To the Citadel and Beyond Ch. 02


She felt herself dragged towards the tree until she was a few feet from the trunk which was supported by a twisted mass of roots high off the ground. From within these roots, two fat bulbous-headed tentacles appeared and slithered up her legs, probing at her clothing.

"No, get off!" Teona screamed but she couldn't stop them ripping off her breeches and undershorts in one powerful convulsion. Her worst fears were confirmed as the tentacles headed to the junction of her legs, one at her vagina and one at her anus as her ankles were forced apart.

Making a desperate decision, she grabbed with both hands at the one prodding her pussy, knowing that she couldn't save both of her orifices from invasion. The free tentacle twisted as it pushed up her butt causing her to screech in discomfort and almost making her lose her grip on the writhing member trying to steal her virginity.

Just as her grip was about to slip, Baglish scythed through the limbs around her with his sword, obviously having managed to free himself. The arms concentrated on attacking him but he managed to fend them off enough to chop through the tentacle up her butt, sending the tentacles around them into paroxysm of what she thought might be agony.

She groaned in discomfort as he hefted her over his shoulder and ran from the thrashing branches, stooping to grab her pack which had been thrown off in the confusion but leaving her sword.

The severed tentacle pulsated disconcertingly in her bottom as she was bounced up and down on Baglish's shoulder.

Once they were safely away from the tree, any trees, further down the ridge, Baglish placed her down gently. "Are you all right, Teona?" he asked with concern.

"Ooooh! Oh! It's still wriggling in my butt, Baglish! Get it out! It feels so strange," Teona screamed, not having felt anything so alien inside her before.

She got onto her hands and knees, yelping loudly, her arse in the air as Baglish tried to pull the tentacle stump out of her bum. Eventually, he managed to wriggle a finger into her rectum and yanked it out, studying it with a disgusted expression. "It's like a seed pod or something," he said before throwing it off the ridge, far away.

"Oh Baglish! It feels so weird. I can feel a heat all through my bum and my pussy! Oh fuck!" she swore uncharacteristically.

"It's all out though. Here let me check," Baglish said, sliding his index finger into her arse to feel. As soon as she felt him inside her, she knew she needed more.

"Oh, yes, that's better. Please, slide your finger in and out. Oh, yes, Baglish! Don't stop," Teona groaned, her body aflame with strange hot feelings.

Baglish did as she asked but said, "Teona, I think that thing up your bum has drugged you in some way. You have to calm down..."

"I can't calm down. I need you to fuck me now!" she screeched, desperate for him to thrust his fingers in harder.

"You want me to fuck your arse? Or your pussy?" Baglish asked incredulously.

"I meant my arse but my cunt's on fire too. Please Baglish," she whined, wanting both. "Fuck my pussy. I know you want to. I need you so much," she begged, reaching back to grab his semi-stiff cock through his breeches. It felt good in her hand; it would feel even better inside her. "Come on, be a man and take me!"

Baglish grunted, obviously caught in a dilemma. "Oh, Teona. I've wanted you since the moment I first saw you in that cave. But I know you'll kill me if I fuck you when you're like this. But I can do this," he said grabbing her hips and flipping her over onto her back.

Teona groaned in pleasure as he bent his head down and licked her glorious pussy up and down. "Oh, yes that's good Baglish. All that practice has really paid off! Stick your fingers up my bum, please!" she said, astounded with her own wantonness.

Baglish complied, sliding two fingers up her arse and wiggling them before sucking on her clit and nibbling her pussy lips. Teona moaned as he licked her to orgasm after orgasm but whatever the tentacle pod had done to her it still couldn't quench the fire burning in her loins. She had to have more.

"Please, Baglish, fuck me," she pleaded, "I promise I won't be cross. I fancy you so much. I want you to be my first. Please stick your cock inside me!"

Baglish growled in frustration before standing up, pulling down his breeches and kneeling between her legs, hard cock in hand staring down into Teona's dark eyes. "Do it," she begged, not caring about the consequences.

With a groan, he flipped her over and positioned himself at the entrance to her pussy, rubbing his cock up and down her moist lips. Just as she thought he was going to finally fuck her though he aimed higher, at her arsehole, pushing himself into her anus in a long thrust.

