tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTie Your Husband Down

Tie Your Husband Down


We arrange to meet at a local club. At 8:00 you and your husband arrive, and you find me sitting at a half-round booth. You slide in the booth next to me, with your husband right behind. You sit sandwiched between two men. We order cocktails.

You are wearing a short black dress and a black bra. Black thigh highs and a pair of black pumps with ankle straps and 4" heels complete the outfit. Your make-up is simple, with the exception of bright red lipstick. You look and feel absolutely radiant.

We make small talk and sip our cocktails. I make certain your husband notices as my hand slips off the table and down to your thigh. As my hand rests lightly on your thigh, you begin to tingle. You part your legs slightly. I slide my hand under the hem of your dress and just let it sit there. You begin to feel slightly warm.

The small talk continues and we order another round of drinks. You shift slightly in your seat, allowing the hem of your dress to rise up a few inches. Your lips are now exposed. I brush them lightly with my fingertips. A chill runs down your spine as you gaze into your husband's eyes.

I tell your husband that I have something in mind for you, and that there will be great rewards for him. He is intrigued. We pay for our drinks, and get up to leave.

Your husband drives home alone. You ride with me, ostensibly to give me directions, but we have plans to make.

When we arrive at your house, we find that your husband has fixed another round of drinks. While he is confident that the evening will be a good one, he is a bit anxious at not knowing exactly what is going to happen. We drink and chat a bit more. After a few moments, you tell your husband to bring a kitchen chair into the bedroom, and you will meet him there.

You follow him to the bedroom. You undress him seductively. He is already getting hard. You kneel down and take his cock into your mouth, sucking it gently. As he gets close to cumming, you stop and stand back up. "There will be more for you later," you say. "For now, sit in the chair, don't move, and don't say a word." To emphasize your words, you tie his arms, legs, and chest securely to the chair. You go to the laundry basket, take out a pair of your worn panties, and stuff them in his mouth.

You leave the room, much to his agony. You come back to the living room. "He's all set", you say. "But I'd like to leave him there for a few minutes to build up his anxiety and excitement."

We finalize the plans for the rest of the evening. We finish our drinks and head for the bedroom.

We walk into the bedroom. Your husband's eyes are wide open, and his cock is throbbing and hard. I stand you two feet in front of him, facing him. Standing behind you, I unzip your dress and slide the straps off your shoulders, allowing the dress to fall to the floor. I reach around you and gently begin rubbing your breasts through your bra. Your head tilts back, lying on my shoulder. I slowly and gently begin to kiss your neck. Soon you feel my warm tongue softly licking your neck.

I open the clasp of your bra. I slide the straps off, allowing the bra to fall to the floor and fully exposing your breasts to your husband. His eyes look like they are about to pop out of his head. As excited as I'm already making you, watching him watch us makes all of this even more thrilling.

I reach back around you. I take each of your nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I pinch them firmly but not painfully, and roll your nipples back and forth through my fingers. You let out a small gasp.

I whisper into your ear. "I think it's time for bed. Undress me." We turn to make sure that your husband can see us both. You unbutton my shirt and run your hands over my chest, paying particular attention to my sensitive nipples. You push my shirt off my shoulders, and it falls to the floor.

You open my belt and unbutton my pants. As you slide my pants down over my hips, you can't help but notice my cock bulging behind my red thong. You pull my pants down to the floor and I step out of them. You kneel down and tease my cock with your tongue through the fabric of my thong. Then you release my cock from the ever-tightening thong and take the tip gently into your mouth. You suck on it for just a second, then take your mouth away and remove my thong, fully exposing me.

You stand up. I tell you to lie down on the bed face down. I kneel on the bed, beside your legs. I put my tongue on your ankle and start licking up the back of your left leg. The feel of my warm, wet tongue through the nylon of your thigh highs is driving you wild.

When I reach the top of the stocking, you shiver as my tongue meets your skin. I run my tongue across your thigh, right at the top of the thigh high. Unconsciously, you part your thighs slightly. My tongue dips down between your thighs.

I get up and grab a pillow from the top of the bed. I grasp you by your hips, lifting you up, and place the pillow under your tummy. I reach down and part your legs further, fully exposing you to your husband's unmoving stare. He makes a noise through the panties stuffed in his mouth.

I lie down to the side of you so your husband can watch. I resume licking the back of your thigh, this time on your right leg. I move inward, and lightly graze your lips with my tongue. You let out a moan.

I move upwards, gliding my tongue ever so slowly through the crack of your fantastic ass. You shiver and moan again.

