tagMind ControlToo Good to be True Ch. 04

Too Good to be True Ch. 04

bySilver Dust©

"Stupid bitch is going to pay for not answering her phone." Kim huffed as she continued down the street. The bus had stopped running and it was long walk home. Her feet were starting to turn red from the straps on her sandals and heat was starting to make her sweat. "If I had worn those Capri's I would have looked like I pissed my pants."

Kim adjusted her tube top as she walked threw the historic part of town were all the tourist went. Kim then jumped a foot in the air as she heard a heavy German accent "Das, sorry to bother you, can you take a picture of my husband and me?"

Kim turned around to see a 6'2 blond princess, with killer blue eyes and legs that stretched for a mile. A smile went across Kim's face and she snagged the camera out of her hand. "Sure but you have to answer three questions first."

"I will answer three questions." A seductive smile crossed her face as she towered over Kim. Kim took a step forward being eye level with her large breasts.

"Question one, to you like to be in control or be controlled." Kim looks up into the woman's blue eyes and smiles. She looks down into Kim's dark eyes.

"I like it when people control me; by the way my name is Eliza." Kim lightly takes Eliza's hand and squeezes it.

"Question two; do you bat for both teams?" Kim runs her other hand over Eliza's back to finally rest on the top curve of Eliza's ass. Eliza smiles and squeezes Kim's hand back.

"Only if my husband can watch." Eliza takes a small step forward almost pushing her large breasts into Kim's face. Kim inhales deeply closing her eyes. She opens them again.

"Will you take me to your hotel?" Kim asks pulling Eliza into her, nuzzling her face into Eliza's bosom. Kim pulls her head out and smiles at the German lady.

"Yes Madam." Eliza takes Kim by the hand over her husband. The 6'7 wall stands above them, even making Eliza look small. The two of them have a quick conversation in German then leads Kim to large hotel about a block away. The three of them walk into the lobby, them into the elevator. Once the elevator door closes Kim raps her arms around Eliza's waist just holding her their. "My husband does not speak English. But he wants to watch you control me Madam."

"I will only control you if you follow every command I give. Understand?" Kim pulls her in closer watching the number rising as the elevator goes up.

Shaking with excitement Eliza responds "Yes Madam."

Kim stands on her toes while Eliza leans her head forward and the two of them kiss lightly on the lips. Eliza leans over more and their lips slightly part, letting the tongue stealthily enter each others lips. A smile breaks out in the corner of there mouths and the kiss start to become passionate, as both interlock mouths to fully explore each other. The elevator doors open and the two walk out still tongue tied.

Kim steps foward leaving Eliza still bent over trying to kiss. "You're staying in the penthouse!"

"Yes my husband and I are big bankers in Germany. Do you want to dress the part, Madam?" Eliza walks over to her taking Kim by the hand making her come back to reality.

"Of course but lets play a game, you dress me Eliza. Then I dress you." Kim lets go of Eliza's hand motioning her to the bedroom. Eliza is gone for about ten minutes as her husband just sits on the sofa with a bulge growing in his pants every second.

The door to the bedroom opens and Eliza has her hands behind her back "I am sorry Madam but I am so much larger then you, most of my cloths will not fit."

Kim nods. Eliza first hands Kim dark green latex stockings and matching garter. Kim looks at them smiling. Next Eliza puts on a table a riding crop, a little black leather eye mask and what looked like a red leather comber bun with metal studs. Kim scoops up the clothing with her right hand and walks over to Eliza. Kim with her left hand pets Eliza's hair gently "good job my pet from the selection."

Kim pulls her in lightly again for a deep kiss. She then silently moves to the other room and closes the door. She sees on the bed all types of crazy clothing and toys. She first dresses her self, very glad that her sandals are black and fit over the stockings. She lightly hits her hip with the riding crop looking at the selection.

She first grabs a pair of red pvc boots with a 6 inch heel plus a 3 inch platform. Kim's pussy start to tingle at the thought of controlling this giant. She then discovers a black and red leather corset with no breast support. Pulling that aside her smiles grows larger at the sight of black leather arm guards that attach by chains to a collar with a leash hanging down the front. Right before she leaves the room she sees a 6 foot black latex cape and leash.

