tagFetishThis Time She's Gone Too Far

This Time She's Gone Too Far


For everyone who's about to read this story, please know that it's actually part 5 of a larger saga I started on another account which I've become locked out of. If you want context on what you're about to read please see the following links for parts 1 - 4. If however, you don't care much for context then please dive right in and enjoy!

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For the second time in less than 3 hours I found myself beating my fists against the door to Salima's apartment, but I wasn't just mad this time. I was seething with a pulsating and violent rage that that had me screaming her name at the top of my lungs, and tearing white skin off bare knuckles as they slammed against oak wood. This time she'd gone too far. Enough was enough. She'd gone too fucking far this time and now my life was ruined.

She hadn't just gotten me sacked from my job and hence ruined my career; that would be enough to keep most psychopaths amused but not Salima. No; she had much more in store for me. She'd enlisted the help of Maryse, her sexy, hard bodied slut of a Brazilian fitness model friend, to tie me up and tease my cock to bursting point with their soft sweaty feet while they ruptured my testicles. And while I'm on that point, I understand the audience I'm talking to right now and fully realise that some of you think that would be a good thing to have happen; so if you're one of those idiots please trust me when I tell you that you're wrong, OK? They secretly filmed everything on my phone and posted the video to my Facebook for every last one of my friends and family to see. Please tell me if that sounds even remotely appealing to any of you. To have everyone you know see 1080p HD video footage of you begging to be humiliated and actually ejaculating when you are? Yeah, that's what I thought; and now you see exactly where I'm coming from. This wasn't good. Not even a little bit. This was very, very bad.

I was humiliated. Destroyed. Broken. I was fucked.

Ever since that video was posted to my wall I'd had more missed calls and texts from friends and family than I could count and I just didn't know what to do.

Not only was my professional life over, but I was the laughing stock of my entire social circle and what's more, she simply didn't give a shit. I knew it, and she knew it. I knew that she knew that I knew she was actually happy she'd done this to me. That she laughed about it. Joked about it, and found the whole thing amusing without a shadow of a doubt. You see to Salima, ruining my life was just a big comedic spectacle to keep her entertained between shopping for expensive heels, sliding her legs into sheer Wolford stockings, and climbing the corporate ladder. Some women like watching soap operas and some are into yoga; this was just her thing.

And thanks to that bitch, they all knew. They all knew what I was into. Every single last person I was even remotely familiar with had seen that video and were now acutely aware of the deep levels of sexual kink that burn through my subconscious. They all saw me sweating. They all saw me whimpering. They all saw me begging like a lust-crazed bitch with soft, gorgeous sweaty Indian and Brazilian feet smothering every inch of my face. And finally, they all saw me cum like a fountain and spray semen all over myself without any stimulation, just from being told to fucking do it. Can you think of anything more humiliating?

Thanks to that cunt everyone I cared about knew far more about me than anyone would ever want someone else to know. I didn't need to take any of the non stop calls or the endless barrage of texts I was getting to know that they'd all either lost every ounce of respect they once had for me or thought I needed professional help.

Even my mom had seen that video. My fucking mom. Can you believe that? This wasn't a joke. It just wasn't a fucking joke anymore.

Salima. That fucking bitch. That selfish, gorgeous, psychopathic, evil, manipulative bitch saw destroying my life as nothing more than casual sport. She got off on the idea of using her sexuality to humiliate me and in her eyes the more damage she could do the better. She just didn't respect me. It was like I was something she'd scraped off the bottom of her shoe. Like she thought I should consider myself eternally grateful to have her grace me with her time and presence no matter what she might choose to do to me. It was as if she genuinely believed that I should be not only OK with everything she did but actually happy because it was she who'd done it to me. Can you fucking believe that? Can you comprehend for even a moment the kind of mental space a person needs to be living in for thoughts like that to occur? For it not to be an act but an honest expression of who they really are? The ego of this woman was nothing short of incredible. It was off the charts. She honestly saw herself as a modern day goddess. It wasn't a fucking act; it was how she genuinely viewed herself.

