tagGroup SexTiffany's of Papakura

Tiffany's of Papakura

byRed Hugh©

I'd heard about Tiffany's massage parlour from one or two other bachelors in my little rural neighbourhood. None of us was particularly shy about our needs. We all worked very hard and didn't have time or in some cases such as mine the inclination to get involved with women on a full time basis.

Tiffany's was upstairs in a small industrial block on the main road of the nearest town, about a 25km drive. For those who know it it is obvious but to any other onlooker it was just an ordinary block building with a number of visitors.

One afternoon when business was quiet during winter I showered and headed off. On entering I went up the staircase and was welcomed by the hostess. She was in her thirties and had a nice body which she was not doing much to hide. I could pay at the desk and so handing over $120 in cash was ushered into a lounge area. It was only 2pm on a midwinter's day. The lounge and indeed the whole establishment evoked the impression that it was evening. Curtains were drawn and the lights on.

I was offered my choice of the women present. I found this a somewhat uncomfortable experience as several young and not so young women made awkward conversation in an attempt to be chosen. I'd intended to hire the youngest woman I could find. I had two very young women to choose from, however for some reason my eye wandered. This was how I met my friend Tania.

Tania it turned out was thirty. I asked much later on. She was well built and had nice toned legs. She was wearing a little business suit, had light brown skin dark shoulder length hair and blue eyes. As I made my choice she rose and taking my hand led me off to one of the bedrooms that lined one side of the building. Upon entering Tania quietly slipped off her clothes. All she wore was the little suit and a matching ivory coloured bra and panty set. Her body was as I'd expected firm yet curved. Her pubic hair was a dark closely trimmed little patch with her lips either bald or shaved. Her bottom was round, very,very firm and inviting. As her bra dropped a lovely pair of soft breasts with dark nipples were exposed. She offered me a shower and climbing in behind me began to wash me. She chatted away easily to me and asked if I minded her washing my private areas.

Who was I to refuse?

She asked me to turn away and spread my legs. Soaping my rear end she washed me carefully from the top of my buttock crease across and around my rear entrance to the back of my balls which she gently cupped.

I'm 42 so my cock is starting to take a bit of time to stiffen up nowadays. As my balls were gently caressed I began to inflate. Rinsing me off she turned me around and taking my shaft in her hand and rolling back my foreskin gently soaped my head paying special attention to my glans. Washing me clean she stroked me and with the water running down my back knelt before me and kissed my tip before opening her mouth and sucking me slowly between her generous lips. After a little of this it was obvious that I would come soon.

Tania sensing this looked up and asked if I'd like a massage for some other aching muscles. I was there for an all round relaxing experience so readily agreed.

Tania had a lovely light touch and knew the areas to concentrate on. I was lying face down and after about 40 minutes of work on me culminating in the generous use of her nails around my backside and inner thighs she asked me to turn over.

I did so and could now see the clock on the wall. I asked if I could extend my time and Tania readily agreed. This meant I had plenty of time to enjoy what was shaping up as a very enjoyable time. This seemed to make an impression on my companion. She was either flattered or in real need of the cash. Starting at my forehead she massaged and kissed her way down my body. It took twenty minutes to reach my toes which she sucked gently. This I found so erotic that I began to masturbate. Looking up she grinned and asked if a blowjob would help. I'd expected her to use a condom but she did just as she had done in the shower and tickling my balls with her nails sucked me until I warned her that I was going to come. She just kept sucking and I let go in her mouth. It had been years since I'd come in a woman's mouth without a condom. My eyes were closed so I'm not sure if she swallowed or not. Still who cares, I was in heaven.

The massage continued and after thirty minutes of sensual stroking her mouth was bringing my cock back to life. Once up, my cock was very hard and showed no sign of deflating. Tania told me that she liked to be able to take her time with 'nice' men. We'd been chatting while she went about her work on me. For some reason, possibly our ages, we got along easily. She was a single mother with a teenaged daughter. I was a single father with two teenaged daughters. She had no sexual partners other than the men she met at 'work'. She confided that sometimes she really enjoyed her job especially when she met a nice man or when she was really horny, a youngster who made her feel like a bit of a cradle snatcher.

