tagSci-Fi & FantasyTo the Citadel and Beyond Ch. 02

To the Citadel and Beyond Ch. 02


Teona Felicite, former princess of the Kingdom of Violeth, fully-trained sorceress of the Craft and accidental exile in the majestic and splendid alien city of Prolix, burped mightily, her mouth filling with the spicy tangy taste of demon semen.

"Oooooh," she groaned in discomfort. "I feel so full."

Her fellow refugee Baglish Fark, the apprentice magician, shook his head with a distinct lack of sympathy, although his eyes hungrily ran over her long heavy-breasted semi-naked body. "Well you shouldn't have sucked off that last one; I told you that you were doing too many."

Teona felt a sudden spike of irritation. "You know why I have to do it. At least, I'm trying to get us back home. That's a lot more than can be said for you," she said from the bed where she was lying having just fellated a native of Prolix in return for a lightweight tent, specially made clothing and packs. She always stripped to her undershorts when sucking off a demon to avoid the vast quantity of resultant semen ruining her clothing.

Baglish didn't reply, his expression resigned and sheepish. Teona sighed. They had been getting tetchy with each other as they waited for news of a way home.

It was only two weeks before when Teona has met Baglish in unusual circumstances. In fact 'met' might not be quite the right term if she were honest: rather she had attacked him as he had studied a rift between their own world and the one in which they now found themselves. She looked back in regret at her unprovoked assault but Craftswomen and Mannish Reapers, respective sects of female and male practitioners of magic, were traditional enemies and frankly she had been scared.

Teona's attack had resulted in the both of them being accidentally brought to Contragaia, a planet occupied by demons, a long-lived race of humanoids, a kind of deep red, heavily muscled larger version of humans.

Teona and Baglish had made a truce to work together while they were marooned, sealed by Teona giving him his first ever blowjob, much to his utter delight. As Craftswomen fuelled their magic by swallowing semen, Teona had also enjoyed doing this, particularly as Baglish's sperm was the richest most powerful spunk she'd ever tasted.

They had been fortunate to meet Cecil Arserender, a demon academic from the city of Prolix who had been helping them get back to their own world in return for use of their most precious commodity: Teona's wide flexible mouth, complete with her lithe lissom tongue. Female demons were unable to provide oral sex without overcoming their intensely carnivorous nature and so Teona's oral ability was enough to persuade Cecil to be their agent in the city of Prolix.

Unfortunately both Teona's and Baglish's magical skills were redundant in this existence, although they still worked on each other, and so they'd had to rely on their wits and Teona's oral skills to earn their keep and amass provisions to get them back home. They were waiting on word of the expected formation of another rift which they desperately hoped to use to return.

And today, she had finally finished earning everything they would need for a long journey, hence her stomach being so full of spunk. She'd come back to their room and cleaned herself before collapsing on the high bed she shared with Baglish, replete with demon ejaculate.

Teona burped hugely again. "Oh, goddess, that's better!" she said, relieved despite the rich redolent spunky taste that filled her pretty mouth. She looked at Baglish with a sudden affection. "I know what would cheer you up. I do feel a little better now: would you like me to suck you off?" she offered, licking her lips seductively.

"Oh. Um. OK then," he replied, his hands already reaching for her full dark-tipped creamy breasts as he lay down next to her.

Teona smiled as she shuffled down the bed to pull out his already erect penis.

Once they had arrived in the city, Cecil had taken them to the local ruling body, the Esteemed Council of Fiendish Governance. Despite the rather fearsome name, the demons they had met were thoroughly friendly and civilised if somewhat transactional in their outlook. They had been welcomed as guests in the city but it was clear that they would have to pay their own way.

Cecil had brought them to an inn of an acquaintance where Teona had earned the use of single room by offering the owner use of her mouth once day, a proposal gladly accepted once she'd proved what she could do. And so Teona and Baglish ended up sharing an enormous demon-sized single bed every night.

Teona didn't need to suck Baglish off as often as she did. Because her magic didn't work on any objects or beings of this world she hardly used any of it and so didn't need to top it up consuming his spunk. But Baglish was her only link to home and he was absurdly grateful when she fellated him, not having ever experienced any sexual contact as a, frankly, not particularly attractive eighteen-year old.

