tagMind ControlTime for Payback

Time for Payback


I am an 18-year-old nerdy lesbian. While I'm not ugly the lesbian and bookworm thing made high school really tough for me but that is all about to change now that I have the ultimate remote. An old bum gave it to me because I had been nice to him and treated him like a real person. He explained the 4 buttons to me stop means stop time, start means start time, inv means invisibility, and m/c means mind control. At first I did not believe it but then he demonstrated each button and my mind was blown. I had the power to do anything. I think its time for some payback. I have a very sick mind and I have no limit on how far I will go to put a bitch in her place.

First I rushed off to school to tell my best and only friend Freddy but most call him fat boy Freddy. Freddy was amazed he could not wait to have sex with all the girls that put him down. Freddy looked at me and asked, "who's first." I stared back completely not ready for the question there were so many options it was almost impossible to pick, the stuck up prom queen, the bitchy cheerleaders, the I'm to good for you valedictorian, all the mean teachers, Freddy's witch of a stepmom and stepsisters so many options so little time oh wait all the time in the world.

First I decided to see if I could bring Freddy with me into time stop and invisibility and to my delight I could, but when I went invisible with him I could still see him but apparently no one else could. Next I wanted to see if time was really stopped or just moving slowly, so I stopped time and grabbed the closest girl to me. Her name was Jane Henderson she was a senor with long black hair and average sized tits. She was not mean to me so she was just being used as an experiment and not as humiliation. First I took a huge whiff and I smelt a strong smell of some sort of perfume, so that proves that I can smell stuff. Next I pulled down her shorts and he yellow thong which revealed a beautiful trimmed pussy I started to lick her pussy the taste was a little tart but overall a good tasting pussy. After a little while to my delight again her pussy started to get very wet, so time was just moving very I pulled her pants up and started time ready to tell Freddy my findings. When time started Jane gave a little squeal and ran to the bathroom. Freddy looked at me and I smiled and filled him in on my findings.

Just then I got pushed to the ground as I heard a bitchy voice say, "Watch were you're going lesbo." I looked up and saw Angelina Delvecchio standing over me with a scowl on her face. Angelina is from a rich Italian family and is the definition of a spoiled bitch. She had long black hair; today it was in a little poof. She also had full c cup breast and a tight ass. Angelina thought she ran this school because of her wealth, looks, and the fact that her brother was like a god around here like 4 years ago. Well I think it was time to knock this bitch down a peg.

"I'm sorry Angelina that was my bad," I said to her as I got up.

"Eww get away from me I don't want to catch lesbian you faget and take lardass with you." Angelina yelled as she pushed me back down to the ground. This made me really mad so I stopped time and took Freddy with me. Freddy face went from being beat red from being embarrassed and angry to a look of pure amazement. He looked around at the frozen world and then his eyes shot to Angelina.

"What should we do with her," he asked. I went over to that bitch who was frozen mid laugh and pulled down her white pants revealing a light purple thong. I then grabbed the back of her thong and pulled it up as hard and far as it could go. I eventually got it up a little past mid-back. The thong was deep in her ass then I went around to her front to examine her pussy. After the wedgie the thong had gone up her pussy making her pussy lips visible creating a picture perfect cameltoe. I gave a laugh looking at the funny situation. Freddy started to take off his pants I then asked him what he was doing. "I'm going to fuck this bitch silly," he said.

"Freddy you don't want to lose your v card to this bitch."

He gave me a look of disbelieve and then said, "Fine I guess your right but we have to do something more."

"Oh trust me Freddy we will this is just the beginning," I said as I started time. Angelina screamed as she felt a major pain in her ass.

"Hey Angelina nice lips," someone yelled. Angelina screamed again realizing her pants were down she pulled them up and ran to the bathroom. Freddy and I were almost dying from laughter.

Through out the school day I did a few minor pranks but I was really saving up for 6th period. Angelina was in my sixth period class and it was time for the big revenge. I stopped time along with Freddy who was also in that class.

"So what are we going to do," Freddy asked.

I just gave him a devilish grin, "watch." I went up to Angelina and pulled off her purple top revealing a nice purple bra. But when I went to take off the bra I realized something very funny. Angelina's c cup chest was really as flat as a 10-year-old boy.

"What happen to her boobs," asked Freddy. "Here they are," I said as I tossed him the heavily padded purple bra. "What in the hell," Freddy asked.

