tagNonConsent/ReluctanceToni's Torment Ch. 6

Toni's Torment Ch. 6


Toni stayed by the phone that night until it rang. She answered the phone and heard Jamal's voice.

"Meet me at the office in one hour."

Toni arrived in the parking lot to see Jamal sitting in a BMW with a young girl. He introduced her as Dee, his girlfriend. He got out of the car and went over to Toni's car.

"I got something to show you." He said.

He opened up a file showing various documents, cancelled checks, bank statements, and the like. Jamal explained that his dad and Tom built their fortune on illegal stock trades, insider information. All these papers were proof and could send them to jail if the SEC got a hold of them.

Toni looked at Jamal and said thank you and tried to take the file. Jamal pulled it back.

"You can have them and he'll never hurt you again." He said. "But I just want one thing from you."

Jamal looked over at his car. He told Toni that his price for the papers was for her to follow them back to Dee's apartment and said smiling,

"Let's have some fun. You know what I mean baby."

Toni looked at Jamal and at Dee who was looking shyly her way. She thought of all that had happened to her, all she had been through, and she almost began to cry. She knew this was her only way out. So she looked up at Jamal, and told him she would follow him.

Toni drove and wondered if this was it. All she had to do was this and she'd be free. She did not relish the thought of what was about to happen, but she felt good that her horrible times were almost to an end.

Jamal parked his car and led the two women into the apartment. He handed the papers to Toni and told her come back into the bedroom and join them. She thought briefly running away, but thought she would follow though on what she said.

She walked down the hallway and stopped at the doorway. Jamal and Dee were already nude and kissing and caressing one another. Jamal looked at her and told her to undress. Toni took a deep breath and did.

Jamal and Dee parted as she lay between them. They immediately began to kiss her gently and caress her all over. She tried to relax, but she just wanted this to be over, so she could get out of there and out of this awful mess she'd been in.

Jamal and Dee began to suck and nibble at her breasts and caress her pussy. It began to feel good and feelings of excitement began to course through her body. They both were being gentle and taking their time with her.

Dee began kissing her lower and Jamal began to kiss her neck and then her mouth. Toni opened her mouth and let him slowly slide his tongue in and out. Dee began to lick her pussy and Toni found herself opening her legs slightly to allow her better access.

Jamal began to pinch and stroke her nipples as Dee began to lick and suck her pussy. Toni found herself getting wetter and wetter and more and more aroused. Jamal sensing this moved up her body and put his erect black cock near her mouth. She opened her mouth and sucked greedily.

Dee licked and sucked Toni's pussy expertly. Her fingers explored Toni's pussy as she brought Toni to the brink of orgasm several timers before she backed off. Toni began to pump against Dee's face with an increasing urgency.

Dee moved around slowly and pushed Jamal out of the way. She softly sat on Toni's face and put her sweet wet pussy right on Toni's face. Toni tried to ignore the wet pussy, but Dee was insistent.

Dee's showed her that any attention to her pussy was in direct relation to what Toni would do to Dee's pussy. Toni was so aroused by Dee, that she began to eagerly lick and suck the young black girls pussy.

Dee sat up briefly and told Jamal to leave the two of them alone. Jamal looked a bit confused, but did as he was told. When he left, Dee went back to Toni's pussy.

She brought the white housewife close to orgasm over and over again, but backed off each time. She did this for almost 20 minutes until the housewife was about to lose her mind. She licked and sucked at Dee's pussy like a woman processed. Hoping that Dee would bring her to orgasm.

Toni suddenly felt the bed sag and her legs being lifted. She was happy that Jamal was back in bed with them and would finally make her cum. She felt a hard cock being placed at her moist opening and she spread her legs even more and pushed up against the cock hoping it would be inside her soon.

Dee began to flick her clit lightly with her tongue while the large cock played with the outside of her pussy. She was going wild, she wanted to cum so bad. She was thrusting her tongue up into Dee's pussy, her entire body begging to cum.

Toni was startled when Dee suddenly backed away and then climbed off of her. She looked at the man on top of her to find Jamal's father James with his cock right at her opening.

"Surprise!" he said as he shoved his cock deep into her steaming wet pussy.

Toni screamed and struggled to get away. But James and the young girl held her in place. Toni looked around the room and saw Tom, her husbands other boss holding Jamal in an arm lock, grinning like a cat.

James held Toni's legs and began to fuck her hard and deep while she struggled to get away, but she could not. Dee leaned forward and began to lick and suck Toni's clit.

James immense black cock began to slam hard and deep in and out of Toni's oozing pussy. She struggled to get away but James was too strong. He held her in place while he fucked her hard and deep. But she could not fight what was about to happen. She quit struggling and let it happen.

James looked down at Toni and said, " Cum on my cock you whore. Show my boy who your fucking master is, you cunt."

Toni closed her eyes as the feeling overwhelmed her. She bit her lip to try and stop from screaming, but her mouth opened wide and she screamed as the first wave of her orgasm hit her.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" She screamed over and over again as wave after wave hit her. She'd lost total control of her body and now submitted to James.

Dee pulled back as James kept fucking Toni. Her eyes were closed as she let the huge black man fuck her senseless. Tom undressed and placed his hard cock near Toni's mouth.

"Remember this baby?" he said as he shoved it in her mouth.

Tom and Jim began to fuck the poor housewife like they did on the first night.

They fucked her hard and fast for almost 30 minutes. Toni's body was drenched in hers and their sweat. James and Tom's cock began to swell as they neared orgasm. Toni felt it and began to fuck back against James, her pussy begging for his cum. And she sucked Tom as deep as she could into her mouth, sucking his cock, waiting for the explosion.

Tom shot first and groaned as he pumped her mouth full of cum. Toni sucked and swallowed his cum until he softened. Then turned her attention to James.

James began to talk to Toni.

"Want my cum whore"

"I'm going to empty my black balls deep in your white whore pussy. Beg me for it and you can have it."

Toni began to talk out of her mind.

"Oh God! Fuck me please."

"Cum in me!


"I'll be your whore. I'll do anything."

"Please give me your cum."

James slammed it deep into Toni and she felt the first jet of cum hit her deep. She began to scream and orgasm on every thrust. She was a whore and she knew it. James softened and got out of bed.

"You stupid slut. You thought you could get one up on me? Said James.

He walked over to Jamal, who was now sitting in a chair looking down at the floor.

He grabbed his hair and pulled it up.

"Who the fuck you think pays for this bitches apartment?" he said pointing at Dee. "Me! Cross me again boy, and you'll be out on the fucking street! Now get the fuck out of here!"

Jamal grabbed his clothes and left.

James looked over at Toni. She was sobbing on the bed.

James laughed and said, "You stupid fucking bitch. You should have known not to fuck with me."

He sat down in the chair and told Toni, "Get over here and suck my cock. Now!"

Toni got off the bed sobbing. She looked over and Tom and Dee. She was on her knees already sucking Tom's cock hard. Toni got on her knees and began to suck James cock.

"That's a good little whore." He said stroking her hair. She looked at James and knew he was right. She was a whore and she'd let them use her tonight and any other night they wanted.

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