tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Voice Ch. 2

The Voice Ch. 2

bydeputy duffy©

"Now Debbie bring the speakerphone into the living room, and then open the blinds on the Bay window," the voice boomed.

Debbie set up the phone on the coffee table and opened the blind, as the sun temporarily blinded her, it seemed like a perfect day outside.

"Debbie look across the street," the voice boomed.

Debbie focused her eyes, the only thing she saw was a large white box truck, parked across the street.

"Ah, I don't think I see anything."

"Do you see a large truck?" The voice asked.

"Yah, a large white one," Debbie mumbled.

"In a second, a large man is gunna step out of the van."

Debbie watched as the door opened, she ducked down when the large figure dressed in black, flashed a wave.

"What the!" Debbie cried.

"That's my insurance policy," the voice hissed.

"Please sir I have been good!" Debbie cried.

"Really now, how many times did you break rule one already?" The voice hissed.

"No sir I did what you said, eventually," Debbie pleaded.

"Ok Debbie, but wait till I tell you your next task," the voice teased.

"What?" Debbie said, as she watched the large figure get back into the truck.

"Well it's Saturday and the paperboy collects no," the voice shot.

"Well sort of, it's really the paperboy's brother; the paperboy is a still a little young to handle money I guess. What's this all about?" Debbie mumbled, as she was still somewhat shaken by the figure across the street.

"Well today when he comes by, have a beverage waiting for the young man. What is he 18?" the voice said.

"Yah, but I can't, not like I'm dressed!" Debbie cried.

"You will and more."

"What do you mean more?" Debbie snapped.

"Today the paperboy gets the tip of his young life," the voice purred.

"Wait a second, your not suggesting," Debbie mumbled.

"I am sure when it hits you, in a second or two, we are going to have that waterfall again," the voice teased.

"Fuck you and fuck your games, there is no way, and if you hurt my family I will spend the rest of my days," Debbie cried out, her voice trailing off, as she was now crying again.

"When he comes over you will invite him in, and then right on the couch, you will seduce him, it shouldn't be that hard. You will give him oral and regular sex, and any anything else he wants," the voice barked.

"Yah right, he is still just a kid," Debbie snapped.

"Not after today!" The voice snapped back.

"Now get you ass cleaned up and get ready, he will be around soon," the voice shot.

"Oh right and when Daisy comes by this afternoon, I'll seduce her too." Debbie said, regretting it the second it left her pink colored lips.

"You are finally getting it," the voice boomed.

"I never, I mean, I can't cheat on my husband, and lezbo stuff, that's sick, and your sick," Debbie managed.

"Never say never," the voice boomed and then added, "you will, or there will be no husband to cheat on."

It took Debbie over ten minutes to stop crying and fix her make up. She was sitting on the couch, still not believing that she was even contemplating following the voice's perverse order. Debbie needed some reinforcement, she took a photo off the TV, of her husband and two children, and hugged it in her arms.

"I'm sorry honey, please forgive me," she cried, when she heard the doorbell's powerful ring.

She moved to the front door, took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Ah hi Mrs. W, collecting," the young man chirped.

"Hi Bret, come in for a sec, I'll get your money." Debbie said as she swung the door open, her heart in her throat.

They young man entered, but stayed by the front door, as he was in a rush to get done and head to the ball field.

"Ah Bret, have a seat on the couch, I will be with you in a second." Debbie mumbled from the kitchen, as she poured some cokes.

Bret reluctantly sat down, looking out the window at the clear blue sky.

Debbie sauntered into the room carrying two glasses. "I just thought you could use a little drink."

"Thanks, but I'm kind of in rush, have too ah..." Bret started, until he realized he forgot what he was saying, as he examined Debbie's outfit. He never remembered seeing her dressed like this, in fact he didn't even remember being invited inside before.

"I just thought we could chat for a sec," Debbie said, as she sipped her drink, her heart pounding, her face flush, it had been a long time since she had tried to act sexy. She was also still trying to make up her mind.

Debbie looked out the window, and noticed the large figure leaning against the truck, arms folded.

"Ah Bret," Debbie started, her voice trembling, " so how's the coke?"

