemed surprisingly energized considering the tremendous fucking she had just gotten. "My pussy is still throbbing and sore, and my belly is too full of your cum to take any more, but I'd like to help her please you."

Tom shook his head in surprise, his cock starting to firm up again. "I...I just wanted to go reassure her everything's OK. She came by when she heard us before, and saw you passed out."

"Tom, I don't think you understand what you're like now. After you having me, and you filling me with your cum I feel like understand something at a deeper level."

It was hard to concentrate on whatever it was she was saying. Seeing her gorgeous naked body exposed in front of him, her talking of taking his cum in her pussy and mouth only served to make him harder. His sex drive seemed out of control.

"I'm attached to you now," Paula continued. "And I know what you need, and I need to give you that. And satisfying you is all that matters to me now. And I know I need help to do that."

"What I need?" Tom asked, his chest now heaving, his eyes boring into the site of her swollen breasts and hard nipples. His cock now fully hard and ready to have her again, whether she could take it or not.

Paula smiled and walked slowly toward him, sauntering really. Precum oozed from Tom and he did everything he could to keep from grabbing her.

"Yes, let me explain," Paula said, pushing him to sit on the bed with one beautiful, dainty hand. Tom sat, watching as Paula took a bottle of baby oil and stepped in front of Tom.

"First," she said, facing away from him, looking over her shoulder and handing him the bottle, "oil up my big ass."

In a flash Tom popped the top on the bottle, and before Paula even finished spreading her legs and bending over at the waist, holding onto her ankles, Tom had squirted oil all over Paula's ass. It was big. Really big. With no cellulite, and fantastically curvy. He put the top back on and dropped the bottle, not wanting to waste a moment on carefully putting it down. His firm hands rubbed and massaged her ass, her hips and thighs, down the crack of her ass. Not one part of her big butt was dry as his hands and fingers rubbed, slid, spread and touched.

Paula moaned with no modesty. She knew she had to consider the words of what she was going to say carefully. Not because Tom wouldn't receive them well, but because articulating speech would be very hard to do when Tom touched her at all.

Paula's asshole twitched. Her pussy lips grew swollen, and her cum and the intoxicating aroma of her sex dripped. Tom took his eyes from her ass to look at her thick, brown thighs, her swaying breasts, and her once again contorted face - her lips still swollen and wet from sucking Tom.

Tom dug his thumbs into the fat cheeks of Paula's ass, spreading them and squeezing them together, when suddenly his hands slipped together as she stepped away, her hair flying as she stood suddenly, her massive breasts shaking.

Tom's face showed his disappointment, his aching cock throbbing and oozing accented it.

Paula smiled over her shoulder. "So let me explain while I sit on your lap," she said, taking a step back and lowering her huge, shining ass down. Tom put out his hands, held her padded hips so tightly it would have hurt Paula if she weren't tingling with the early stages of ecstasy, and guided her down. She put her hands between her legs, holding onto Tom's thighs above the knees. "Oh, and just slide that big, beautiful cock of yours between my big cheeks. I don't think I'm ready to take that pole up my butt just yet."

Grunting, Tom guided her down until he felt her hot, oily ass engulf his cock, it's tickling slickness making the hairs on his thighs stand straight up.

"Tom," Paula stammered out, the sensation of Tom's arm thick cock splitting her ass cheeks and rubbing against her well greased hole making it difficult for her to speak, "I don't know what your cum has done to me, in my pussy and my mouth," she said, squirming and sliding on him, "but I need to make sure you're satisfied." Her legs spread wide, her pussy dripping on his legs, her quivering thighs visible to either side of her big, greased ass. Tom could see the sides of her huge breasts shake on either side of her back. Looking down he saw her ass squeeze and his cock poke out, then she rode him more, swallowing it up again.

Tom let go of Paula's thighs and slide his oil slick hands around to take hold of Paula's spread, engorged pussy. One hand spread her fat, wet lips, the other strummed the abused, over used clit and dipped into the stretched cunt hole, eliciting screams and convulsions from Paula.

