The Yellow Pill


This is a fantasy story based on the "X-change" concept. You don't need to know "X-Change" to read the story.

This story has not been edited, but I had a beta reader (CindyUSA) who validated it.

It was a Wednesday; I met Rick while I took a break for a coffee. He seemed so excited that I asked him what was going on.

"Oh, I shouldn't tell! But I am just registered for a TV reality show!" Rick began moving for one leg to the other.

"I see, so you will take some days off" I asked to seem interested.

"Just one week, he said, but it's a special show, it is on the new Porn channel xIx, you know them?" he asked. I felt it weird. Rick was not well built. I couldn't see him as a porn actor. But after all, why not?

"No I don't know about it. I'm not in Porn channels" I answered. I didn't want to turn him off, but I was not interested, and I hope he would switch to another thing to speak about.

"I'm sorry, I'm boring, but I'm so excited. Perhaps I would be the one that will fuck four women for one night" he explained. I nearly choked as I drank. Four women for Rick; I forced myself not to laugh.

"You're sure about that? I asked. And what if you lose" He was looking serious and concerned.

"Well the winner gets a night with 4 women, the second a night with 3 of them and so one. And there is little money as well. $1000,00 for the first, $2000.00 for the second, $4000.00 for the third-

"$8000.00 for the fourth?" I asked, not believing it: Being paid to fuck!

"Yeah" he replied with a large smile

"So you win women or money?" I asked

"Err, not exactly the last one get no money and no woman, but it is one chance over 5!" he explained. I was beginning to be interested.

"When is that?" I asked.

"It might begin next week, but they miss one person. It might be delayed" he explained.

"What the name of the show, I think I will have a look" I admitted.

"Oh great! The show is 'the Yellow pill', you find information on their website" Rick said more excited than when we met a few minutes earlier.

So was I. Despite I was at work I decided to have a look at it. Rick seemed to have got more details than what was on their site. But there was the information I needed to apply, and I did it. They required a face photo and a mail address.

I couldn't believe it passed only one hour since I applied when they called me back.

"Hi Jill speaking from xIx channel; Is this Mr. Logan?"

"Err, that's me" I answered. I supposed I was rejected.

"You applied for our new TV reality show 'Yellow pill', she explained, we would like to meet you. Are you available tomorrow near noon?"

"Err I work, But I can make it during my break" I replied

"That was the purpose, Mr. Logan, Just you have to know, the show is supposed to begin on Monday, so if you agree with the contract and if the doctors are ok we might ask you to sign it the day after. I know it is quick, but we are in a hurry" she explained.

That afternoon I did nothing good, and in the evening I hardly find to sleep.

The next day, a few minutes to noon, I was at the xIx Building. Just as I asked, I was directed to Jill McGregor office.

"Hi Mr. Logan, glad to meet you she said, here are Jason and Johnathan."

"Hi Mr. Logan, I'm Jason, in charge of the security"

"Hi Mr. Logan, I'm Johnathan, I will in charge with the realization."

"Hi" I said sheepishly.

"So, we missed one man, and a redhead was preferred. So we're happy to have you here. It is porn show, will you be able to be naked in front of the camera," Jill asked jumping directly into the core of the subject.

"I think so" I replied.

"I don't want you to think, I want you to do it, please strip" she ordered.

I know I should have expected this, but I didn't. I began to remove my pull-over, then to unbutton my shirt.

"You can turn around, Mr. Logan, the camera is behind you" Johnathan said. I turned and saw the tripod with the professional camera on it. How could I have missed it when I was introduced? Then I saw the door. When opened the door hides the camera! I continued to remove my shirt. I was anxious they won't like what I looked like, but they did not made any comment. I was naked above my waist; I turned again to see them; and began to undo my shoes. Then I undid my trousers and they joined my shirt on the seat that was on my side. I thought on stopping there. They still were saying nothing. So I took a breath and slide my brief's waistband down. As I reached my ankles I saw I was still wearing my socks.

"That's ok for me said Jason, you can keep that socks on. It was difficult, but in the show the camera will be hidden and you will be into the action. So I think this is OK"

"Take a seat. I will explain the show, do you want?" asked Jill.

"Err I wondered why the yellow pill" I tried to ask embarrassed to be naked.