Well, as I beat my ripped and bloody fists against solid oak and fantasised deeply about the seven different ways I knew to choke her into unconsciousness, I told myself that enough was enough. That it didn't matter how fucking beautiful she was or how seductive her voice sounded when she purred in my ear. I didn't give a fuck how fit and shapely her body was, how soft, perfectly formed and beautifully scented her feet were, or how sublimely talented she was at using them to make me blast DNA in all directions like no woman ever. She'd gone way too far and was now going to reap the rewards of all she'd sowed. I'd never hit a woman before that moment. It wasn't something I'd ever even considered considering but her actions demanded an appropriate response and a stern talking to simply wasn't going to cut it.

I was going to do it. I was going to beat the living shit out of a woman.

And I was going to like it.

When the door finally opened it was Maryse who stood in front of me, smiling with her curly golden blonde hair, tanned skin, beautiful face and toned fitness model physique like she didn't have a care in the world. Without a word, I placed both hands on top of her huge and firm breasts, shoved her out of the way with full force and stormed straight into the living room screaming Salima's name like a man possessed. When I arrived, I found a scene of dimmed lighting, scented candles and ambient middle eastern music that oozed sex from every last note. I then saw Salima, completely naked from head to toe, smothered in baby oil, sat on a chair facing away from me and straddling a powerfully built and ripped 20 something black stud who looked to be an athlete. Her feminine hips were slowly and sensually grinding up and down and back and forth on the entire length of his massive cock as her jet black hair swayed smoothly across her arched back with every deliberate cum inducing thrust. It was at this moment that I remembered what she said about having an MMA fighter and a marine coming round to fuck her and Maryse after I left; and it was at that moment when I started to wonder what the fuck I'd gotten myself into.

'Ahh, you're here...' She panted, without even looking in my direction.

'You fucking bitch! You fucking bitch! YOU FUCKING BITCH!'

'Come...over...here...and...lick my ass...while this nigga splits...me..in..2.'


'If...you...lick...my...ass...maybe I'll step on your neck...you'd like that...wouldn't you?'


With that, she slowly leaned all the way backwards until she was upside down and now looking right at me with her full, thick and swaying breasts on display for my vengeful but very aware eyes. Never for one second did she stop fucking that black guy. She continued her slow and rhythmical dance along the length of his massive penis as her left hand squeezed her right breast and her whole body snaked and coiled around him with a sexual energy that was nothing less than predatory. She looked me in the eye for at least 5 seconds with the most dismissive smile I've ever seen before finally responding.

'I'd rather...focus...my energies on...a real...man.'

Before the impact of those words could even register, she went back to slowly impaling her tight Indian pussy with his long, thick, veiny shaft; purring like a tigress with every deliberate thrust. She reached one hand behind her and draped it along the curved contours of her glistening back until it fell under her bulbous butt cheeks and clamped his balls tightly. It was clear for all to see that he loved the pain this caused. He loved it just as much as I'm ashamed to say I would have done in his position. The feeling of her oiled fingers skilfully curling around his swollen nuts caused a frenzy of red hot agony and unbearable lust to burst from his crotch and infuse with every cell in his black athlete body. He grunted like a wild bull in a storm of sexual torment and she purred even more at his delirious pain as glistening juices began to pour out of her damp cunt and flood the carpet.

She was already completely oblivious to my presence. She just sat on that chair and fucked that black bull like I didn't even exist.

Like I didn't matter.

Like I was of no more consequence than a fucking ant.

I hated her.

I swear to God I fucking hated the bitch.

I hated what she did to me. What she always did to me. The way she disrespected me so openly. I hated her more than I'd ever hated anyone I'd ever met and I hated the fact that despite how much I did fucking hate her, a massive part of me wanted her more than I've ever wanted anything in my life. I hated the fact that as I saw her seductive body slowly ride his mammoth black cock with one hand on his neck and the other snaking circles around his swollen balls, I wished it was me. I hated the fact that I wanted more than anything for it to be my cock that was deep inside her. That I wanted to feel her use that pussy to squeeze my shaft with a vice-like grip and slowly coax the semen out of my bulging nuts. I hated seeing his thick, muscular arms wrap around her feminine back and claim her for his own. And I hated the fact that as his hands squeezed her firm ass and pulled the cheeks apart to give me a tease of the delicious hole my dick would never enter, that same dick stiffened in my pants with an agenda that flew right in the face of its owner's intentions.