Tom felt his balls tense up, the cum beginning to boil.

"Oh.....YES," Paula said, her twitching asshole being trained to love the feel of Tom's impossibly big cock as it rubbed lengthwise between her huge ass cheeks, her sore, worn, pussy being massaged again to constant orgasm.

"I...I," Paula said, riding hard, now holding her breasts tight, her thighs closing on Tom's hands as much as she could with his legs keeping them spread. "I need to...oh fuck...need to find pussies for you," she gasped. She slid down his thighs to be able to stand, Tom's hands noisily falling out from between her sopping wet pussy lips. She stood between his legs, hers now together. She faltered, the pleasure snapping through all her nerve endings like a whip, sensations flowing from her curled toes, her hardened nipples, her sensitized thighs. She reached both hand between her legs to grasp Tom's aching, ass lubricated cock, and she stroked it. He grabbed her hips again, grunting, pulling her big gorgeous ass towards him, her cheeks spread and her ass hole fully lubricated and twitching, as if trying to swallow him up.

"I know I can't fuck you enough," she said, drowned out in her own ears from the sound of her own heart. "I need to gather a harem for you." She guided his cock up as he pulled her close, purposefully pointing the too huge member at her delicate butt hole. "I need to find more pussy for you, to make sure those huge balls of yours are always...oh....OH...MILKED!!!!" she screamed as the head of his cock pushed into the tight, slick hole of her big, beautiful ass. Her hips moved furiously, working the huge head into her, her body covered in goose bumps, her eyes bulging. "Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass!!! FUCK MY ASS!!!" And the head finally popped into her, providing barely any relief, as the only slightly less thick shaft now stretched her ass open.

"Uhhh...uhh....oh, fuck Paula!" Tom screamed, the feeling of his balls contracting and quaking, his cum about to fill Paula once again, yet again in a new way. He pulled hard on Paula's hips, her hands braced her on his legs and she fought to take more of him up inside of her in a way she was never meant to fuck.

Barely half way down his length his cum started spurting up into Paula's ass. Paula felt every throb and release into her. Her eyes watered as she tried to push down and take more of the exploding cock into her. The sweat poured from her breasts, pushed together by her arms going down between her legs, and down her back.

Tom's cock throbbed as his copious amounts of cum emptied into Paula, overflowing and oozing down his length out of her stuffed ass.

"Oh, oh, oh," Paula moaned, riding down her own overlapping orgasms, sensing the abuse of her butt hole, and being bound even more to Tom through the gobs of his warm spunk up her ass. She rose up, popping his cock from her ass noisily, cum squirting from between her fat, slick ass cheeks. She collapsed on her knees and face on the sofa, no attempt to cover up her nakedness, her asshole exposed and still throbbing open and closed as cum oozed up out of it like a weak geyser.

Tom heard the door open behind him, and he turned to see Susan letting herself in, her head peaking around the door first. "I got ready and was waiting for you, Tom, but I figured from the sound of it that you were fucking again." She came into view past the ajar door, and Tom could see a tray with tea and biscuits, Susan made up with eye makeup and lipstick she didn't typically wear, and an outfit that looked like nothing but a lacey apron. What had gotten into his neighbor to prompt her to walk through the halls dressed for sex into another apartment where she must have heard Paula screaming for Tom's cum up her ass?

Susan looked at Tom and Paula and smiled as she pushed the door closed, and came towards him. "Looks like Paula's had enough again," she said, as she got right up to Tom and put the tray down, her cleavage showing. "Let me help you clean up," she said, getting to her kneels, cupping his balls in her right hand, holding his right hip in her right hand, as if to make sure he didn't get away, and taking the cum dripping cock that had just been deep in Paula's still oozing fat ass moments ago into her mouth.

Tom's shock at the situation disappeared as he felt Susan work his again inflating cock head in her hungry, slurping mouth. "Oh, fuck this tastes good," Susan said, popping Tom's cock from her mouth and looking over at Paula's oozing, raised asshole. She stood up, standing close to Tom, turned around and bent over, holding her thighs apart from behind, in case he hadn't known what she wanted. She bent over further, getting close to Paula's ass, and she breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of Tom's cum, Paula's ass, and their mingled sex and sweat.

