tagMind ControlToo Good to be True Ch. 03

Too Good to be True Ch. 03

bySilver Dust©

"Yes Ma'am." Greta chirps as she comes into the living room of the small apartment heels clicking on the floor. Kim looks over and smiles pointing to her nice shaven cunt, "I am glad I have made you happy Ma'am."

Kim smiles, runs over and kisses Greta lightly on the lips. Greta feels shivers run up and down her spine. "I can't believe we just started playing together, we should have been doing it for a Greta. I have to run to a dinner at my advisors house."

"What are you going to wear Kim, mean Ma'am?" Being new to this was difficult but it was worth the hardships.

"Some heels, yellow tennis skirt and mmmm that teal tube top. Big hoops earrings also." She smiles heading to her bedroom, "Oh, your orders for while I am gone. Let me think."

Kim a slight breath while she scratches her chin "I want you to wear some of that bondage stuff we got the other day until I return home. You cannot take it off no matter what, understand my whore?"

"Yes ma'am" Kim closes the door and Greta shaking with excitement runs into the small den of the apartment. They had taken the den put some dressers and mobile closets in there to fill it with all there 'fun' cloths that master had bought with them. First looking threw the shoes she finds a pair of black leather pump sandals, the straps continue up her legs almost to her knees but she hesitates. Remember that there is more then shoes she looks into another draw. She pulls out some red fishnet thigh highs; she places them up to her noise inhaling the sweet aroma of never worn cloths.

Greta sits in a chair and rolls each pair of stockings up, then ties up her sandals. She looks over at her next options. Holding up some thongs and g-strings then weighing them up and down, she decides against them. If she is just going to be in the house just let her pussy air out a little. She grabs a wonderful black and red leather corset that has a tie in the back for the corset and a ribbon in the front for the bra. She then grabs a pair of dark purple latex opera gloves pulling them onto each hand she snaps them. The sting makes her jump a little but she smiles running her gloved hands over her stockings. She stops and re-snaps them again. This time the sting is much less. She picks up the package and giggles reading out loud: "Playtex Smart Gloves and Stockings. Are made from smart latex that will form to any size. Tight at first will fit to any object comfortably. Have fun." She snaps it again and this time the sting is almost to nothing. "Very clever I wonder-"

"When your done come out, I want to see what your wearing before I leave." Greta stops and runs out nearly tripping on the heels. "I see your still getting used to them. I like it my little slut. Just put on that collar with the 3 inch spikes."

Kim starts to walk out the door, when Greta shouts "nice bowler hat, good touch."

"Thanks hun, get your homework done and I will call when I want you to pick me up." The door slams as the last word sneaks through. Greta grabs her glasses and books and sits at her desk in her room and starts her math homework. She looks up and realizes more then an hour has passed. The formulas still flying in her brain she gets up and walks into the kitchen. Turning on the water boilers the lights turn really bright then pitch darkness explodes in the kitchen.

"Damn fuse! Off to the basement." She walks into the lights of the living head to the door and stops. Looking at her outfit she steps back. She glances at the door then back at her legs. Greta starts to walk only a couple of feet back and fourth between the door of her bedroom and the exit to the hallway. Then she sees the winter cloths closet and smiles.

"Bingo!" She pulls out a full length, khaki trench coat. Pull it on, she pops up the collar, buttons the top and ties off the waist. Only her fingers are visible and the sound of her heels will give a hint to what she is wearing. A tingle grows in her pussy, hoping that she will bump into an unsuspecting neighbor.

She stealthy glides out the door and walks into the hallway. She heads to the stairwell and starts to walk down. With every click of her heels the heat grows in groins, her nipples growing harder by the moment. Smile growing every second hoping that someone will come out there apartment. But she makes it to the basement door with no event. Slumping shoulders, she pulls the key out and unlocks the door stepping into the dark dank wooden staircase, half rotten and half the paint chipped away. She starts to walk down click, by click.