"Oooooooohhhh," Teona moaned as Baglish used her bum. "That's so good, darling. Oh, yes," she said, reaching down between her legs to play with her clit, his cock soothing her need with every thrust.

Baglish had obviously developed sexual stamina in the imp-cage as he banged her butt from behind for what felt like ages until he couldn't hold off any longer. "Oh, Teona, I'm going to come."

"Yes, do it, Baglish! Do it up my butt," Teona screamed as she came yet again. Baglish spurted into her rectum and she felt him use a gentle stream of magic to stimulate her further until she slid off him in a satisfied stupor. That had really hit the spot!

Teona woke the next morning, feeling refreshed if a little sore in her bum. Baglish had obviously cleaned and re-clothed her and set up camp around her. He was still asleep, looking peaceful in his repose.

She remembered the night before with embarrassment, recalling the virtually unquenchable heat between her legs and the way she had begged Baglish to fuck her. She was immensely grateful to him for not doing so, or at least only doing her arse.

"Baglish," she whispered, kissing his cheek. "Are you all right, darling?"

He opened his eyes, blinking away his drowsiness before looking at her sheepishly. "Oh. Good morning. More pertinently, are you all right?"

Teona smiled at him. "A bit sore but I'll be fine. Thanks for looking after me last night," she said, her face reddening slightly.

"Um, well, ok. I mean it was my, er, pleasure. As it were," he said blushing himself, until they both burst out laughing. She hadn't really noticed until now but he seemed to be filling out, a little less youthful and gangly and perhaps a little more manly. Certainly his acne seemed to have disappeared. He wasn't actually that ugly all things considered, she thought as they struck camp.

They finally reached the edge of the Feecherfart plain after another two days of gentle walking.

"We have a decision to make now," Baglish said, looking at their map. "We can rest in the city of Sintwat which is a day away or cut across to where the rift has been seen further north of here."

Teona looked over his shoulder. "If we go to the city, I'll only end up staying for a few days and sucking off more demons and frankly, I've had enough of that. Let's go for it. We can be home in two days!"

"And then what?" Baglish said, looking her in the eye until she looked away, not knowing how to reply. Then what, indeed? Well, then she'd go back to the Citadel and he would go back to train as a Mannish Reaper and they'd get on with their lives and hope they never met in confrontation. But she would miss him, his goofy expressions and thick red hair, his newfound confidence and the way he stared at her with open need.

"I don't know. Let's see. Maybe..." she replied eventually, tailing off in confusion.

The last two days of their epic journey were rather subdued. Certainly Teona felt that, although she was desperate to get home, she would definitely yearn for Baglish's companionship as well as for the sense of purpose that the quest provided. She'd catch herself though, shaking her head at her stupidity. Don't be silly! Once your back home, safely in the Citadel, chatting to Katryn about the whole sorry affair, you won't miss any of it!

As if sensing her distancing herself from him, Baglish responded by sinking into a sullen melancholy; Teona didn't try and draw him out of it.

The rift had been sighted on a cliff-face at the edge of the plain where it climbed upwards into some higher moorland. As they approached the position marked on the map, they expected to be met by a representative from the University of Sintwat, as arranged by Cecil all those weeks ago by thaumogram, a kind of magical communication that could be used instantaneously across long distances.

They were elated when the found a campsite but puzzled because it looked like it had been empty for a while.

"This must be the place," Teona said. "But where has he gone? Cecil assured me that there would be someone here monitoring the rift at all times."

Baglish shrugged. "Let's go and find it. Perhaps he's there," he said although he didn't sound too confident.

They walked up from the campsite towards the cliff in front of them, looking out for the shimmering sliver glow of the gateway back to their own world that they had last seen months back.

Baglish glimpsed it first. "There, I think I see it!" he exclaimed striding ahead of her through a bank of shrubs in his excitement.

Teona smiled at his enthusiasm and hurried after him but stumbled over something as she followed. She looked down and was horrified to see an outstretched muscular red arm. In trepidation, she pulled aside a bush and gasped. Lying there was the hideously twisted body of a demon, perhaps the very one they had expected to meet here.

But what in existence could break something as large and as powerful as a fully grown male demon?

