tagBDSMTiffany's Pleasure

Tiffany's Pleasure


7 am

When Tiffany woke up, she was surprised to find herself tied to the four corners of her bed. Naked and bound was definitely not how she remembered going to sleep. She was not worried, as she knew that her master had brought her to bed last night. This was his doing, she assumed, but as intrigued as she was, her morning toilet demanded attention!

I sat and watched my little pet from the living room through the open door. Watching her lovely form as she slept. I had tied her with silk scarves instead of rope, as this was not a punishment, far from it. She was bound gently because I was going to reward her for being such a good pet. My plan was to baby her and attend to her pleasure. This was not a switch, not at all, but I did want to give her this little treat that I had had in mind.

As I saw her stir and awaken, I admired her long black hair and petite body: the slope of her feet, those tiny toes. The lines of her plump calves gave way to those luscious thighs and the smooth shaved lips of her sex. Flat taunt belly, which lead to her small but perfectly shaped, round breasts, all of which paled in comparison to that wonderful face, with it's big red lips and round cheek bones. I rose from my chair and walked into the room. "Good morning pet," I said. I walked to her and gently kissed her forehead.

"Good morning, Master," she replied, "Have I done something wrong master"?

"No pet, quite the opposite, I am very pleased with how you accepted your punishment yesterday and how you went down on the pussy of our new friend. It is now my wish pet to reward you. I can't tell you how happy you made me yesterday, when you went down on your first cunt."

"Then may I ask master, why am I bound."

"Because that is how I want you my little slut. I don't want you to move or do anything. I am going to leave you bound, precious one, while I grant you pleasures. This is your day pet, but I will choose the manner in which you receive your much deserved pleasure."

"Thank you master," she said as she smiled up at me. "Umm...master"?

"Yes pet."

"My only wish is to please you sir...but ...umm, master I have to go."

"Go where pet. Where would you have to go?"

"Master I have to go to the bath room," she said turning red and blushing.

"I figured you would pet and I have thought of that," I said. I leaned over and picked up the bedpan that I had left on the floor last night, while I was preparing for Tiffany's pleasure. I put one arm under my pet's back and easily lifted her up as I slide the bedpan under her rear with my other hand. "Here you go pet, use this," I simply said.

"Oh, please master, can't you just untie me and let me go to the bathroom...please master," she pleaded.

"No pet, as I said, you will stay bound for this. There is no need to be embarrassed pet. I want to baby you today and provide all the care for you that I can." I put my hand on her smooth belly and gently rubbed, "Now go pet, there is no force on this earth that will make me let you up now ."

She looked up at me, and she could see how serious I was. She closed her eyes and in a low voice with a red face, said, "Yes master." I looked lovingly at her and smiled to myself thinking, 'after all we have been through she is still just the shy little one I found a year ago. The sound of her stream made me smile too. I quietly got up and went to the bathroom to get something to clean her with.

I returned with a large bowl of hot water and a small wash cloth. She had finished and was lying there quietly with her eyes still closed. I reached under her to pull the pan out and said, "Good girl little one." I dipped the wash cloth into the hot water and got it wet. I washed my pet's smooth cunt clean and I said, "Tiffany, I love you and am so proud of you. I am going to leave you nicely bound and give you this treat. I want to baby you and cuddle you. All I require of you is to lie here and enjoy."

I continued to wash her as she replied, "Oh master, I love you so much. But master there is no need for this. I have devoted my life to serving you. It is I who should be babying you master.

"I know pet and that's just the point. Don't you understand that this pleases me? I want to do this for you."

Tiffany sighed, "Yes master."

I finished the task of cleaning my lovely pet and bend down and gave her a gentle kiss right on her pubic mound. The way her hips rose to meet me, I knew that she was going to enjoy this day. "Pet are you hungry"?

"Oh master, untie me and let me get your breakfast."

I frowned at her and said, "Tiffany, answer my question."

"Yes master, I am hungry."

"Excellent. I will return soon my love," I said. I got up, kissed her on the forehead and walked out of the room.

8 am

I walked back into our bedroom with breakfast. Tiffany was still in the same position. I laughed to myself 'where else would she be'. I set the tray on the bed. I picked up the orange juice and held it to her lips, as I reach under her head and gently lifted it up. She looked very surprised and she drank greedily from the glass. Next, I scooped up a piece of the omelet I had made her. It was full of sausage, cheeses and fresh tomato. I held the fork to her mouth and let her have the first bite.

"MMmm...Master this is wonderful. I had no idea you could cook master."

"I can do many things pet," I laughed, "but I prefer to have them done for me." I continued to feed her one forkful at a time. I was really enjoying this, having her to pamper. I knew she was probably wondering why the sudden change, but after a year together I just wanted to baby her. She looked so little lying on our big bed bound. I was so proud of her progress as a submissive and I looked forward to many years of happiness with her. I was so enjoying this, every time I spilled a drop; I wiped her with a cloth napkin. Every few bites I would give her another drink of the juice. When she was done, I asked, "Pet have you had your fill or would you like me to make some more?"