And so she did her best to keep him happy without making any massive effort: his penis was more than manageable compared to the huge jaw-stretching demon members she had got used to sucking. And he didn't last very long, often over-excited by her pale leggy curvaceous body, pretty dark-eyed face and long black hair.

Also he had begun to use his own magic to stimulate Teona in return, something she guiltily admitted she'd like to explore further.

She licked his erection, planting light kisses down his shaft before gently caressing his balls with her tongue. As he moaned delightedly she licked back up to the tip before sliding her lips over his glans, flicking her tongue deftly around the ridge and gradually increasing the suction until she was bobbing her head in an assured relentless rhythm.

She tensed suddenly as she felt Baglish grasp his magic, her nipples immediately stiffening as she moistened between her legs. She had no idea why this happened with him but it always felt wonderful. She rubbed herself against his leg as she sucked.

Baglish moaned in pleasure as he stroked her hair and gazed into her eyes. Each time he touched her head with his hand she felt her passion increasing: he was doing something new with his magic to excite her more than usual. She groaned blissfully; it felt so good.

They came together, Teona's delicious body convulsing as she unexpectedly orgasmed. Immediately she tasted Baglish's semen, sending her into a different type of climax, this time caused by the magical effect of swallowing his cum.

It took a few moments for her to recover but when she did, she shuffled up the bed to cuddle into Baglish's arm. "Oh, goddess!" she exclaimed. "Baglish, that was amazing! What did you do?" she said, panting against his shoulder.

"I was considering why you were so sexually sensitive to my magic and thought I'd try to see what would happen if I used it to stimulate your mind more directly. Did it work?"

"Oh my, it worked. I've never come so intensely before," she answered although despite being twenty-five and a veteran cocksucker, she'd admit she wasn't sexually experienced in any other way and indeed was still a virgin.

"Oh, that's great! I wanted to give you something back. You've been so kind to me." She looked up at him and kissed him affectionately on his neck.

They lay comfortably together for a while gazing out onto the tall, almost delicate alabaster spires of Prolix, pink in the cold red light of the strange sun. Prolix itself felt alien to the two of them, not only because of the strange unfamiliar architecture, but because it was built on a large scale for its large inhabitants.

A typical male demon was perhaps half again as tall as Teona who, at home, was considered very tall herself. They were also hairless and heavily muscled and of a carmine colour with pale horns on their heads. The most disconcerting thing about male demons however was their lengthy thick members and enormous heavy testicles, darkly menacing as they dangled freely between thick powerful thighs, freely visible as the custom amongst demonkind was to go naked.

This was worse in some ways for Baglish who seemed intimidated by male demons and terrified of female ones. Their toned muscular bodies, thick-nippled firm breasts and protuberant rich red vulvas seemed to both excite and alarm him as they stared at him hungrily.

Demons of both sexes, had sharp white teeth with alarmingly long canines although female demons were aggressively carnivorous, something else to leave Baglish a quivering wreck whenever he was offered sex by one.

And offers came in for both of them. Demons lived for many human lifetimes and most they met carried a sense of ennui, craving new experiences to stimulate themselves however briefly. Despite Baglish's jealous comments, Teona had only accepted a fraction of the propositions she had received, focusing on pleasuring those who could help them in return. She'd turned down many offers to take her vaginal and anal virginities, not even beginning to want to contemplate how she could ever go from her current status as a sexual ingénue to being able to take any of the enormous cocks she'd sucked up her pussy or even her tight virgin arse.

Baglish too had refused the more enigmatic offers he had received after Cecil warned him that sex with a female demon often left males of their own species seriously injured, let alone whatever they would do to a relatively puny human male. For some reason, watching Baglish's eyes widen in alarm at this revelation, Teona had felt a pang of savage satisfaction that she had him to herself. Not that she was in away possessive; just protective.

Their musings were interrupted by a warning chime that someone was on the way to her room. Baglish made himself decent and, with some effort, pulled open the heavy door. "It's Cecil, he announced."

