tagMind ControlThe Two Sisters Ch. 01

The Two Sisters Ch. 01


"I want him." Marissa looked out at the crowd and saw exactly what she was looking for.

"Excuse me?" Tina laughed at her best friend and sister. She was always direct that way.

"That guy over there. I want him. He's so cute. I bet he has a huge cock." Marissa finished off her drink and placed the empty glass on the counter. She looked over at her best friend for approval.

"You are crazy Marissa. You can't just go over there and fuck him. Are you like a guy in disguise or something? Ever since Brian divorced you, you've been crazy."

"Exactly. I was calm, submissive, and quiet with him. I'm over him. I'm different now. I'm thirty-three years old and a divorcee. How cliché is that?" Marissa was getting upset. She hated that it was fine for her best friend to have sex with a different guy each time they went out, but it wasn't fine for her.

"Fine. Just don't scare him away. You can be a little overbearing." Tina grinned. She already had her eye on some college guy who was drooling over her.

"Thanks. I would ask for I.D. from the guy your eyeing. He looks to be about eighteen. Isn't that a little young for you?" Marissa loved teasing her older sister. They said their goodbyes and Marissa wandered over to the cute guy on the couch.

"Hi. I'm Marissa. We should dance." Marissa waited for a reaction.

"Um. No thanks. I'm just here with some friends." Jerry had noticed the cute blonde woman eyeing him and wondered what she and her friend had been talking about. Either way he wasn't interested. He wasn't getting involved with someone who was obviously older and probably married. He had glanced at her ring finger, but these days that meant nothing.

"You serious? Just one dance." Marissa ran her fingers gently over his lips. "Please?"

Jerry immediately felt his cock twitch. He had felt every groove on the pad of her finger against his lips. Her finger was warm and tasted a little sweet. The longer her finger remained on his lips, the harder his cock throbbed. He almost felt his cock get longer, but knew it was his imagination. He nodded his head and stood up.

Marissa couldn't help but smile over at her sister. Marissa led Jerry onto the dance floor and wrapped her arms around his neck. She could feel his cock throbbing and realized just how powerful the magic she possessed.

Marissa and Tina had always been different. They could make things happen without explanation. They could read each other's minds, but thought that was just a sister thing. When they realized it wasn't and that they had special powers, they kept their mouths shut.

Tina had embraced her power and after reading and practicing, she used her power on men all the time. She loved flirting and seducing men, especially younger men. She was thirty-five, but looked much younger. This helped when she was in the mood for a college freshman.

Marissa had turned inward and pretended she didn't have the power. She had become submissive and when a man paid attention to her without her doing anything, she was hooked. She had married him within the year and they had divorced within three. Recently, Marissa had decided to take the same attitude as her sister. Use the power to your advantage as long as no one gets hurt.

"We should go back to my place." Marissa whispered those words softly into Jerry's ear and licked his earlobe. She felt a rush of adrenaline as she overpowered this innocent young man. He really was cute. He was about six feet tall with glasses and a goatee. He looked nervous when he was sitting alone and she wondered if he was indeed waiting for friends.

"O.K." Jerry responded eagerly. He was completely infatuated with this older blonde woman. He couldn't remember what he had been doing before meeting her, but he had only one thought on his mind now. He needed and wanted to have sex with her. Jerry held her hand tight and led her out of the club. Marissa grinned at her sister on the way out.

"Is that your best friend?" Jerry felt the cold October air on his cheeks and realized how hot and stuffy the club was.

"Sister and best friend. She's two years older than me. I think the guy she's flirting with is way too young for her."

"She's flirting with my roommate Jake. He's twenty."

"Oh? How convenient." Marissa grinned and led Jerry down the sidewalk to her apartment. It was actually Tina's apartment. However, after the divorce, she had been ordered to move in with her sister. Tina would not have her sister living alone after what she had to deal with.