"Take that mother fucker, royal flush." She stops her heat starts to thump, beads of sweat form around her forehead. Then a round of 3 other voices "fucker."

She pokes her head around the corner to see 4 men, one of who she knows is the super and the other 3 are tenants. Then the blast of cigar smoke and beer blast her in the face and her noise tightens up. She suddenly sneezes and pulls her head back.

"Shit, was that one of our old ladies?"

"Listen amigos it can't be, we never let our wives have keys to this joint." A round of laughter emerges. "Hey you come out. We are not going to bite; we just come down here to escape for a bit."

Another one says "escape from what? I haven't gotten laid in 3 months, the bitch aint put out."

A round of laughter erupts. Greta steps on the stairs and the click echoes in the now quiet room. The second guy says "come on senorita we don't bite, we are just playing cards and drinking beer. Just do what you have to do."

Greta's heart starts to thump harder and harder. This is what she wanted. Right? She steps out into the light. The room is barely lit by an on light with a 60 watt bulb on the center of a large wooden crate covered in cards. The room is littered with old and new beer bottles all domestic and cheap. The sound of the small refrigerator reverberates from the corner of the room.

Her eyes start to adjust to the light and she see four men, all in there mid forties, slightly over weight, wearing jeans and wife beaters. She sees Mike, a large Italian guy and the buildings super, right before he says, "Sorry about the heat, the water boiler bakes the place. Kimberly right?"

"Its ok, I'm Greta my roommate is Kim. The fuse blew in our apartment; I just came down to reset it." She reaches her right hand out to shake it then stops; to late he takes it and lightly shakes it.

"Interesting gloves, well these are my buddies in the building. Most likely you have seen them before, the black guy is Jim, the red Irish fucker is David and the Mexican is Raul." He holds it a little longer then usual then lets go.

"Hey I am not just a black guy." Jim jests.

"What are you essay some fucking poet? I'm just a Mexican." Raul laughs and the room once again fills with belly laughter.

"I was washing dishes." She smiles and takes her hand back, standing in the shadow. She sees the fuse box on the other side of the room. She starts to walk towards. The men, on some unvoiced command, start back at the game again but all watching her out of the corner of their eyes. She glances around the room a little thinking her heart can be heard. She feels it echo in her head then bounce to her feet.

"Hey Grets, why are you wearing that coat in July?" David asks barely looking up from his cards. She freezes and stops. "Are you going to answer little lady?"

"I was dressed for bed." She spits out and smiles, the fluids from her pussy now starting to work there way down her legs clinging to the webbing on the stockings. The coat just rubbing up and down her hard nipples, she was wanted to cum right there. Standing next to the fridge covered in empty beer bottles, almost at the box. Mike whispers to Jim, slightly catching there conversation "I bet...shoes...bed."

The two of them laugh she turns around abruptly, "excuse me Mi- What the fuck!"

She jumps up on top of the fridge as a mouse runs over foot. The slippery fridge only maintains her footing for a second as beer bottles crash all over the floor. She tumbles down thinking her next stop is the glass when her coat catches on the nail. The coat is ripped from her body as she is caught by Jim. His large black hands grip her bare thigh and straps on the back of her corset. Immediately she feels a response. "Good catch huh lightly lady. This is what you wear to sleep?"

The other men circle around, with just heat in there eyes. He does not let go of her. His hand starts to dig into her thigh feeling the juices that have already collected on the inside of her thigh. Her heart pounds in her chest and she breathes quickly. Not responding just staying there. Raul grabs her coat seeing, then smelling, the stain on the inside by her groins. "The punta is in heat and look at this mess she made."

Still in Jim's arms she looks down at all the broken glass on the floor "listen I will clean it up."

"Answer my first question." Jim doesn't hold on to her very hard. His fingers start to slide around on her thigh.

"No I do not wear this when I sleep." She sighs.

Mike then slides up to her face. "Damn I wish my wife trimmed her bush. Then when do you wear this outfit?"

