tagMind ControlThe Witch's Assistant Ch. 02

The Witch's Assistant Ch. 02


Authors Note: Thanks for the great response to Chapter one, here is the next chapter, more to follow. Sorry if there a spelling mistakes like in Chapter 1, I have looked more than once, hopefully I got it right this time.

Chapter Two: The Assistant goes back to School

It is Monday morning and Andrea is reading through the news on her smart phone, she had enhanced the signal using magic to get it working in the Cave and it seemed to work, she turned it off with a big smile on her face. "How did I ever live without one of these?"

Before she captured Debbie, she had explored the new world for several months and learned as much about the new world as much as she could, she had to know a lot before she captured Debbie and she succeeded. She continued to leave the cave while Debbie had to stay hidden in case she was spotted; now 15 years later, Andrea knew it is safe to send her to a School and seduce a young man to be a sacrifice.

She looked at her watch and saw she had 30 minutes till School started. She groaned aloud. "Are you ready yet?"

"Almost my Mistress." Debbie called back. Typical, although Debbie is technically 33 now, she still has the Body and mind of an 18 year old School girl. So getting ready for School was going to take awhile.

"Well hurry up, we have to leave soon!"

"Alright." Debbie came around the corner and Andrea smiled, Debbie is wearing a plaid skirt of dark red barley making the knee, with a pair of thigh high heeled boots, she is also wearing a black tank top that seemed a bit tight for her showing off her ample cleavage. She had black makeup on giving her a slight Gothic look and her hair was slightly darkened but still red and had strands going down her forehead. "Well?"

Andrea walked over and put her arms around Debbie's neck. "Gorgeous, the men and girls will be fighting themselves over you."

"Thank you Mistress."

"Oh, you are not to remove your necklace, understand? But if you run into trouble with any bullies or you want to have fun, twirl it in front of their eyes and you can hypnotize them!" Andrea said gleefully.

Debbie smiled. "Ooh, sounds fun, can I cast some spells too?"

Andrea kissed Debbie on the forehead and looked down at her. "Only small ones, don't put too much attention on yourself, these humans can notice changes." Andrea slipped her hand under Debbie's skirt and started to slowly finger her, Debbie moaned slightly. "Oh what am I going to do all day with my Sexy Assistant at School all day?" Andrea pretended to think about it. "I know, I'll buy you a sexy outfit to wear for me tonight, how about that?"

"Oh yes Mistress, sounds fun!"

* * *

Later Debbie is sitting in the Principal's office at the local High School waiting to be seen, this isn't the same School Debbie went to before Andrea captured her, this is a regular School not a strict Catholic School. She looked around the office, just a desk, chair and regular office stuff. Debbie was just fiddling with her necklace when the door opened and in stepped in the principal. He has grey hair and is in his mid forties and looks quite strict. He glances down at Debbie looking disapprovingly at her attire. "Name young Lady?"

Debbie was told by her Mistress to use a fake name as her old name will raise a lot of questions. "Shelly, Shelly Smith." Debbie said.

"Well Shelly, I must warn you I disapprove of your attire, although it is not a uniformed School, I can't have my female students looking like the way you do."

Debbie looked curious as to what he meant "What way sir?"

"Like a Slut or Whore, Ms Smith. No, I will let you off today but I expect better of you after tomorrow, clear?"

Did he call me a whore? Debbie thought. Debbie felt anger bubbling within her. "I have a better idea. I will wear whatever I damn well please and you will like it and cum in your pants every time you see me. In fact, you will become a perverted old man who masturbates while looking at us hot pieces of ass 18 year old girls."

The principals eyes looked like they are about to explode. "How dare you young lady! No I cannot have you at this School, you are...What are you doing?"

Debbie started to twirl the necklace in front of the Principals eyes, he couldn't take them away from it. She just twirled in between her fingers but never removing it from her neck. "That's right, look at the pretty red jewel; it calls you in doesn't it. You cannot look away can you?"

The principal looked dazed. "No...Cannot...look...away."

"Good, keep watching it twirl and twirl, your mind twirls with it, making your mind so dizzy and open to suggestion." Debbie smiled as the principal looked dazed.


"Good, you are a pervert."

