tagMind ControlThe Vegas Adventure Ch. 04-06

The Vegas Adventure Ch. 04-06


© This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me --- the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidental.

However, one fan of my prior erotic stories, was instrumental in making this story possible. I dedicate this story to her.

Story Summary: De Ann and her husband Trent experience Vegas from the back of a strip club. Used and humiliated, they think their arrival back home in Dallas is the end of their personal nightmare – but thanks to their nosy neighbor, it is just the beginning.

Read on: In these two chapters De Ann gets her fill of healthy cocks, and Trent gets humiliated – and I hope you enjoy this story.


Chapter 4 ********** Trent's Thoughts ********

While at the same time during the flight home, Trent began thinking about how this weekend all changed for him. Seeing his young beautiful wife dancing on stage, swaying to the music, was too much for him to bear. He couldn't stand seeing her flaunt herself that way. Despite all the pressure he was constantly laying on her to dress and act more sexily, now that she was actually doing it, he didn't like it.

Trent rushed the stage – he tried to call out for her. She didn't appear to hear him. He tried to reach out for her and that didn't work. She just went to the other end of the stage. As he tried to climb up on stage and get her out of there, some muscular dude tackled him breaking a table and spilling a few of the patron's drinks in the process.

The muscular bouncer put Trent in an arm lock that subdued him completely, and rushed him out of the club. "Hey Man, you can't touch the dancers!" he threatened.

"She's my wife for crying out loud. I need to get her off that stage. She doesn't belong in there." Trent demanded as he rubbed his sore arm.

"Look Man, plenty of so-called husbands don't treat their woman right. Your ol' lady wants to dance – that's not my problem. You stopping her from dancing is my problem. I am not having any crazy, jealous husband making a mess while I'm on the job." The muscle bound oaf flatly stated. "You don't have any weapons on you – do you Man?"

"No" Trent shook his head.

"I better check just to be sure – spread your legs and stand still." The bouncer starts patting Trent down, starting at his shoulders, chest, around his back, then down one leg and up the other. He then took the liberty of patting down Trent's crotch. Before Trent could react, the bouncer was cupping Trent's balls and dick, as he ran his hand along Trent's shaft, he squeezed it to determine his length, thickness and even if he was circumcised or not.

Surprised and afraid, Trent jerked backward – just out of reach from the bouncer's robust arms. Trent's eyes showed the fear that his face was trying to hide. He did not like having a guy feel him up. Because it was such a powerful guy – he felt very intimidated by such an act.

"You are harmless!" The strong guy smirked at Trent.

Just at that moment another bouncer came out the door and asked the first one if he had everything under control.

The first muscle dude smiled wickedly at Trent "The way this Man tried to storm the stage, I thought I was going to have a problem. But now that I've checked him out, he's just a weak little Boy!" Up till just then the bouncer had used the term "Man" when talking with Trent. Now he used the demeaning term "Boy" to describe him.

Trent checked out this bouncer just a little closer. Compared to him, Trent was a "Boy" Since he weighed in at 157 pounds, and stood a mere 5' 7" tall, he was ten inches shorter, and nearly 100 pounds lighter than the derogatory bodyguard. This bouncer had a 58 inch chest that was crisscrossed by leather straps over his sleeveless muscle shirt. Below, he wore a pair of leather chaps and his crotch bulged out as if he was hiding a roll of quarters and couple of walnuts.

Trent decided to return inside by saying his wife meant more to him than anything else. But before he could re-enter the club, the second bouncer hit him in the back of the head. Trent crashed to the ground. He was stunned but had not lost all consciousness yet. He remembered them arguing over what to do with him. One suggested that they throw him in the dumpster, but the other said to take him in and someone would know what to do with him. Then he blacked out.

Coming to his senses – Trent found himself in a cold room where everything was upside down. Wait a minute, everything wasn't upside down – his head was dangling over a bench or something. He struggled to look up and around him and he realized that he was bound to a leather covered bench – like a padded gymnasium horse. By lifting his head up he could make out why he was so cold – someone had stripped his clothes off his body and strapped him to this bench. This wasn't good – he began to scream. "Yaaaahhhhhh" he yelled. "Heeeeelllllppppp"

A girl, perhaps a dancer was checking him out. "Tell Marcella that he's awake!" she told someone out of his view.