"When the punta wants to be fucked!" Raul interrupts putting his face near her pussy. Just breathing on it lightly, just enough to raise the little hairs that were starting to grow back.

"Yessssssss." Greta moans, letting her head fall back as the cool breath hits her clit. David runs across the room grabbing a 3 foot chain and small paid lock. He locks the chain to a loop on her collar.

"Listen only dogs and whores that have the discipline of dogs wears a leash." David commands as he unties the ribbon attaching the cups of the bra. Her breasts fall out, and Jim carries her across the room placing her on the concrete floor away from the broken glass. She gets to her knees the smell of her heat filling the room. "And what did the lil'doggie do wrong?"

"I broke all glass bottles on top of the fridge sir." She juts her chest out trying to show off her breasts and smiles. She starts to pout "do I have to be punished sir?"

"Yes the doggie must be punished, now get on all fours." An evil grin crosses all 4 men's faces. She smiles and drops to her hands extending her butt into the air. She wiggles her butt knowing that these men have not seen a fine piece ass like that in ages. David stands in front of her as Jim, the man with the biggest hands walks behind her. Raising his hand he brings it down in one motion. Whack! Resounds threw the room. She almost falls over.

"Now ask for another one bitch," Jim commands raising his hand again. The other two men just stand off to the side.

She wiggles her butt and smiles, feeling the stinging sensation resonate in her body. "Sir may I please have another"

WHACK! This one harder then the last almost causes her to fall forward but her hands still stay firmly planted to the cold concrete floor. "Sir may I please have another."

"Beg for it you little punta!" Raul blurts out.

"Please sir may I have another, this little doggie must be punished. I made such a large mess." Greta puts on a huge pout with puppy dog eyes and looks back at him. She catches the reflection of her eyes in the mirror that most of his body is blocking. Then out of nowhere WHACK!!

This time she screams and falls forward on her elbows. She looks back and he is not standing there anymore she sees her glowing ass in the mirror. She smiles feeling the pain fuel the desire in her cunt. She turns forward still on her elbows and sees all four of them. "on her knees bitch."

Jim grabs her leash and pulls her to her knees in front of them. "Now bitch take out all of our cocks, mine first."

"Slut you have to pay us, because we have to clean up this mess now." Mike smiles. His eyes tear into Greta, as he plays with his fingers on his thigh. "We don't have all day whore."

She reaches for the nearest zipper and pulls it down forgetting about the belt. Her head is yanked up and she falls back down. David shouts "Don't be some clumsy doggie."

Looking up into Jims eyes, he smiles. She reaches up with her little hands and undoes the belt and in one motion pulls his pants and underwear to the floor. The semi hard cock was the largest thing she has ever seen at 8 inches. The grin expands to show his dirty teeth "It gets bigger bitch."

She immediately moves to the next cock to the right and does the same motion. She looks up and see David's hand come down and pet her lightly on the head. She closes her eyes as a smile crosses her face. Softly he says "Good doggie, you follow orders very well. Soon there will be plenty of treats for you."

"Plenty of fluid treats that puntas love!" Raul screams.

All four men irrupt into laughter as she lightly licks the outside of her lips. She then moves to the right again grabbing the top of Raul's pants. Finding that his belt and pants were undone she pulls them down and he steps out. She then turns around to find her last target. Mike smiles and points to his pants. Greta notices the top button undone and takes her pants pulling down the zipper while her hands sneak up and pull the pants down once her bite has been released. He pets her bare shoulders "the slut learns fast."

David taking his lead as ring master again shouts "Now doggie what should you do?"

Greta thinks for a second, putting on a slight show of course. Her hand left hand goes to her chin and her right hand scratches her forehead. "Well sir, there are 4 semi hard dicks in front of me. As a good doggie I should solve that problem."

She leans forward onto Mike's cock and starts to suck on his balls. First the right then the left, his hand moves from her shoulder to her hair giving it a light tug. She then trails up with her tongue and sucks in the head of his dick. Sucking on it hard he grunts and thrust forward while tugging on the hair "God this slut can suck, stop now whore I am going to cum."