Teona, who had been about to put on a shirt, threw it aside, leaving her fine breasts exposed. There was no point in getting dressed. Cecil was owed and would want a blowjob and her blouse would only get soaked when he came.

Cecil Arserender was a trainee theoretical thaumophysicist, a student of the structure of magic, who by chance had been tasked with monitoring the rift when it appeared relatively close to the city. He was as polite and softly spoken as all the other male demons with whom they had interacted although Baglish had conjectured that this might be due to a quirk of the translation spell that they used to converse with the humans.

"Good afternoon, Baglish, Teona," he lisped slightly effeminately, his voice a striking contrast to his fierce appearance. "I have both good and bad news!"

Teona strode forward to stand next to Baglish. "What is it?"

"The good news is that we have had a thaumogram from the University of Sintwat that a rift has manifested itself as we conjectured. Your presence represents an imbalance between planes which the multiverse will strive to eliminate hence the spontaneous materialization of the rift which represents a splendid opportunity for you to return to your home world," Cecil intoned pompously.

"That's wonderful!" Teona jumped up and down in joy, clapping her hands together, her fat breasts bouncing delightfully before hugging Cecil, her head at his chest height. She held him briefly, feeling his gargantuan penis twitch powerfully against her stomach. She smiled up at him and reached down with both hands to give it a grateful squeeze.

"And the bad news?" Baglish interrupted.

"Oh, the rift is not on the Bathetic Plain, near Prolix. Rather it has appeared around 300 leagues away in Feecherfart. A journey that might take a month or perhaps longer with your short legs," Cecil replied, idly reaching out grope Teona's breasts as she casually masturbated him.

"It doesn't matter!" Teona said excitedly. "At least we now know that we can get home. We can leave in the morning! Isn't that great news, Baglish?" she asked happily.

Baglish, staring at Cecil's large red hand tweaking Teona's dark brown nipples and her pretty pale hands stretched around his bulky member, grunted in agreement.

"Er, Baglish, would you mind giving Cecil and me a few minutes? I need to thank him for his help," she said as Cecil's erection reared up so that it was poking her breasts.

Baglish tried to slam the door on his way out but, such was its weight, he failed to generate any noise.

As Teona opened her mouth wide for Cecil's thick cock, she thought about her complicated relationship with Baglish. Oh, well. They had to work together and this would be the last demon cock she ever had to suck, so there would be no more need for him to be jealous. Not that he had any right to be so; after all she wasn't his girlfriend, just an acquaintance thrown temporarily together with him by fate.

She bobbed her head as best as she could considering the size of Cecil's nob, swirling her tongue around him and caressing his simply huge gonads, turgid with semen. Cecil made a strange high-pitched sound that Teona had learned was a pleasure response.

She would miss Cecil; he had been helpful and kind to the two of them, admittedly in return for a lot of enthusiastic head. And, even though sucking a demon cock was hard work, she found Cecil's the most pleasant she'd had to fellate, attractively thick and muscular.

Either she was more skilful than she had supposed or demons just didn't have any staying power as within only a few minutes, Cecil was pumping vast quantities of musky spunk into her mouth. She swallowed a little but allowed most to spurt over her massive tits and slender torso until she was coated like an iced sweetbun.

After cleaning herself up, she kissed Cecil on the cheek and thanked him. "Thanks so much for your help, Cecil. We were very lucky to run into you. You've been wonderful."

Cecil smiled alarmingly in return. "It has quite literally been my pleasure, Teona. Your mouth has offered an opportunity for unparalleled ecstasy. I shall miss you terribly. However, even though you will be returning to your existence, I have been inspired to research a permanent opening between our worlds so that I can experience such bliss once again."

"Well good luck with that! I'm sure there are many women in my world who would love to satisfy you with their mouths! In any case, Baglish and I will be off first thing. It's a real shame you can't come with us."

"As much as I would like to, I am unable to spare time from my work," he sighed.

"A real shame. I'm sure you would be really useful to have around and I'd make it worth you while," Teona teased but Cecil just inclined a hand to signal no. "Anyway, we just need to collect our translation amulets from the Gobutt's Magical Supplies and some maps from Buttlick's Cartographers. I've, er, paid them both up front already in anticipation of leaving."

