tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTNG: Phasing into Orgasm Ch. 01

TNG: Phasing into Orgasm Ch. 01

bySinful G.©

Disclaimer: None of the characters portrayed in this story are mine; I borrowed them from Paramount and the late Gene Roddenberry.

The story has an adult theme, involving aspects of BSDM and a little D/s, if such themes make you uncomfortable, or if you're not yet 18 years of age; do not read.

If, on the other hand, you get off on steamy sex between Will Riker and Deanna Troi, then by all means; proceed and leave a review :-) But do not duplicate or publish this story without my written permission, thank you.

Pairing: R/T

LN: Lines between *...* indicate telepathic communication, lines in italics are private thoughts.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Phasing into Orgasm Pt 1

Whistling joyfully Will Riker made his way to the quarters he shared with his wife, a black gift box in his left hand, a small bag in the other. He and Deanna had both taken a week off to celebrate their fifth year anniversary and some anniversary it would be, since Deanna had entered the Phase just a month prior.

Tonight however, he planned to turn the tables on her. With courtesy of their Imzadi-bond he'd been working on arousing her since noon: he'd hidden away in his Ready Room, pretending to have loads of work to do, but instead he'd spent his time reading ancient Terran 'smut' stories, allowing them to arouse him and then sending his desires and lusts to his wife. With her sexdrive she'd been unable to block him out or even be angry and now he was going home for one serious work-out.

As soon as the doors opened Deanna flung herself into his arms, pressing her body flush against his. "Imzadi" she breathed, pulling him inside and unbuttoning his shirt as she went. But unlike the previous nights he stopped her by catching her wrists in her hands. "Not tonight Love."

Confused she looked at him, stunned into motionless just long enough for him to admire her attire; she had piled her hair up, knowing how he loved the way if fell down when released, and wore a lovely blue gown. Quite different than the dress in his little gift box. "I've got some surprises for you tonight."

She must have sensed the anticipation in him, for passion flared in her black eyes. "Hmm," she murmured, "do they involve a tall, entirely too yummy Starfleet captain?"

"They might" he winked and put the giftbox and the bag down on the table. Before Deanna had a chance to pick either of them up, he captured her mouth with his and drew her into a long, passionate kiss. He traced first her upper, then her lower lip with just the point of his tongue, then smoothly pushed inside to dance with hers, making her moan sensually against him.

He could sense her arousal rising even higher as he gently worked her emotions as well. Unable to fight it any longer Deanna started to hump her hips against him, desperately looking for something to quell the fire raging within her. But then, just when she couldn't control herself any longer, Riker moved away and sat down in a chair, expectantly looking up at her. "Imzadi!"

But Will only smiled. *What's the problem Imzadi?*

*Like you don't know!*

*Then why don't you take care of it?*

Her eyes widened almost imperceptibly at his suggestion. Was he saying what she thought he was saying? His smile widened a little. He was. It wasn't that she hadn't pleasured herself before in front of his eyes, but never had he intentionally led her to that point. It aroused her even more.

Taking his challenge --she couldn't fight her hormones anyway-- Deanna slowly began to slide her hands over her body. You have no idea how badly I wanted to do this, she thought silently, remembering his mental ministrations throughout the day. Her hands cupped her breasts, lifting her thumbs to caress the hardened nipples that pushed against silken fabric. A small sigh escaped her and she flicked the nubs a little harder.

She traced her hands up to her face and down to her back, swiftly unfastening her dress. She could tell how hard her husband was trying not to show his arousal and laughed silently, quickening her movements. Without further delay she allowed her dress to slide down, her own desire almost too much to fight, if it weren't for the lace string she was wearing she was sure it would've been dripping down her thighs.

*Don't you want to join me Imzadi?* She asked, sending him the full force of what she was feeling. He nearly gasped, but managed not to.

*Later Love, later*

Trailing her hands up her waist she cupped her bare breasts and gently lifted them, offering the full mounds to her husband. *Don't you want to taste Will?* He swallowed, she could see it and to add to his discomfort she released one mound and lifted the hand to her mouth, sucking on her index finger before moving it back down and flicking the puckered nipple. *It feels so good* she moaned mentally, kneading her breasts for a little while before dropping her hands to her string.