She lets go to see Raul shoving his brown cock into his face. "Make this Mexican have a wet cock punta."

She leans in to suck his balls but Raul grabs her hair bringing her head to the tip of his cock. She stops for a second, Raul laughs "roll back the foreskin cracker."

She takes her fingers and slowly rolls back the foreskin. Then start to suck on the tip of the cock bringing it to life very quickly she sucks him in all the way and starts to go up and down rolling her tongue as she sucked him.

"Greta stop! Don't make him cum yet." Mike shouts as he uses the chain to pull her head off his cock.

"I am guessing doggie wants her treat sooner rather then latter. You must wait for rewards doggie." David whispers as she turns to see his almost hard cock in her face. She licks it from the base to the tip to suck it into her mouth. He strokes her neck as she continues to suck him closing her eyes and moaning slightly. She pulls off his cock once it comes to complete life. She nearly gets slapped in the face by the massive tool attached to Jim's body.

"The best for last bitch." He pets the side of her face with the limp cock she tilts her head slightly to bring the giant mushroom tip into her mouth. He grunts and thrust. She keeps sucking him but he keeps growing and growing. She has to pull off because it will not fit in her throat anymore. He looks down at her, his big brown eyes glaring at her tits. "Its fully grown bitch."

She looks at the cocks. All of them are larger then master. Most of them around about 10 inches and very thick, then there is Jim. She just stares at his massive rode, at least 13 inches and thick as a wrist. The four men just look at each other. Raul finally breaks the silence "Listen I have never been with anyone other then my wife-"

The other three say at the same time "same here!"

"and she only sucked my cock once. I really need some head punta." He shoots an eye at the other men telling them to shut up.

He steps up to her mouth as David circles around back. He reaches down and lightly lefts her butt into her air making her be on all fours. She starts to lightly lick the head of Raul's cock, when she feels the head of a cock being placed at the entrance of her cunt. She stops "My Ma- I mean my friends I am not on the pill so you cannot fuck my cunt bareback."