"So our sponsor is X-Change Corporation. They make pills, pink, purple, blue, and now yellow. So there will be 5 contestants in a house. Each evening you will have to go naked into the garden to search for the yellow pill. The one that gets the pill wins and spend the night with the girls. He leaves on the morning. So the contestant that finds the pill on the first evening will win $1000.00, and will spend the night with 4 women. Each day the number of women is reduced but the money is doubled. But the last contestant wins nothing, no pill, no money, no night with women. Is that ok for you?" Jill explained

"Err I wondered, the men-"

"The contestants" corrected Jill

"Err yes, what would they do during the night if they did not get the pill? They just have to watch?" I asked

"Oh, yes they can watch if they want, there is no problem about that" replied Jill

"And, during the day... where the women will be?" I asked. I thought there was something I was missing.

"In the house, of course" replied Jill

"So we could have sex with them during the day" I asked again.

"If they are willing to, of course" said Jason.

"It is a porn reality show, so everyone can have sex, laughed Johnathan. Just there will be cameras everywhere in the house. The pill searching will be broadcasted every evening. And prior to it we will display what happened that day, so if there has been sex it will be shown. You have to know it"

"Of course" I added.

Little by little I was less embarrassed to be naked. I fact I was excited to participate.

"This is the contract we will ask you to read, said Jill. I want you to know that we had some contestants with second thought, so we added that part, so the contestants can be forced into the preparation. It is the same document for all the people that participate to the show. You see that the girls would get a mental preparation. I let you this copy so you can read it. I hope to see you tomorrow to sign it."

"You will stay here the medical team will come in a few minute, no need to get your clothes again before they have finished with you" Jason said.

I didn't stayed long alone. I was reading the contract and saw the mental preparation Jill explained. I was amazed to see the mental preparation was to be chosen by the public after the X-change pink pills plus would be administrated. But I did not take too much time about it. It was the girls' part after all, and I wasn't concerned.

A doctor came with a nurse. They measured me, the nurse took same blood samples, and I was asked a list of question. I was amazed they asked me if I ever took some X-Change pills. But I didn't. I made a mental not to look after what these X-Change pills were and I went back to work.

I was really excited and hoped the medical exams would be OK. I looked again at the contract but I didn't find a lot in it. I just noticed that all the participants accepted permanents change. Once again I thought about the girls' mental preparation or perhaps permanency risks. I was not concerned.

There also a note on X-Change Corporation and their products. I assumed they sold aphrodisiacs. It is an easy trick. Those pills do nothing at all. Of course they are effectives in the sex stories you find on the net, but they does nothing for real. I was sure of that. I found their concept of colored pills amazing. I assumed pink pills were for girls, and blue for men. It was a nice marketing concept.

The next day at noon I was clothed in font of Jill McGregor

"Have you read the contract Mr. Logan?" she asked.

"Yes I did" I replied

"Do you have some questions?" she asked again.

"I don't think so" And I signed the contract in front of her.

"I must tell you this is recorded Mr. Logan. And for the contract to be valid I want you to put your initials at some part of the contract." They were the non-consent agreement in case I had second thought, and the part about permanent change. I did it.

"You sure about it" she asked again.

"Yes I'm sure" I replied and she signed the contract.

"Oh and take your days off!" she added with a wick.

"Oh I have a form I want you to fill about your interests in sex" she added giving me the form.

It was very complete and I took time to fill it.

Right out of the xIx building I went to my boss that was not really happy to give me the next week off.

During the week-end I had a look at the contract again. There was something odd in it: In the girls' preparation part they spoke about the pink pill they had to swallow while recorded, yet another marketing trick, then they would have some time in which the public would be voting for their mental preparation. And the vote would be what each girl would like oral, anal etc. but also a strength from 1 to 5. I supposed this would mean there would be 5 girls. But the first evening they would 4 only. Then I read the strength chapter and saw that strength 1 was for a girl who won't be attracted so much to men, but would be to girls. It was amazing. One of the girls would be a lesbian. I supposed she wasn't counted on the 4 girls of the first evening. I was glad I found and explanation. I continue to read on. I wasn't concerned, but found it interesting to know how the girls would be prepared. The strength 2 was for an attraction to men just a little higher than a normal girl. I laughed at the "normal" what the need to get her a mental preparation if she would stay normal? Humm! I read further and saw she would be strait. The strength 3 was a little higher than 2 and the girl would be bisexual. The strength 4 was very high and the girl would be strait. The strength 5 was the most interesting. That girl would be bisexual and so attracted that she would be unable fight her body needs and she would be bisexual. That one will be interesting I guessed!

