The Twins Take Over Ch. 04


His hands never stopped moving up and down her arms. He could swear her eyes were glowing as she looked down at him. Did she have night vision yet? Could she really see him?

The panther was fully in control at this point. Dani was just along for the ride. She rode his cock hard, pulling herself fully off him, and then dropping down hard and fast, feeling his cock tickling her cervix. She could feel him throbbing inside her, growing even harder if that were possible. His knot forced its way inside her and was tightly held by her swollen pussy. The voice in her head said it was time. She leaned down close to his neck, feeling the warmth of his body. She felt him tilt his head back and knew he was ready. Dani flicked her tongue over her teeth and was surprised to feel the razor sharp points to her canines that hadn't been there earlier. Her other half knew what to do. She bit down and tore his flesh. The panther wanted a jagged wound so it would scar well. She didn't want anyone to think it was anything other than a mating bite!

As her teeth ripped his flesh he let out a loud bellow and grabbed her hips, pushing her down as he thrust madly inside her. His seed flooded her fertile body. The Wolf Moon had brought her into season early, made her into a panther, and now would ensure their two species would continue.

She felt him shooting his cum inside her and roared as she orgasmed for the first time as a Werepanther. Her muscles spasmed and twitched and she seemed to cum over and over.

His hips thrust a few more times as he expelled all he had. He pulled her down to kiss her and half heard, half felt her purring as their lips met. Her whole body vibrated as she purred. It was an amazing feeling on his cock, still locked inside her tight pussy. He wrapped his arms around her and held on tight. "Open your eyes Dani, can you see me?" He spoke through their bond. He laughed when her head popped up as she realized he was talking in her head.

She was surprised at first when she heard his question. But then she looked down and realized she could see him. She could see every detail in his face, not just a shape in the darkness. It was like she was wearing night vision goggles but without the green tint. "You're beautiful Troy."

He laughed again. "I'd prefer handsome or rugged, or something along those lines. But beautiful will do for now. Can you feel her yet?" Personally, he thought she felt wonderful.

"I do feel her. She thinks you are the most handsome, rugged, beautiful male she's ever seen. Of course, you're the only one she's ever seen, but she's pretty happy with you. Now me on the other hand..." She ran her fingers through his hair, savoring the feel of it. It was really close to how his wolf fur felt.

"Yes, what about you? Are you happy with your mate?" He used just the very ends of his finger tips to stroke her back.

"I am ecstatic." She leaned over his chest and noticed his bite had healed already. She smiled when she saw what a nice scar it made. She purred and snuggled into his chest, perfectly happy to stay in this position as long as possible. Far too soon the tie was over and she felt a sudden urge to move away from him. She pushed his arms away and smiled as she slowly got up. She looked around, everything looked so different. She could smell the rain. She heard it pouring down outside. She could hear the faint sound of a conversation between Trey and Rebecca.

After seeing the problem Karen had shifting back to human the first time Danielle had been pretty nervous about her first shift. But now she laughed it off. Her panther knew what to do. She found herself looking down at light brown fur on huge paws with long, deadly claws poking through. She looked up at the amazed look on Troy's face. "What do you think?" She paraded past him, her tail flicking from side to side.

"Dani, you're amazing." She took his breath away. He'd never imagined how beautiful a panther could be. Even when he'd seen Rebecca, it didn't hit him this way. His hand reached out carefully and she purred as soon as his hand touched her. She turned and licked his hand with her sandpaper like tongue.

The loud whimpers from Anneke carried into their passageway. Troy shifted immediately and the black wolf and light brown panther ran to the entrance.

They arrived as Trey was becoming exasperated with the splint he'd made. He and Troy communicated through their bond. "Her leg isn't healing. And now every time I try to re-splint she's in more pain than before. I don't know what to do Troy."

Dani had run over to Anneke and thought maybe it would feel better if she licked her leg. Her panther assured her it would help. Dani could only think maybe it would be the same affect as when she'd petted her head. She approached slowly. Anneke didn't seem frightened of her so she began to slowly lick the broken leg.

At first the whimpers were even worse but they seemed to quiet as Dani continued to lick repeatedly. Soon enough Anneke's leg was totally covered in saliva. The pain seemed to leave her pale blue eyes and she relaxed, sighed heavily, and laid her head down for the first time since they'd realized she wasn't healing.

Trey felt down her leg and looked up with a surprised expression. "You won't believe this, the bones are starting to heal. They're sticking together, no more crunching." He stared at the panther. "Danielle, what did you do?"