As Tom held her hips and pushed his cock into her she released her ass and put her hands on Paula's big, brown cheeks, keeping them spread. She moaned, being filled by what had obsessed her all day, as her tongue went down to slurp Tom's cum from Paula's spread ass. Paula moaned, half passed out as she felt the gentle hands, the slick little hungry toungue, Susan's straight black hair falling over her ass, and Susan's moans going right into her ass.

Tom watched between Susan's smaller, but still plump ass to see his huge cock spread Susan's sensitive, dark hair covered pussy spread wide. He pushed in deep, then pulled back, seeing her inner lips stretched tight around his cock. She moaned and screamed as she felt herself pulled inside out, her sex completely owned and used, her whole body pushed to obscene depths she never imagined.

Paula cooed as Susan's tongue dipped into her ass.

"Oh, yeah, fuck this is good," Tom said, admiring his latest piece of ass. "Keep licking that sweet asshole of hers, and bring a hand up to work her pussy."

Susan obeyed unquestioningly, sliding the back of her hand up Paula's inner thigh, moving it into the hot, humid domain of Paula's pulsating pussy. She gently slid two fingers over Paula's lips, then back up and between her lips, getting soaked and brushing against Paula's overused clit. Then back further and into Paula's soaked cum hole. Paula's moans were now coming from someone conscious, unsure of what exactly was happening, but surrendered to a life of pleasure at the command of a man with powers over her she couldn't understand.

Paula moved away slowly, her body teased and pleasured and fucked to the point that she could bear no more. She knew that Susan, now getting fucked out of her mind, slammed into full length from behind by Tom, was like her - she had ingested Tom's cum - straight from Paula's fucked ass, as it were. Susan was now also devoted to pleasuring Tom.

Paula slowly, gingerly moved out of Tom and Susan's sight. "I'm going to put an add in some papers and magazines for full size panty model tryouts. To build up a harem for you, Tom." She knelt down behind him, holding his ass as he pumped into Susan. "I'll say I'm doing the auditions, have Tom audition, too, and whatever it is his body has done to us, it will do to them, and they can help us - " her tongue lapped out, licking his balls, "keep these -" he spread his legs, not letting up his pumping, but letting her hold his balls and suck them, "-drained."

Tom fucked Susan without consideration for her pleasure or comfort, pumping into her, causing mind blowing pleasure to crash over her. His thick pole stretched her soaked, hairy fuck hole, Paula working his balls happily with her mouth, the top of her head tickling his asshole with her hair.

Tom pulled out, wanting to allow Paula better access to his balls. Susan was finally able to breath, but didn't lose a moment in spinning around to continue to pleasure him.

Paula reached around and pulled Tom's cock against his body. "Here, Susan. Get under his cock and enjoy his balls for a bit." Susan moved as Paula had asked. Paula and Susan's tongues danced with each other on Tom's balls. Then he felt Paula move back, her hands circling around him again to hold his cock, still wet from Susan. Her fingers intertwined around him and stroked, and he felt first her breath, then her tongue against his asshole.

Susan sucked and licked his huge, full balls, breathing deeply the intoxicating scent of his crotch. Paula moaned, hungrily eating his ass, her tongue pushing up into him, while she milked his cock, stroking the length, up over the head. Susan moaned, alerting Paula of what Tom already felt, another impending orgasm.

"Take it in your mouth," Paula told Susan, and she did, ready to be a receptacle for Tom's fire hose of cum. Paula held on tight, not letting up on Tom's asshole for moment, now also working his balls with her hand.

"Ahhhhh!!!!", Tom screamed, overwhelmed with sensation from his ass, his balls, and his hard sucked cock. His cum spurt hard, eliciting surprised and delighted moans from Susan who struggled to swallow all that was fed to her of the mind altering man cum.

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