tagMind ControlThree Virgins Ch. 02

Three Virgins Ch. 02


"Wake up sleepy, we've got work to do today," said The Slut.

Kerry had a magnificent night of sleep. She still hadn't had her first orgasm, but the sexual release she experienced the day before was enough to satisfy her. She had slept in her pajamas, but awoke to find that they would need washing. She had drooled on her thin blue shirt and had wet her loose plaid pajama pants with the effects of her arousal from whatever dreams had entered her resting head.

The alarm clock blared its annoying sounds repeatedly until Dana smacked it. Kerry liked Dana, she was a great roommate (mostly because she was so quiet). Dana had almost the exact same build as Kerry; about 5'8" with killer legs that belonged on a soccer player. The differences between them lay in their chests and heads. While Kerry had the popular 36C breasts, Dana had less noticeable 32B's. Kerry's hair was a strange concoction of not-quite-red and not-quite-brown while Dana was a pure blonde. Facially, Kerry was the super model and Dana was the, well, not super model.

The alarm stopped its obnoxious interruption of the girls' slumber, but it was time to get up. Kerry hopped out of her bed, ready to walk out of the dorms to face a new day full of whatever she decided. Dana wasn't so ready for the day. Kerry walked to her closet, making rhythmic steps as if she were dancing. She opened it up and pulled out a freshly cleaned bra, and slid it on after removing her blue shirt. This is when she noticed the dampness between her legs. She turned her head to see if Dana was looking, then quietly dashed to the bathroom with a fresh pair of underwear.

Dana lay still with her arm over her eyes, blocking the bright sunlight that penetrated through the window and onto her face. She was having a battle as to whether or not she should get up.

Kerry was getting herself dressed when she heard Dana. "Just five more minutes and I'll be fine. Yeah, that'll be good. No... no I should really just get up now. I have a lot of classes today and I don't want to be too sleepy. But..."

Kerry would have been surprised, but freezing time can take the surprise factor right out of you. It was just another bonus to her newfound powers. She had read plenty of science fiction stories in high school. The Christian always protested, but she had to for one of her English classes. With this knowledge, she knew she could figure some things out. And now was the time to test it.

"Dana, when I walk back into the room, pretend I am not there." Kerry wasn't totally sure this would work, but that's why she tried something simple. Newly dressed, having brushed her hair, Kerry ventured back into the bedroom. Dana had finally resolved to get up. She was standing, rubbing her right eye. "Kerr, are you in there?" she said, directing her voice to the bathroom. It worked.

Dana received no answer, so she walked out to the kitchen. It was a pretty nice dorm room, two rooms, each with its own bathroom, and a tight but comfortable living space with an adjoining kitchen separated only by a counter. The bedroom opposite theirs was empty. They weren't sure how long that would be the case.

At the moment, Dana was preparing to have just a simple breakfast of Pop Tarts and coffee. Kerry had other plans. "Dana, why don't you make me a nice breakfast? Pancakes and eggs sounds good." And that's just what Dana did. She approached the stove, her ass jiggling beneath her panties a she did. Her oversized sweatshirt that belonged to her boyfriend hid her petite breasts. She was very insecure about them, but Kerry had always wanted her to feel nice. So she was compelled to try something else on a more emotional level. "Dana... you know your breasts are perfect. Size doesn't matter. Just feel good about the way your body is." And with that, the sweatshirt came off.

Unlike Kerry, Dana slept with a bra on. But right now, Kerry didn't matter. She had just done a good deed for her roommate and she was feeling very good about herself. It was already such a happy morning that she could sing-

"Sing! Oh, shoot I'll be late for Choir!" Kerry rushed back into her room and pulled on some jeans. She struggled to get them on in a rush, so she slowed down a bit and calmed her nerves. Unfortunately, that triggered a new thought process.

"Why don't you stay a bit longer? You should get to know Dana better. Find out where she's from, maybe a bit about her family life, and definitely what her biggest turn ons are." cooed The Slut.

Kerry did want to get to know Dana better. But now wasn't the time. She could ask about her hometown and her family later. It would have to wait to find out what Dana's favorite position was.

Kerry walked about of the dorm wondering exactly what was Dana's favorite position? She had personally never experience any, but what about Dana? Is she the in control type who loves cowgirl? Or maybe she's the subordinate who loves to take it from behind...

Awake for five minutes, and already Kerry had begun to wet her panties.

******* It was a large choir. There were over 200 students that were a part of it. The Sopranos were on the far left, the Altos (where Kerry was) next to them. To the right of the altos were the Tenors, and on the far right the Basses. Kerry knew the song well, and there wasn't much for the Altos to sing anyhow. Her mind was very occupied with Dana. She wondered how experience she was with sex. For that matter, what about Juniper? She was a major jock; did she really have any interest in sex? What about-

"Stop, stop! Sopranos, you're too quiet, I can hear the Tenors breathe. Think about the song, it's not supposed to be subtle. Tone it up but don't lose the emotion."