"It's good, but I have to go," Bret said, as stood up.

"Please Bret it's alright my husbands away with the kids!" Debbie cried.

"That's cool," Bret said, a little confused as he walked to the door.

"Please you can't leave yet, I haven't paid you yet!" Debbie said, as she raced over and pinned Bret against the door.

Bret spun around, he was face to face with Debbie, as she leaned her body into his.

"Well I just thought you might like me," Debbie said, in her sexiest voice.

"Your all right I guess," Bret moaned," but, please Mrs. W, what are you doing?"

Debbie was pressing up against the young man; she didn't find him attractive in the least. Bret was a short man with hard features, so she tried to avoided eye contract, as she slid down his body. She started to pull at the young man jeans.

"Please Mrs. W, stop that!" Bret cried.

"Don't worry, don't be embarrassed, I will make it alright," Debbie said, on the verge of tears, as she struggled within, and with him. She finally got the young man's jeans open, as she had to keep batting his hands away. Reaching in his pants, she gripped his cock, it was already hard, when she pulled it out of his pants.

"Ah nice," Debbie managed, as she lied a little, the young man had a smallish cock, but it was stiff as a board.

"See does that feel good," Debbie purred, but didn't have to wait for an answer, as she was suddenly hit with a blast of cum, from the young man.

"Oh man..." Bret gasped, as he looked at Debbie trying to wipe his cum from her eye. "I'm sorry really I didn't mean too."

"Bret it's all right," Debbie mumbled.

"Ah I have to go really, forget the money." Bret said, as Debbie again stopped him.

"Please Bret you can do me if you want!" Debbie pleaded, as Bret pushed her out of the way, and opened the door.

"Please Bret, do yah, ah... Do you want to see me naked?" Debbie screamed out as Bret made it to the front steps. Bret stopped dead in his tracts, turning around he looked at Debbie in stunted silence, as she waved him in. Debbie went into the bathroom to clean up, she washed her face and hands quickly. Looking at her face in the mirror, she wondered if she had it in her, to go back out there.

"Ah Bret," she called out, somewhat hoping for a lack of response.

"Here Mrs. W," she heard from the living room.

"Oh man I have to tell him my first name," Debbie said, with a nervous chuckle, "ok Debbie you can do this, I mean, ten bucks he has never saw naked women up close before, they never forget their first. Plus you have worked so hard to keep your body in shape. She tried to build up her confidence, as she didn't want to break down in front of the young man.

Debbie finally made her way back into the living room.

"Sorry again Mrs. W." Bret mumbled as he looked down.

"Don't worry, it happens and Bret please call me Debbie alright," Debbie said, as she stood in front of him sitting on the couch.

She was also looking directly at the large figure standing across the street. Strangely, she was a little relieved that he was there, because as long as she could see him, she knew where he was, and he was far enough away, that she figured he couldn't see her that well.

"Are you ready?" Debbie asked, as she looked down to Bret, who was shaking his head up and down, although she wasn't sure if she was only asking Bret.

Debbie looked down at her outfit; with trembling hands, she slipped the right strap off her shoulder, and her right breast popped into view a lot quicker than she would have liked. Her eyes looked up at Bret, when she heard him gasp. Debbie was mortified, but did her best to smile, as she slipped the left strap down, exposing her other breast to the young man.

Bret's eyes were a big a saucers, as if he was trying to burn the image of Debbie breasts into his memory. Debbie stood with her hands by her side, not really sure what to do. The heat of his stare was become unbearable for Debbie, causing her to turn around. After a minute or two to catch her breath, she began slowly lifting her tennis skirt, she heard that gasp again, and knew that her naked backside must be visible. She stood in that position as she tried to muster up some more courage to continue.

Debbie wasn't sure she could expose her pussy to the young man, especially in it's present state, so when she turned around, she quickly slid down on the couch next to the young man.

"Wow Mrs. I mean Debbie, your uh, things are great." Bret mumbled.

"Their called breasts," Debbie said, as polite as possible, as she fought her urge to cover them.

"Breasts right, sorry," Bret said, and then looked away in embarrassment.