Danielle shifted. "Nothing, I swear. My panther said to lick her so I did. But I have no idea what just happened." She looked at Rebecca. "I swear, I don't know what I did."


Logan had no idea why Carr had sent for him, and he hoped he hadn't made any enemies here. He just wanted to work at the hospital and raise cubs with Trina. He wracked his brain of what could possibly have happened that would prompt this meeting. Logan stepped into the Alpha's office and immediately noticed Cole and Brett flanking the Alpha. Did Carr need back up?

"Have a seat Logan, thanks for getting up so early. We all had a long night but this is important." Carr had a serious look on his face as did the Betas on either side of him.

Logan shifted in his chair, feeling more and more uncomfortable. What the hell was going on?

"What do you know about the Jensen pack?" Carr hated to beat around the bush, especially at six in the morning, but he needed answers fast.

"Not much, just they're about an hour from San Francisco, and my friend Jordan Majors makes his home there." What the hell was the problem. He could feel Trina in the back of his mind asking what was wrong, but he ignored her. He needed to keep his attention on Carr. Something was up. "Alpha, is something wrong? Didn't Trey and Rebecca make it there OK?"

"We don't know what happened. Because of the distance the Alpha bond doesn't allow for actual communication. I can sense them, that's about it. And what I sense is a feeling of dread, fear, and confusion. Trey and Troy don't fear much of anything. They're the most upbeat Weres I've ever met." He stopped for a moment to let that sink in.

Logan saw the worried expressions on the Betas, but Carr was more guarded.

"They were supposed to check in by cell phone but haven't, and when I've called them, the call goes directly to voice mail. No responses back by phone or text. If I wasn't getting these feelings from them, I wouldn't worry, but..." His voice trailed off.

"Do you want me to call Jordan?" Logan couldn't imagine a problem out there. Jordan was a respected physician and specialist in his field of reproduction. They could certainly trust him.

"Yes, that would be great." Carr settled down in his chair as Logan started dialing.

He could hear the female voice over the phone. "San Francisco General."

"Hello, may I speak with Dr. Majors please? This is Dr. Logan Craig."

"I'm sorry he's in surgery. Early schedule today."

"Oh, I see. Well he's seeing a patient of mine today and I'd like to speak with her if that's possible."

The Alpha and his Betas were leaning forward as they listened.

Logan was staring directly at Carr, sure this was all a misunderstanding. "The patient's name is Rebecca..."

The faceless voice interrupted him. "And that's who he's in surgery with now. Certainly a special patient isn't she to get the Doctor up so early?"

"Yes, she is. May I speak with her m-" He stumbled for a moment but remembered he was speaking with a human hospital. "fiance, his name is..."

"I'm sorry, but he and his friends are not in a position to come to the phone. There's no phone in the surgical waiting area, and they haven't wanted to leave the room."

"Could you give them the message to have someone call me? I had an important question for them."

"Of course. As soon as they are able, they'll call."

The phone disconnected before Logan could say good-bye. He slowly put the phone in his pocket and looked up at the expectant faces. "Apparently they are all too busy to talk." Logan now had his own feeling of dread. They should have been able to put at least one of them on the phone.

"There's a plane that will take you, Cole, James, and your mates to San Francisco. I want you to find them and bring them home. I don't like this." Carr had an aching feeling that something was terribly wrong. "It takes off in an hour, you better get going." He turned to talk to Brett, dismissing the Doctor and his second.

"I sure hope he's wrong and your friend is as trust-worthy as you say." Cole was holding back what he was really thinking. If anything had happened to the Betas or their mates he was holding Logan responsible. He didn't care if he was Trina's mate. "Get Trina and your things and meet us in the compound in twenty minutes. He turned on his heel and bounded upstairs to finish his own packing. Karen was already waiting for him.

Logan watched Cole as he took the stairs two at a time. This was insane. Jordan wouldn't do anything wrong. He would never hurt a patient or a fellow Were. Would he? He almost bumped into Trina as he walked into their quarters near the hospital.

"Is there a chance Logan? I mean, that there's something strange going on with the Jensen Pack?" Trina rested her hand on his shoulder, trying to soothe him with her touch.

"I can't think of anything, but I guess I could be wrong. If anything's happened, I'll never forgive myself Trina. I've known Jordan for years, centuries. I just can't believe there could be anything untoward going on there."

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