*Want me to take it off?*

*Oh yes* Happily she complied, rather pleased to get the soaked fabric away from her sensitive centre. A harsh gasp escaped her as the moistened silk pulled slightly at her outer lips; she was more aroused than she'd thought.

Releasing all rational thoughts she trailed her hand through the dark patch of little curls to disappear in the wetness between her thighs. Vaguely she heard her husband groaning as she slid a slender finger through her cleft until it touched her clit. She began to flick it rapidly, sliding her middle finger inside to bring herself to the release she so desired, her husband completely forgotten.

She could sense her release approached and sped up the movements of her hands, bringing the other up to pinch her nipple. Her orgasm was about to burst free when suddenly Will stood next to her and pulled her hands away. "No" she whimpered, chiding herself for being so pathetic, but damn it, she needed that release! Riker had been driving her nuts all day.

*Look at you* he chided, swiping one finger along the inside of her thigh *you're all sticky. Looks like we'll have to clean that up.* Deanna couldn't manage to do anything but follow him as he pulled her along, her mind still numbed by the abrupt interruption of her pleasure.


The bath was quickly filled with steaming hot water and to her surprise, no soap. When he released her hands she was tempted to finish what he'd so evilly made her abort, but remained standing still when he shot her a glare.

To her dismay Will kept on his boxers when he stepped into the water and offered her his hand. He told her to remain standing, the water reaching mid-thigh. Deanna was too aware of the tingling sensation that throbbed in her pussy to notice the instrument lying on the self behind Will.

He picked up a cloth and dipped in into the water, then slowly began with rinsing her face, making sure there wasn't enough water to trail paths down her body. Deanna closed her eyes as her husband washed her face and sighed contently --despite her sexual needs-- when he moved down to her neck.

She couldn't help but arch her back when he reached her breasts; first trailing a tender path along the under curves, before drawing slow circles on one, then on the other before shifting his attention to the tender peaks The Betazoid moaned softly as the slightly rough cloth scraped over them and travelled down the valley between the supple mounds.

After he'd finished with her stomach and she thought he would finally get down to business he made her turn around in stead and began anew at her shoulder blades.

Deanna was close to simply push him onto his back and make him fuck her, but she could sense how badly he wanted this, even over her own lust that she obeyed him. For now.

Will began kneading her buttocks making her moaning softly as her juices started flowing again. *Will!* she begged.

*Patience Imzadi, patience* With a little more forced he pushed one tip of the cloth between her cheeks and ran it all the way down, repeated that action three more times before asking her to turn around again. *Spread your legs a little Dee, I want to have a good look.* she shuddered at his oh so sexy bedroom voice and obeyed, trembling with anticipation.

Will himself, despite his preparations, was having difficulty restraining himself as well. If he hadn't been so determined to go through with his plans he would've taken her back in the living room. He gave himself a little reward, quickly running one finger through her sex and then sucking it clean, savouring her familiar yet exotic flavour, than repeating the action and bringing his finger to her mouth. Bending slightly forward Deanna ran her the tip of her tongue along the length of his offering.

Finally he got down to business; cleaning her thighs with such tenderness it brought a soft smile on her lips. She shivered when the fabric touched her outer lips and cried out when he drew from her buttocks through her soaked pussy in one smooth move. *Like that?*


For the first time since he'd started his little game he looked directly in her eyes and was nearly blown of his feet by the passion she threw at him. "Sit down with me?"

Deanna obliged, biting her lips when the water hit her hot snatch. Will drew her against his chest, just holding her for a few precious moments before moving her backwards against the edge of the tub. Out of reflex she flung her arms over head to grab hold of the edge when Will grabbed her by her thighs and pulled her hips above the water.

