tagBDSMThe Vassal Academy Ch. 01

The Vassal Academy Ch. 01


Part 01: The Proposal.

The following is a work of fiction, any relation to any person, place, or thing, is purely accidental and unintentional.


Devon sat in the Dining Room and again reviewed the proposal he had before him. It was the result of a years worth or research and consideration. Dominique and two of the shrinks were about to arrive and receive the briefing on the proposal, something he had kept secret from everyone until recently.

Devon had spent more than twenty years training forcibly abducted people to become sex slaves. He himself had been kidnapped and turned into a slave, then a trainer when he showed suitable talent for the skill. His proposal was one that asked for permission to try it differently. The social norms and acceptability of the Dominance and Submission lifestyle had changed, and it was possible now, just barely, to make a try at voluntary training.

Dominique entered the room and sat across the table from Devon and the two Doctors sat with her. Devon was alone on his side, and that was fine. He was proposing a huge change in the way that the group did business. One small voice in the wilderness as it were. "OK Devon, we're here, as promised. Now would you like to tell us what you've been looking at and are now ready to brief us on?"

Devon smiled and slid three folders across the table. "Certainly Dominique, and thank you all for coming. In short, I believe it is possible, and potentially profitable to set up a more overt and strictly above board training facility."

"Above board, you mean legally speaking?" Doctor Jenkins asked.

"Yes. Strictly legal." Devon said.

"Are you out of your mind Devon?" Dominique asked predictably.

"They'll know in a few minutes." Devon said waving at the shrinks, and then he began. First on the agenda, how he researched the information. Then how he determined the numbers of people who dabbled in the lifestyle, then the benefits of the program he outlined.

Dominique looked at his charts with interest obvious on her face. She knew what Devon did not. The worldwide anti-terrorism changes were making it progressively harder to remain underground. The group which had been in business for more than three hundred years was now seeing an environment where capturing the people was easy, training them easier than it had ever been, but moving the money was hard. The average auction resulted in something like ten million dollars of earnings for the group. Some of the clients were from the Middle East, and their banking transactions were inevitably watched by half a dozen intelligence agencies around the world. The Money was the Achilles heel of the Vassal group, and would continue to be a problem. Potentially becoming such a problem that it would begin to restrict the group's activities.

Devon's proposal was interesting. First, it would be legitimate, and pay taxes. In his proposal, he pointed out the relative benefits of locating this facility in various countries, and in various locations in the United States. His argument of somewhere around New York for the flagship made sense mainly because of the proximity to the moneyed clients they were seeking.

"Devon, to make sure I'm up to speed with you. You're telling me that there are roughly thirty million people who dabble in this master slave thing?" Dominique asked to clarify that point. "In the US alone?" There was a shadow of doubt on Dominique's face as she stared at him intently through dark eyes.

Dominique looked as though she descended from Spanish Aristocracy. Her dark hair framed a face with high cheekbones, and an elegant nose. Her eyes were flashing black, looking playful at time, dangerous at other times. The General feeling one got from Dominique was passion. Her reputation showed she was passionate as a lover, and as an enemy. She would pour her heart into whatever she did, holding nothing back.

"That is the results of the survey I reference. All references are listed in the back. I wanted to show that while revolutionary, my idea isn't based upon fantasy or personal opinion except where noted." Devon answered.

Devon looked more Mediterranean in appearance. At close to six feet tall, he was broad shouldered, obviously strong, and just as obviously intelligent. You would estimate his age at about forty, although he had no wrinkles or gray hairs yet, he had an air of competent maturity about him. His every motion seemed entirely too practiced, yet somehow perfect for him.

"Devon, I'm not sure I understand, the facility you propose could be created, small at first, create the reputation of excellence in submissive training, and then train additional people given to the facility by clients for high fees?" Doctor Jenkins asked.

"Yes, that is exactly the nature of the proposal."

Doctor Adams waved a hand. "No market for it Devon."

