Three Days with the Major


"This is Graham," he said. "He has been with me for some time."

Graham smiled. "It's nice to meet and talk to you in person at last. Frank has spoken a lot to me about you, and I was quite struck when I saw you yesterday. I saw immediately what Frank saw in you: a very lovely lady."

Jane suddenly felt herself blushing at the praise.

"Well, let's all have a drink," Frank said.

Jane went to the mini bar and made everyone a drink. She was getting an interesting feeling as she mixed Frank his G and T. Graham was a very attractive guy, and to think he would be fucking her in a short while made her have goose bumps all over her body. They sat and chatted for a while. Then Frank suggested that they move through into the bedroom. "Would you like to go through, Jane, and get ready first?"

Jane looked at him. "It's your party, Frank. What do you want me to do?"

He smiled. "I would like to see Graham undress you."

Jane nodded. "That is okay by me," she said with a slight smile.

The three of them moved through into the bedroom. Frank settled himself down in a comfortable arm chair as Graham took Jane's hand and walked her over to the side of the bed.

"I am going to enjoy this," he said with a slight smile playing about his lips. "I hope it is the same for you."

Jane smiled at him. "I'm sure it will be."

He slowly began to unbutton her dress. With it fully open, he eased it off her shoulders and pulled it down her arms. He carefully folded the dress and placed it over a chair. He looked at her in her brief underwear: white lace high legged briefs and matching bra. She was wearing white lacy topped hold ups, and strappy sandals.

He ran his hands slowly over her breasts, gently squeezing the firm flesh. He felt the nipples harden under the lace cups. He reached around her and released the clasp. The bra slipped, but did not fall. She held out her arms so that he could remove it. His eyes widened when he saw just how firm her breasts were with no signs of sagging, the erect nipples standing out sharply. He ran the palm of his hand over them and Jane sighed a deep sigh.

"You like, that don't you?" She nodded slowly.

He stood in front of her and removed his shirt and pants. Jane could see the semi hard erection already beginning to tent the colorful boxers he was wearing. He followed her eyes and smiled. "He's almost ready for you, my lovely."

He slipped off his shoes and socks and laid them aside. "Now for the best bit," he said as he eased himself down on his knees in front of her. He gripped the waistband of her panties and slid them down over her hips. He smiled when he saw the neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair. Then he was pulling them down her long legs, his eyes feasting on the delightful sight of her pouting pussy lips. The outer labia were parted slightly, and the wet pink interior was inches from his face. He kissed her pussy tenderly and slid his tongue up the parted cleft. Jane gripped his head tightly and uttered a deep sustained moan. He looked up at her. "You taste as delightful as you look," he said, running his tongue over his lips.

He rose to his feet, planting a kiss on each of her nipples. Then he motioned for her to get onto the bed. She eased herself up and lay back. The covers were cool to her already heated body, and she shivered slightly. Graham took hold of her feet and eased them apart. He looked at the delightful sight of her pussy, already wet and waiting. He turned and looked at Frank, who nodded. He eased off his boxers and kicked them aside. Jane's eyes fell on his semi erect cock: a thin long roll, the purple head just beginning to part his foreskin.

Then naked, he got up onto the bed and positioned himself between her open legs. He slipped two fingers inside her, working them slowly. She was ready, hot and wet. He eased himself forward until his now erect member was brushing her pussy lightly. He pressed the head of his cock against her lips and slowly eased forward, opening her up. Jane groaned and gripped his shoulders as she felt the wonderful sensation as he slid into her. His cock was now thick and hard, and it filled her. She felt a sensation of tightness as the walls of her passage gripped him. She contracted her vaginal muscles, and smiled as his eyes rolled.

As he began to pump slowly and steadily into her, she glanced over to where Frank was sitting on the edge of his seat closely watching the action, his hands thrust deep in his groin. She smiled. It did feel a little strange to make love with someone watching, but she soon shrugged the feeling off, laid back, and enjoyed the sensation of his cock sliding slowly in and out of her body. Graham was a considerate lover, and a good showman. He brought her to her peak several times. She gripped him and moaned, "Now, now," but each time he eased off to prolong the feeling. When at last he did allow her the pleasure she was pleading for, she cried out, her breath coming in short gasps. She felt the warm feeling as his juices filled her, seeping out with his actions and running down between her thighs to soak into the bedclothes. Graham rolled off her, his body drenched in perspiration. He lay by her side, allowing his body to return to normal.

To Frank's obvious delight and to Jane's amazement, he managed to take her twice more, first in the doggie position, one she loved because it gave her lover unrestricted access to her breasts, and finally when she had managed to suck him to another erection, she sat astride him and enjoyed the feeling of him penetrating her as she slowly sank down on to his body. In the end, neither of them could move as she fell face forward and kissed him tenderly, thanking him.

He smiled a weak smile. He was utterly exhausted. "It's been a pleasure. You are one beautiful young woman."

She smiled and kissed him again. They had almost forgotten about Frank, and when they looked over, Jane smiled. He was fast asleep, a look of contentment on his face.

They used the shower together, tenderly washing each other. Graham smiled. "I'd like to see you again sometime if you would like that."

Jane smiled and nodded. "So would I," she said. "I'll give you my mobile number before you leave."

Showered and dressed, they returned to the lounge to find Frank sitting with a drink. He smiled up at them as they entered. "That was wonderful, but I only wish it had been me. Oh, for times gone by."

Before Jane left, he thanked her for the pleasure of her company and hoped she would still be at the hotel when he returned in four months time.

Jane smiled. "I'm not sure, but you will always be able to get in touch with me through Charlie. He handed her a brown envelope. It felt thick. She took it, leaned forward, and kissed him. He smiled.

"I will be thinking about you."

In the lift, she checked the contents of the envelope: another £500. She had made a grand for three afternoons work if you could call it work.

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