"Well organised as well as orally deft. Baglish is fortunate indeed to have as a mating partner," Cecil said. Teona blushed at his statement but didn't protest. Why was she embarrassed at the thought? She'd been doing some pretty scandalous things these last few weeks. If only her friends Katryn and Garth back at the citadel could see what she'd been up to, they'd have been amazed!

In any case, she made her final goodbyes with Cecil and waited for Baglish to return. Perhaps she'd placate him with another blowjob, when he got back.

The next morning, Teona and Baglish set off early, the sky iridescent with crimson hues. On the way out of the city they stopped at Buttlick's, Prolix's premier map shop. The hoary Buttlick himself picked out three maps for them explaining that the first two-third of their journey would be along safe and well-travelled roads which were enchanted to repel predators. After that though they would have to cross the wilderness of the Ptowng Mountains to get to Sintwat near to where the new rift had appeared.

"It's lovely to see some use for proper traditional maps," he said fondly. "Beats a direction spell any day for beauty. Shame you can't use magic but these will do you well -- all on real fiend skin so untearable. The Ptowng mountain map is geographically correct but I can't vouch for whatever's living in there though. Are you sure there's nothing else you need?" he said leering at Teona.

Teona blushed, remembering how she'd blown Buttlick on account, not knowing exactly where the rift would manifest but wanting to be ready just in case with suitable maps. "No, nothing else, thanks!"

Gobbut, the magic dealer, was more professional as he handed them two amulets, although Teona still felt somewhat self-conscious as she had spent a lot of time fellating him to earn enough credit for the valuable sorcerous items. The amulets wouldn't work directly on Teona or Baglish but they would on anyone they met, effectively translating from any language to one they would understand, a neat way of getting around their inability to use local magic.

As they left the store, Teona glanced around at the cornucopia of merchandise thinking there would be other useful items in there but knowing she could be blowing Gobbut forever to get them. They had to get to the rift as soon as possible. After all, what if it disappeared and they were stuck here forever?

They soon fell into a steady rhythm as they walked on the North Road from Prolix across rolling plains of a wide red-bladed grass, punctuated by stands of graceful orange elms. They started at dawn every day and walked to dusk only stopping for food around midday, their bodies soon getting used to the wear and tear of continuous trudging. They often met demons on the route who would be amazed at meeting such unusual and slow creatures but were always unfailing polite.

Watching a demon carry enormous packs as if they were weightless, it was quite obvious why they hadn't ever domesticated any of the local fauna as pack animals or to ride. They simply didn't need them; which was a shame as horses or the equivalent would have made a huge difference to the journey.

As they hiked, they chatted comfortably about themselves and their experiences. Baglish seemed amazed at the opulent glamour of Teona's early years as a princess and then at the nurturing environment in the Craftswomen's Citadel which she'd inhabited for the last seven. She was sympathetic as she listened to how he could hardly remember his mother as he'd been sold to the Mannish Reapers as a child of only seven. Since then his life had been even harder, unendingly harsh and competitive as he trained to become a fully qualified sorcerer.

Every night they would sleep together in a tent at a marked resting place, still covered by the road's safety enchantment. And every night, Baglish would nuzzle her neck and slip his hands under her blouse to gently fondle her breasts or into her undershorts to squeeze her buttocks until she kissed him back. Then she would slowly, relaxedly suck him off whilst he stimulated her magically until they came together in a mutually satisfying orgasm, although she was careful never to let Baglish touch her pussy. They always slept well. And whenever she woke before him, Teona would suck him awake to do it all over again, setting them up handsomely for their day of travel.

It took them a month to get to the Ptowng Mountains by which time Teona felt that Baglish was her best friend. She wasn't sure he was more than that, despite their nocturnal activities; after all when she got back to the Citadel she could hardly bring an apprentice Reaper with her. Still they had a long way to go and this was the dangerous part of their journey as they'd be leaving the spelled safety of the road.

Their pace slowed as the ground steadily rose through foothills to some more substantial peaks. Buttlick's map proved to perfectly accurate but they travelled cautiously wary of animals and unfriendly inhabitants.

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