I felt he was right for our experiment; he was referred to us by his physician. His records indicated he had phantom pain and although unbearable to him there seemed to be no medical reason for it. The patient was desperate for relief and even though he expressed displeasure for being under the care of a woman doctor, he enrolled in our experiment.

The above is what I wrote when Peter Hall came to us but what I thought of him I didn't dare put in writing. This man is, I should say was a misogynistic ass, his disdain for women was obvious with in the first five minutes of talking with him. Once under hypnosis his hatred of women was beyond the boundaries of a rational person and bordered on sociopath. He has a real problem with overweight women and has made it his personal goal to drive any female who appears to be heavy out of his company. At the present time, he has three lawsuits against him and is using all his legal avenues to stall the litigation.

I have published articles on the use of hypnotherapy for pain relief and that is my field. Lately I have been doing studies on the breaking of will through hypnosis. As this is not yet a medical field that is recognized by the AMA, I have not published any of my findings. I have to admit my feelings of disgust with this patient convinced me to experiment with his psyche.

It was quite easy once Mr. Hall was under for his pain therapy, to send him deeper until his will of independence was dissolved by the utterance of a key word. The selection of the key word was easy I chose the word 'MS.' as I noticed every time I called my assistant by that title he would rankle. My thoughts on this were that once he was out in the world, he would be humble to anyone who used that title with their surname.

I released Mr. Hall pain free and yet he failed even to thank me. As he was leaving, I called to him and gave him the key word as a test. He turned and asked what he could do for me. I told him my feet were tired and I needed a foot massage. He came to me and once on his knees asked me if I would allow him to massage my feet. I told him I was too busy to stop and he would need to get under my desk so I could work as he tended to his chore. He crawled under my desk and I rolled my chair up to him and put my nylon cover foot in his face. He actually gave a comfortable massage.

About two weeks after I had released Mr. Hall I happen to ride the elevator down with my neighbor's daughter Jocelyn. She is a pleasant girl of about thirty years of age her biggest flaw being she is around one hundred pounds overweight. She was bemoaning her weight to me, saying she would never meet a man until after she lost her bulk. The problem being her lonesomeness was the major cause of her overeating. I liked this girl and I decided to help her. I told her I could not only help her with her diet but I knew a man that would love to be with her as she lost her weight. I said this man would be hers as long as she wished and after she had slimed down she could leave him for a better person. I told her to be at my office the next day and then I went to work and ordered Mr. Hall to be in as well.

I put Hall under as soon as he got to my office; I put him to work doing menial tasks for my assistant. When Jocelyn arrived, I put her under to suggest a weight loss plan and then while still under I explained how to handle Mr. Hall. I then brought her around and instructed Mr. Hall to come into my office. I introduced her as Ms. and then asked him if he thought she was cute. They left my office arm in arm and he was beaming.

The next day Jocelyn wrote about her evening in her diary:

It was fantastic everything I suggested he wanted to do. He invited me to dinner and I said no I was on a diet. He begged me not to do it that for he loved me as I am. He took me home to get dressed and I said it would be faster if he helped. He was so cute as he shyly helped me undress and as he filled my bath, he made love to me with his tongue. He was like a man possessed and I shut off the tub then took him to my bedroom and just pushed him on the bed. I climbed on top of him and sat on his chest with his head between my thighs, he begged me to let him kiss my beautiful cunt. I loved this, so I teased by lifting up just out of his reach and then I slowly lowered myself down on his face. He could not get enough of me and I let him feast on me, as it felt quite wonderful.

I lost count of orgasms, and finally I told him I wanted him inside me. With his face all wrinkled from the pressure of my meaty thighs and covered in my juices, I slid down his body to his erection standing tall and firm. I told him he was not allowed to cum until I let him. His penis was nice sized but his body looked so small and frail under my mass it made me feel quite powerful and I rode him urgently squeezing him with my vaginal muscles until I had yet another orgasm. Exhausted I lay on top of him my big breasts in his face. He lay there quiet, not moving and yet I could still feel his erection deep inside me. I had forgotten to allow him to cum, a silly thing and I giggled an apology. I rolled off and then as I grasped his thing with two fingers, I told him to do it now. It was fascinating to feel his spunk surging through his shaft. I laughed again as I watched him spurt all over his chest and belly.

I had never seen a man cum before or even seen the issue up close. I ran my fingers through the puddle in his navel and found it both silky and sticky at the same time. I traced lines through it and then up and down his body. Feeling wicked I wiped a finger full around his lips and when he kissed my finger I began to feed him his own spunk a finger full at a time. Before I was finished I had even coated his chest hair in his slime.

We made love again and then I let him bathe me and he did very well. After he dried me and had me in my robe I allowed him to shower just so he could clean all the dried cum from his face and body. I enjoyed the complete control I had over this man and the more I pushed him the more he wished to cooperate. He not only made dinner he cleaned up the kitchen after and when he asked to spend the night, I allowed it. When we went to bed, he had an erection but I was too tired and I told him we would only spoon the night away. It felt so thrilling with him up against me his hard-on nestled in the crack of my bum and before long tired or not I found myself aroused so I let him enter me from behind but I told him not to cum because he was too messy. We made love like that until I came and then we stopped with him still inside me and hard. That is how we spent the night.

I thoroughly enjoyed using Peter as one would use a sex toy and I know I will see him again but as far as a life mate, I need someone who is more of a man. I just hope I don't get too spoiled by him while I'm dieting.

On a later day, I retrieved this journal to verify how well my treatment of Mr. Hall went and as you can imagine I am very satisfied and am now looking for another test subject.

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