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The Walking Dead: Daryl


This story is a spinoff of The Walking Dead. Some things are taken from the TV series such as characters and a couple of plot twists but the narrating character is an invention of my own. All characters are above eighteen.

"C'mon, we gotta go" Daryl said. I looked at Beth and we followed obediently. At 22 I was closer to Maggie's age than Beth's but her and I had a lot in common. At the prison, we shared the responsibilities of cleaning and organizing and caring for the children. I did, however, share quite a few interests with Daryl and he had been expanding the knowledge my dad had started me on at a young age. I had always been a hunter and a fisher. Before the governor came, he had been teaching me to track and to be a better shot with the bow.

We wandered for days, being chased by various small herds of walkers. We were pretty quiet. Beth had lost her father, Daryl had lost a friend, and I had lost a role model. In the days we wandered, Beth and I got through to Daryl, who had withdrawn and quite frankly got a little scary. We comforted him when he broke down and our bonds grew stronger. Then Beth was taken at the funeral home. Daryl told us both to head for the road but I took my bow and I went to help him. Beth had only a knife so she headed for the road. Arrows flew from my bow and I was grateful for Daryl's lessons as walker after walker fell beneath my arrows. I was just heading down the stairs when Daryl rushed around the corner. I damn near shot him.

"What the hell are you doin? Where's Beth?" He asked as I lowered my weapon

"She went for the road. I couldn't leave you behind. We wouldn't last a day without you." I told him

Just then we heard the shuffling footsteps of more walkers. "Let's go" He said pushing me ahead of him.

We climbed out the window and headed for Beth only to see her stuff on the road. A car raced away from us. Darryl and I looked at each other and took off after the car. Our pursuit didn't end until the next day.

I couldn't breathe. My bow was like lead in my hand, sweat dripped down my back and between my boobs as the hot Georgia sun beat down on us. Daryl collapsed on the ground and I followed. Tears streamed down my face as I tried to regain my breath.

"I'm sorry" I gasped, "I should have gone with her. I should have been there to protect her. I should have listened to you." I buried my face into my knees and wept in shame. Hadn't we lost enough already? Daryl pulled me into his arms and I cried into his chest. Though he made no sound, I felt his tears fall onto my hair.

This is how they found us. Alone on the road, holding each other. All but one were men and I had a bad feeling about them. Daryl was in the same mindset because he pulled me up and shielded me from the man who was obviously the leader.

"Your girl?" The leader asked

"Yeah" Daryl said, staring him down.

"She's a pretty thing." The man said trying to see around him.

"She's dangerous too." He tried to intimidate

"I see the bow she has. I'm sure you've taught her how to use it. We could use folks like you."

"Sorry man, we're looking for our friend. We're not interested."

Guns raised to point at us. "You ain't got a choice." The man said

Daryl nodded, "Well alright then."

They brought us to an abandoned cul-de-sac with some well-maintained houses. It was obvious that they'd been here a while. There were fences and other lines of defense against both walkers and people. They walked us in and locked us in a room.

"I'm scared." I whispered to Daryl. "There are not a lot of women here and I'm the newest of them."

"I know" Daryl said tersely. "I won't let them hurt you"

"You may not have a choice." I said, "We need to get out of here alive. We need to find Beth and the others. You need to find us a way out of here and to do that, we have to win their trust. I would rather not have to sleep with any of these men but if it means our lives, I will."

"It won't come to that." Daryl said, "I'll do whatever I gotta do to make sure these guys know you're mine."

"Even have sex with me?" I asked. I could tell I shocked him. "They're gonna wonder, eventually, if there's really something between us. Look at these guys. They're vulgar and disgusting. Like barflies in a bar. They're gonna wonder why you don't grab-ass or feel me up. They're gonna wonder why they don't hear us at night. You're gonna have to start doing those things once they let us out of here. You have to be like them for them to trust you."

"You deserve better than that." Daryl said

"I'd rather get it from you than from them." I said. He looked at me for a long second and then nodded.

We were locked in that room for what seemed to be hours until finally, the leader showed up.