I kept wondering what was the most interesting: To be the first to get the pill and have the 4 girls, or to stay to get the money and only one girl. Eventually I went to the conclusion that I had to try to get the pill, no matter what happens. Even if I was the last one, the loser, I would have passed a good time in the house. With preparation the girls would have they would be agree to have sex during the day.

I had a final look at it Sunday evening and saw that the girls' mental preparation won't be active until the yellow pill was swallowed. I thought it was well played X-Change Corp! The pink pill would make the girls opened for a kind of hypnosis and the reveling effect would be the pill being swallowed. All the spectators would think the pill made the man very attractive. It was the best marketing trick I could imagine.

On Monday, I arrived in the morning at the house in which the show was being made.

"Hi Mr. Logan, this is Mandy, she is you assistant. She will help you during the preparation. You would be allowed to see her during the show. I leave you with her" Jill explained and left.

"Hi Mr. Logan, so I will help you. I propose to show you the house. The preparation will began just before noon. You will have to find clothes for the whole week because we don't know how long you would stay here" Mandy explained.

"I already prepared some clothes-" I said.

"Oh they won't fit, don't be anxious about that. Your clothes will be stored and you'll get them once the show is over" Mandy said.

I was surprised, but accepted Mandy advice and followed her into the 19th century mansion. On the first story was a big living room with sofas and carpets. Mandy explained we are expected to spend most of the time there. She explained we are not allowed to know where the cameras were. While visiting I noticed two other couples were visiting the house also. As the women were leading the men, I supposed they were other contestants. I hoped one of the women would be here also, but it didn't seem to be the case.

"Here is the kitchen she said, but you would be given prepared meals so it is not a problem" Mandy said.

Then we got upstairs and she showed me the five rooms. I found them girlish.

"Yours is the turquoise one, Mandy said. You probably won't use it a lot, but it a place you can relax. Your clothes will be stored here also. Each room has its own bathroom"

"Is there only 5 rooms?" I asked. It seemed odd to me since we would be nine at start with 4 women and 5 men.

"Don't worry, you will see, each one will find its own place" Mandy said with a wink. I was happy as I understood the women would have to share a room with us, the beds were large enough.

She led me into the studio part of the house.

"It will be noon in thirty minutes now said Mandy, I will help you to prepare, we will be 'on air' at noon and you have to be naked by then" I was curious about that preparation, I remembered I could be forced into it, but didn't know what it was exactly.

"Err, Mandy, what is this preparation about" I asked. Mandy looked at me annoyed.

"Well, haven't you read the contract?" she asked

"Of course I did, but the contract only deals with the girls' preparation" I answered. Mandy looked at me with her big green eyes that matched her brown hair. She was only one or two inches smaller than me. She was thinking. Then she reacted.

"You don't know what the X-Change pills are?" she asked alarmed. She made me worry.

"I guess they are some kind of aphrodisiac, just a trick you get to-" I tried

"Not at all, they are gender switch pills" she cut me. I was voiceless

"Ok she said, I'll make it quick. Blue pills change girls into men. Purple pills change both men and girls to shemales. What we are interested here are pink pill they change men into-"she began

"women" I added

"That's right. There are several kinds of them; Basics change you for about 4 hours, X-tras work for a month. And the kind we have here, Plus, changes you permanently. It is the one you will swallow. You have agreed to be forced to" she explained

"But how... err I just have to get a blue one" I tried, but my mind was disturbed. Why didn't I had a look at that X-Change stuff!

"No it doesn't work, it is the reason you have been asked if you have ever tried X-Change pills, but plus pills effect can be reversed by the newly marketed yellow pill. The yellow pill can change you back to normal" she said. I was breathing again, at last!

