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Three At Last


George and Emmy had made this drive to Atlanta before and it was always fun. Just getting away from all the stress at work and at home was so relaxing. They had known each other for a while and been lovers for almost as long as they'd known each other. There was easy conversation between them and even easier silences as they drove down I-85.

There were lots of questions too. Was this going to be a night of fulfilled fantasy or a night of disappointment? They had both anticipated this for so long and wanted it so much but was it too much to hope it would be all they dreamed about? Emmy wanted to be with a woman so much and she knew that George wanted to be there. Her fantasy and his were all tied up together and each wanted it for the other more than for themselves.

They had been emailing and talking to Chessie for a long time now and each email and each phone call just made the wanting increase. They both knew that Chessie was experienced with women and maybe that made it better. It also made Emmy a bit apprehensive since this was to be her first time. They had read Chessie's erotic stories and enjoyed wonderful sex as a result. Could she be for real?

Emmy felt the warm wetness grow between her legs as she thought about the possibilities of tonight. She smiled at George and he knew exactly what was happening. He took her hand and placed it between his legs for her to feel the growing hardness there. They both smiled a knowing smile and the drive continued.

Chessie's drive was not so long since she lived in Georgia but it was not any less filled with anticipation over tonight. She had done threesomes before and she had made love to woman since she was a teenager so why should she be so excited and hesitant about this encounter. That's all it was, an encounter…. but she wasn't convinced.

Emmy seemed really excited about being with a woman but Chessie had been there before. The woman would say it was her ultimate fantasy and she loved having her pussy eaten and her nipples sucked and, yes, even the kissing…but when it came time to turn the tables many of them found a way out of it. They had fulfilled their desire but found that they weren't really that interested in being with another woman. Maybe Emmy would be this way too. It didn't seem so from what she knew – but…

That was okay though – she loved making love to a woman and she loved watching a man make love to one as well. She got so hot watching a woman suck a man's cock and she knew that no matter what else happened she would have an incredible orgasm just watching that. Just let things progress as they would and no one would be disappointed.

George and Emmy pulled into the parking lot of the Westin Peachtree Inn and George went and checked them in. They had only a half hour before Chessie was supposed to meet them in the restaurant. They went to their room and began to freshen up. Both of them had butterflies in their stomachs but they were good butterflies. It was hard for Emmy not to stay wet and with George it just wanted to stay hard. They were almost ready to go meet her.

Chessie drove her little sports car into the parking lot and took a deep breath. Why on earth was she so nervous – this was a piece of cake. But somewhere inside her she knew this would be different. She really liked these two people and she wanted it to go so well for both of them. She wanted this new experience to be one they wouldn't forget and would want to carry out again even if it were with someone else.

She got out of the car and went into the restaurant at the Inn. She had brought an overnight bag but decided to leave in the car just in case things didn't work out. She checked the bar and the tables but didn't see either one of them so she took a seat at the bar and ordered a soda. No liquor for her tonight – she wanted all of her senses in good working order.

Just then she heard her name called and her stomach did a flip-flop. There they were and the night had begun. She walked over and gave them both a big hug, which was returned in full measure. Emmy was beautiful and very sensual just as Chessie thought she would be. She'd met George before so knew what to expect – and she still found him very attractive.

Dinner was light conversation with nervous laughter. The food was delicious and the wait staff very attentive. Somehow none of them had their mind on dinner. After they finished eating the tension grew even more. Finally George suggested they go up the room and get comfortable. They all laughed.

The room was a very nice typical hotel room with two large beds that seemed to dominate the entire room. Chessie took a chair and lit a cigarette. She couldn't believe she was still this nervous. Emmy offered her a glass of wine and she decided that might not be such a bad idea. Emmy poured and George offered a toast to two lovely ladies. This time the laughter was genuine and seemed to ease the tension some.