I wanted her to die. And I mean that. That's not a euphemism or an exaggeration. I fucking wanted the bitch dead.

I was angry. Fucking angry. Livid and bursting with white-hot rage and without even realising it I found myself screaming like a primal beast as I hurled myself across the room with violent intent. That said, before I could get halfway across, I felt a sledgehammer of a fist slam into the side of my jaw and drop me straight to the carpet. Seconds later I had a huge and built blonde meathead wrestling me to the floor and throwing repeated punches and elbows against a face that still stank of foot and ass juice. I fought back with everything I had but he was just too strong and before I knew it he had me completely immobilised.

I struggled to free my right hand and managed to punch him right in the eye. He responded with a devastating head-butt to the bridge of my nose that put me into shock and sent blood trickling out.

I was rocked half senseless and barely knew where, who, or what I was. My hearing sounded like I was 25 feet underwater and everything in my field of vision had a semi translucent Siamese twin. That said, I fought through curdled groans to beat the shit out of the man who was on top of me, driven by an urge for vengeance that went far deeper than words or logic. I fished my keys out of my pocket and was seconds away from driving them into his temple when I felt feminine yet muscular hands grab my own from behind and pin then to the ground above my head. I looked up to see the beautiful face of Maryse sadistically smiling at me from behind golden curled blonde hair, tanned skin, and devilish green eyes. This bitch didn't just have the body of an elite athlete but the physicality of one too because she was incredibly strong. No matter what I did I couldn't pull her off, and the more I struggled against both her and the blonde meathead the more exhausted I became; and the more exhausted I became, the more I weakened, and the more I weakened, the more she openly laughed in my face.

'Get off me! Get the fuck off me!'

'Why are we going to do that when there is so much super awesome fun to have with you!?'

'Let me go, Maryse! LET ME FUCKING GO!'

'Your face smells like feet and butt! Your face smells like feet and butt! You loser! You still stink like us! Did you jerk to our smell after you went home?! Was it good? Is this why you are back for more?!'

I spat in Maryse's face, both hoping and expecting to piss her off but instead saw her eyes light up with mad pleasure. She repeated the favour, spitting back more times than I could count until my cheeks and nose were thick and moist with dripping wet saliva; and that was when the blonde white fuck stomped my stomach and ribs causing a burst of pain so strong it made every muscle in my body go stiff. My torso was wracked with agony, I couldn't breathe, and my arms felt as powerful as wet pasta. All I could do was lay on my back and moan through what felt like a broken nose as Maryse openly giggled at my spit drenched face.

'That's enough...get off him.' Said Salima with more than just a hint of delight in her voice. At her command, the blonde stud who'd just stomped the shit out of me, got up and stood to one side leaving me face to face with the evil queen bitch herself. She was still sat astride the black bull, still taking every inch of his massive cock deep into her pussy and still uttering sensual purrs like a feline weapon of mass sexual destruction; but had now spun around on said cock and was sat facing me. Her toned and shapely caramel brown legs were wide open as she drilled herself on his shaft and her breasts buoyed with each thrust in a manner that would put any man into a deep trance. But not me. Not today. Not anymore. I was completely over her and her manipulative bullshit. I didn't give a fuck how sexy she was, I'd never give her the satisfaction of thinking she'd turned me on ever again.

'Well, well well...look at what...we have...here.' She said, smiling down upon me with a glare in her eyes that made her look like the most dangerous woman on earth. 'I presume you...came here for revenge...after...what I did on your Facebook...and I understand...why...you...want that. But sadly it's not going...to happen.'