"Oh master, I've had plenty and thank you, it was wonderful. Master would you please untie me, so that I can take a shower. I am fearful that I might be too smelly for you."

"Pet, is it really possible that you don't know why I never buy you exotic perfumes?" I frowned and added, "Little one it is the smell of you that I prefer. Not the 'you just played tennis for two hours stench' but your natural scent. The way you smell right now, is what entices me." And with that, I lowered my head and kissed her on the mouth. My tongue gently probing inside her lips, hers sought mine and we began the dance of tongues. After what seemed like minutes, I pulled back from her wanting mouth and said, "I'll be back in a bit pet, just let me take care of these dishes." Then I made my withdrawal out of the room and to the kitchen.

9 am

When I returned Tiffany had drifted back to sleep. She looked so beautiful and sweet, lying there wearing nothing but the scarves that still bound her. I loved just looking at her, soaking in her beauty with my eyes. Today however, was not about me. It was about Tiffany's reward. I sat next to her on the bed and she instantly awoke. I smiled down at her and reached my hand under her slim neck, pulling her to me, I caressed her lips with my own. Our tongues found each other's again and they waltzed together in there own world.

When the dance ended, Tiffany smiled and said, "I love you master. You are so good to me. Aren't you going to release me so that I can give you your morning blow job."

"Not today, my pet. I am going to dine on you today." I stood up and removed my shirt, which left only my jeans covering me. I stretched and winked at my naked pet, Egoist that I am. I reached for the massage oil that was on the nightstand and walked to the foot of the bed. I knelt down and poured a little oil in my hands. I gently began to knead Tiffany's left foot. Holding it by the ankle I ran my other hand up and down the sole of her foot, working it gently. I could see goose bumps forming on her calves already. I looked up and saw her close her eyes. I didn't think I had ever given my pet a massage, stern master that I am, but I certainly was enjoying it now.

I worked in between her toes with my fingers and then massaged with my thumb the sole of her foot. After a few minutes I repeated the process on her right foot. With both feet relaxed and tingling, I began to rub Tiffany's calves, one in each hand. She was moaning, almost inaudibly, as she relaxed and enjoyed the rub down. I reached for more oil and then worked on her knees and lower thighs. My hands worked their magic twisting and kneading the delectable thighs of Tiffany. Slowly but firmly, my hands went higher and higher, twisting back and forth, up and down. The tips of my thumbs, reaching just a bit south of her sex, halted their wanderings. I leaned in and planted a wet kiss on her smooth shaven pubic mound.

I put my hands under her round butt and lifted her hips up. I parted her pussy lips with my tongue as I took one long lick from her anus to her clit. Then I did it again and again, quicker each time. The taste of her was wonderfully delicious. Her hips straining forward to get more stimulation from my mouth. I held her butt tight though, allowing only my tongue to touch her ever-moistening cunt. My mind focusing on her sex, I lapped at her like a thirsting cat. "Master...oh.. Master...please, please, please master," she cried.

I was too busy enjoying her taste to even respond. From anus to clit, my tongue moved with long fast strokes up and down. Up and down...up and down, without slowing. Finally, I lifted my head and said one simple word, "Cum." I loosened my hold on her ass and her hips responded by pushing themselves up against my face. I plunged my tongue in as deep as it would go. Tiffany began to contract and squeeze my tongue, as she drove into orgasm. I tried to lap up all her cum into my mouth: the taste of her driving me mad.

Tiffany cried out incoherently, "Oooooohhhh, Mmmmmm, ahhhhhh." I glanced up to see her face turning a deep red and her eyes were practically rolled up in the back of her head. My cock was turning to iron as I listened to my pet enjoy another crashing climax.

I slowed my tongue and mouth down to let her calm just a bit. Her hips were desperately straining against my face. I let her hips down. I lay down with them, my face still between her legs and my legs extended off the bed. Slowing down, I gently licked at her sex, allowing her to calm herself. For a few more moments I gently licked at her pussy before wiping my face on the inside of her thigh. Then I licked her inner thighs and once clean, stopped.

I crawled to meet her face with mine. I gently kissed all of her face: forehead, cheeks, eyelids, nose and finally her lips. My cock, through my jeans, was dragging across Tiffany's smooth pussy. I could tell she was straining to release her hands from the scarves and I knew she wanted to take my dick in her hand. But I was not ready for that just yet. I looked into her eyes and said, "Rest now my little slut, there is more to come."

As I got up she said, "Oh thank you Master for giving me that wonderful cum."

I leaned over smiled and said, "Your very welcome little one."

10 am

I went into the bathroom and washed my hands, brushed my long hair and smiled to myself in the mirror. I was one blessed man, for having Tiffany. I walked back into the bedroom and asked, "Pet is there anything I can get you...anything you need?"

