tagBDSMThe Ultimate Gift

The Ultimate Gift


Jane couldn’t believe she was actually going through with this. Joe, her Master, her lover, her soul mate, had always fantasized about dominating two women at the same time. He had always wanted two slaves, two slutty women, two asses to spank, two mouths to stick his erect cock into, two pussies to fuck. Jane had been preparing for this Valentine’s Day for over a month now and was excited that she was going to surprise him with his ultimate fantasy.

Jane had found the perfect submissive woman in a sleazy, back woods bar late one night while Joe was working out of town. Jane was seductively dancing alone with the bar band music, gyrating to the beat, holding her Wild Turkey and Coke in one hand, her other hand caressing her hips, her nipples, missing Joe, when the next thing she knows this strange woman pressed her soft body against Jane’s back and moved with her…in unison with each other. The woman’s hips moving against Jane’s ass, her hands grasping Jane’s breasts, her hot breath against Jane’s neck. The woman’s perfume reached Jane’s nose and she became intensely horny. She smelled sweet with an undertone of raw sex. Jane’s nipples immediately became erect and when she turned around to see this woman her breath caught in her throat. She saw a breathtaking brunette woman with large breasts and beautiful blue eyes that cut into her core.

Jane knew then she had met the woman that she would share with Joe. She also knew that she wanted to fuck her now and bring them both to ecstasy. She wanted her as much as Joe would want her. In a way Joe’s gift would also be supplying her with one of her fantasies. After a night of fucking, sucking, dicking and licking, Deb agreed to help Jane with her Valentine’s Day plans. A friendship had just begun…a bisexual bond that would take them places each had never known.

Jane was shaking her head in disbelief as she prepared the bedroom on Valentine’s Day. Nervousness and extreme horniness is what she felt, impatiently awaiting Joe’s arrival home from work. She had changed the standard light bulb with a red replacement, sensuous music was in the stereo playing low, Joe’s implements were lined up along the bench next to the gold fabric bed and red accents. She had prepared all of the torture and pain instruments keeping in mind his normal instructions. The spiked wide leather collar, the whip with all those leather tendrils, the nipple clamps, the ping pong paddle, the long leash, the large ball gag, his ropes, the duct tape, his terribly large leather belt with all of those holes that had brought her much pleasure, and finally the blindfold were all in position in perfect order.

After looking at them all she realized she had forgotten the wooden clothespins and strode into the laundry room to retrieve them when Deb knocked on the door. Jane kissed Deb and told her to get undressed and get into position in the corner of the room where the red leather chair was awaiting her.

When Joe arrived home Jane was naked at the door. She kissed him and said “Happy Valentine’s Day sweety, I have a surprise for you” and led him into the bedroom. The moment Joe walked into the bedroom he saw the woman, Deb, facing the corner, her hands on the bottom of the chair, her legs spread wide and inviting, her back arched due to her position. Deb started to turn around to look at him when Joe barked loudly “TURN BACK AROUND BITCH”. Deb jumped at the overpowering voice and did as instructed. It didn’t take Joe long to fall into his normal place as Master and also ordered Jane to bend over the bed.

He kicked Jane’s ankles even further apart until Jane’s privates were in the perfect position. Joe said “I see you’ve been busy” and Jane curtly said “yes sir”, his pleasure evident in his tone. “I believe you deserve some attention for all your hard work” Joe said as he went over to his array of implements and picked up his black leather belt, the one he knew Jane loved the most.

“You will get 10 thrashings. Do I need to remind you of what you are supposed to do?” he asked Jane. Jane hurriedly shook her head no, her hard nipples lightly rubbing across the satin bedspread, her long brown hair falling around her face and cascading onto the bed. Jane very clearly said “Master, I am ready for number one please sir”, as she squinted her eyes shut anticipating the pain.

Joe swung the belt high and wide and slammed it onto Jane’s upturned ass, the end of the belt wrapping around to her side almost knocking her over, the belt making a resounding “SMACK” on her ass. Jane gasped and her knees buckled and when the pain really kicked in she started moaning “no, no, no”. Joe grabbed her by her hair until her necked was stretched beyond belief and he was growling in her ear “no sound bitch or you get double”. Near tears Jane said “yes sir” and got back into position.

Joe calmly said “I am waiting” and Jane said “number 2 please sir” and he was once again on her and yanking her by her hair until her neck was in an unnatural position and he spit at her “did you forget to say something sweetheart” until it dawned on her through her pain that she did forget. Jane got back into position and said “Thank you Master, may I have number 2 please sir” and before she could finish the statement his belt had once again connected with her ass. During her rising endorphin trip, Joe replied “I am just thanking you honey for your Valentine’s Day gift” and she once again said “Thank you Master, may I have number 3 please sir”. On and on this continued for what seemed like ages, until Jane was in tears and biting her lips to keep from screaming and crying out loud, sweat popping out all over her despite the unusually cold February temperatures, her ass bruised and red from her ordeal, her hands clenched and the nails biting into her palms.

During this time Jane had forgotten all about Deb, still bent over in the corner of the room. Joe ordered Deb to the center of the room and bent down to pick up the still-reeling Jane and escorted her also to the center of the room. Jane was so turned on by the scene she immediately concentrated on the young woman’s breasts, large and beautiful, and started stroking them, one at a time, while the master got ready for the rest of the night.