Debbie almost felt bad for the boy, as he reminded her a lot of herself when she was younger. She didn't want to ask him if he had ever had any sexual experience with a women before, from his actions it was painfully obvious. She turned Bret's face back around and told him that it was alright. Debbie surprised herself by grabbing Bret's hand and pressing it to her chest. When she took her hand away Bret just left his hand there. His jaw wide open.

"You can squeeze them Bret," Debbie whispered, after several seconds had past.

"Not like that!" Debbie cried out, when Bret's hand clamped down.

"I didn't mean squeeze, I meant caress, here like this, she again guided Bret's hand to her breast.

"See like this, soft and easy," she whispered, as she guided the young man hand. Slowly Debbie dropped her hand, and Bret was on his own. Debbie slowly sank back into the couch, as Bret switched from one breast to the other. She closed her eyes and tried to journey back to a time, when she was younger, and that intense feeling of being felt up, for the first time.

Debbie was snapped out of her quest, by the unique feeling of a hand running down from her breast, over her stomach, wondering around the waist of her tennis skirt. She felt her skirt rise, fingers dancing on her thigh, and then moving closer and closer.

"Oh my god," Bret gasped.

Debbie quickly opened her eyes; Bret wore a shocked look on his face. Debbie didn't know if it resulted from the fact that he just touched her pussy, or that she was shaved bare, or maybe it was the fact that she wasn't wearing panties.

Debbie didn't have the nerve to ask, she just smiled as seductively as she could, and again guided Bret's hand back to her pussy. She showed him how she liked to be rubbed, small circles around her clit. Bret was a slow learner, but soon got the idea.

Debbie again sank back against the couch, almost unconsciously reaching out with her left hand, rubbing the front of Bret's pants, until she found her target. He jumped at first, but didn't fight her this time. Debbie again closed her eyes, as she drifted back off to another place in time.

"Ah...Deb... I gottu go," Bret screamed out, startling Debbie as the young man sprinted towards the door.

"Wait, Bret," Debbie cried out, as she was confused at first, and then quickly noticed her left fingers were wet and sticky. She then heard the front door slam.

"Oh man," Debbie cried out, as she covered her head with a pillow, for several minutes, before stumbling to the bathroom. After washing her hands, she returned to the living room.

"Well I tried," Debbie cried out, as she knew the voice was still there, and was trying a preventive strike.

"You tried, but failed, don't let it happen again," the voice barked.

"Failed! It wasn't fair; this whole thing isn't fair!" Debbie cried.

"Debbie no more crying or complain, you have used up my patience," the voice barked.

"Right, your patience," Debbie thought to herself, "I just had the paperboy cum on me twice."

"Now we have 3 hours until your haircut," the voice barked, "what shall we do?"

"Please leave me alone I haven't done anything to anyone," Debbie cried.

"Debbie bring the speakerphone into the bedroom," the voice said ignoring Debbie.

Debbie did so, not before locking the front door and pulling the blinds shut.

"All set," Debbie moaned, when she entered the bedroom.

"Well I think not," the voice shot.

"What?" Debbie moaned.

"Well It's time to finish what he started," the voice barked.

"Ah you lost me," Debbie said, as she sat on the bed.

"Ok Debbie I will make it clear for you," the voice said, "I want you to slip out of them clothes and lie back on the bed and bring yourself to orgasm."

"You want me to play with myself!" Debbie screamed.

She waited for an answer, but none came. Finally Debbie fell back on the bed and slipped her clothes off, but kept her pumps on. Debbie slid a hand down in between her legs and ran her fingers over her pussy lips and started to moan wildly. She figured she would fake it like she did in the bathroom earlier, but the voice wasn't buying it.

The voice had Debbie assume different poses, each one seemingly out of some sick male perspective, on female masturbation. Debbie finale position was on her knees, shoulders pressed to the bed, both of her hands in action, one fingering deep inside her pussy, the other rubbing her clit. Debbie was discussed, especially when the inevitable happened. She finally sank into the bed and pulled the covers over her head, hoping and praying that when she pulled them off, the day events would all have been just a bad dream.

The End of Chapter 2.

Chapter.3 the hair cut, coming soon.

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