"A pervert, yes."

Debbie looked down and saw that he now had a clear boner in his trousers. "You love the way I dress, so sexy."

"Yes, so sexy."

"You have no objections to what any 18 year old girl can wear to school, as you want them to dress as sluts."

"Yes, dress as Sluts."

"In fact, you will cum in your pants every time you see me, and you will masturbate thinking of me and every 18 year old girl in the school. You love being a pervert and you will not be subtle about it at all."

"Not subtle, will be obvious."

"Good, when I flick my fingers this new persona will take over."

Debbie put the necklace back and snapped her fingers. The principal looked at her with lust in his eyes and started to sit quickly as he felt his dick about to explode from the sight of the girl in front of him. "So Shelly...welcome to...the School and oh god." Debbie slowly leaned down to give him a good view of her tits. "I hope you...enjoy the school as much as I do....oh GOD!" He cums into his pants and breaths deeply as he recovers.

"Thank you sir, I'll go to class now shall I?"

"Yes, please do!"

Debbie gets up and leaves the Principals office, she laughs and goes to the assistant to the Principal and picks up her class schedule.

* * *

Later, at Lunch time Debbie looked bored in the bathroom mirror, she has been in three boring lessons and had not found a boy yet, some had noticed her but she showed a lack of interest in them. She had to find the right one for her Mistress; he had to be young and strong for the ritual to work. She just wished Andrea could tell her what the ritual is and what it is for. Andrea said she would soon know and it must be a surprise for her.

Debbie opened her bag and pulled out her makeup supplies to do some re-touching. She is doing her makeup in the Mirror when the door opens and in steps four senior cheerleaders all chatting and laughing, their uniforms are a long-sleeved tight top with the School initials on it with a skirt that reached knee height. One girl is tall and blond and obviously the leader; she also had the biggest tits at a D cup at least. One is a brunette with a B cup but had stunning facial features making her look gorgeous, one with black hair with a B Cup breasts as well and another shorter Blond Girl with short hair and a great hourglass figure with her C Breasts. They stop when the spot Debbie. The tall on looks her over. "Well well, what do we have here girls?"

Debbie turns around and smiles. She uses her Magic to reach out and senses they are all 18 years old, what a fun age for playing with! "Hi." Debbie says.

"Hi." Says the tall blond one mockingly, the others giggle. "I'm Amanda, you are?"

"Shelly." Debbie replied.

"Well, this here." Pointing to the brunette. "Is Alice. Then there is Michelle." Pointing to the black haired girl. "And the cute little one is Samantha." Pointing to the small blond girl. "And this is our Bathroom." Said Amanda while the others laughed.

"Oh, so sorry, I just didn't see the words Cheerleaders slut room on the outside." Debbie said with a smirk.

They stopped laughing and glared at her. Michelle stepped forward. "Oh you are going to pay for that Goth girl."

"Yes, I agree, lets wash her hair in the toilet shall we? See if we can wash her mouth out a bit as well." Amanda said.

They stepped forward to grab her but she snapped her fingers and they all froze in place. Their eyes wandered about in fear, what had happened? Why couldn't they move? Debbie smiled and walked over to the door, she placed a finger on it and the lock clicked locking them in. "Oh dear, what am I going to do with you four?" Debbie went up to the cute Blond girl Samantha and caressed her hair, she then picked her up slightly and dragged her to the front so the other three could see what she is going to do.

"Oh she is cute isn't she? Too cute for boys." She put her hands on her shoulders. Suddenly she could move her head and speak.

"What have you done?"

"Shh, be quiet Samantha, I'm going to make you better." Debbie cleared her throat. She then put her hand between Samantha's legs and touched her pussy. Samantha gasped and couldn't do much else. "For being such a little bitch, let me give you a bit of an itch." Samantha started to feel an overwhelming horniness come over her as her clit itched for something. Debbie placed a hand of her Head. "Thoughts of men will go astray; thoughts of girls will give way." Samantha suddenly saw the frozen girls in a different way, she now wanted to touch and fuck them, and the thought of boys instead of exciting her now bored her, who wants a boy? Girls are sexier and more fun. She couldn't shake the feeling and the itch in her clit wasn't helping. "To help you in this new bless, I am now your new mistress." The thought of worshipping Debbie now excited her even more and her pussy was so wet that her panties now had a clear wet patch between her legs.