Chessie decided to ask Emmy why she wanted this so much. How do you explain things like that? Emmy was obviously a woman who was comfortable with her own sexuality and open to trying new things. As she talked George sat on the bed next to her. He began to rub her back and without even thinking about it Emmy's body moved to his rhythm. Chessie watched the comfortable exchange between them and it helped her relax some.

George's hand moved down Emmy's arm and then up to her shoulder. Slowly he moved down to her breasts and cupped them in his hand. Emmy sat up a little straighter. Chessie found this movement so sensual. It pulled at something in her that made her want to be part of their lovemaking. Emmy began to unbutton her blouse and George slipped it over her shoulders and let it fall to the bed. She had beautiful breasts, hidden only slightly beneath her sheer bra. Her nipples were already hard and her breathing a little more shallow. Chessie's desire grew. Slowly George traced the outline of her nipples with his finger as his tongue licked her neck and down her shoulders…stopping occasionally to nibble at her soft skin.

Chessie had on a dress that buttoned down the front with no panties and now she wanted to touch herself so badly. She began to unbutton her dress from the bottom up and let it fall to the side, revealing her secret place. Emmy watched her so intently, watched Chessie's eyes to see what was revealed there. She saw them grow heavy with desire and it only heightened her need. George had removed her bra and Emmy's breasts rose and fell with her breathing. George wanted to suck on those lovely nipples but he also wanted Chessie to see how lovely Emmy was. It was working for all of them.

Emmy's hand reached over to unzip George's pants and allow his growing erection to be released. Chessie's eyes moved from Emmy to George – a veritable feast for the senses. Slowly Emmy began to massage George's engorged member while he sucked on her nipples. His hand moved up Emmy's thigh, sliding her skirt up and revealing that she too wore no panties. Chessie could stand it no longer. She moved her hand over her not hot and very wet pussy, rubbing her clit, inserting her fingers into her own wetness.

George laid Emmy back on the bed and slowly removed her skirt. He spread her legs ever so slightly and Emmy's body shivered… so did Chessie's. His hands moved over Emmy's body in soft easy circles. He turned his head and watched Chessie massaging her pussy and he was in heaven. He nodded his head only slightly to Chessie indicating that he would like for her to join them on the bed. Chessie's knees were so weak from desire that she wasn't sure she could move. George sensed her hesitation and went over to her. He took her by the hand and lifted her out of the chair, taking her over to the bed. He placed her hand on one of Emmy's breasts and that was all it took. The invitation was accepted.

George continued to stroke Emmy's legs and pussy and Chessie took one of Emmy's nipples in her mouth. She sucked so gently and then flicked her tongue over the hard nipples. With her hands she fondled Emmy's other breast, ever so slightly pinching the nipple and feeling it grow even harder.

Emmy reached up and put her hand behind Chessie's head, pulling her to herself. Chessie could not resist the urge to kiss those soft lips and the two women kissed as only women do – with a tenderness born out of knowing a like spirit. George moved down to kiss Emmy as well, but he was kissing other lips – lips that were swollen with desire. His tongue moved along that tender clit as Chessie's tongue softly traced the outline of Emmy's mouth.

George knew Emmy so well and he felt the explosion so close. He wanted Chessie to be the one to bring it about. He moved up to the two women and kissed each of them gently then said to Chessie, "You do this for her please." Chessie looked into Emmy's eyes and knew it was okay. She slid her body down, touching both Emmy's and George's as she moved closer to that sweet juice. Her body was on fire and her pussy was so wet and hot. She wanted to taste this beautiful woman, to bring her pleasures beyond measure.

Her fingers gently spread Emmy's outer lips so that she could have full access to her clit and all of her juices. Emmy was so wet and Chessie licked up all of the juice she could. Now she went to that bud that waited for her mouth, her tongue. She flicked her tongue across it ever so lightly and felt Emmy tremble. Then slowly she guided her tongue up and down each side of her clit, massaging it with each stroke. Emmy was trying so hard to hold back. She sensations were incredible and she didn't want them to end.