Kim walks back into the living room to now see Eliza's husband naked and stroking a very massive cock with one hand while holding a video camera in the other. Next to Eliza is a table covered in every sex toy imaginable. Kim hands Eliza the outfit and slaps her ass. Eliza starts to undress. Kim smiles and turns around.

"Madam is it ok if my husband tapes us and why did you turn around?" Eliza asks as she stops undressing for a second.

"Did I say stop undressing whore?" Kim states point blank looking at Eliza's husbands cock growing larger and larger. Immediately Eliza again starts to remove her cloths and putting her new outfit on. "Good whore, I want to see the finished product not the build up. It is fine as long as you send me a copy of the tape."

Kim reaches down and slowly spreads her pussy open as it grows wet at the thought of these two getting off by watching a tape of her for years. A finger swiftly moves in playing with her aroused clit.

"I am done Madam." Knocks Kim out of her trance state and she turns around to see the stunning blonde. Her large breast hanging down unsupported and the cape just coming above her heel. Kim grabs her leash pulling Eliza's head to hers. She kisses her deeply while her free hand starts to grab and pull at her large nipples. A moan goes into Kim's mouth and she pushes Eliza away.

"On your knees whore!" Eliza hesitates. Kim whacks her thigh with the riding crop which makes a resounding twang threw the room. "Can you hear me whore!"

Eliza drops to her knees. Kim walks over and starts to play with her hair nice and slowly then leans over and kiss her deeply again. As Kim pulls away Eliza gives a slight gasp. Kim stands before her spreading her legs putting her pussy right up to her face. "Start at my toes whore and then make your way to my pussy. I better cum or you will pay. Understand?"


"Did I say you could speak whore?"

Eliza nods; she bends over and starts to lick the tip of Kim's latex encased toes. Working her way up the front of the leg she turns around and starts to lick on the inner knee, her tongue leaving a dark green wet trail on the stockings. "mmmmmmmm Good girl."

Kim moans and drops the riding crop freeing one hand plays with her own erect nipple while with the other hand she lightly holds onto the leash. As Eliza starts to lick on the knee cap, she then places her whole mouth over Kim's knee cap sucking on it nice and slow. She then starts to zigzag up the leg towards the every growing wetter pussy. Kim just licks her lips and moans "Yes my pet, tease me, mmmmmmmmm"

Kim closes her eyes and leans her head back as Eliza circles around her pussy. Eliza then darts her tongue on the little triangle of hair, then rapping her lips around it. Sucks on it then tugs with her teeth. Kim gives a little hop at the surprise as her eyes open, "good girl, mmmmmmmmmm. Now make your mistress happy."

Kim stops playing with her nipple and slowly grabs a fistful of hair as the tongue traces down to fine the fully swollen clit. She darts her tongue on the magic spot making Kim do a little thrust each time. Then presses her tongue down holding it there, pressing harder and harder. "Ohhhhhhhh Christ that is good!"

Kim screams as she lightly pulls on Eliza's hair. Eliza then pulls her tongue down and starts to lick at Kim's soaking wet pussy. She burry's her face into it as Kim starts to thrust and grunt into Eliza's face. "God almighty you're great at eating cunt! Ohhhhhhhh Christ, oh oh oh oh!"

Kim pulls on Eliza's hair as she humps her face. Kim throws her head back at lets out a banshee wail "OHHHHHHHH FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE, OHHHHHHHHHH!"

She nearly falls over until both of Eliza's hands dart from there sides to grab her ass to balance her. Kim starts to shake all over sweat pouring down her body, her screams no longer making any sense as Eliza continues to eat her out. "Oh, please, oh go, mmmm, JESUS JESUS! Again, best again OH OH OH!"

Eliza silently pulls her face away from Kim's drenched pussy, leaving a fluid all over Eliza's lips and nose. Eliza guides Kim's still shaking body to the floor were she in enters a fetal position. "Madam, do you wish me to stop? Or do you want me to continue"

A smile creeps across Eliza's face, the smile of master at her trade. Kim looks over at Eliza exhausted. "If you continue that, I will never be able to service you my pet. I would be a very bad mistress then."

Kim stands up, a little wobble still in her knees and walks over to the tool table. She grabs the first thing she sees. A black ten inch strap on. She buckles on the leather harness tighter then it has ever been. Kim then walks over to Eliza still on her knees holding the fake black cock in her hand. "Are you ready for some meat bitch?"