"Doctor, in the major cities of this nation, there are fifty two clubs, night clubs mainly, which have a large and profitable membership catering to this BDSM lifestyle." Devon answered clearly. "Fifty two would indicate there is certainly a market in slavery, at least the fantasy of slavery."

"That may well be, however the idea of being sent to such a facility to be trained? That's beyond not only the financial abilities of most people, but the mental abilities of most people." Adams argued.

"True, but there are those, with both money, and the desire, who will partake in it. I don't propose to make all thirty million in this nation clients, I only propose to address the needs of the top ten percent of moneymakers of that group. Some three million people." Devon explained. "People for whom fifty thousand dollars is nothing. There are people in the world who spend that much on landscaping every year."

"What is your definition of the perfect mate, you explain that the desire of some of these people to have the perfect mate will bring them to you." Doctor Jacobs said.

"There is a song, and the artist says quote we want a lady on the street, and a freak in the bed, end quotation. I believe it's possible to teach part of the first, grace and poise, ballet to us, and the second part would be easy for the motivated candidate."

"So we teach them to revel in the submission, grace, humility, and what was it you said?" Dominique flipped through the proposal. "Oh yes, here it is. The absolute loving worship of their dominant."

Devon simply nodded. "Yes, train them to become what Jeanette is."

"I knew you were fascinated by her Devon, but this?" Dominique asked.

Devon smiled disarmingly. His charm was legendary, as was his ability to manipulate people. "Dominique. I've given you the results of my research, the conclusions and how I arrived at them. The raw data is referenced, and I'm certain will be checked to confirm it. The training would be different from what we're doing here, no ability to program the candidate with Sandman, however the physical techniques, the tricks our slaves learn, would be able to be taught."

Devon shifted and said. "The ideal candidate would have sufficient submissive traits, most probably discovered by self searching, or experimentation with sexual mates. We could seek out several of these, train them up, and then assist them in finding more permanent masters, for a small fee of course."

"Honestly Devon, I like the idea of filing for patents on variations of our training tools. The idea of making some money on that research is probably going to be accepted, if nothing else is." Dominique said. Turning to the shrinks. "Ok, the next question, has he gone around the bend? Is he nuts?"

Doctor Jacobs spoke first. "No, he's sane. His plan is logical, well researched, and arguably takes a shot at filling a perceived need. He even admits that there is probably a thousand things that haven't been considered in the plan, and flexibility will need to be accepted and understood."

"I agree he's sane. His conclusions are logical, plan has reasonable arguments." Doctor Adams frowned. "I don't know about the business aspect, however he believes that the proposal is reasonable."

Dominique looked at Devon for a moment. "You want to take Jeannette with you don't you?"

Devon hesitated; this was the delicate matter that much hinged upon. "Dominique, you know she's managed to recover much of her memory, as the trainers inevitably do." He watched as Dominique nodded. "She would have been an ideal candidate for this program, which I admit to be inspired by her. It was her determination to become submissive, her determination to return to Master, damn the consequences that showed me how deeply these submissive tendencies run in some people. As for taking her with me, that would happen only if this proposal is adopted, and if the group felt I was a suitable candidate to lead this endeavor, and of course with their permission. I will say she'd be an invaluable training tool."

"Devon, humor me, justify that." Dominique said.

"Imagine showing a prospective client the wonderful Slave Jeannette. A woman who can discuss current events, once we tell her to watch the news of course, logically and intelligently. A woman, who can discuss art, again once trained, music, and oh by the way, can suck you cock like a lollypop. A slave, who craves your every attention, be it sexual, or a whipping. Wouldn't that client be more inclined to participate if he had such an example before him?"

Dominique looked right into Devon's eyes as she asked the next question. "How long have you loved her Devon?"

"I don't know that I do. She's a fascinating subject of study, certainly. She's a valuable training tool; you've read the reports of her activity. She works with slaves who've reached a stumbling block, freeing up trainers to work with the rest. She personally tackled a slave who was trying to make a break for it, surprising slave in question. She has demonstrated nothing but absolute loyalty and dedication to Master." Devon said staring right back into Dominique's eyes.

