tagMind ControlThe Ultimate Power

The Ultimate Power


I was twenty-two when it happened.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Keith, and I am a pretty regular sort of a guy. One day however, as I was walking down Main Street debris from a construction site fell and struck me square on the head. I was knocked unconscious, but when I awoke minutes later I could feel that something was different inside me.

Lying on the sidewalk, as my mind began to clear I realised that I had an extra sense. Objects appeared crystal clear in my mind when I looked at them, and it seemed that I could almost feel the object in my mind that I was looking at.

Over the next month I practised my new powers, amazed at what I was able to achieve. Soon I discovered that I could intrude on the minds of the people around me. It started when I realised that I could hear some people's thoughts, as I tested further I found I could plant instructions directly into peoples minds, and they were powerless to resist.

I fooled around for awhile with childish pranks on passing people, before I comprehended exactly what this power could mean. I inserted my mind onto an attractive blonde that passed me by, and instructed her to flash her breasts. As her mounds came into view I smiled, and knew exactly who would be the first conquest of my new power.

Sarah Kennedy goes to my university, and is the hottest girl at school. She is the traditional rich bitch, getting whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. She has a body to die for, curvaceous, and drop dead sexy. Her hair is pure blonde, with deep blue eyes. Sarah Kennedy is the embodiment of pure lust. She only dates the richest guys, and ignores everyone else.

I had once asked Sarah out on a date, it had taken me two weeks to build up the courage, and when she laughed in my face it crushed my soul. It is probably a good time to clarify a few matters, I am hardly unattractive myself, although admittedly would find it hard to fit in with most of Sarah's crowd. For one I am not rich, and could never quite pull off the condescending attitude that seems mandatory to fit in with Sarah's type.

I drove quickly across town to Sarah's home, looking forward to what was to come. I knew where Sarah lived as when the home was bought by Sarah's parents it made all the local papers for being the most expensive sale in the city. Sarah was never shy about bragging about this fact.

I knocked on the door, and Sarah's dad opened. Wasting no time I took control over his mind, and instructed him to go and play a round of golf, using only his putter.

I looked around the mansion, finally finding Sarah in an upstairs bedroom. As I opened her door and she noticed me she yelled

"What the fuck do you think you are doing here?"

This was classic Sarah. I decided to have some fun, and replied confidently

"Sarah, I have discovered I have a power over people, and can make them do whatever I want. I am going to make you suck me off, and then I am going to cum all over you. Afterwards I will fuck you like you have never been fucked before."

The look of shock, hatred, and pure astonishment on her face was priceless.

As she got to her feet and started to move towards the door I planted myself inside her mind and took control. I decided to let her have some understanding of what was happening to her, as revenge for how she had treated me.

I slowly laid back on her sofa, and said

"Sarah, you know what I want, its time to begin"

Sarah sighed slowly as she realised that she could not escape the mind trap I had put her in. She got to her feet and walked over to where I laid languorously on the leather sofa. The smallest flicker of a smile crossed her succulent lips as her subconscious comprehended what she was about to do.

Sarah lowered herself to her knees, unzipped my jeans and reached inside to grab hold of my already inflating cock. Her grip on my cock tightened momentarily, and she pumped it up and down once, twice, three times. The smallest dribble of pre-cum oozed from the head of my penis in response to her actions, and I willed her to go further.

I pushed my thoughts deeper into the recesses of her mind, and instructed her to suck me. I then completely loosened all her inhibitions, and planted the thought firmly in her mind that she was a complete slut, and loved to suck cock. Her only joy in life was to give me pleasure, and suck the cum from my body.

As her warm lips touched the end of my cock my body spasmd uncontrollably. After wanting Sarah for so long, it felt amazing to finally have her. Her tongue extended and enveloped my hard, now throbbing member, rubbing it in small circles. She then removed her mouth from my cock and licked hard up the underside of my shaft. A small grunt of pleasure released from her mouth, as she hungrily starting sucking again, pushing my shaft all the way into her mouth.

The suction was incredible as she started to build up steam, faster and faster impaling her mouth onto my cock, while her left hand tickled my balls. Her eyes met mine as I watched her work, and there was a brief twinkle in her eyes. As my eyes dropped lower I could see her left hand struggling to work into her pussy, through the folds of her shorts.

The pressure was starting to get to me and my balls began to swell as cum began to build in my body. Sensing this Sarah quickened her pace even further, even more forcefully sucking me off. As I passed the point of no return, I told Sarah to stop and open her mouth.

"Cum on me" she panted lustily after tearing her mouth from my cock with an audible pop.

The first string shot quickly from my cock and hit her on her right cheek, just under her eye. As I tried to control my body I aimed the second spurt deep into her mouth, although a small amount missed and dripped down her chin. Upon tasting my seed she could not help herself from latching onto my cock, and greedily sucking down the last few spurts. As my orgasm subsided she gently sucked the last few drops from my cock, before releasing me, to use her finger to transfer the cum from her cheek into her mouth.

She opened her lips to show me the mouthful of cum that she had collected, then swallowed noisily as a small orgasm ripped through her body.

Me head swam in the extraordinary feeling flowing through my body of being sucked off by such a beauty. Sarah's chest heaved as she sucked in deep breaths, trying to recover from her workout.

As I got my breath back, I again pushed into her mind. I instructed her to stand, and to slowly give me a strip tease while I recovered.

As her top was lifted over her head I was treated to the firmest pair of breasts I had ever seen. They bounced slightly as she danced, and her nipples stood proudly firm into the air. She turned away from me and bent at the waist while removing her shorts, which allowed me a wonderful view of her bright white panties straining into her flesh. Her long tanned legs were perfectly shaped, and tapered to her tightly sculptured waist.

As her panties were lowered my cock again sprang into life, upon seeing her closely shaved pussy. Her vaginal lips appeared moist and slightly protruded clearly showing her excitement. A whiff of her arousal reached my senses, heightening my suspense.

As my control again started to go out the window, I ordered her to turn around, and once again bend at the waist. I stood, and slowly rubbed my cock up and down the entrance to Sarah's pussy. She gasped at feeling this pressure, and pushed back trying to impale herself onto me.

I pushed slowly into her tight pussy, only allowing an inch inside. I then withdrew and rubbed up and down her slit again. Pushing inside her again I allowed two inches in before removing, and repeated the process slowly until all 8 inches were inside her.

Over this process her pussy had expanded as it got used to my hard wide cock. As I quickened my thrusts and started to fuck her harder, small whimpers of ecstasy were forced from her throat.

As the lust in my body again began to build I managed to take back some measure of control. I slowed down, and pulled out from inside her. I sat back on the bed, and told Sarah to turn around.

Without any further instruction sat on me, lowering herself onto my pole. Her fingers gripped into my back, as she slid her body up and down. As her motions increased in speed, she started to call my name with passion.

Apparently the bitch did remember me...

Hearing her call my name in passion was like music to my ears, and my ego grew as fast as my imminent explosion.

I lost all control and fell completely into the moment, fucking as hard and as fast as I could. A few minutes later we both suddenly climaxed together, and she fell off my lap onto the bed in an exhausted heap.

As I recovered my senses, I thought to myself that life was indeed good. I kissed Sarah lightly on her head, and left the room.

As I exited her room, I couldn't help but wonder who my next conquest would be?

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