He moved his hand to the small of her back to support her as he grabbed a tube of soap. He dribbled the cold liquid over the little black curls and with his palm pressed against her exposed clitoris rubbed it in until it started foaming. His hand left her again to return with a shimmering razor. *Hold still Love*

Deanna drew a deep breath and held it as se felt the cold blade scrape through the hairs on her mound, baring her completely. The throbbing in her pussy increased with each touch of the blade.

Will kept his eyes on the blade, careful not to hurt her. But between moves he allowed his eyes to wonder downward, to her lips opened with desire and wetted by water and vaginal juices alike. When he was done shaving the last hairs away he rubbed more soap into her now bare flesh and then pushed her pelvis under water to clean the soap away final time. "Very pretty."

His deep voice sent more shivers up her spine, but she controlled herself still when he rose from the water, looking larger than life. Will reached for her hand and pulled her to her feet. She surprised herself by being able to stand despite the desire racing through her body. "I got you a present." Still holding her hand he entered the living area and picked up the gift box from the table. Deanna nearly yelled at him that she didn't care about the gift and that she just wanted him to touch her, but the anticipation that poured from him made her hold back.

She accepted the box and tore off the wrapping, lifting the lid of the rectangular box. Something black and shiny appeared. Confused he glanced up at her husband. "Take it out."

Whatever it was it felt strangely smooth and artificial and when unfolded seemed to resemble a dress of some kind. "It's a dress?"

"Yes, made of latex. Put it on." His anticipation and arousal increased, providing all the motivation she needed to obey his order.


Smiling he motioned for her to come closer and then took the dress from her. It looked way too small Deanna thought, but she watched as he unzipped the silver zip in the middle. Completely open the dress was nothing more than a rectangular piece of fabric. He swung it behind her, drawing the edges forward. She shivered from its coldness against her back and watched as he brought the ends together. "Hold it." At his command the too hold of the top of the dress, barely covering her nipples. Riker knelt down and pulled the two lower edges together and Troi realized that the fabric only barely covered her ass. As his hands fumbled to hook the edges together by the zipper she felt his knuckles brushing her nether lips.

Her arousal flared again, her breathing increasing when he pulled the zipper closer. The latex was molded against her body like a glove; constricting her in such a manner that it only made her hornier. With each breath her breasts were squeezed by the tight, smooth material.

From the box Will pulled a thin strip of the same fabric and he quickly fastened it around her neck, almost like a dog collar. Then, from the same box, he grabbed a pair of black, high-heeled sandals. Kneeling down again he slipped them on her feet, caressing her thighs and calves. Deanna, attacked by his lust as well as her own, was sure her desire was dripping down her thighs.

Finished fastening the sandals, Will rose and lead her to the full-length mirror in the bedroom. Deanna looked at herself, feeling strangely disconnected from her reflection. "You look so hot" her husband whispered in her ear; releasing her hair from its pinned-up position.

Troi didn't reply, staring in amazement at her reflection. She looked...hot. The tiny dress molded perfectly again her curves; emphasizing her breasts and waist, the high heels elongating her slender legs. She turned, watching her own profile. She looked sexy, felt sexier than she had ever before and the collar she wore made her feel strangely dominated.

Will too watched his wife's body. She looked ever hotter than he had expected when he first thought about her in such an outfit. The black of the dress, collar and heels mixed perfectly with her pale, soft skin and black hair and eyes. Her breasts were full and firm against the fabric, the contours of her nipples clear against the latex, and the hem ending just below her ass.

His erection pushed painfully against his still wet boxers and through their empathic link he felt that his wife was quite pleased with her appearance herself. He pulled her flush against his own body. Hungrily he attacked her mouth, kissing her harder and fiercer than he had in a long time. The smooth latex, by now having soaked up her body heath, felt almost alive against his skin. Her expressive eyes where shiny with lust and she began to hump against him.

*Will you obey me? * Anxiously he waited for her answer, his heart hammering in his chest with anticipation.


*Will you do as I say? No questions asked, no comments made...do you trust me?*


Ps: If anyone is able to come up with some visuals to accompany this (photo-shopping or something) I would love to see them :-)

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