tagMind ControlThe World's Best Hypnotist

The World's Best Hypnotist


David had been called the world's greatest hypnotist by so many people that he no longer questioned it. His confidence was limitless, and he knew the world was at his fingertips. Today he was performing in the ballroom of a ritzy hotel. This time it was an eighteenth birthday party for some little rich girl. He looked around the room, and was pleased to see such an eager crowd. They were always the easiest. It was pretty routine by now. He was the most famous hypnotist in the world. David had performed for royalty, celebrities, and politicians. He had never met anyone that he couldn't hypnotize. "Hi! I'm the birthday girl," said a young girl with perfect tits and a plump ass. Several of her friends were gathered around here. They all wore tight midriff tops that showcased their perky young breasts magnificently.

"Nice to meet you, Kerry," David said. They walked away giggling. He heard a few of them say he was hot, and he couldn't help but smirk in anticipation. David was especially eager to get started today.

He got all of their attention and hypnotized them quickly. It was too easy. David gave his first order. The entire group formed a line. His cock was already hard. David dropped his pants, and his long, firm rod stood eagerly out from his thick bush. "Each of you will suck my cock until I snap my fingers, at which point you will return to your seat," David commanded. No matter how many large groups of people sucked his dick, David never really grew tired of it in the least.

Kerry was first. She dropped to her knees, and opened her painted mouth expertly. She licked the head, and then proceeded to lick the shaft up and down. Kerry was definitely an experienced cock-sucker. David reached into her shirt, and fondled her huge young tits. They were so firm. He almost came when he felt the rock-hard nipple. Kerry was great at this. Soon David was grabbing her head, and thrusting his penis into the back of her throat. He wanted to shoot his spunk deep into her, but everyone else deserved a turn. The next five or six in line were also young girls. None of them seemed as experienced as Kerry, but oh well. How David loved the tight little mouths and strong little tongues on his cock. Each time he felt that he could wait no longer, David snapped his fingers, and they returned to their seats quietly.

After the little string of girls, a broad young man was up. David really enjoyed this type. He knew how horrified the boy would be if he knew he'd been sucking cock. The young man's mouth worked at David's dick powerfully, effectively. David almost dropped to his knees with pleasure. This kid was really, really good. The boy sucked on David's balls, and slowly licked the back-side of his cock. David ran his fingers through the boy's hair. When the kid began gently nibbling on the head of his prick, David had to snap his fingers. As he was about to walk away, David fondled the boy's crotch. His cock was rock hard under his blue jeans. This is such a great job, David thought.

The line got smaller and smaller as they each sucked David's cock. He was about to explode, and wasn't sure he would make it though Kerry's mother. Her mouth was firm around his dick. She used her tongue in ways that nearly caused his jizz to jump out of him immediately. But he was very good at putting off his ejaculation. And he managed to do so with her. David held the woman's smooth blonde head, and slowly pushed his cock in and out of her mouth. All the while, her tongue did some magical maneuvering, giving every inch of his prick the required attention. As he felt his balls clenching, begging him to let him squirt, he snapped his fingers.

There was only one person left in line. She dropped to her knees, and licked the tip of the swollen red head slowly. Then she stopped. He looked down at her. She was looking up. "Why do they call you the world's greatest hypnotist?" She asked in a sweet child-like voice. David was too shocked to reply. The implications of this girl not being hypnotized whipped through his head. She had seen everything. The girl stood up. She was very thin and petite. She had almost no tits or ass. But what a pretty little face she had. It was almost elf-like. "My name is Nora. I'm Kerry's cousin. I turned eighteen last month, but no one gave me a party like this."

David was still too shocked to say anything to her, "Listen David, I can be your worst nightmare. But I don't have to be," The young girl looked at him with big, innocent brown eyes. But somehow he could tell that she wasn't someone to fuck with. "I want two things from you. I'm a virgin. I'm sick of it. My cousin tells me stories about the men she's fucked, and I get wet and just hearing it. You're a man with a nice, fat cock. Be my first. Right here. Right now."

"I'd be happy to," David said. He pulled Nora towards him, letting his cock press firmly into her belly. He could see that it turned her on. David pulled her sweater over her head, and saw that she wore no bra. He licked each little nipple, and sucked hard on them. His hand found its way into her jeans, and slid into her little crack. Nora's young pussy was already drenched in cunt juice. Her breath sucked in sharply when he touched her clit. He pinched and fondled it briefly before lifting her ass onto a nearby table. He wouldn't generally trust this flimsy table to hold a person, but she weighed almost nothing. David yanked her jeans off, and pushed back her tiny pussy lips, and began licking through her folds. Nora lay back on the table. When David nibbled on her sweet, tender clit, she moaned and arched her back as though it had never been touched before. Indeed, it hadn't been. He dipped his tongue into her small, delicate pussy. David returned to her clit then, suckling on it, and putting a single finger carefully into her pussy. He pushed it in and out making Nora moan with pleasure. David nursed at her clit, gently and persistently until she screamed out. He felt the soft walls of her vagina pulsating around his finger.

David's cock was throbbing; he couldn't wait to get it into Nora's tight, little pussy. He stood up, and grabbed her narrow hips. David pulled her pussy towards his fat prick, unsure that it would fit at all. He teased her clit a little with the head of his cock, and then slowly pressed it into her little hole. It accepted the head, and guiding her hips, David only managed to get the bulk of his big dick into her because there was so much lubrication. He thrust it into as she gasped. Holding onto the girl's narrow hips, he fucked her hard. Nora didn't complain. She moaned loudly, and rubbed her little tits with a big smile on her face. The girl sat up and wrapped her arms around David's neck. She wrapped her long, thin legs around him, as he grabbed onto her tiny ass. Nora's little cunt was wrapped snugly around his thick cock as he bounced her up and down on it.

Both of them moaned loudly, unaware of the hypnotized audience quietly watching them. How wonderful this fresh young cunt felt around his prick. He shoved it deeper and deeper into her as Nora squealed with childish pleasure. David felt her pussy walls begin their contraction once again just as he felt his own cum getting ready to spurt. He held her close to him, and squirted his thick juice into her. He had been resisting it all day, but now he shot it into this tiny woman with all the force that he could.

David dropped her back onto the table, exhausted. Once they had both caught their breath, Nora said, "As for the second thing I wanted you to do for me..."

"Yes?" David asked breathlessly.

"Make everyone in this room want me. I want every one of them to want to fuck me more than they want anything else in the world. Male, female, everyone."

"I can do that," David replied, relieved, "And you won't tell anyone my secret?"

"Not a soul, David. Perhaps we'll meet again. Even though you're my first, I can tell you're a fabulous fuck."

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