"I wanna see how well you and the girl do with your weapons." He said. He brought us out to the back yard of the house. There was a fenced in area and there were a bunch of walkers in it. I was given my bow and knives back and Daryl was given his crossbow and knives and then they pushed us into the arena. Daryl and I stood back to back, firing our weapons as the walkers swarmed. I dropped my bow and pulled out my knives. By the time it was over we were both covered in walker blood and guts but all the walkers lay dead around us.

"Are you bit?" He asked me

"No, are you?"


There was a round of applause from the deck and we looked up to see a group of spectators. "Welcome to the den" The leader shouted down to us.

We were still considered prisoners to them though and they kept us apart for the most part. Daryl rose quickly among their ranks as they forced him on raids and missions with the others. I was kept hostage, usually with the hunting parties but I was rarely harassed by the men. I knew this was the kind of crowd Daryl ran with once and I knew he could handle them. I also knew he would be able to protect me just by being associated with him.

Almost a month after our capture, Daryl and I both were allowed to keep our weapons at all times. They still kept us apart mostly but the leader, John, had taken a liking to him and after a particularly successful raid everyone was in good spirits. We all gathered in the living room. The men were drinking and the few women were flirting. As was expected of me, I went to Daryl who sat in an armchair and I draped myself across his lap. I kissed him feverishly and he returned in kind, his rough hands sliding up the leather pants that my female housemates had found and forced on me. His hand continued its journey all the way up to my full breast which he squeezed playfully. This wasn't the first time we had done this show for the others. Daryl's successes were rewarded with my presence and he had been very successful many times in the last month. I had come to enjoy his hands on my body and the feel of his tongue. Being drunk wasn't helping.

The men laughed and catcalled at the show and John spoke up

"I've kept you from your woman's bed long enough my friend. You did good for us. We'll give you guys a room alone tonight."

Daryl and I stared at each other for a moment. We knew this day would eventually come and where I feared it before, now I wanted it. I wasn't pretending anymore. I wanted him.

"Thanks boss" He said

"You've earned it" Was his reply

Not thirty minutes later, Daryl was pushing me off of his lap as he finished the last of his beer. I stumbled a little, having had more than my share of alcohol that night, and he steadied me.

"Where ya goin?" One of the guys called

"Bed" He responded

"But the sun just set" another called

"I didn't say I was gonna sleep" He answered with a grin. He slapped my leather clad ass and followed me into his bedroom down the hall. He closed the door but we could hear footsteps and excited chattering.

"You know they'll probably bust in." He said

"Guess we'll have to give em a good show" I replied as I trailed my hand down his arm. His eyes burned into mine and I could see that he desired me as much as I desired him. I slid his leather vest off of his shoulders and threw it onto a nearby chair. He watched me as I unbuttoned the sleeveless plaid shirt he wore underneath, revealing his muscled chest bit by bit. That's when I realized he was pretty dirty from the raid.

"How about we start with a bath?" I asked and he just smiled. I led him to the adjoined bathroom where water heated by the sun could be accessed from the roof. We filled the bathtub and then I turned to face him. I unzipped the leather top I wore and let it fall to the ground. He watched intently as I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra. I let it fall to the ground and stood proudly, my D chest bared to his view. I could almost hear his heart rate go up. He dropped his sleeveless plaid button up onto the bathroom floor. I untied and unbuttoned my pants and slowly shimmied out of them. He did the same with his pants and I found out he hadn't been wearing underwear. Eight inches of pure hard man was pointing straight at me. With a grin, I dropped my panties, revealing a very short, trimmed bush. I preferred clean shaven but razors were hard to come by.

With a beckoning smile, I stepped into the huge tub and he quickly followed. Grabbing a bar of soap, I spudded up a wash cloth and started with his shoulders. Dirt and dried blood lifted from his skin and he leaned his head back, enjoying the sensation. I washed around his neck and down his muscled arms then back to his chest then down his stomach. Finally, with a devilish grin, I wrapped the cloth and my hand around his manhood. I stroked it gently, as he tensed, his while body rigid. I moved down to his sac, cleaning and teasing all in the same motion.