Debbie released her from being frozen and she fell to the floor, she immediately stared to rub her pussy through her panties as she looked at Debbie with longing. "My Mistress, how may I serve you?"

"You may give me service." Debbie said as she hiked up her skirt showing a black thong, Samantha immediately went straight between her legs and started to lick her out. "Oh yes, you know how to use that tongue!" She continued to lick and tease Debbie's clit, it was non-stop. The pressure kept growing in her clit and Samantha just didn't stop, she continued to work her tongue until Debbie cummed. "Yes, YES!" she screamed as she cummed on Samantha's face. Samantha came away with a vacant smile on her face. "Good girl, now do you see your sexy friends frozen?"

Samantha looked round. "Yes."

"As a reward for being so good with that tongue, I will give you one of these girls, as your new sex slave." Debbie felt she deserved a reward.

Samantha looked excited and went straight for Michelle the black haired girl. "I want her mistress, let me be her mistress."

Debbie snapped her fingers so Michelle could move her head again. "No, I'm sorry, please don't! I will do anything please."

"Don't worry, no spell will be cast on you." Debbie said with a sinister smile.

Michelle looked relieved. "Really?"

"Yes, just look at this instead." Debbie started to twirl the necklace. Michelle looked down and suddenly couldn't look away.


"Watch it twirl round and round, you like watching it don't you? So relaxing."

"Yes, so relaxing."

"As it twirls, your mind twirls with it, making you open to suggestions."


"The twirling gets so strong; your eyes start to feel heavy, don't they?"

"Yes, so heavy." Michelle is struggling to keep her eyes open on the necklace.

"You feel yourself slipping away into a deep sleep. Your eyes are closed and you fall deeper and deeper into a deep sleep."

Michelle eyes close and her head fall to the side. Debbie stops twirling the necklace and goes over to Michelle and strokes her hair. "Michelle, can you hear me?"

"Yes." Michelle answers while asleep.

"Good, as I count from 10 to 1, you will fall deeper and deeper into a sleep, once I reach 1, I will no longer be talking to you but to your subconscious mind, and your subconscious mind must obey me, do you understand?"


"Good, 10 you feel your mind falling deeper, 9 its falling so deep you embrace it, 8,7,6 your mind is so deeply asleep, 5,4,3, your subconscious mind in taking over your conscious mind is going deeper and deeper to sleep, 2,1 you are deeply asleep and your subconscious mind is open to suggestion and must obey me."

"Yes, must obey."

"Good girl Michelle. When I snap my fingers you will wake, but you won't be the same Michelle anymore. You will now be a submissive Lesbian Sex slave."

"A submissive lesbian sex slave!"

"Yes, you will only obey your mistress."

"I must obey my mistress."

"Your mistress is Samantha."

"Samantha is my mistress."

"Good girl, what are your commands?"

"I am no longer the same Michelle; I am a submissive Lesbian Sex Slave to my mistress Samantha."

Debbie smiled triumphantly. She felt herself getting wet again. "Good."

Debbie snapped her fingers and Michelle woke up, she can now move and she instantly goes to her knees bowing to Samantha. "My Mistress, how May I serve you?"

"Seduce me slave."

Michelle gets up and starts to caress and kiss Samantha. The roam their hands all over their bodies, going underneath each other's skirts to touch their most intimate areas. Soon tops were coming off and they started to play with each other's breasts from sucking to licking them. Debbie starts to finger herself watching these two cheerleaders fuck each other. Soon Michelle is on her knees with her head between Samantha's legs licking out her cunt. Samantha starts to moan and pinch her nipples as her new sex slave goes down on her.

Debbie heard Amanda groan in frustration and she turns back to Amanda and Alice. "Oh I almost forgot about you two in the excitement. I think a change is needed on you two as well." Debbie holds her arms up and as she brings them down two tubes of blue energy come down over Amanda and Alice, she snaps her fingers and they can both move again but can't get out of the tubes of magic.

"Let us out!" Amanda calls.

"I'm sorry, please let us go." Alice asks.

