Tied Up with Tinsel


'Well, honey, I found the tinsel,' she said. 'Sorry I took so long, I needed to freshen up.'

If she was going to say anything else I didn't give her the chance -- I was in her arms in an instant. Our lips met in a rush of passion, I felt arms tight around my back. Her mouth was fresh and minty and I realised she'd rinsed out and either cleaned her teeth or eaten some mints suggesting she'd been worried I might be put off by the taste my come on her mouth. She was wrong, but the fact she'd been so considerate caused my affection for her to soar. I kissed her more fiercely, holding her tight. Then she broke her kiss.

'The lights,' she hissed.

'Screw the lights' I said trying to resume our kiss.

She wrenched her head to one side thwarting my kiss as well as dislodging her tinsel crown, 'Not the Christmas lights, idiot - the library lights.'

'Shit,' I responded realising that from where we stood we could be seen from the street outside - I'd only turned off the front lights earlier. I four long strides I was at the main light switch that flicked immediately, plunging the whole library into semi darkness. The library was now only illuminated by street lights on the road, and the soft glow from the Christmas tree lights in the children's area. I returned there to find Kadisha standing before the tree, her body a kaleidoscope of colours from the multi coloured lights and the reflection of the tinsel. I took her in my arms and we kissed, my hands exploring the soft swells of her breasts, the curves of her back and buttocks.

'Take off your clothes,' she said, her voice barely raised above a whisper.

I needed no further prompting. I kicked off my shoes, and hurriedly undressed, while Kadisha with graceful movement of a cat, lay down at the foot of the Christmas tree as though she was colourful present waiting for me to open.

Naked I stood over her, my cock fully erect once more. I was about to join her on the floor, to lie on top and slide into her welcoming soft wetness, when she held up a finger that stayed me.

'Tie my wrists,' Kadisha commanded, one knee raised, her thighs slightly parted.

I slid a length of tinsel from around her neck and used it as a makeshift rope. She placed her wrists together above her head and I tied them together firmly but not too tightly.

She remained in that position allowing me to explore her body with my hands. My fingers caressed her cheeks and she turned her head to kiss my finger tips, moistening them with her tongue. I moved downwards, over the delicate curves of her neck, then down over her dark skinned breasts, two fleshy Christmas puddings. I rubbed my face over them, causing Kadisha to sigh. Teasingly I kissed each of her nipples, enjoying the sensation as the dark sensitive buds hardened on the attention I gave them. Kadisha arched her back in frustration, and I finally relented and drew one nipple into my mouth, sucking hard at it and being rewarded with low curses from Kadisha.

Then onward -- downward. I placed light kisses on her stomach and navel then over her tinsel belt that tickled my chin, and down to the dark triangle between her thighs. Kadisha's legs parted invitingly, her hips rising slightly, meeting my attention with urgent desire. A moment's pause, then I plunged downward, my mouth open, my lips, meeting her sweet private lips of her vulva. My tongue pressed forward, the taste from her sopping wet juices filled my mouth. I felt her hands still tied, but no longer above her, on the top of my head, exerting gentle pressure as at the same time her hips rose so that she could grind her sex into my face. Kadisha made small whimpering sounds as I licked and pressed and pushed my tongue exploring her with ravenous lust. She cried out as my tongue found her clitoris, but I moved on swiftly as I did not want her to orgasm just yet.

I lifted my head from her crotch and she sighed in disappointment, her eyes questioning. I took her tied wrists in one hand and returned them above her head, at the same time positioning myself between her legs. She gave a fraction of a nod sensing my intention. Still holding wrists in place, lowered my face to hers, her dark eyes held tiny reflections of Christmas tree lights. Her mouth opened, full dark hungry lips. For a moment our noses touched, then as our lips met, I moved my hips forward sinking my hard cock into her wet velvet softness, her eyes widened in pleasure and she groaned as we kissed and I slid in and out of her, withdrawing each time so I could plunge fully back into her. With each thrust Kadisha writhed and moaned, her hips raised to meet me so I entered her as fully as possible. Our motions now in unison, the rhythm of love growing faster as our needs grew more urgent.

Kadisha was gasping now, gulping for air as she approached orgasm. Her eyes were wide, gazing into mine, affectionate, pleading, hungry. Faster we moved, harder thrusts, racing toward blissful release.

She cried out my name and I cried out too as release came, every muscle in my body seemed taut, Kadisha's back arched as if she were electrified as her orgasm peaked. Our bodies relaxed and utterly spent I lay on top of her, trying to regain my breath. I could feel myself inside her soften, but I did not withdraw. I wanted us to lie, fused together, a little longer, the afterglow of lovemaking receding gradually.

I felt her kiss on my cheek and I looked into those playful smiling eyes.

'I think we'd better get the tinsel off me and onto the tree,' she said.

I rolled off her so she could sit up, and I started untying her wrists.

'Uh oh,' Kadisha said, prompting me to look up.

She was staring past me shoulder in the direction of the window that was partly in sight from our position. I whirled round, afraid that someone outside had seen us. There was no one there.

'What?' I demanded.

'Can't you see? Look,' she said, her eyes still on whatever it was outside that had caught her attention.

Then I saw it, tiny white flakes drifting down, even as I watched they seemed to increase in density.

'Looks like we're caught in the snow,' Kadisha said softly.

'I don't mind walking home in the snow, it's romantic,' I said.

Kadisha looked at me, one eyebrow raised. 'It's cold.'

I laughed at her expression. The tinsel around her wrists loosened and fell.

'They say it's going to be a white Christmas this year,' Kadisha went on, rubbing her wrists.

'Pity,' I remarked.

Kadisha cocked her head, 'I thought you said snow was romantic. Don't you like a white Christmas?'

'Well, Kadisha,' I sighed. 'This year I rather think I fancy a black Christmas.'

She gave me a well deserved punch on the arm as she fell about laughing, then, as the snow thickened on the ground outside we finally got around to decorating the damn Christmas tree -- and when finished that Christmas tree looked pretty good if I do say so myself. On reflection it had definitely been worthwhile staying behind after work to do it.

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