The three men stand in shock wondering what the fuck to do. She smiles at them "There is a perfectly good other hole." She wiggles her butt in the air. Jim jumps across the room as Mike slides behind her rubbing the tip of his cock on her butt hole. Jim announces looking threw some box's "Here's the KY Jelly Mike." Jim throws it across the room and Mike grabs it. He lubes up his finger and shoves it into her asshole twisting and turning it around. He smiles "God I have always wanted fuck a gal in the ass." At this moment Greta pulls Raul's cock into her mouth and gasps grabbing at her tits. Pulling and tugging at her nipples she moans across his cock as she goes up and down on it. She looks up into his eyes and he blows her kiss as he starts to skull fuck her. She screams across his cock as she feels Mike's cock go into her asshole pulling it open. She thrusts back on his cock pulling it in deeper. He starts to pound into her harder and harder and she keeps sucking on Raul's cock. He feel him start to thrust up and he pulls out. "Beg me to come on your face punta." Please oh fuck, Ple- cum on myyyyyyyyyyyy faceeeeeeeee" She screams as the cock pounds into her harder and harder. She opens her eye again and focuses "Cum on my face, I neeeeeeeed it. Makeeeeeeeee meeeeeeee a happppppppppppyyyyyyy puntaaaAAA!" Raul could not take it anymore and screams. His cum shoots all over her face and hair. More and more keeps coming out and he unloads again and again. He stops and grunts putting the semi hard cock in her mouth "clean it off punta." He sighs and pulls the cock out of her mouth and sits down. "Shit, I have always wanted to cum on a senorita's face." Mike laughs as he keeps fucking her ass harder and harder. "me two." He pulls out of her ass and pulls her by the leash until she is on her knees again. He pulls it again and she turns it around. "Jack me off till I cum on your face slut." Her hands enclose around his cock and start to slide up and down on the ky lubed cock. It gets all over her gloves but she keeps jacking him off. He starts to thrust into the air and he grunts. His cum comes out like a hose in one huge spurt it lands all on her forward and eyes. She feels the sticky gue on face and she breaks into a smile. He walks away still have cum dripping from his cock. "on all fours doggie." She drops down again but the ground is slippery and he rams his whole cock in one thurst. She falls forward on her elbows as David starts to ram into her again and again. "Doggies likes being fuck in the ass right!" "Yes doggie loves beeeeeing fuckeddddddd in the asssssssss" Greta screams as he pounds into her again and again. He cannot hold out long and he grunts leaning forward grabbing her tits and thrusting unloading his cannon deep in her ass. He keeps pushing more and more into her asshole. David pulls out leaving a creamy mess that she can see in the reflection in the mirror when she looks back. "What the fuck man! Party foul, why did you have to cum in the bitch." Jim pushes David to the side looking at the cum filled asshole. "What the fuck am I suppose to do? I wanted to fuck not get a blowjob." "Sorry man, fuck her titties instead." David breathes deeply trying to recover from the orgasm. "You know what I had my fun and I am not going to cheat on my wife." Jim starts to walk back to his pants. Greta stand up and the cum starts to drain down her legs "please Jim no! I really want that dick inside of me. I will give you a blowjob." "Listen I can get head any day of the week from my old lady." She grabs his arm with her hands. "What about a condom! I just cannot fuck you bareback." He stops and thinks. "There are none down here and the only one that fits my massive rode is in my bedside stand. And my wife is most likely sleeping next to it." Jim pushes Greta off of her and she holds up her right hand "My gloves are latex! Use this around your cock. They stretch really big!" Jim stops and turns around "you are really in heat huh bitch?" "Yes!" Greta screams while nodding, she pulls off her left glove and hand it to him. He places it over his dick and starts to push it down. The head of his dick starts to expand into the middle finger he keeps pushing making the purple latex stretches out and turns whitish. Greta bites her lip and her right hand balls up. He keeps pushing until his whole dick is cover, with the last 5 inches in the index finger with a little tip at the end. Greta jumps up and down "I told you it would work sir." Jim runs for her and picks her pushing her back against the wall. He starts to push into her. Nice and slow he takes it as Greta raps her legs around his back. She throws her head to the side and screams "ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss!" "God bitch you are tight, mmmmmmm," Jim keeps pushing getting a full 10 inches into her. He twists and turns it like a screw and keeps working its way up. Stopping for a second and pulling it a little out he starts to shove it again. Greta pushing down with all her weight on the massive rode as it keeps going into her tiny body. He whispers into her ear "are you sure you want it all you tight little bitch?" She just thrusts down with her body screaming "Yesssss fit it alllllllllll in meeeeeeeee!" Then bang! As he just pushes with all his might and the cock disappears into her. Her eyes open wide and she is just in shock. Her body shakes and her orgasm flushes over her body. Fluids begins to gush out of her cunt and all over the gloved cock deep in her cunt. He grunts and starts to ram away inside of her. Again and again she cums digging her nails of her left hand deep into his back. "Here it cums bitch!" He screams as unloads into he glove pounding one last time deep into her cunt. She stops and falls over. He lightly places her on the ground pulling his now shrinking cock from her pussy. He pulls the glove off and hands it back to her and places the button up to her lips. "Drink it bitch." She opens her mouth and drinks down his cum. He then flips the gloves inside out putting it up to her tongue and she licks up the remaining drops. She puts the glove back on again and Raul places the jacket around her shoulders and into her arms "till another time punta." He kisses her neck and she walks up the old stairs not even tying up her jacket. She takes the elevator this time and just walks into her apt. She looks to see the light flashing on her cell phone. "Shit!" She picks it up and a text message appears. 'Where are you? I am just going to walk home. There better be a good reason!' She looks at the car keys on the wall and stops. She goes into her bed room and undresses picking up her toothbrush. She sits on her bed, naked covers in cum and falls asleep as the fuse blows again putting her into entire darkness.

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