This was the millionth time that the conductor had to interrupt because the sopranos were too quiet. The men in the choir all groaned and laughed. One of the tenors, Pat Kraler, was cracking jokes about the sopranos.

"How many sopranos does it take to screw in a light bulb? They can't, they hold the bulb in and expect the world to turn around them."

An uproar ensued.

"What happens when the sopranos don't get the melody? A mass suicide!"

The conductor hushed them and the song restarted. Kerry noticed how nice of a smile Pat had, especially with such perfect white teeth. She only knew him from choir, and wasn't sure if he played any sports. All she knew was that he looked good in a tight shirt. And tight shirts were all that he owned.

"Don't you wonder what his cock is like?" The Slut had been dormant, enjoying the independent dirty thoughts of Kerry. Now it was time to take some action. "I think you should go find out, sweetie."

She was so tempted to. But how would she approach it? Just ask? Flirt? Date him first? "Just use your head, sweetie." Of course. That made much more sense. It was time to try something new. Again.

Just like yesterday, Kerry paused time itself. It was just before the last note, when everyone was supposed to sing the highest note they could, especially the sopranos. Kerry maneuvered her way through the risers and down onto the floor of the choir room. Lucky for her, Pat was on the ground level. The Slut obviously acted out of arousal, but Kerry was driven mostly by curiosity. It was that little sexual tension that gave her the push.

She arrived in front of Pat, whose mouth was open wide. She was very nervous, and felt shy even though she knew he couldn't see her. "Don't be afraid, just pretend he's a Ken doll." That was good enough for Kerry. She got on her knees and began to unbuckle his pants. They came undone easily. She slid down the denim enclosure, leaving only his loose boxers between Kerry and the object of her desire. But there was a problem that she noticed. He was supposed to get an erection for things to go how she wanted, but how could that happen if time had stopped?

"Fuck! Damn it, Kerry, how could you fuck this up for me?!" Needless to say, The Slut was not pleased. Fortunately, Kerry thought it through. Focusing as hard as she could, she did her best to unfreeze Pat, but nobody else. Suddenly, the end of the note before the last faded from Pat's throat, but then came to a sudden halt when he felt his hair legs become a bit colder. He looked down to see the beautiful Kerry Donahue on her knees in front of him.

"Whoa, what's goin' on here?" he took no notice of the frozen people around him.

"I'm just experimenting, I hope you don't mind?" Kerry said this very politely, with no seductive tone.

"Um... that's kind of... what the fuck?" Now he noticed. Everyone was frozen.

"Wait, wait, please don't freak out!" Kerry tried desperately to calm him. But he pulled up his jeans and walked away from Kerry to survey the room. His breathing got heavier, and he started to freak.

"What the fuck happened? They're all... I mean...!"

"Kerry, you're not doing this right, you have to seduce him!" But Kerry ignored The Slut while she tried to regain Pat's attention. It was the last straw for The Slut. She decided to take over.

Kerry walked over to Pat, sauntering as she flaunted her gorgeous milky legs. Pat was still afraid, but his wild eyes landed on the vixen approaching him. "Listen handsome, you've got two choices here. Number one, hyperventilate and freak out. Number two, whip out your cock for me." This lowered his level of bewilderment a tad and caused him to slightly raise his left eyebrow.

"Looks like you need more convincing." Kerry pulled her shirt over her head, teasing Pat with her cream-colored bra that didn't show much cleavage. That was all Pat needed. Without a word, his pants were back off. Kerry gave a mischievous smile and sunk back down to her knees. His member had already grown beneath his boxers. Excited, she slid the cotton prison down his legs, releasing the first erect penis Kerry Donahue ever saw. It stood at half mast. Subconsciously, Kerry's hand lifted itself up and began to stroke Pat's penis.

At full attention, it stood seven and a half inches. This verified Kerry's horniness. Underneath her jeans and her panties, her clit appeared. It rubbed against her cotton panties as she vibrated from the increased paced of her first hand job. Pat gave little moans of approval. It only fueled Kerry's desire. It wasn't long before the cock was in her mouth. Of course, she had no idea how to give a blow job. Luckily, The Slut did. Her tongue lightly teased the very tip of his penis, causing him to shake a little bit. Next, she circled the circumference of the head, making his moans a bit longer.

Pat wasn't sure how experience she was, but he was definitely enjoying this. He'd had better blowjobs before, but with practice he felt she could be a queen. He placed one hand on her head as he looked down at her, taking a fistful of her hair in his fist.

Kerry couldn't stand it any longer, her own teasing was too much for her. She lowered her jaw and let his dick slide in. It slid across her tongue and she gave a quick and sharp moan, not expecting it to taste as it did. Pat got louder, and she got faster.