"Your feelings for Jeannette aside, this is an interesting proposal. It would require a major shift in how things are done, but you have already outlined the processes we could use in this theoretical environment. I do have one other question. You state that you would need four trainers. Why four trainers and only Slave Jeannette? Why not the house slaves as you call them, from our own inventory?" Dominique asked.

"The trainers would be the cornerstones of the project. The slaves would be the result. I anticipate needing four house slaves, plus Jeannette, or someone like her. Our slaves would need to have a great deal of training on how to behave in public, Jeannette was out there as little as a year ago. Some minor training, and she'd be comfortable in a public setting. Our slaves would have to be chained up and I can't do that. Law enforcement would be aware of our activity sooner or later. If they arrive and find a woman chained to the basement wall, how long before they managed to get her to talk about how she got there?" Devon shook his head. "No, it's better to find willing participants, and teach them to behave and perform our way."

Dominique nodded. "The trainers, four plus a lead, presumably you, that's a lot from our stocks Devon. You know how thinly we're spread on trainers."

"I should. I have a page in there about apprenticeship training for trainers. If the shortage of trainers were a deciding factor, I could make a go of it with three plus me. It would be tighter, and possibly even push the profitability period out a bit, not much of course, but slightly outside the nominal window of three years." Devon replied.

Dominique made a note on the proposal. "I have number two of six, the shrinks have two. I presume you would like to keep one?"

"I would, if I am allowed to brief a trainer, preferably two, from this facility. It would help to have the material right before them to show them what we're trying to do." Devon answered.

"You can keep one Devon, we're taking the rest. I'll inform Control that it doesn't leave, presuming that you are allowed to set this up." Dominique shrugged. "I'm going to pass this up the chain, and I'm going to recommend approval Devon."

"Thank you Dominique." Devon said bowing his head slightly. He then walked to Control with Dominique and ran down the training board showing her the status of current product. Dominique decided to personally test one of the senior slaves, a male who was endowed with a cock that looked like a tree trunk. She descended the stairs and found him cleaning. She directed that he follow her and she led him to one of the live test rooms.

Devon watched it on the screens for a little while; Dominique was like most of those involved, a former slave trainee. She had been identified as a potential trainer, and worked up to lead, finally to committee. Dominique was ruthless, and absolutely loyal to the group. She was a dedicated servant of the group, as all the lead trainers were, and every member of the committee. Devon privately thought that Dominique was a step away from the very top, and her words carried a great deal of weight.

Devon glanced at the rest of the screens while Slave R was licking Dominique's cunt and arousing her to a state of shuddering pleasure. Jeannette was working with a new slave in the oral arts room. Doing what she was told to, she was helping the new slave perfect technique at the earliest stations, laying the groundwork for the more advanced techniques.

Devon's attention was brought back to Dominique when he heard her voice commanding R to fuck her, and do it right or else. Devon smiled as he imagined Dominique beating R for triggering his orgasm too early, R would probably not survive the beating. Dominique had once beaten a slave nearly to death for denying her orgasm. That slave had spent weeks being nursed back to health, and afterwards was more dedicated in pleasuring his master.

Devon returned his attention to the files, he had a couple updates to make, and he started on them. Carl arrived and asked the question with one raised eyebrow, and Devon nodded the reply. Yes, they are interested.

Carl nodded slightly and moved to update the training board to reflect his days worth of work.

Dominique and the shrinks left after they had reviewed enough information. Dominique briefed Tony and presented him with three copies of the proposal. Tony considered, and after making sure he had all the facts he determined that this was too extensive to put into a message, or a phone call. It would require a personal presentation. He departed to brief the bosses. He was gone for three days without any word on the deliberations.

Dominique was reviewing training files when she was summoned to see Tony upon his arrival. Robert from security was waiting in the office when she arrived.