"Baglish! Wait!" she screamed but too late. When she had seen her first demon, she had felt petrified at their huge muscularity and fearsome countenance. But the creature that suddenly shockingly stepped out in front of Baglish from behind a fold in the cliff-face and casually backhanded him thirty feet away into the undergrowth was infinitely more terrifying.

She knew immediately that it was a fiend, a bull fiend judging by the prodigious genitalia dangling menacingly between its substantial thighs.

They'd learned in Prolix that fiends were related to demons, huge rare solitary hunters that were significantly larger, more aggressive and cunning than their smaller cousins. This one was certainly huge, perhaps twice as tall as Teona, thickly muscled with enormous curled horns, wily eyes, a mouthful of enormous rending fangs and rich burgundy skin.

Unnervingly the fiend was standing unnaturally still, gazing enigmatically at an innocuous spot in the sky, as if completely ignoring her.

Conflicting impulses tore through Teona's mind as she stared at it, horrified by its intimidating bulk. Baglish! Poor sweet Baglish was hurt and she needed to get to him to heal him. But then the fiend would get her: it had moved so terrifyingly quickly, she'd have no chance. She should make a run for it to have any opportunity to survive.

In reality though, she knew that she couldn't do either of these things. Truth be told, she was petrified with fear. She couldn't move. Even when it smoothly turned its head to look at her and danced towards her in a handful of liquid strides with distressingly beautiful balance, she didn't twitch, she didn't breathe.

The fiend stopped in front of her, holding his chin in a contemplative stance as it gazed down at her. Trembling, Teona slowly dragged her eyes from its colossal veiny dark-red penis which was right in front of her face to look up at her assailant.

Its eyes were alarmingly intelligent, its pupil as black as night on a blood red background. Its nostrils were large and flaring, its lips thin and pensive. Its musky reek was both utterly corrupt and completely beguiling with such enormous masculinity that, despite her terror, Teona was horrified to feel her nipples stiffen in response and her pussy moisten dramatically. Oh, goddess, no! Not again!

"What manner of thing are you?" he finally asked, his voice deep and rich and wholly enthralling, causing Teona to let out a pathetic whimper of mixed fear and lust.

"I'm, I'm a human," she managed to stammer.

"A human? You are strange to me but I am pleased by your form. I will enjoy you until you rupture and fail," he replied sonorously. "I am Feswath-Qa. My mode is abstract dynamic. My indication is capricious poetic. My erotic variations are disparate. I am markedly vibrant. I rend. I accomplish. I fascinate. All my works are esteemed. I am I am your heart, your core, your god. You will worship me."

Teona didn't understand most of what he was saying but she could feel the impact of his musk throughout her body which suddenly desperately needed to please him. However, the rational part of her mind was screaming in protest. "No," she said, shaking her head to deny him.

Feswath-Qa smiled chillingly. His hand abruptly swooped down, a long curved fingernail slicing delicately through her blouse as if it weren't there. Teona gasped as her full pale dark-tipped breasts were exposed but she still couldn't move, paralysed into immobility.

She moaned in protest as the fiend slowly brought his index finger to her left nipple and flicked it tenderly with a dangerously sharp talon.

"Oohhh," she shuddered in a small but involuntary orgasm. "Please, don't!" she begged but he ignored her, flicking her other one with the same result. Her eyes widened in alarm as his penis started to thicken and rise in front of her face until it was pointed straight at her. She had never seen anything so threatening in her life. She so wanted to touch it, to love it though.

"Demonstrate your adulation for me," he ordered her. Teona, knowing she had to buy time, stepped forward unsteadily and reached out with both hands, sliding over the fiend's gargantuan glans, her fingers barely able to encircle his muscular breadth. It felt warm and hard like aged wood.

She hugged it to her as Feswath-Qa rumbled contentedly, sliding her breasts down it to passionately kiss the very tip of his massive cock, working the tip of her tongue into his slit. Immediately she knew she had made a mistake. The taste of his thick clear pre-cum sent a bolt of lust through her body, many times more powerful than his scent. She felt herself rapidly losing any semblance of control.

She tried vainly to take the head of his enormous erection into her mouth but couldn't. It was simply too big.

"I am your heart, your core, your god. You will worship me," he repeated. And this time Teona knew she wouldn't resist.

"Yes, you are my god," she agreed even though a small part of her was horrified at herself for such a licentious capitulation.