Tiffany smiled up at me, stretched and said, "No master, I am perfectly happy just seeing the look on your face right now and knowing that I have you here with me. I am content master, just to be yours."

"I love you precious one," I told her. "Let me see what I can come up with now for your pleasure."

I looked at her. Her body from the waist down was glistening with the oil I had used on her earlier. The sight of her oiled flesh just made my cock ache. Smiling at her I removed my jeans and briefs. My cock sprang out like a jack-in-the box.

"Oh master," she said, "look at your cock. It's so hard and proud. Master please; take your pleasure with me. I am your slut master, I live only to please you."

"Pet I want to please you now. That is my wish, my pleasure will wait." I sat down on the bed next to her. I reached under the bed and grabbed the new feather duster I had just gotten. I smiled at her as I removed the plastic wrap the duster had come with. "Tiffany, I want to try something different with you now...something we have not tried before. I think you will like this."

"Oh master."

I placed the working end of the feather duster lightly on her hand that was closest to me. I began with little soft circles. Teasing her with it as I slowly went up her arm. I again could see goose bumps forming on her. When I arrived at her shoulder, I pressed just a little harder. I moved the duster down from her shoulder to her left breast. I lightly ran it over her nipple, then I lifted it up and twirled it a little with my hand and brought it back down again.

"Master, that tickles a little," she giggled.

"Close your eyes pet and just feel. Now, shush." She did as told and I smiled as I continued to dust her ever-hardening nipple. I switched to her other breast and made the same twisting motion with my duster. Her nipples like little erasers: her areola's had crinkled up in that way that all men love. I was like the maid cleaning furiously now, picking up my pace. Moving on to her flat belly, then dusting down to her sex, I slowed down. Lightly dusting her pussy, I was pleased at the way her hips moved up to meet the feathers. Tiffany was such a little slut. Slowly and gently was my plan, as I asked, "Pet, leave your eyes closed and tell me how this feels."

"Mmmmm, Master it feels like hundreds of finger tips tickling me."

"That sounds wonderful pet, I'm glad you like it."

"Oh master, thank you. I do. It's wonderful...master...uh. Master...I can feel my clit swelling."

"Yes, I see it pet. It is wonderful; it's such a beautiful cunt. I think I will take another drink." I lowered my head and parted her pussy lips with my tongue. My tongue was seeking her clit, as I dusted her anus. Once again her hips rose to meet me. Holding myself up with one hand, I dusted quickly and firmly on her inner thighs as my tongue sought to bring my little pet another cum. I could feel her trembling and I knew she was getting close. I removed my tongue from her clit and spun my body around so that I was facing her from between her legs. "I want you to cum again pet...Cum for master...I know you’re my little cum-slut and now it's time."

I pushed two fingers into her slit as I dusted her clit. "Yes master...your slut master...oh master...Mmmmmmmaster," she cried out as her orgasm waved over her. I moved my two fingers rapidly, pounding on her cunt, I could feel her inner walls clench my finger. I forgot the feather duster and turned my fingers up so that I could press on her g-spot. Pulling up hard with my fingers, I made light scratching motions with them on that magic spot. Her eyes were closed as she thrashed her head about wildly and moaned loudly and uncontrollably. God, she was wet, my fingers were soaked with her cum and then I actually felt her ejaculate in my hand. It was wonderful; she was cumming so hard. Wave after wave came crashing down on her, I didn't know when it would stop. I didn't want it to either. My wrist was beginning to ache, but I continued on. The sheets under her pussy were soaked and her juices kept running down my hand. I had never made her ejaculate before. The sight of it, though, had me so aroused, I thought I might cum, shooting it into the sheets. She was straining now, lifting her feet off the bed as she strained to close her legs.

"Oh God, master stop...stop master...please master...Oh god...oh...oh," she moaned. I eased up and pulled my fingers from her cunt. I quickly untied her ankles. Once they were free, I crawled up to her chest and wrapped my arms around her. Her legs immediately wrapped around my ass as my cock found her dripping cunt and entered her in one motion. I reached over and unbound her wrists and they instantly wrapped around my back. Intertwined now, I just held her and gave her gentle little kisses on her neck. She bit into my neck, as she just held on for support. I felt her pussy grab tightly on my cock as I felt my own climax approach. Her inner walls convulsed and we climaxed together. Both of us were holding on for dear life. Wave after wave crashing down on us like our own little ocean, as we became one.

"Oh god master... my pussy is on fire...I never knew I could cum like that," she moaned in between breaths of air.

"Shush my little one...shush, rest now," I held her tighter: trying to wrap her in the love I felt for her. I was completely drained.

Tiffany was so tired she went limp, but continued to speak between breaths, "Master...it was...it was like...I came like...master I felt... like I was... shooting cum."

"You did pet, you did," I whispered, "rest now my love...just rest"

She looked up in my eyes and whispered, "I love you master." Then she closed her eyes and feel asleep in my arms.

My cock was still throbbing inside her when I too, drifted off to sleep.

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