"Her bra has so much padding its ridiculous she must have them custom made because I have never seen a bra with close to this much padding," I said trying to hold back tears from laughing so hard. Then I pulled down her white pants revealing the same purple thong from before. I then pulled down her thong, which revealed her completely shaved pussy along with a cute little butterfly tattoo on her left hip. I was about to discard her thong when something caught my eye. I took a closer look at the purple panties and I found my second surprise. It looks like thanks to my ultimate wedgie a thick dark brown streak of shit covered the ass part of her thong. I fell to the ground laughing.

"Eww that's really gross I'm glad you did not let me fuck this dirty bitch," said Freddy.

"Your right I was going to eat her out a little but now I think I'm going to pass," I said back to Freddy. Once I had Angelina's nasty ass completely naked I went around the school looking for the last piece of the puzzle. It took a while but I found him hanging outside the school reliving the glory days with the gym teacher. It was Tony Delvecchio Angelina's brother. He had put on a few pounds since his playing days and had a shaved head probably to hide the balding. He wore his old letterman jacket, baggy jeans, and a silver chain. I picked him up, and to my surprise in time stop he was extremely lite, and brought him back to the room then I stripped him butt ass naked. "Well since you Delvecchios like being the center of attention so much," I said. Then I sat him down on the teacher's chair in front of the class and jerked him a couple times to get him hard. Tony was very well endowed his dick was about 9 inches and one of the thickest dick I've seen. Then I slammed his bitchy sister as hard as I could on his donkey dick. To finish off the scene I nailed two nails on the chalkboard behind the Delvecchios siblings, first I hung up Angelina's dirty panties with the skid marks showing to the class and then I hung up Angelina's ridiculously padded bra. Under the thong I wrote Angelina's shit stained thong and under the bra I wrote thickest bra in the world to cover up Angelina's tiny titties. I then went around to everyone in class and put their phones on record and pointed them at the Delvecchio siblings so this event would live on forever. Freddy and I went back to our seats and restarted time.

First thing I hear was a loud scream from Angelina as her pussy felt like it had been ripped open. Then she turned her head and saw her brother's face. Then looked down and realized her brother's huge cock was inside her pussy. That produces another loud scream as her face turned tomato red. Angelina tried to stand up but thanks to me she could not get up. See I had glued Tony's dick to Angelina's clit just so Angelina could not run off again.

By now half the students were shouting, "Isn't that your brother," and "nice mosquito bites on your chest," and "when was the last time you washed you nasty ass," while the other half were about to be sick because of how gross everything was. Angelina kept trying to pull her self off her brother until she realized it was no use.

"Tony lets go," Angelina yelled at her brother. Tony who had a look on his face of pure confusion and a slight look of happiness startled out of his dream like state and started to work with his sister on how to get up. The obstacle of getting out of the chair proved too much for Angelina's clit which was being pulled in every what direction that when they finally stood up Angelina grabbed the desk tightly with both hands, let out a loud moan, and showed everyone in the class her O face. Now the whole class was laughing and shouting at Angelina. Angelina and Tony started to wobble out of the room. Which was one of the funniest sites I had seen, Angelina was bent over at the waist her body still recovering from that massive orgasm and they were walking to the door together in that position.

They were almost out of the classroom and away from all this embarrassment until Angelina tripped sending her face down to the ground with all the weight of her brother crashing down on her slamming his cock as far as it could possibly go in her pussy. Angelina's whole body tensed up as she let out the loudest moan of pleasure showing everybody her O face for the second time, except this time her pussy squirted all over her brother and the floor causing a huge puddle to form underneath the siblings. This was too much for Tony his body tensed up on his sister and he let out a moan as he shot a load deep in his sister. Now I knew that Angelina was on the pill so there was no chance of pregnancy but the idea of Angelina squirting on her brother then him paying her back with a creampie was just amazing. The Delvecchios finally made it out of the room dripping pussy juice and cum.

They made it to the locker room where I heard they jumped in the shower to unstick the glue, bad news is that it worked they got apart, but the good news was it took a while and the water shooting on their genitalia caused Angelina to cum five more times, and Tony to shoot his load twice more deep in his sister. The students in the class were all laughing to the point of tears. Some students got up to smell and then cringe at Angelina's shit stained thong, some decided to feel just how thick Angelina's bra really was, a few nerds started to lick the puddle of Angelina's pussy juice like a thirsty dog drinking from a bowl, while others just sat back and texted the video to all their friends. Freddy and I just chuckled; I think we took this bitch down a lot more then just one peg.

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