"You see Amanda, Alice asked nicely, so she gets the reward I'm afraid." Debbie walks over to Alice's Tube and touches it and it gets brighter and brighter inside the tube until Alice can't be seen anymore. Debbie closes her eyes and concentrates; she can hear Alice having an orgasm in the tube. "Transform my dear." Soon the tube got so bright it disappeared, Alice stood there no longer in her Cheerleaders uniform, she now wears a black leather top exposing her cleavage and holding them up to make them look bigger, she also wearing black leather gloves going up to her elbow, black leather thong with thigh high boots, in her hand in a jockey whip and her hair is now in a tight pony tail.

Alice looks at her new attire and starts to rub her pussy through the thong. "Oh yes, I like the new me! Where's my slave?"

Debbie indicates Amanda still in her tube looking frightened at the sight of Alice. "Here she is, I just need to get her ready." Amanda frantically shakes her head at Debbie.

"No, Shelly please!" Amanda begs.

"Far too late to be polite." She says as she touches the tube and closes her eyes and concentrates. The tube gets brighter and brighter until Amanda can't be seen anymore. Amanda can be heard having an orgasm in the tube as her transformation takes place. "Almost there!" The tube gets so bright is suddenly disappears. Amanda stands there in a mockery of her Cheerleader costume, but her top is replaced with a black Bra and her new black skirt is so short you can see her black bikini bottoms underneath. She looks scared at Alice and gets on her knees.

"Oh please mistress, I have been a bad girl, I need to be punished I have been so bad!" Amanda begs of her Mistress.

Alice steps over and brings the whip down on Amanda's ass. "You have you filthy slut. You must be punished you whore." She whips Amanda's ass again and she moans.

"Yes my mistress, I have been a bad girl, I must be punished by you. I'm such a whore." Amanda starts to rub her pussy as Alice whips her, her moaning and groaning getting Debbie off.

"Who said you could pleasure yourself?" Alice demands.

Amanda looks scared. "I'm sorry Mistress, I'm just so wet and horny."

"You will service me first, then you can masturbate as I whip you!" Alice demands. Amanda crawls to her mistress and starts to orally pleasure Alice.

Debbie looks over at the girls having fun and knows she can't have them like this when they leave, it will bring too much attention as her mistress warned. She flicks her fingers and they all freeze in place, Alice getting dominating Amanda and Samantha getting licked out by her slave Michelle.

"When you leave the Bathroom, you will return to your normal Cheerleader selves and in School you'll be the same, but in private you will be your new personas, permanently. Enjoy."

She snaps her fingers again and they continue with their activities. Debbie watches them and starts to masturbate, Samantha notices and whispers into Michelle's ear. Michelle pulls away from Samantha and turns towards Debbie, she gets up and walks over to her. "My Mistress demands I help you with your needs."

Michelle then gets on her knees again and puts her head between Debbie's legs. As her tongue works its way into her Pussy, Samantha has walked over and starts to kiss Debbie. "Thank you for the slave Mistress."

She then lifts Debbie's top and starts to suck on her breasts. Debbie can feel an orgasm growing, with Michelle's tongue in her pussy and Samantha sucking her tits, her senses are on overload. She pulls Samantha off her breasts and pulls her in for a kiss. Debbie caresses Samantha's exposed Breasts and Samantha does the same to Debbie, soon Debbie is Cumming onto Samantha and she screams aloud. "Thank you, go back to having fun you two, I have to go."

Debbie watches as Samantha and Michelle get back to what they were doing, and then she pulls her top down and straightens herself out, Debbie touches the door and it unlocks, she steps out and sees the Principal standing near the door holding back a boner looking at some senior girls. He sees Debbie and tries to hold back cumming in his pants. "Shelly, what is going on in there?" He asks hearing the moaning.

Debbie smiles. "Have a look."

He walks by her into the bathroom; Debbie stands by as he hears. "GIRLS, WHAT ARE YOU...OH GOD, OH GOD." He screams as he has cummed into his pants again at the sight of them. Debbie laughs as she stands outside. "Well, thank you girls." He steps out the bathroom in a sweat and marches away, Debbie laughs some more then remembers her mission.


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