"You're beautiful. You know that right?" Jerry stopped and turned her to face him. He held her face in his hands and kissed her softly. An intense kiss went from soft and sensual to hot and passionate. Marissa pushed him against the wall and before she knew it, he had picked her up and was bouncing her up and down against his crotch.

"Oh God. That feels so good." Marissa was trying to shut off her powers. She had no idea whether he was really feeling like this or whether it was her powers. She was aroused both by his touch and the control she had over him. She pushed him away.

"I'm just a few blocks down." Marissa held Jerry's hand tight and they walked in silence. They got to the door of the apartment and Marissa unlocked it quickly. They entered the dark home.

"Sorry. Tina forgot to turn the lights on." Marissa flicked the switch next to the door. Tina's apartment was small with a combined kitchen and dining room. The living room barely had room for a couch and television. There were three doors along the outside wall, which presumably led to the two bedrooms and the bathroom.

"I want to fuck you so badly. Which room is yours?" Jerry removed his shoes and placed them neatly by the door. He had just met this woman, but he had feelings for her. He wanted to love her, and make love to her. His cock was in a permanent state of arousal since she had touched his lips.

Marissa nodded and led him to her bedroom. Her mind was spinning in circles. He had that look of complete lust and love. She had seen it before on a few of Tina's boyfriends. It was the look of being completely controlled by her. She was scared at what she had done, but at the same time was trying to push her concern for this young man out of her head. She needed to fuck. That was what was important.

Marissa's bedroom was tiny. The queen size bed was against the wall and the area around barely had room for the dresser.

Jerry turned to Marissa and kissed her passionately. His hands were pulling at his clothing and Marissa could only stand there, enjoying his warm lips on hers. His clothes were off in seconds, left in a pile on the ground. He then began to undress Marissa. His hands touched her skin and she whimpered. He was gentle yet forceful. This was completely different then her ex-husband. Once naked, she was pushed gently onto her back.

"Spread your legs. I want to taste you." Jerry spread her legs and placed them over his shoulders. He leaned down and smelled her arousal. He couldn't contain himself. He spread her lips and began an assault on her pussy. His tongue licked up and down and then in circles. He sucked on her clit then flicked the tip of it with his tongue. She was getting wetter with each lick and she tasted heavenly. He was enjoying this so much that he didn't notice that Marissa was cumming until she locked her thighs around his head.

"Ohh." Marissa cried out. She had been taken by surprise by Jerry's oral skill. She had gone from a state of arousal to a state of complete desperation in a short period. Her orgasm ripped through her body and she slid her legs together, arching her back.

"You've never had that done to you before." It was a statement, not a question. Jerry moved her legs from his shoulders and slid up her body. His goatee was wet with her juices and she thought that was so damn sexy.


"I love doing that to you." Jerry looked right into her eyes and slid his cock into her pussy. His cock had been throbbing ever since her first touch and he needed a release. He was happy he had made her cum. He didn't know whether he could hold back once he was inside her.

Jerry gripped her hips and began to thrust. He was going so hard and so fast the bed was knocking against the wall. He grunted and fucked her faster. Her insides were burning hot and he enjoyed watching her soft breasts sway back and forth. Jerry felt his balls tighten and he knew he was close.

"I'm going to cum baby. Can I cum inside you?" Jerry desperately wanted her to say yes. He then thought that if she said no, he could blow his load all over her beautiful breasts.

Marissa nodded. She couldn't get pregnant. She knew that. She also assumed that he wasn't the type to sleep around. She wanted him to cum inside her.

Jerry grunted and exploded inside her. He fell forward and kissed her hard. Marissa squirmed under him. This was exactly what she needed and wanted.

"Thank you." Marissa smiled as she rolled onto her side to face him.


"That was awesome. You have no idea how long it's been since I've been fucked like that."

"So do I get to sleep over so I can do that again to you in the morning?" Jerry grinned. She looked tired, but his cock was already ready to go. He would give her a rest before round two.

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