tagMind ControlThe Two Sisters Ch. 02

The Two Sisters Ch. 02


Tina watched as her sister left the club with a tall muscular man. She was happy for her sister. Ever since she had gotten a divorce, she had been quiet and reserved. She deserved a nice evening with a cute guy.

Tina looked around the room and her eyes met his. She had been eyeing the same guy all evening. He looked about twenty and she was currently obsessed with college guys. She was in her thirties but didn’t look it.

Tina finished her drink and walked over to the man. Her tight jean skirt was sliding up her thighs and she knew that her large breasts were stretching her white sweater. She wasn’t wearing a bra of course. She liked the feel of her nipples rubbing against the material of her shirts.

“You must work out a lot?” Tina traced her finger against his bare arm. Jake was startled. He had noticed the older woman flirting with him from across the room but didn’t think she would actually come over.

“Yeah I do.” Tina saw some hesitancy in his eyes and so she reached up and ran her index finger gently along his bottom lip. It was a simple gesture, but one that had immense power. The longer she slid her finger against his lips, the more attracted to her he became, and the more aroused he got. She didn’t care whether he actually wanted to have sex with her. This was about her.

“I love a man with a lot of muscle. It’s very sexy. I’m Tina by the way. It’s Italian.” Tina had pressed her body against his and was purring softly in his ear. She could feel his cock pressing against her leg and this made her already wet pussy soaking. She enjoyed the power she had over men and loved when she did this to young, unsuspecting men.

“Hi Tina.” Jake was fumbling to talk. His cock was pressed against his jeans and he could feel her body heat against his side. She was licking his ear softly and it was sending shivers up and down his spine. If she kept going, he was going to cum in his pants.

“Do you have a name sweetie?”


“Cute name. Fits you perfectly.” Tina was nibbling his shoulders through his muscle shirt.

Jake was breathing deeply. He knew nothing about this woman other then her name and an approximate age. He had never had a one-night stand but at this exact moment, he wanted to grab her and fuck her senseless against the wall of the club. He had more common sense then that.

“Can we go back to your place?” Jake suddenly blurted out this statement. He sucked gently on the tip of her finger that she had slid against his lips.

“Of course sweetie.” Tina removed her finger and sucked on it slowly. She could taste the beer that he had gulped down just seconds before.

The couple walked quickly down the street towards Tina’s apartment. She had to bite her tongue to hold back laughter. Jake was following her like a little puppy dog. His cock was tenting his jeans and his hands were all over her. He was groping her ass, her breasts, and her thighs. She was gently pushing him away, but each time she did so he would just find another body part to caress.

They arrived at Tina’s apartment and the lights were on. She knew she had left the lights off which meant that Marissa and Jerry were inside. She opened the door and stepped in. Thankfully, Marissa’s bedroom door was closed.

“Where’s your bedroom?” Jake was running his hands through her hair, tugging gently so he could suck on her neck.

“The door on the right.” Tina moaned softly and kissed him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and they stumbled towards her room. He hit the coffee table and then turned her, slamming Tina against her door.

“Fuck.” Tina opened her door and the lovers fell in. Her room was large enough to fit a queen size bed, dresser, and overstuffed chair. She shut the door and then pulled Jake towards the chair.

“You going to ride my cock baby?” Jake was already undressing. He hadn’t fucked in over a week and was so horny he was going to burst.

“Oh yeah.” Tina watched as he pulled off his shirt. His chest was so muscular she could see the ridges. She licked her lips and slowly sucked on her index finger. He then removed his jeans and briefs. His cock was large and very thick. Tina whimpered.

“I’m glad you like my cock baby. Come here and fuck me.” Jake sat down on the chair, legs spread wide. Tina giggled with happiness. She was totally in control of him and all she had done was touch his lips. She removed her dress and panties. She hadn’t been wearing a bra. Tina climbed on top of Jake and slid down onto his cock. He was so thick and she loved how his chest was bulging with muscle. She slowly moved herself up and down on his cock, but Jake growled.

“No fucking way are you going slow. I need a sweet wet pussy to fuck.” Jake gripped her butt cheeks in his large hands and began to slam her up and down on his cock. Tina was in pure heaven. He was doing everything she wanted. He growled again and picked her up. He took two steps towards the bed and dropped her down on it. He slammed back into her so hard.

“Fuck.” Tina arched her back and fell into convulsions. She was so horny from controlling this young stud and the fact that he was big, muscular, and had a huge cock. Her orgasm ripped through her body and she knew that Marissa and Jerry could probably hear her moaning. Jake grunted and pushed in deeper. Her pussy was pulsing against his cock and it felt so good.

“Cumming.” Jake felt the rush of cum spurting from his cock. He let the first stream gush into her pussy, but then pulled out, watching as the next two spurts landed on her stomach and breasts. He jerked his cock a few more times, letting the last droplets land on her pussy. Jake took a deep breath.

“Wow you’re a good fuck. Let me catch my breath and we’ll do that again.”

Tina grinned. Jake was lying on his back with his eyes closed. He looked ready to fall asleep but she was just getting started.

“Give me a few minutes Tina. You’re wilder then a freshman girl.

Tina laughed. If only he knew she was just getting started with him.

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