tagErotic CouplingsTonight's the Night

Tonight's the Night


I used the remote to open the garage door. His car was there. A thrill of excitement tingled its way through my body. Tonight was the night.

The sharp noise of clicking keyboard keys guided me to him. He didn't answer when I called to him from the open doorway. I stood there for a moment watching him. I knew what I desperately wanted to do, but I didn't know if I could go through with it. Should I try?

It was obvious he didn't hear my heels tap lightly as I walked across the forest green carpet to stand behind him.

The rhythm of the keys clicking changed though as I lent forward and my warm breath caressed his tanned neck. My tongue licked his throbbing pulse point. He didn’t wear after-shave, the warm muskiness was all his own. I smiled as my slow deep breath matched his. Letting my palms move down his chest, he squirmed as I found his nipples and slowly rubbed them. His typing continued.

Moving around his height adjustable chair, I knelt beside him. I wasn't sure I'd be able to finish what I started, but I desperately wanted to try. His typing speed increased, but he didn't take his eyes from the screen. He was wearing only black satin boxers and within moments I made the move to slip down under his desk and kneel at his feet.

His bare feet invited attention. My tongue laved his big toe, lifting it with my hand, I sucked it hard. I was rewarded with a gentle distinct groan from above. The typing continued.

My hot mouth placed wet delicious kisses all over his foot, paying particular interest to his instep on his right foot. My tongue made tiny circles over his anklebone too. I felt him squirm in the chair. Kissing and nibbling my way up, the blond hairs on his legs were soft against my cheek. I stopped on the inside of his calf muscle. I let my teeth graze gently against his skin. I sucked against his leg leaving a tiny reddish mark and moved upwards.

When I reached the inside of his knee, I let my tongue brush roughly against him, feeling his whole body shiver in response. Ensuring my tongue was dripping wet; I licked the inside of his knee. He was beginning to tremble.

My desire for him increased as my mouth moved upwards. I kissed him wetly on his inside thigh. I heard his sharp intake of breath as I stopped for a moment to enjoy his thigh muscle.

Moving upwards I smelt his heightened arousal. I closed my eyes. Could I keep going? The hesitation was only momentary as with a trembling fully aroused body myself, I decided to go on. I listened to his consistent typing and I let my tongue make a wet trail upwards.

His black satin boxers felt smooth against my tongue. My mouth moved up inside his right leg, the material gathering against my face.

His sex smell was strong now. My face nuzzled against his erect cock leaving a wet sticky patch on my cheek. I turned my head a little. My tongue flicked out very lightly touching his throbbing veins. There was no thought of turning back now. I wanted him badly. I wanted to taste him. I wanted to feel him cum where I’d never let him cum before.

With care, I pulled back the ample leg of his boxers using my fingertips. His hard cock was directly aimed at my waiting mouth. I let my long tongue circle his wet tip. Very slow, very deliberate circles. When he moaned, I let my tongue stroke his dripping slit. I move down his shaft, and licked him like I would lick an ice cream from base to tip. I took his balls into my mouth, massaged them with my tongue. I sucked on them gently. I felt them filling, hardening. When I thought he could bear no more, I took him into my mouth placing my lips around him. I licked him all over with my tongue, tasting his pre-cum. I moved off a little swallowing cautiously. It wasn’t too bad. His taste was bitter, but not unpalatable.

I placed him a little deeper into my mouth this time suckling him lightly. Taking him as deep as I could, I sucked him hard and noisily. His encouragement was loud and vocal. I sucked him harder and faster not stopping or slowing, until finally he spurted hot cum into my mouth. It was too much to swallow in one mouthful; some dribbled down my chin and onto my blouse. I kept sucking him until eventually he softened in my mouth. With little noises emanating from my throat, I licked him clean.

I moved out from under the desk and stood straightening my clothes. I walked behind him kissing his tanned neck gently. As I stood, I watched his strong fingers flying over the keyboard. I knew he wasn't as unaffected as he made me believe. The screen was covered in trash typing. Smiling to myself, I walked with pride from the darkening room. I’d done it. Achieved my goal.

The kitchen in contrast was warm, light and inviting. I put the kettle on for a cup of coffee, but before it had boiled a pair of strong hairy arms held, turned and placed me gently on the bench top. I looked down deeply into a pair of soft brown eyes. Those long fingers that had tapped erratically non-stop on the keyboard were now busy rolling down my black stockings. Feather light kisses were placed on the top of my legs, over my kneecap and down the front of my legs as he followed the path my stockings went down.

He held the high heel of one black shoe in his mouth with skill and dexterity, pulling it gently off with his teeth. The same action on the other foot had the shoe landing on the floor. The black lacy top stockings slipped quickly off and were thrown haphazardly away. His eagerness for loving made him hurry.

Then my sensuous pleasure increased further as his very masculine experienced mouth moved over my foot, tongue slipping between my toes. He captured my big toe in his wet warm mouth and sucked slowly and steadily. Tingling ran up my leg. I wanted more. I whimpered begging him for more. Only time would tell if he would return the favour.

His rough tongue tickled my soft skin as he licked the sole of my foot. I could feel my nipples hardening in response. Moaning aloud, I lay back on the bench trying to relax, trying to enjoy the pleasure he was intent on giving me. I closed my eyes letting my own sensory system tell me where his mouth was. He moved up the inside of my leg so slowly that I was aching excruciatingly by the time his hot mouth reached my thigh. He nuzzled his cheek against the firm muscle. Then he bit me hard. As I cried out in pain he licked and kissed the bruised flesh until I begged him to carry on.

I smelt my own arousal, my face flushing with embarrassment at the realisation of whose scent it was. It only seemed to spur him on as his wet kisses moved ever upwards. His mouth touched the material of my black skirt; he skimmed lightly over it, up to my breast. He sucked on my hard nipples through the blouse soaking both that and my lace bra. His hand opened the buttons on the blouse, fingertips unclasping the front opening of my bra.

I gasped as his mouth closed over the skin of my breast. He suckled deeply taking my breast deep, the nipple scraping against the roof of his mouth. My hips arched off the bench top. He lifted my skirt so it gathered around my waist. I couldn't believe what I saw he intended to do in his eyes.

His head moved down and he nuzzled against my pussy. His tongue slipped between my pussy lips. He encouraged my legs to spread wide for him. I felt as hot as the kettle, my head swinging from side to side uncontrollably.

He teased me with his tongue, sliding it very slowly up the sides of my pussy. Long licks from the base up one side at a time. His whispered 'Mmmmm' drove me crazy. His tongue searched for my clitty. She grew with his soft persistent stroking. He suckled her then swooped down and slipped his tongue inside me.

Unable to help myself I pushed my hips against his onslaught. My juices dripped from my body. He took his tongue out and lapped at me, sucking up the initial flow. His tongue moved lower. He licked provocatively around my arsehole. The nerves tingled as he slipped his tongue a little way inside.

Noisy panting brought him upwards again; he licked, stroked and suckled my pussy. His nose pressing gently against my clitty, his tongue fucking my pussy felt so good. I screamed as I came hard against his face. His tongue thrust in again and again until my body shuddered no more and I lay still.

In one hour I had gone from uncertainty to surety. We would assuredly be giving each other oral sex again very soon.

Reader, I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Feel free to send feedback and vote.

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