Tania asked me if I minded taking her from behind. Frankly I'd have taken her anyway she asked. It was a pleasant experience. She put her head on the pillows and spread her legs to open herself from the rear for me. Her inner lips were open and wet. They were small and thin and because she was aroused I could see inside her. Often the view down and across a woman’s sphincter that this position affords is not all that clean or pleasant. Tania was clean and beautiful. However I was more interested in being inside her than seeing inside her so putting my cock to her opening I pushed forward. The position made Tania very very tight.

I later learned that correspondingly it made men feel big for her and that she enjoyed the exposure that it gave her. In time even on the odd occasion that I fucked her on her back she got into a position of maximum ‘degradation’ legs wide open and up over my shoulders.

By the time I slipped inside her for the first time Tania became oddly quiet for the chatty companion I had become used to. I knew that despite coming earlier I would not last long and warned her not to expect anything great from this coupling. She simply asked me to go as hard and fast as I liked. Doing so I noticed one hand grasping and ungrasping the sheet. Her face was on its side and her mouth open. Her other hand was rapidly rubbing her clit. I came with a fair bit of noise and she asked me quietly to stay inside while she finished herself off with a little gasp.

We uncoupled and lay back together for a while. I made my satisfaction clear and Tania thanked me for making her work so pleasant. Our time was coming to a close and so we made for the shower. Try as she might I couldn't come a third time in two hours, nevertheless her oral ministrations were delightful. I asked her to book me in regularly to see her and headed home. I masturbated that night to an image of her spread cheeks as she eased back onto my cock. I loved the sight of her pussy lips swallowing me and longed to repeat the experience.

I returned the following week and was greeted like an old friend. We spent the entire time with Tania on top of me slowly feeling the sensation of being connected. We met each time I had the necessary cash to get through the door and became good friends. Tania really liked to be fucked roughly from behind and would often grind her exposed rear entrance into the boney, hairy patch just above my cock. We got the hang of each other sexually by about my fourth visit. Over the three or four years that Tania worked at Tiffany's she would point me in the direction of other girls who might satisfy a desire she couldn't. She did this without any apparent resentment.

This led to one of the most unusual experiences of my life. There was a new girl at the parlour and she was very young. Just 18 when she came to work there. Tania suggested that I might like to 'try' this youngster one time as she lay beside me after a particularly energetic session. I asked when she would be at work and Tania made a booking for me on what would be "Angel's" first day of work.

Well Tania was right, this kid was a wet dream on legs. She blushed when you looked at her and seemed a little uneasy on the regulation heels that the establishment favoured. She had long dark hair and a lovely body from what I could see.

Off we went to one of the rooms and I got into the shower. She didn't join me but as I emerged I found her sitting naked on the bed with her legs curled underneath her. She looked very fetching. She really did have a lovely young body. I noticed that her pubic hair was untrimmed. It was a dense but exciting mat between her legs. Her breasts were tipped with little brown nipples pointing skywards. She patted a towel on the bed and asked me to lie down for a massage.

Angel straddled my back and went to work on me. She was an excellent masseuse but after about forty minutes with only twenty left to go I was getting a bit fidgety. I had not been touched in a sexual way the entire time. Without being rude this is what I'd paid for. I rolled over and Angel came and lay down beside me. I began to kiss her stomach and worked my way to a breast. She responded but seemed nervous. Her legs were held tightly together. I asked her if she was scared and she bit her lip and nodded. She told me she wasn't a virgin but just nervous about doing 'it' with a stranger and such an older man. I liked this establishment and intended to keep using it. Thinking about my sexual future I told her not to worry that she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to and I'd not breathe a word.

Her countenance lit up.

"I give really good head." She said.

"Really it's ok, you don't have to do a thing." I responded.

"No you've been nice to me and I'd like to do that for you."

I was neither hard nor soft. Her little hand pushed me onto my back and kneeling beside me she brushed her hair back out of the way and taking me in her right hand lowered her open mouth to my cocktip. She had the softest touch and for five exquisite minutes went up and down my cock. Her youth and nervousness combined with her tongue going all over my most sensitive areas brought forth a warning that I was going to come. Kissing the tip goodbye she stopped and held me for an agonising second or two before stroking me till my fluids ran down her hand and onto me.

This was all very well but I was sure some other clients would not be as understanding as I was. I wanted to be inside her badly and was worried that she would get the sack if I didn't do something. I knew Tania was in the building so I asked to stay with Angel for another hour and sent for Tania. This was going to make a dent in my wallet but I hoped it would be worth it. A somewhat bemused Tania showed up and I explained the situation. Angel burst into tears fearing betrayal. Tania and I calmed her down and told her that everything would be fine that we were friends and nothing said in the room would go any further. The truth was of course that a girl who wouldn't open her legs was no use to an establishment like Tiffany's.