I get up and sit on top of you, straddling your ass. I tuck my hard cock between your thighs. It feels hot and good to both of us. Gently, I start massaging your back. I do this to relax your excitement. This allows me to rebuild your arousal, even hotter.

After your backrub is over, I bend down and lick your neck. You can feel my cock pressing into you. I whisper into your ear that it's time to turn over. As you do, I remove the pillow that was under you.

I straddle you again, this time laying my long, thick cock on your tummy. I resume massaging you - your chest, your tummy, your arms - making sure I avoid your breasts. Your eyes meet mine. "Please, touch my breasts", they seem to be saying. I place the palms of my hands ever so lightly on your hardened nipples. My hands begin to make small, slow circles on your nipples. You let out a long, low moan.

I move my body upwards so that I am almost sitting on your breasts. I take my cock in my hand and hold it inches from your face. Your mouth opens in anticipation. Still holding my cock, I press my balls down into your mouth. You suck on them gently at first, then squeeze down hard. The pressure gives the perfect combination of pain and pleasure. I make a low, animal sound.

I get up and lie down next to you, to your right. I flick my tongue teasingly over your right nipple. My right hand reaches up for your left breast, and I firmly pinch the nipple. My mouth is deeply sucking your right nipple, occasionally giving it a tiny nibble.

You take my right hand with your left, pushing it downward. We both know what you want, but I like to tease. Moving my hand slowly downward, I pause to make circles with my finger on your tummy. The excitement is building fast. Finally my hand reaches the desired destination.

I press the palm of my right hand firmly on your mound. You gasp, and part your legs wide. Then I find your swollen clit with two fingers and start rubbing it lightly. As you get more and more excited, I increase the pressure of my fingertips. We both begin to feel a tremendous orgasm building inside of you. Just as you are about to cum, I stop. The pressure inside you is excruciating. You need to cum, and you need it bad. But I'm a tease.

I reach down and part your legs even further. I gently stick a single finger inside of you - but only the tip. You are incredibly wet inside. I press my finger in all the way, then add a second. Slowly, I move my fingers in and out of you. All you want to do is cum.

Keeping my fingers inside you, I move my body downwards so that my face is at your mound. Your lips are so swollen with excitement that my tongue easily finds your clit. I flick my tongue lightly across your clit, back and forth. In an instant, you burst into an incredibly intense orgasm. Your entire body convulses with pleasure. I keep licking.

Your orgasm begins to subside. You've had too much; you want me to stop licking. You reach down to push my head away. But I will not budge, and continue to lick your throbbing clit. It's too much for you. Your body is in complete sensory overload. Still, I keep licking.

Within seconds, you explode into another amazing orgasm. Your entire body is trembling. I slowly remove my tongue, and gently slide my fingers out. I lie down beside you and give you several minutes to relax.

After a few moments, you have recovered. I climb on top of you. Taking my cock in my hand, I guide myself into you. As I slowly insert the tip of my cock, you begin to wonder if you can take all of me. I slowly ease the full length of my shaft into you. You gasp at the sheer size of my cock as I enter you fully. Slowly and gently, I begin to slide myself in and out of you.

You feel good. You are amazed at your ability to take in my entire cock. I begin to speed up my thrusts. Then, as I am moving out, I stop. I make a series of small thrusts, just teasing your opening with the tip of my cock.

I reach down and place my hands behind your knees. I lift your legs and lean them towards your chest. Now I can penetrate you even more deeply. Quickly, I thrust my shaft deep into you. You can feel the tip of my long cock against your cervix. It hurts, but it feels good, too. I slowly pull out of you, and quickly push myself deeply into you once again. I begin to quicken the pace. I feel you squeeze my cock inside of you. Your body once again begins to tremble in anticipation of another enormous orgasm. You almost lose conciousness as you feel your body explode.

Gently, I pull out of you. I whisper the next instruction in your ear. You sit up, and I lie down with my head on the pillow. You climb on top of me, facing away from me and towards your husband. Slowly, you guide my cock inside of you. You take me in fully and glance at your husband. His entire body is trembling, and his cock is tremendously swollen.

You ride my cock until we are both ready to explode. We both let out a scream as we explode into a massive orgasm together. You feel my hot cum filling you up. You collapse onto me, completely exhausted.

After a few moments, my cock begins to soften. You gently get off of me, and lie down next to me. For a few brief minutes, we bask in the glow of our experience.

I get up and get dressed. I turn to your husband. "You are an incredibly lucky man. You have a wonderful wife. You're about to really enjoy yourself."

That said, I lean over, give you a warm, wet kiss, and leave.

You get up and begin to untie your husband. Now the fun really begins.

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