"Hi there sweetie!" The bubblegum chewing flaming redhead greeted him.

"Get me out of here --- My wife – she's in danger! I must get to her." He yanked on his bonds but they didn't give at all.

The redhead came over to him and leaned way over his face. "Don't make so much noise – you'll bring a whole lot of bad people in here!"

Of course, Trent hollered even more. Suddenly standing in front of him was a powerful woman. She had deep dark skin, black hair, and from his view, a marvelous rack on her chest. She might help him. She was certainly strong looking, maybe she could break his bonds. He started stammering "De Ann – my wife, was dancing on a stage. She shouldn't be there, and I need to rescue her. Please set me free before those big dudes come back."

Marcella smiled and just shook her head. "First, those big dudes, as you put it – work for me. Second, you damaged my club and don't have enough money in your wallet to pay for the table and chair you broke, and now you are not in any position to rescue anyone." Then shaking her head in dismay, "Third – what in the world does De Ann see in you?"

Trent struggled to break free – but it was useless. Confused, he asked "You know De Ann?"

"Yes – and my friends and I plan on knowing her a lot better tonight." Marcella hissed into his ear.

"You can't! She and I are married. We promised never to stray!" he tried to reason with the evil woman.

"How touching. But she has already humped my fingers! She writhed around so much you would have thought that she was desperate for attention. And oh, the sweet sounds she made as she eagerly came on my fingers. So are you trying to tell me that you have never cheated on her?" Marcella cruelly asked.

"No, of course not! I never will cheat on her." Trent swore and he really meant it. Sure he would look at other women and admire their beauty, but he knew deep down that De Ann was the only one for him and he was lucky to have her as his partner.

"Well, with such a small dick, no wonder you haven't cheated – no one would want you. What I don't get – is why a saucy wench like De Ann is hanging around with a wimp like you? As for your promise to be faithful -- not only will that promise be broken – but tonight I will make sure that you both are used to my satisfaction." Marcella further taunted the bound and helpless Trent.

Trent objected, and raised a fuss saying that he will never have sex outside his marriage. Marcella only laughed and told him to shut the fuck up. Then she turned to the redhead who first came to his bound form "Cinnamon, take your panties off and stuff them in his mouth. Then wrap a bungee cord around his mouth to keep him quiet."

Moments later, Trent was indeed stifled. His eyes bugged out of his head. His struggles were useless. The bench was lowered down so that a girl could squat over his miniscule dick and ride it to ejaculation. "Vanilla and Peach – get him hard, slap a rubber on that prick and fuck him at least once each of you. Make it look good!"

Then she turned to the bouncer. "Keep him gagged, stretch a bondage mask over his head and bring him to the party. Don't worry – I will let you have some fun with him there!"

The girls slurped on his cock – taking the whole thing into their mouth.

Trent was determined to stay true to his loving wife. The girls were impressed with his ability to contain himself, but try as he might, they would eventually win out.

"Oh, come-on now sweetheart. Just give it up or else you're going to get me in big trouble. What's the matter--- are you a little fruity boy?" Cinnamon teased before taking her middle finger in her mouth and getting it nice and wet. "I'll bet if I get one of the bouncers in here to show off their dick, you'll get hard. Maybe we can get them to slap you around with their big manly equipment."

Trent then watched in horror as Cinnamon bent down between his outstretched legs and started to circle her finger around his exposed anus. She then grabbed his puny limp phallus and started to slowly caress it while her other hand continued to play with his asshole.

"Oh lookie here," Cinnamon excitedly exclaimed, "his little pee pee is starting to get hard."

Trent tried to fight his growing arousal but just then Cinnamon penetrated his asshole with her long finger. Trent had never had anything up his ass before. The sensation while scary made it impossible for him to fight his arousal any longer. His tiny dick got a little pre-cum on his head.

Cinnamon looked down on Trent's hard on and snickered as she watched him grow to his full length, "lookie here, he must be some kind of girlie boy to get so excited about having his ass reamed. Wait till Brat sees that you get hard this way – he's gonna love you! Okie dokey, time to get to work."