"OK Dominique, long story short, they've approved the plan. They've agreed to the $50 million in initial financing, which will be set up through some off shore accounts, and they want Devon to run the house." Tony said.

Dominique blinked and nodded. "OK, so why am I being briefed?" It was obvious that this program was going to be outside of Vassal's normal operations, and had to keep clear of this group.

"Because you're going to be the point of contact. You're out of here, and going to run the legit operation with Devon." Tony said staring at her. "He's authorized three additional trainers, and that damn slave he's so fond of."

Dominique blinked again. "Me, I'm running it? Tony I've never met the committee. They want me?"

Tony nodded. "Yes, they picked you almost immediately after they voted to go for it. You will be meeting them next week. They already know more about you, me, and the rest of us than we probably think they do." Tony shifted slightly. "They want you to run the operations in New York, like here, you'll be settled into a law firm which gives you a certain amount of protection. Any conversations you have, protected under attorney client privilege. They'll explain what they want you to do, but long story short, they want you to set up the corporation, get the patents started, they loved that by the way, and they want you to get Devon moving on this. They want that profit, and they want it steady as possible given economic and other factors."

Dominique sat down. "OK, I guess I'm the front man, or woman, for the endeavor. I'll also be the point of contact for the line of sex toys."

"Short of you, there isn't anyone who has the experience you do with both Devon, and Jeannette." Tony shifted. "Robert, the group told me that after Jeannette came back, they took the liberty of changing her information in the computer. They said they took care of it through other means six months ago. However I want you to confirm that it's done. See what you can pick up from the various law enforcement systems." He held a hand up to stifle the objections of Robert about the omnipotence of the Group. "I'm not saying they made a mistake, far from it. I'm saying that people make mistakes, and Jeannette is about the weakest link in the chain. If she pops up on a computer somewhere while Dudley Doright is running her through the system and it shows a FBI or Marshall's grab her right now order, we're fucked."

Robert nodded. "I'll see if I can get a copy of what's in the system on her. The only computer I don't have access to is the standalone that the Marshall service used for Witness Protection. I have it on good authority that the group has access, but I don't."

"That one, you obviously can't check. Like I said, sniff around a seen if you can confirm this." Tony said. "Dominique, you can tell Devon that he's allowed two from his farm, not Carl, he's taking over there. The third trainer he's getting is one the committee decided on almost immediately. Andre from farm six. They said he's big, blond, has a charming smile, and they believe he'd be good at this public relations thing that Devon mentions."

"Devon asked for four plus himself." Dominique reminded Tony.

"He gets three, plus that damn slave he's so fond of." Tony said. "Finally, everyone must be briefed in, and must choose this voluntarily. Once they leave our happy home, they aren't allowed to come back ever. That includes you Dominique. If you don't want to run this, you're free to say no."

Dominique considered. Sure she was. She'd recommended approval, and if she said no the Committee would wonder why, and then wonder if she had said no because she felt herself not up to the task, or if she had said no because she'd reconsidered and not told them about it. "I'm in. I'll do what I'm asked to." Dominique finally answered.

Tony nodded. "Robert, these ID's have got to be good. They need to be in the system at every level. Credit reports, the whole nine yards. Now back to Jeannette. She's got a fascination with her name, and won't give it up. The group said they wanted you to use her name, as her middle name. It would be as if she used her middle name to show she was playing at being a slave, until she decided to be one full time or whatever."

Robert nodded. "I think I can keep all their names, and give them a single set of back up documents, incase they have to run. Is that about what's needed?"

"Yeah, give them their new names, and histories, and one set of escape documents and wish them well." Tony nodded. "We don't renew the escape documents, which means that in three or four years, they'll be useless."

"Ok, I guess I'm off to brief Devon." Dominique said. "Robert you're coming with me?"

"Yeah, I need to know who he's taking and get started on identities for them. You want a new one Dominique? This one is very good."

"This one should hold, I've also already got escape sets." Dominique said. "They were updated a couple months ago, so I should be covered."

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