"You're killing me." He groaned.

I moved the washcloth to his thighs. "You'll get the chance to return the favor." I promised. When he was mostly clean in front I had him turn so I could do his back. I pressed my boobs to his back teasing him as I cleaned. By the time he was all clean, the water was filthy. I stood and he watched as water cascaded off of my body. I stepped out onto the tile floor and grabbed a towel. I dried most of myself and then turned, offering the towel to him. As he dried himself, I walked out into the bedroom. The bed's covers were all bunched up and I knew they would be uncomfortable so I pulled them to the foot of the bed. Before I'd arranged them to my liking I felt his hand on my arm and he turned me to face him.

"You're a tease" He said and his mouth came down on mine. Fire raced through me as his hands traced my naked body. His member was pressed firmly just below my stomach. I knew this would not be painful like I would expect from one of the other guys, but I knew also that it wouldn't be any kind of gentle love making.

Daryl lowered me down onto the bed, taking a nipple between his teeth. I whimpered in sweet pain as electric shocks raced to my wet pussy. He feasted on my flesh admiring tits that had always been large, even when food was scarce. From there his mouth left a trail of fire down my stomach. Then he spread my legs and knelt on the floor. He admired me for a moment.

"I'll show you torture." He said with a smirk and he proceeded to take my pussy into his mouth. I squirmed and panted as his tongue burrowed into my flesh, alternating between my pussy and my hard little clit. He wouldn't let me cum though and after a while I couldn't take it anymore.

"Please, Daryl, please." I whined as his tongue lapped at my clit. My hips were jerking, seeking release.

"Please what" He asked, grinning

"I need to cum" I answered

He rose and I knew what was coming next. "If you're gonna come it's gonna be on my dick." He said as I scrambled backwards, making room for him on the bed. We heard an appreciative chuckle outside of the door. Paying no mind, Daryl climbed over me and I shamelessly ley my legs fall open. I watched as he rubbed his thick manhood over my soaking wet lips and clit, lubricating his tip and then he started pushing it in.

"Damn you're tight" He said.

I couldn't speak. It had been so long since anyone had touched me, much less entered me. He was stretching me uncomfortably but I silently begged him not to stop. When he bottomed out I moaned like a whore. The pleasure was almost unbearable.

"You like that?" He asked as he began moving in strong, sharp thrusts.

"Yes" I gasped. I was arching in to each thrust, trying to drive him deeper. He began to fuck me in earnest, the slap of our flesh loud in the now silent house. Rough hands took their fill of my body and I returned the favor, learning every ripple and divot of his torso.

Just as I was getting close, he pulled out and I complained loudly.

"Turn around" He ordered and I obeyed without hesitation. He entered me from behind, each thrust dragging a grunt from me. He reached beneath me and stroked my clit and I cried out. The door opened, as Daryl predicted and everyone watched. Daryl grabbed me by the hair and pulled my up so my back was to his chest. The men watched my tits bounce with each driving trust of the man behind me and I was too far gone to care. The watchers hooted their appreciation and then Daryl pushed me back down. He fucked me harder and this time, when his hand returned to my clit, my body clamped down and I screamed my release. Daryl pumped into my spasming pussy and with a final grunt he emptied himself into me. He once again pulled me up against his chest. He kissed my neck and shoulder and ran his hands gently over my body, soothing me as I trembled in the aftershocks of my orgasm.

"She's all mine boys." He said to the guys who were still watching. "You had a look now get the hell out."

The guys knew better than to mess around and so they filed out, shutting the door behind them. Daryl pulled out and I felt his cum leak down my leg.

"What if I get pregnant?" I asked

"We'll just worry about that if it happens." Daryl said. We took turns going to the bathroom and then we laid together in bed, naked.

"That wasn't us pretending, was it?" He said

"No." I replied. "I don't think we ever were."

Let me know what you thought and maybe I will continue stories about Daryl Dixon's sexcapades!


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