Jane took one of them in her mouth and teased the nipple, biting gently to see the reaction, Deb gently massaging her back and throbbing ass and running her fingers through her long hair, wiping the new tears from her eyes. Jane took one hand while still sucking on her tits and played with her clit, rubbing it slowly up and down, each girl getting horny, and finally sliding in her wet, hot hole. Jane slowly fingered her newfound friend, pulling out wetness each time and holding her thumb on her clit, running her tongue over her nipples and biting the sides of her breasts, her hot breath escaping her mouth and cascading over her chest. Jane kissed her neck and stroked her ass cheeks and moved her way up to Deb’s mouth and kissed her, her wet tongue connecting with the other, probing deeper and deeper with it and languishing in the moment of sexual love. Deb placed her small hands over Jane’s tanned breasts, pinching the nipples, and they both opened their eyes and smiled at each other.

Jane asked the girl if she wanted to cum, did she want me to make her cum, that I would make her feel so good, and Deb smiled and nodded sweetly. She told her that a price comes with everything nice and led her back over to the chair in the corner of the darkened bedroom. All bad girls got sent to the corner. She ordered Deb to hold on to the bottom of the chair and bend over, to spread her legs wide open, and not to move or say anything, her facing the wall. Master was sitting on the bed watching them both, his hands moving up and down on his hard dick, the implements behind him gleaming, him enjoying the scene. Jane moved over to him and kissed him hard on the mouth, grabbing his dick and with her thumb and finger massaged his cock up and down, and kissed the end of his dick. She asked him for any further instructions and he shook his head no and told her to continue.

She quickly stood up and made eye contact briefly before looking down to the floor and reaching for the paddle and making her way over to the corner where Deb was waiting with her ass up and her back arched…waiting for her punishment. She said you will get 14 blows in honor of February 14th and Deb started to stand up and shake her head no and Jane, the new Mistress, pushed her back down and said “I don’t want to hear one word from your mouth, not one moan, not one gasp, not one iota of emotion or feeling or I will increase the punishment.”

The Mistress decided to start with the right cheek and connected easily once very quickly and immediately hit Deb again in the same spot. The force of the blows pushed the girl toward the corner but the Mistress was pleased that she heard no sound from her. She paddled the left cheek twice as well and bent over and licked her ass on both sides and moved her tongue to her cunt and licked her, enjoying the taste. With her foot she kicked the girl’s ankles, making her spread her legs further. The Master took his whip, excited about his new slave, and started whipping Deb, slowly at first, testing the waters. Jane continued to paddle her until her punishment was complete, the girl’s ass bright red and her pussy wet, not stopping in between licks, yanking her hair and holding on to it for balance, spanking her until she was sweating from the exertion. The Master’s dick was rock hard watching the scene and whipped them both in quick smart strokes.

The Mistress asked permission from the Master to fuck the new girl and he went to the closet and brought back a lesbian dildo, long and large. Jane had never seen it before and smiled at her Master, him knowing that she always wanted to do this. Jane pulled Deb up using her hair and noticed tears were streaming down her red face and ordered her onto the bed. Jane was enjoying the domination of Deb and decided she would hold nothing back, taking her cues from her experience with her Master.

They both lay on their backs with their legs intertwined and the Mistress placed the dildo between them, slipping it first into Deb and then into her own wet pussy. Jane bore down on the dildo, her feet digging in to the mattress, feeling it hit deep within herself and pushed roughly into the new girl, her back arching and her head thrown back, still weak from the recent paddling. The two girls were breathing heavily, their cunts bumping into each other, the dildo to the hilt in both.

The Master came over and glanced down and took both of his hands and started playing with their clits, each girl moaning, each girl shaking. He then whipped each one, on the clit, on the legs, on the arms, on the breasts, each flick of the wrist bringing welts and cries of pleasure from the girls. The girls were rhythmically fucking each other, each meeting every thrust, keeping the dildo in place. Jane starting crying that she was going to cum, to fuck her and fuck her good, ramming into the dildo and each time the young girl meeting her thrust, each one in a flurry of excitement.

“Oh my God that feels good, oh shit I’m going to cum, fuck me slave fuck me fuck me fuck me oh my god (ram ram ram) I’M (ram) GOING (ram) TO (ram) CUM, Jane coming off the bed and her head thrown back and her hips moving quickly against the dildo, her legs shaking and sweat escaping from between her tits, grabbing onto Deb’s thighs for support, her feeling the stinging hits of the whip. When the orgasm was coming to an end she began thrusting again, pinching Deb on the legs, on her ass, biting her legs, slapping her hips and her calves, telling her new slave to keep fucking her, to take it all, to cum, each one into the moment and hearing moans and groans and each one turning them on more fiercely. The Master was standing over both of the slaves, whipping them all over their bodies.

He then moved down to Deb’s head, which was limply hanging off the bed and rammed his dick in her open mouth. He continued to whip her and Jane rose up for more traction and rammed the dildo home in Deb’s pussy, meeting the same thrusts as Master’s in her mouth. Deb was getting it from both ends and the Master’s head lulled back and he grabbed her hair and quickly crammed his dick down her throat, the poor girl not having any choice but to take it all, in and out, in and out until he pulled out and came all over both girls.

Jane was enjoying watching them both knowing that her Master was happy with her and was enjoying her Valentine’s Day gift to him, the ultimate gift. Jane bit down hard on Deb’s knee and moved her hips toward the girl until she felt the dildo strike deep and Deb screamed and shook and came as Jane was licking her Master’s cum off of Deb’s legs. Master looked deeply into Jane’s eyes and winked.

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