"But the yellow pill has to be taken within 4 days after the plus pill. You will take the pink pill on Monday at noon. The yellow pill must be taken before noon Friday" she explained

I understood. The looser would get no money, no girls, no pill, said Jill at the interview. I had not taken what she meant at that time. My mind was wandering. I didn't want to participate any more. I was scared I would be the looser. Then I thought: Even If I wasn't the looser, I would be screwed by the first winner. I wasn't gay. It seemed so odd!

Then I thought again... The show would end on Thursday evening, let's say Friday morning. It let the looser a couple of hours to get that damned yellow pill. And Jill explained that I could just watch the fucking, even if I could not get the first pill, I won't be fucked as a woman I thought.

"That's ok, Mr. Logan, will you agree to take your pill and go through the preparation. I will be with you" she awoke me from my awaken sleep.

"Err... I think I have no choice" I said. I saw she was anxious about me.

"I suppose you have no birth control?" she asked. I looked at her

"Of course you have none, I will provide you some pills during the show, in case you cannot change back" she said.

"I will change back" I said, trying to look like a winner.

"So the preparation: when the light will be red, you swallow the pill. You take water. It will take about 5 minutes. Then I will ask you your girl's name, of course you have none, think about it. The public will begin to vote for your preparation. I'll lead you to a bathroom right there and I will help you to shower, to wax, and then for makeup. Once this will be done we will choose you some clothes. With time you will fell more and more feminine. By then the vote will ended and you will be mentally prepared. And at 4:00 PM you will meet the others girls. The first yellow pill will be delivered at 6:00 PM" Mandy explained

"Ok, ok" I said. My hands were moist. I was shivering. I knew I had accepted that, I had no other choice, it tried to reinsure myself.

"Another thing you have to know, the testosterone level of a man is higher than a female one" Mandy began. I didn't know women had testosterone at all.

"So your sex drive will be very high at the beginning" she finished. I looked at her.

"How long" I asked, I didn't need that...

"About 5 or 6... days, she replied smiling, that's one of the reason the company use more and more X-pills girls."

"And there are all wonderful" she murmured in my ear.

I look at the clock on the wall: 11:58:58. 'Oh my God' I thought. Here we are

"One minute before we're on air" a voice announced.

I was breathless. My heart was striking hard.

"All will be Ok" Mandy said.

My mind was blank, and then I thought...

"Megan" I said

"Pardon" answered Mandy who was disturbed

"My girl name, I want it to be Megan" I explained

"Oh well, that's good Meg!" said Mandy and she kissed me: a long and deep kiss; a relaxing kiss.

When she raised her head, I heard the horn ringing around us, and the light was on, the clock indicated 12:00:00.

"Here is Mikael, which will take his X-pill to become Megan" announced Mandy.

"Mikael is stirred about what is about to happen. He will be changed into a woman, and perhaps won't be able to change back" Mandy continued. She didn't help me not to be stirred!

"Mikael, please stand up, turn around and strip for our spectator to see you" Mandy ordered with a wink. I stood up, and began unbuttoning my shirt.

"Well, Mikael volunteered for this, but he just had second thought, but who wouldn't. Whoa! See how our redhead is muscular. No fat here! Mikael please don't be the loser it would be a shame for women to lose that body of yours" she continued. It helped me and I was pat by her comments.

"You will understand what I mean in a few minutes when you will be Megan" she laughed. I'm not sure this helped me, but I succeed in disrobing with much more ease than I did at the interview. The only item left was my brief.

"Can I help you?" asked Mandy, and without waiting for my answer she grabbed my brief waistline and pulled them down!

"Whoa! She said, once again, Mikael, don't let that being lost" Mandy said. She made me turn around for the camera. Was it Mandy comments? Was it the situation of being the only one naked in the room? But my prick began to grow.

"And he likes it! Enjoy your erection Mikael! Perhaps you will find it back this evening" she said as she passed her tongue on her lips.

"Now sit down, Meg, err, I mean Mikael" did she ever stop talking?

I sit and she gave me the pill.

"This is an X-Change Corporation pill. It is a 'plus pink pill' that will change you into a woman forever, Mikael. Well this was yesterday! Today X-Change Corporation proposes a new pill: The yellow pill. Mikael you will have to look in the house garden for that yellow pill. Because now, 'plus pill' effects can be reverted. Just take a yellow pill within the 4 days. Good Luck Mikael" Mandy finished.

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