She knew now that she was right – a woman's touch was different. It wasn't better than a man's only different. It was knowing the amount of pressure to use because you were a woman, knowing what would bring you up to the highest peak but then bring you back down just enough to keep you from cumming. Chessie flattened out her tongue and slid it from Emmy's pussy up over her clit and then down again several times. Chessie glanced up to see George watching every movement as he played with Emmy's nipples. His erection was as hard as blue steel. She could feel Emmy so close to cumming and she couldn't prolong it anymore. She sucked that needy clit into her mouth and flicked her tongue over it even as she sucked. It was the end…Emmy exploded into an incredible orgasm, her body shaking all over, and her hips moving back and forth. Chessie continued to suck until Emmy could take no more – then Chessie proceeded to lick all of those luscious juices from her. She decreased the pressure but softly kissed the throbbing clit. Then she put her hand over Emmy's pussy and used just enough pressure, rocking her hand back and forth to bring about those aftershocks that are so nice. She did this until Emmy began to relax and her breathing slowed.

No one said a word. It wasn't necessary. The reality had been as good as the fantasy…but it wasn't over. Emmy pulled herself up then moved to take George's hard cock into her mouth. She took all of it in as her fingers massaged his balls. Chessie watched in wonder at this marvelous sight. Emmy let his cock slide out of her mouth as her tongue worked its way up the shaft of that blue steel. When she got to the head she made little circles around it with her tongue, all the while pumping it gently with her hand. George groaned as the wonder of having his cock sucked and being watched by another woman overwhelmed him.

Chessie began to play with her own wetness. Watching this was such a pleasure for her. George reached over and slid two fingers into Chessie's pussy as she twirled her fingers around and around her clit. Such pleasure for all of them. Watching Emmy deep-throat George was almost enough to bring her to orgasm but she held back. She saw Emmy watching her and it made the hunger grow for her pussy to be eaten by this woman.

As if she sensed Chessie's thoughts, Emmy reached over and laid her on her back. She would not let this fantasy be incomplete, she wanted all of it. She ran her fingertips up Chessie's legs, over her belly and to her breasts. She loved the feel of a woman. Her skin was different from a man's, the feeling of her so new. With Chessie on her back, Emmy straddled her and dove into what she had been wanting for so long. Oh the bliss…this was all she hoped it would be. She had tasted her own juices so many times but this was heaven. She loved the feel of the soft skin that surrounded Chessie's clit. She loved the little shock waves she felt go through Chessie's body each time her tongue passed over her clit and then lingered, barely moving back and forth.

Emmy felt George move behind her and insert his hardness into her. Could this be any better? Tasting a woman and being fucked by her man. Each time George thrust into her it made her head move deeper into Chessie's pussy. Finally she started to suck on that clit, to lick it as she had felt Chessie do, to do to Chessie all those things she loved as a woman. Chessie reached up and massaged Emmy's clit as George's cock dove in and out of her pussy. Chessie thought she could not stand another minute. This was more than she had hoped for. She couldn't believe this woman had never done this before. It was as if she were meant not only to be fucked by a man and to suck his cock, but also to lick and suck a woman until she came.

And cum she did… Chessie came repeatedly as Emmy sucked and licked her as she watched George's cock move in and out of that wet pussy. She pulled a pillow under her head to she could reach Emmy's pussy with her mouth. She used her tongue on Chessie and on George's cock but all the while she was shuddering from the orgasms that had started. Emmy did not stop; she continued to suck Chessie's juices from her and then to play with her clit. She tongue fucked her until Chessie thought she could cum no more.

All at once it happened, the three of them reached a peak at the same time. George pumped his hardness in and out of Emmy faster and deeper while the women ate each other's pussies. All three of them came together in a rapturous orgasm.

The heat in the room was almost stifling as they lay on the bed totally spent. Chessie rose up on one arm and looked at the two of them in each other's arms. "Thanks for making this a fantasy world for me. You are both wonderful." George and Emmy smiled at each other knowing this wouldn't be the last time…not tonight or for a long time to come.

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