One by one, they got him hard and rode his cock till he shot his pathetic load. They would remove his condom and dump his load onto his face while they laughed and teased him some more.

Peach asked if he was really wealthy. After all if a girl is going to give up great sex – she should be able to get something for it. So if you got lots of money – then maybe I would understand why De Ann stays with you.

Trent couldn't respond. All he could do was accept his fate.

The big strong guys pinched his nipples and sometimes pinched his nose shut – just to intimidate him a little – withholding the very life his lungs so desperately needed. The muscular dude whipped out an eight inch long, very thick dick and spanked his face with it, slapping his meat against his cheeks and eyes. Trent was in tears as the third dancer got his dick to rise. He had been made unfaithful. He never wanted another woman – he only wanted his darling De Ann. This was entirely humiliating to know that even though he didn't want to have sex, these women knew exactly what to do to a cock – to make it stand at attention. He may be small in the Man department, but his tool hardened for each woman that toyed with it. He was not useless – like the guy slapping his face was saying.

Vanilla, and Cinnamon toyed with his cock and balls. One of them decided that since he had the dick size of a little boy that it should only be right to remove the thick matt of public hair that surrounded his manhood. He squirmed and struggled but he was incapable of stopping them. Vanilla mowed the patch of hair down with her scissors while Cinnamon soaped up his balls and surrounding area with lather before Peach reached in and swiped his hair away with the razor. In less than 15 minutes Trent's thick public hair was gone. It did not look as though he was 35 years old – it took him back to the days when he was 14 years old. His dick stood up – mostly from the feel of such female contact – but it wouldn't last long. They even got a mirror and held it up so that he could lift his head and glance down his chest to see the freshly shaven patch of skin and the scrunched up ball sack that somehow looked so much smaller. He couldn't believe his eyes. Maybe it was a visual mirage – that made his dick look so puny, and his ball sack seem so insignificant. For the last 30 – 40 minutes the one bouncer or the other was slapping his face, and forehead with a huge, thick cock that protruded from their crotch. He knew right away he didn't compare in the Man department – but he couldn't really be that irrelevant. His hard on shrunk away, leaving a little one or two inch dick against his hairless balls. My god, was he really as small as the women who taunted him said? He remembered being jealous of his own son – who came to him to talk about the birds and bees – and wanted to know more about why some scenes made his young cock twitch and jump growing to 7 full inches. He felt intimidated that his son somehow ended up with a dick nearly twice the size of his own. But laying here in this bondage room – he felt so soft and inadequate that he wished he had been given two, three or even four more inches of manhood when he was growing up. Trent wondered if the women would be kinder to him if he was hung like a horse? Would the men stand in awe of his manhood and give him some more consideration than they did by examining his pathetic excuse to call himself a man.

Over and over he heard the word "BOY". Trent wanted to slink away. He needed his small wife to examine his hard on – and proclaim him a "MAN". These women were so much larger – naturally they had bigger features, including a looser pussy than De Ann. He had proven he was potent by having 4 children. His seed was strong. With his clothes on, people would never question his small manhood. Why even in the shower at the local gym – his thick matt of hair hid his true size. Now that the hair had been stripped away – he looked so much smaller. It was humiliating. The guys ridiculed him and his small dick. He felt like a sophomore in gym class again. But this time, he was spread open so everyone could see his little manhood. The tears welded up in his eyes, but he bravely didn't cry. They couldn't break him. Not yet anyway. That came later!


Chapter 5 ********** The party *****

Meanwhile, De Ann had won 1st place in the evening contest. She again was the hit with the crowd. Her innocence was infectious, and her body was so very sexy in a natural way. Her body was real, and the dancing was inside her – regardless what Desiree or Marcella forced her to do under hypnosis. Either you can dance, or you can't. Being under hypnosis can't turn someone into Madonna. Acting like you are someone only takes it so far, the ability to swish her hips, and thrust her breasts toward the audience was all inside De Ann. Now that De Ann had won, Desiree invited her to attend a special party held in her honor.

