tagLoving WivesThose Magic Sunglasses

Those Magic Sunglasses

byAvalanche Man©

Gorgeous long, blonde hair streaming in the wind, the rumbling vibration from the motorcycle between her legs keeping her pussy at high arousal, and rock hard nipples barely inside the leather vest. The cut off jean shorts were unsnapped and displayed the lack of panties to any and all who could luck into a glance from above her sitting there.

Laughing, she pulled herself close to his back and gently caressed the crotch of his jeans as he smoothly maintained control of the huge bike. After they had been stopped by the highway patrol, she kept the vest's two buttons done as the trooper had threatened a ticket if she continued to let her breasts run free and visible to all as they cruised the interstate.

Her hazel eyes glittered behind the mirrored sunglasses that had frames which seem to flash with a constant moving array of colors. She could vaguely remember the overweight, middle aged brunette that had bend over the dusty, old display case in the curio and antique shop and exclaimed.

"LOOK, Honey, at these weird, old sunglasses!!"

To her blushing embarrassment, the old man running the store had come over and gotten the sunglasses out of the case, and then handed them to her. A bit peeved at her husband, as he had ignored her request and continued to putter around on the other side of the store, she took the glasses and asked.

"Uh, How much are they??"

The long winded explanation that these were not ordinary sunglasses, but had rejuvenating and special qualities almost made her laugh at the old man, but she managed to restrain herself. After asking him again, and suddenly finding her husband at her elbow, the old man had timidly answered.

"Well... just for you. I think five dollars would be about right."

Once she had put the glasses on and looked around to see how things would look through the mirrored lenses; she knew she had to have them no matter what the price. Taking her husband's arm and pressing it into her chest, she had told him to hurry and pay the old man before he changed his mind. Then she would have dragged him back to their motel, if he hadn't been so willing anyway.

The rest of their vacation through the Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountains was everything and more than they had hoped for to revive and restore their crumbling marriage. When he had had a chance to catch his breath, her husband kept saying over and over that it was the best five dollars he had ever spent. Cruising home in their mini van, she slyly told him that she had forgotten?? to wear a bra or panties. Smiling back at her, he was amazed that he hadn't run off the road at her announcement. Then, she dared him to dare her to flash the truckers that passed them. Spellbound, he starred at her and asked.

"WHAT have you done with my wife??"

Roaring with laughter, she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled the sides back to expose her breasts to him and the world. However, as daylight faded and she took off the sunglasses, the pressures of jobs and home seemed to drain and change the spirit that had been there before. She had rebuttoned her blouse and as they discussed various things about their life back home the conversation had been quiet and subdued.

Although dog tired when they pulled into their driveway, he had insisted on pictures of her helping to unload the van. As she was getting bags out of the back, she put the sunglasses back on and turning to him and asked.

"Like this??" Then as she unbuttoned and pulled open her blouse, asked. "OR, LIKE THIS??"

STUNNED that she would expose herself in this way that the neighbors or strangers passing by might see her, he could hardly manage to take pictures of her standing there. However, once everything was unpacked, she had worn him out in the bedroom despite the long drive home.

Over the next several months, he had been amazed at the changes and constantly complimented her on her weight loss, new vigor, and especially her new playfulness in their relationship. Slowly it had filtered into the back of his mind that she seemed more wild and daring whenever they were out and she was wearing the sunglasses.

Falling back into the same old ruts as before had occurred with the daily pressures of job demands, and the same old arguments about the smallest things had come back with vengeance it seemed. Every bill, everything that didn't go as planned, and all the old resentments were a source of irritation to each other.

SCREAMING, she had yelled.

"We can't afford it. AND you are crazy to even think about it!!"

"YES, we can!! AND we got it savings, but I only have to take over the payments." He shouted back at her.

"YOU are nuts, and I don't want to talk about it anymore." She replied.

Glaring at her as she starred daggers back at him, it seemed that they were about to come to physical blows to each other. Trying to explain to her that a guy at work was about to lose an almost brand new Harley highway cruiser, and he could have it just to take over the payments now looked to be a HUGE mistake. Suddenly a blinding beam of light went on in the back of his head, and smiling, he said.

"WAIT, I'll be right back, Honey!!"

Digging through her top dresser drawer, he found the sunglasses and trying not to run went back to her where she was still standing in the kitchen. Holding the glasses behind his back, he meekly said.

"Well, maybe you're right. But will you do one favor for me??"

As she proudly sat on the bike at the rally, with other bikers all around, and her bare breasts thrust out for one and all to enjoy, it was all he could do to take pictures and NOT scream... "THE BEST FIVE DOLLARS I EVER SPENT!!"

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