Feswath-Qa laughed, a deep visceral rumble. He then reached down and effortlessly picked her up by her hips, positioning his monstrous member between her smooth thighs. Inside she cried out in fear. There was no way it would fit inside her!

But instead of fighting, she lifted her arms up to hold his shoulders as he slowly, inexorably pushed her down onto him, ripping her virginity away from her.

Despite the inconceivable pain which stabbed through her as she was impaled upon him, her scream had as much lust in it as agony, her body racked by multiple climaxes until he couldn't push it in any further. And then he began to fuck her in earnest.

Through a fog of ardour and anguish, Teona was bounced up and down, repeatedly lifted up into the air before being pulled down mightily onto the fiend's gigantic genitalia. Despite this, on an upstroke, she noticed movement over his shoulder. Baglish!

As she was soundly rogered by the massive beast, she kept catching glances through her tears of Baglish crawling out of the undergrowth into which he'd been thrown. It was difficult to think about anything but her lust but she began to feel a rising hope that he could do something to rescue her. She had no idea what but she trusted him absolutely.

So her despair was severe as she saw that he wasn't trying to come to her rescue but was crawling towards the cliff-face where she could see the gentle glimmering of the rift back to their own world. She wanted to call out to him but couldn't do anything but scream in orgasm after orgasm.

Of course who could blame him for trying to save himself? There really was nothing he could do to liberate her anyway. The fiend would murder him without a thought. Resigned to being used until her body gave up, Teona wailed at her fate.

Then there was a sudden curious thumping sound and she felt herself thrown from her rapist. The breath was knocked out of her as landed heavily in front of him but she still managed to gasp in astonishment as she looked up to see him bathed in a lambent green glow, roaring in distress.

It took a few moments to piece together what was happening but then she realised that she'd seen such light before. She looked behind the fiend to see a lance of emerald energy coming from through the rift.

Of course! Baglish had gone into the rift and was back in their own world which meant he could use his magic! She didn't really understand how it worked but judging from the writhing of the fiend it definitely was.

But then her she moaned in anguish as the fiend turned and determinedly and swiftly began to walk back towards Baglish, combating the sorcerous assault and slowly conquering it.

Fighting against her own shameful arousal, Teona tried to help, staggering to her feet and throwing a blue fireball towards the monster's back. But it just dissipated as soon as it touched him. She groaned in despair. She needed to get to the other side of the rift before she could make any difference. She lurched forwards, knowing though that there was no way she could get there before Feswath-Qa did.

She could see Baglish through the rift, his right hand bravely held up in front of him projecting the beam towards the fiend. With the other though he was beckoning to her, frantically trying to signal her to come towards him more quickly.

Or perhaps..., she thought. Oh! It was so simple. She could help! She reached out to Baglish and sent her power towards him, in the same way he did to her when they'd been so intimate through their journey.

She saw Baglish stand up straighter, his bleak expression lightening immediately until he was smiling back at the approaching fiend.

Perhaps Feswath-Qa momentarily realised that something was wrong because he paused fleetingly before launching himself forward but by then it was too late. Baglish took Teona's energy and linked to her, melding their magic together before hurling it back at the fiend.

Teona shielded her eyes as the green light brightened incandescently. She heard Feswath-Qa shriek in misery and then silence.

She looked up cautiously. Nothing. He was gone, vaporised by their combined power.

"Quick, Teona. Come through before it closes!" she heard Baglish cry hoarsely,

She nodded and ran awkwardly towards the rift in a panic throwing herself at the glimmering gateway, into Baglish's waiting arms. They collapsed together in a heap, the rift winking out of existence behind them, any imbalance between the worlds snuffed out by her passage.

"Oh, Baglish! Are we really home?" she asked, lying on top of him.

Baglish looked around. "Yes! And looking at these trees I would wager that we're in the North Grubby Forest!"

Teona tried to get up but shooting pains deep in abdomen made her whimper in agony. The fiend had ripped her apart.

Baglish stroked her face in concern, kissing her forehead. "Let me heal you, Teona," he breathed.

She felt her body respond as he re-grasped his magic. She still felt as horny as a she-wolf in heat but reached out and linked to him with her own power. "Together," she said and gasped as he mended her using both their energies.

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