De Ann wanted to find Trent – to show him that she had won more money dancing in 9 hours than he has won all 3 days at the casino. She looked everywhere, but couldn't find him. She called him on his cell phone, but it only rang 4 times before going to voice mail. Excited by her victory, she left him a message that she was being invited to a party. She gave him the address and told him to come take a taxi to the place. She would be waiting for him.

Desiree pulled De Ann aside. "Pumpkin Pussy Eater – at the party you remember you have to beg Marcella for a spanking – right?" She quizzed her.

"Yes, I remember." De Ann replied.

"Well, pet – she is going to turn you down. You will beg over and over. If that doesn't work you are to offer some of your stripping winnings." Desiree pointed to the cash that De Ann held in her hand after winning the contest. "You will feel emptiness inside that can only be filled by feeling Marcella's strong hands bouncing off your upturned ass. Each time that Marcella turns you down you will grow progressively more and more desperate to fill the emptiness. When she flatly refuses your offer – you will offer all the money you won to receive a spanking from her." Desiree slyly explained. "Don't bother changing into your street clothes; I will have them with me. Just leave those cut offs on – that way everyone can get a look at your tight butt."

De Ann agreed, but she didn't know why.

When she got to the party several people got a handful of her ass as she strolled by. Being small had some advantages – guys like to protect you, and girls think you can't do anything for yourself. Some of the people were pretty bold with their hands pinching a nipple or swatting her behind with a strap. De Ann didn't mind all the attention as long as Desiree was nearby to calm her each time she got offended by their touch. For some strange reason De Ann felt so vulnerable tonight. She knew she was going to have to beg for a spanking – and the dread of Marcella's strength slapping her exposed ass just made her extremely wet with desire. On the pretense of fixing her shorts – on several occasions De Ann flicked her finger across her slit. She was just astounded by how wet she was becoming.

Then Marcella arrived followed closely by a couple of naked men. Both men had masks that completely covered their face. Each had a collar around their throat. Attached to that collar was a leash. Marcella yanked on the leash several times to direct them – it was apparent that they were helplessly bound with their wrists cuffed behind their back. But what De Ann noticed the most was the way the two men looked so diverse. One was muscular and had a shaved chest. The other was dramatically smaller and only had a small patch of hairless skin – just at his crotch. His meat – was barely visible between his legs. The muscular dude had to have a 7 or 8 inch flaccid cock that just screamed 'suck me' to everyone that saw it. This guy had balls that were full, and dangled down between his thighs – and they bounced off of them as he walked. Marcella handed the leashes to a lady appeared to be dressed in a French maid outfit.

De Ann felt the twinge in her stomach as she got up the courage to step up to Marcella and beg for a spanking. She didn't pay any attention to the other people at the party – she only had one goal in mind – get Marcella to spank her. "Marcella, I am so relieved you made it here tonight. I was naughty today – and I really would appreciate it if you would spank me."

Marcella laughed loud and from the gut – "No, I can't do that. Maybe someone else will want to correct your misbehavior."

De Ann visibly struggled with the rejection. "Please – Oh pretty please – I need my butt spanked --- won't you please do the honors?" she even shook her ass in a tempting way to entice Marcella.

Again, Marcella turned her down.

This time De Ann said loud and clear "If you will spank me for being bad – I will give you half of the money I won tonight!"

Marcella grinned at the petite blonde, "What do you take me for – offering me money to punish you? You deserve a good spanking – and maybe a good fucking too. But if you expect to buy my services you will need a lot more money than ½ your winnings."

Just as Desiree had instructed, De Ann blurted out "you can have it all – all $1000.00 if you will please spank me."

Marcella didn't waste any time. She gripped De Ann's wrist and yanked her over to a small couch where she flipped De Ann over her knee.

Marcella held onto De Ann's body by interlocking her arm through De Ann's and pressing her elbow and arm into the small of De Ann's back. While holding her down over her knees, Marcella laid her thick thigh over De Ann's thin legs. In this position, she could spank De Ann's ass at her leisure. Marcella did just that --- Whack --- Smack --- Thwack --- Splat. The sound reverberated through the crowded room as everyone hushed and gathered around to watch Marcella spank the nearly naked ass.

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