Eliza nods and smiles. She waits until the fake cock is at her lips and she darts out her tongue again with great skill. She starts to suck the strap on then reaches under to collect some remaining juices from Kim's slit. Kim jumps a little surprised but see the goo on Eliza's fingers. She runs her hands over the cock until in glistens with Kim's own juices. "Turn around whore, and get on all fours. Like the bitch in heat you are."

Eliza spins around and drops to all four. Kim stands sideways to her and whacks the giant cock across the cape covering Eliza's ass leaving a dark wet black mark on it. Kim then whacks it again but much harder making a loud smack. Eliza falls forward and little bit but stays perfectly still. "Do you want me to fuck your cunt, bitch? You may speak."

"Yes mistress, my pussy is so wet that my cape is sticking to it. Please I need you to fuck me." Kim walks behind her and grabs the bottom of the cape flipping it up to her back exposing her perfect ass, and the wetness on Eliza's bush catches the light from across the room. Kim steps between Eliza's legs and rubs the cock head across the enlarged clit, Eliza's body thrusts back wanting to invite the large rubber phallus. Kim pulls it away slightly as some of Eliza's juices have already started to collect on its tip. "Please madam; I am so horny, pleaseeeeeeeeee!"

Then RAM! Kim slams the rubber cock into Eliza all the way with all her might. The little Korean girl nearly falling on top of the blonde giant as the cock impales Eliza. Eliza jolts forward then rams back as her body screams for the release. Kim starts to fuck away like a starving wolf eating red meat.

"OH OH OH! Fuck me ohhhhhhhh god oh oh!" Eliza screams as she starts to make noises. Her hands ball up into a fist as Kim fucks into her. Kim then takes one hand and start to pull on Eliza's leash. While with the other rand reaches under and rubs Eliza's nipples.

"Cum for me. Cum for me, my pet" Kim screams as she fucks Eliza harder and harder. Eliza starts to scream in German as she throws her head up and opens her eyes. Her body starts to convulse as her orgasm hits her. Kim pumps harder and harder. Until Eliza in a final moment falls forward on to the floor into a ball just like Kim. Kim walks around and stands over her dangling the giant cock in her right hand.

"Are you satisfied whore?" Eliza just nods and smiles sweat completely cover her face. Kim undoes the strap on letting it drop to the floor. And then notices for the first time since they began Eliza's husband standing there taping them completely naked. Kim walks over to him swinging her hips stepping over Eliza. "Did you like what I did to your little whore of a wife?"

He just nods as Kim stands about 3 feet away from him. She turns around pointing her ass at him and bends over at the hips. Putting her pussy high into the air to pick up the riding crop she had dropped earlier. She lightly hits the head of his giant cock with the end of her riding crop, making the cock bounce up and down. He pans the camera across her body then to her face. She makes a puppy dog face "does it need some relief?"

She starts rubbing the tip of the riding crop up and down the shaft of his cock. He grunts and nods. Kim takes another step forward and drops to her knees. She leans forward and starts to lick the tip of cock nice and slow while slowly whacking his ass with the riding crop. He points the camera down at her.

She closes her eyes and pulls the whole cock into her mouth. She starts to suck up and down and whacking his ass harder and harder. He grunts and starts to thrust forward into her mouth. She pulls her head away from his cock leaving the saliva coated beast exposed to the air. She lightly kisses the tip of it and an evil grin crosses her face.

"Mmmmmmmmm its very pretty." She lightly glides her hands over the erect cock. Then places it between her breasts, and start to rub the cock up and down them. He grunts as he starts to thrust across her tits. She then slides a finger deep into his asshole and his eyes open wide. At that instant he explodes.

"Yes cum for me!" Kim screams as what seems like gallons and gallons of cum lands on her face and tits. She just smiles until the hose stops. She looks over at Eliza that is now leaning on her side. "Stand up my pet and clean your Mistress."

Eliza jumps up and walks over. "Yes Madam."

Eliza leans over and licks every drop of cum off of Kim collecting it in her mouth. Then she kisses Kim so slightly sharing the cum together. The two let go and smile walking towards the bed room hand and hand. "You must come study in Germany and live with us in Berlin for awhile."

"Yes I must my pet." They kiss again, closing the door locking the poor camera man out. The light switch is turned off engulfing the room in darkness as the two them fall into a deep slumber together.

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