Her right hand unbuttoned her jeans and found its way to her clit. Now a tad more familiar with these grounds, her hand got to work. Her masturbation caused her to slow down a bit, so Pat pushed her head farther onto his cock. Not expecting this, Kerry gagged a bit, but it didn't go too far, so she was fine. Her eyes had opened wide, and she looked up at Pat. Their eyes met, and Pat felt his semen stirring inside his balls. "Here it comes..." he groaned.

Pat attempted to pull out, but Kerry didn't know why. She denied the motion, and kept his erection on her tongue. She felt it pulse in her mouth, and suddenly something came gushing out. It was so unexpected, sliding down her throat, that she started coughing. Pat slid out of her mouth, and his seed shot onto her lip, her right cheek, her nose, her collar bone, and almost landed in her ear, but hit the floor instead. The rest dripped out onto her forearm, which still held his penis.

Her coughing fit was brief, since not much made it into her mouth. She wasn't happy, but when she got a taste of what was on her lip, The Slut sparked up. "Oh, sweetie, well done. You got the special prize. You'll want as much of it as you can get. The more you get the happier you'll feel, I promise." With that, Kerry began to gather the cum into her hand and started swallowing it, cherishing its taste and wanting more. When it was all gone, she lifted Pat's limp member and licked the rest off the tip.

"Not bad, Donahue. Thanks." He was still regaining his breath. He then looked down at her in surprise when she started stroking him again. "What are you doing"

"I want more," she said, nonchalantly.

"That's all I got, sorry. You can see me tomorrow though, I'll have a fresh batch."

She looked disappointed, but kept stroking. Pat pulled his pants back up, making her let go. She made a cute pouty face, but he denied her again. Angrily, Kerry refroze him. She looked to the other men, their mouths still wide open in the middle of a note. She could have very well sucked each and every one of the 94 remaining cocks in the room, but there was that little moral piece left of her that said no, she'd had enough. It wasn't The Christian, just her own sensibility.

However, she did still have a bit of fun left to have. She may not want to work on the men, but the sopranos did need a little help hitting the high note about to come. Kerry moved Pat into the practice room so that he wouldn't cause a disruption when she resumed time. With that, she walked to the far side of the room where the sopranos presided.

"You mischievous devil, you. What a wonderful idea. I didn't know you had it in you. It's more fun with two to choose from anyhow."

Feeling confident from her accomplishment, she had no trouble pulling down the pants and skirts of the 53 sopranos. Some of the girls wore panties, some didn't. Some were hairy, some shaved, some trimmed. A few had tattoos. She wasn't sure how many were virgins, but a few of them were definitely not. But there was one problem, she had to bring them into the time pause to arouse them.

"You've been experimenting all day, why stop now?"

The Slut was right. Kerry focused as hard as she could on the thought. The thought of resuming bodily functions while remaining frozen. And so it was.

Kerry felt invincible. She placed her hand on the first girl's bald pussy, and felt it warm up and dampen. After a few moments of light caressing, she slid her middle finger between the girl's pussy lips and rubbed furiously. In about a minute, she felt a convulsion, and froze the girl in the middle of it. She pulled her pants back up.

Kerry repeated this process 52 times, knowing what to do solely from the stories she'd heard from her cheerleader friends about their sexual escapades (some with girls) it was evident that she was a natural, probably thanks to The Slut.

She got ridiculously horny herself making all these girls cum. She knew she'd have to finish herself off to once this was over. Her first orgasm. She could hardly wait.

It came to the last girl, a beautiful dame by the name of Haley. Kerry knew her from church, and The Slut took pleasure in performing such an act on the oh-so-innocent daughter of the pastor. So much so that she compelled the ever horny Kerry to kiss her neck while she rubbed her untouched pussy. Kerry licked her neck, kissed it, even gave it tiny little bites. It took some more time to make Haley cum, which seemed strange to Kerry. She resorted to her breasts. Kerry assumed a position from behind, lifting her thick conservative turtleneck. Instead of unhooking it, she simply slid her hand under the right cup of her bra and starting massaging and pinching. Her left hand worked on her vagina, and her lips met the skin of her neck. Kerry moaned from the eroticism of it. At last, she felt the convulsion.

Now done with her task, she ran the the restroom and washed her hands. It took a while to get the smell of 53 girls off of her. She returned to her position of the risers and resumed time.

The perfect pitch was hit by every one of the sopranos, and as soon as it was over, they all fell over each other, writhing in pleasure. Haley was the first one to scream when the song ended. Nobody knew what to think of it. Kerry smiled to herself, not noticing that her own juices were about ready to soak through her jeans. The rehearsal was over, and Kerry was going to find a way to get some release, when all of a sudden...

"Kerry, this is you right? Can you hear me? I know this is weird, but I'm speaking to you through our minds. Kerry?" said an ambiguous voice. Kerry knew it, but couldn't put her finger on it.

"Um... yes. Who is this?" she replied, as if having a normal phone conversation.

"It's Yanni from Chemistry. I need you to meet me in the Science Building. We need to talk."

To Be Continued...

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