'Because this is your place...and I like to let...you know it. Because as much as you wish you were like these two...animals, the truth is that you...are...you. I don't fuck guys like...you, I fuck guys like them. For guys like...these I get down on my knees...I take their hard cocks in my...mouth. I suck...and...lick...them...with my wet tongue as they grab me by the hair and ram...my...mouth deeper and deeper until their balls slap hard against my...chin. I love the fact that they're so...fucking...rugged...and...alpha that the pain of their nuts being flattened against my skull isn't enough to deter them from fucking my face into oblivion and treating me like the filthy little slut I am.'

She stopped fucking the black bull's cock and just sat and stared right at me while completely motionless and armed with a cunt full of stiff dick. She never lost that disdainful smile though. Not for one second.

'My pussy runs like a river when they throw me down on all floors and eat my ass out from behind like it's a matter of life and death. It drips more than your nose is right now if I'm going to be really honest. To feel their eager tongues worshiping my butthole and their strong hands squeezing my breasts till they're sore makes my lungs shudder and blood drain from my brain until I'm so light headed I think I might lose consciousness. It's like a drug to me. It's like crack. It's moments like these when I truly understand what it means to be a woman, when I truly feel at my most beautiful and feminine. To be enveloped by intense masculine energy and to submit to that energy fully in mind, body and soul. Do you even know what I mean by that? Do you truly understand the message I'm conveying to you? What am I saying? Of course you don't. Hell, you don't even know what it truly means to be a man so how could you possibly understand how it feels to be in perfect alignment with everything you were put on this earth to be? Suffice it to say that when I've got a savage beast of man who's built like the god of war fucking me like a wild gorilla with my sweaty toes in his mouth and his hands on a near fatal mission to choke all the oxygen out of my neck, my pussy runs like Niagara Falls.'


'Yes, fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Fuck me until my pussy squirts all over your erupting cock. Imagine that. You actually being able to do just that. To fuck me. Me. Salima. The object of your wildest fantasies. Imagine being able to fuck me like you've always wanted, like these men get to do on a regular basis. Actually that's not really true; what you've always wanted is to be beneath my feet, but while you have done that, we both know that it's having access to my pussy that will make you feel like the man you wish you were. To drill in and out and in and out of my dripping hole with your balls slapping hard against it. Imagine actually hearing the juices squirt out with each thrust and squelch against your crotch. Imagine tasting my salty toes in your mouth while you fucked me. You do remember them right? My sweaty, sexy little Indian toes? The ones you spent months jerking your dick to in the toilets at work because you couldn't handle me dipping and dangling my heels in front of you all day? Well Imagine them in your mouth right now, all moist, wet and delicious while you pound my hole and choke me until veins bulge from my forehead and my eyes go bloodshot.'


'No. No I'm afraid I won't be doing that. And in any event, you're the one who came here uninvited. I told you to leave. I told you that these guys were coming and I gave you a fair chance to get out of dodge but you chose to come back so I can only assume that deep down you actually want this. But still, it doesn't have to be all misery. Think of the good things in life. What is it that football managers say after their teams lose matches? Oh yes, think of the positives. Just imagine the scene I created. Imagine choking me the way you know you wish you could, while you fuck me the way you know you never will. Let that image be your one shining beacon in an otherwise dark and murky ocean of sexual malcontent.'


'And as I just said, you say you want me to let you go but at the end of the day, you came here of your own volition so I really don't have any sympathy for you. Rather than head home and furiously jerk your cock to the foot and butt scent that I can smell glued to your face from here, you chose to re-enter the venomous snake pit so don't act shocked when you get bitten.'

And with that, she gave a nod and a wink to the white meathead who proceeded to stomp on my ribs, stomach and face more times than I care to remember, leaving me a broken mess on her carpeted floor. But you know what made matters even worse? They all laughed. Every last one of them. They didn't give even the tiniest fuck about what they were doing to me, they just thought the whole thing was fucking funny. That beautiful blonde haired Latina of a fitness model called Maryse giggled right into my eyes as she kept my wrists pinned and the black and white duo of alpha males actually exchanged high fives. Salima, who was still sat naked and firmly skewered on the hugely muscled black bull's giant cock, ran oiled fingers along oiled breasts and down to an oiled pussy that was dripping juices onto wet carpet near Indian toes that curled and uncurled like the claws of a apex predator.

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