Angel was pretty and young and not a virgin. She had happy sucked my cock so what was the problem?

Tania seemed to know what to do. She said to Angel that for the next hour or so she should just watch and only join in if she really wanted to. With that I was whisked off to the shower again and given the scrubbing of my life. Angel stood in with us and watched as Tania played her usual trick and sucked me to hardness kneeling with her hands on my buttocks as her mouth ran along my cock. Once she was happy that I was good and hard she escorted me back to the bed. Angel knelt by my head as Tania asked me to lie back and let her take care of me. She asked Angel to move closer and cradle my head. It felt lovely to be nestled up to this sweet young thing. I had a great view of her firm breasts when I opened my eyes. I wished I were the other way up with my face in her elusive crotch. Thankfully I had already come so Tania's ministrations were able to continue for some time without me feeling the need to spill my seed.

As Tania began to work her way up my cock with little kisses I saw her look at Angel, smile and wink. As my cock was bathed by her familiar mouth Angel began to gently massage my brow. This felt so relaxing that I forgot about the pressure that was eventually building in my balls. To my surprise Tania didn't suck me till I came. I assumed then that she was going to sit on my cock but was again surprised as she kissed her way up my body to my face. Brushing Angel's hands aside she kissed me all over my face and began to head south again. This time she pulled Angel's hands with her down my body to my cock. For a moment there were four hands ministering to my cock's needs. I couldn't see anything down there because Tania had skilfully managed to block my view by forcing Angel to straddle my head. Her legs were either side of my face. Looking up I could see everything I'd missed out on. It had been worth the wait. Her untrimmed hair was the same colour as that on her head. Unlike many who don't trim she could get away with it. Her girlish slit was clearly visible even through a cover of pubes.

My concentration was broken as a set of lips went back over my cock. I could look up into Angel's pussy or back behind me. As I rolled my eyes upwards I saw Tania. Blowing me a kiss she pushed on Angel's little cheeks and forced her down onto my face. She smelt beautiful, for a full minute or two while she grew accustomed to her position I simply breathed in and out through her pussy hair. I thought nothing of the rustling I heard behind me and began to gently probe the spread teenage pussy with my tongue. I must say that the more I licked and sucked the more erratic the blowjob became. Angel had the tiniest clit I'd ever seen. I'd thought Tania's was tiny being a hard to find little bump but Angel was really small. I suppose I should not have been surprised as nothing but a little cleft was visible until her legs were fully spread. Even then her lips opened to show fine, barely existent, little inner lips. I found her clit by trial and error and only as her excitement grew could I feel a tiny hardness against my tongue.

I had my arms wrapped firmly around her holding her onto my face. I felt hands trying to loosen my grip and looked up to see Tania with a strap-on poised to enter Angel from behind. Trying not to let go of her pussy I moved slightly to allow Tania access. As the tip touched her Angel gave a little cry of surprise. Tania had a firm grip on her and pressed home. Deep inside Angel she began to rock back and forth fucking her with a skill that spoke of some experience. My blowjob was all but history but with two pussies swaying centimetres from my face I was not about to complain. The legs that a mere half an hour ago wouldn't open for me were now spread wide on my face. My tongue was hard at work as much as Tania's now heaving 'cock' was at work.

Angel was gasping and had obviously overcome some of her nervousness.

Angel did not last long and came on my face and Tania's 'cock' with a shudder and a little whimper almost like a giggle.

Tania told Angel to get off and roll over. Angel complied her legs were splayed and she was still breathing heavily as I moved over her with my cock in my hand. She looked at me a little nervously but made no effort to stop me as the tip of my cock made its way into her. Tania's cock had been quite small and narrow. I'm not huge just a normal sized guy but I felt huge inside Angel. I wasn't sure why but suspect nerves were still keeping her very tight. As I began to move inside Angel and slowly building up a rhythm became comfortable fucking this young woman.

Angel became a friend just as Tania was and we spent many happy hours together exchanging fluids. As with Tania I gave her my card in the hope that maybe some day I would get a call.

When the call came it was a complete surprise and brought consequences I’d never considered possible.

Chapter two will follow if feedback is good. I’d also love to hear from any Tiffany’s customers who had sex with Tania. I’m keen to swap experiences

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