tagMind ControlToo Good to be True Ch. 05

Too Good to be True Ch. 05

bySilver Dust©

"Thank you master," Kim leans over and kisses Phil lightly on the lips. She steps out of the door into the autumn air in her skin tight jeans, boots and a light jacket. Eric closes the door, ties up his terry cloth robe and walks upstairs into his office. He sees the new high powered digital camera plugged into his new desk top computer uploading photos, the menu on the screen says it will be done in 2 minutes.

Eric then looks at the contracts with the two girls signatures on it. He gave them a very good rate; much better then he could have gotten away with. Hell, he could have made them do it for free. But that even bothered Eric's peace of mind. With the amount he is giving them, they would never sue even if someone found out what he is up too. Eric looks at his lap top and opens a file.

"Check list," Eric mumbles to himself. "Step one, find a beautiful woman and hypnotize her. Check. Maybe I should check that one twice. Step two, make her your willing slave and a happier person because of it. Check. Step three, set up website with pics. Check. Step four, activate webcams and hypnotize girls so that when they know webcams are present they will forget they are there. Check. Step five, set up online profiles with pics. That will be checked in a couple of minutes. Step six, start making money. That will be checked once one more person logs on. Step seven, expand operation."

Eric smiles, he thought it would take at least a year to get to this point and he did it only in a little under 5 months. Overhead and been expensive, not just in monitory concerns, but worth it. His cock actually hurt from the amount of fucking he had been getting lately and any sick fantasy he wanted. Eric knew how lucky he was because his unemployment and savings was just about to run out.

He picks up the bill looking at the costs for building the studio and that basement apartment. The apartment will be unlike any webcam apartment in the past, cameras and microphones everywhere which can be easily replaced. Looking at some pictures of Kim and Greta he wonders whether they should move in or some other girls. There will be four bedrooms, living room/kitchen and a play room. The studio is on the second floor of the house and is locked. Upstairs is his office and bedroom, also locked off from the rest of the house. If someone entered his house it would look like a nice suburban home.

Eric glanced at the small business loan and giggles. Selling pornography is the sure fire deal and the bank doubted him. Especially if you can get any woman you want to be part of your site. But he looks out the window. This had been so easy. Eric jumps up startled as he hears a loud "blimp!"

He walks over to the desktop and looks at the pics. He chooses about 100, and loads them into Kim's online profile. Then he notices something odd. A record amount of people were signed on watching. Eric scratches his head and mumbles "how is that possible? It takes them at least an hour to get home from my house."

Eric types in the menus, everyone is watching Greta's bedroom cameras. He opens them up. Eric says out loud "maybe she is playing with herself?"

"God bitch you suck cock good." Comes a man's voice threw the speakers of the computer. Eric sees Greta on her knees in a white and baby blue little latex nurse outfit, in white 8 inch platform heels, white fishnets, and little white pvc gloves. The man reaches his large black hands pulling down the latex cover her tits and making them pop out. The tight baby blue latex shoving her breasts high into the air. He starts to manhandle her tits with his large hands. "Have you seen the other guys since our last encounter a few months ago?"

"Every now and then I give Raul head. David came up once for an ass pounding, Mike says he is busy, other then that, just in the hallway. What took you so looong?" She smiles as she runs her hand up and down his long black cock. He grunts and smiles pulling on her nipple. She lowers her head again closing her blue eyes and lightly sucking on the tip of the massive cock.

"Well I have been busy too. I don't want the old lady to suspect. I am not looking for some sort of relationship just the occasional freaky fuck. Understand bitch?" Jim takes one of his hands reaches around and tugs at her loose hair. Her eyes pop open and she pulls off his rod.

"That is fine with me sir, I want to tell you something. That night we fucked, I was a virgin. I don't care, just thought you should know." She smiles and her eyes glitter. A grin grows across Jim's face as he force feeds his cock back into her mouth. He starts to grunt and grabs a condom from his pocket. She reaches for his hand and takes it away throwing it to the ground. She pulls off again "bareback is fine."

Eric notices that his sore cock was already growing hard again and poking threw his robe. Part of him was outraged that the slut had been fucking behind his back, and part of him was curious about how he fucked up the commands. They were pretty clear and simple. But no matter what, this was making him tons of cash. Another thirty people had paid for a month's service in the last five minutes.

"mmm I am looking for to this bitch." He lies down on her bed, his pole sticking straight into the air, glistening from her saliva. "I want you to ride me bitch. Climb on top of the best cock you have ever seen."

She climbs on to the bed stand above him. Her heels making her wobble a little. She drops into a squat. At least she had been doing her exercises. Greta starts to rub the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He grunts and groans keepings his hands to his sides. She then slowly inserts the huge cock into her cunt, his eyes close and she slowly lowers her body onto his cock.

"Oh Jim! You have a great cock! Shit how I have forgotten." She slowly lowers him more and more into her. Eric is stunned and his hand raps around his cock. He slowly starts to feel himself as she lowers herself onto the massive rod.

"There is no way that little frame is going to fit that cock!" Eric blurts out as she keeps taking him more in. Finally the cock is fully in her. And she just rests there. Jim opens his eyes and takes his hands, gently places them on her hips. He smiles showing his big white teeth.

"Are you ready for a fucking bitch?" Jim say's tighten his grip around her waist.

"Yes please, fuck me." Greta pants.

"Tell me that I have the best cock in the world. And that you would die if you could never get it again." His fingers start to dig into the latex around her waists. The sweat building up on her face she looks deep into his dark round eyes.

Without hesitation she states "This is the best cock in the world, if I did not have it again I would kill myself."

He lets go with his hands and thrusts up with all his might launching her off his cock. She then falls down on to the cock again with her weight. She then starts to raise and lower her body again and again as they fuck. "Oh oh oh!! Jim fuck me pleaseeeeeee fuck meeeeeeeee!"

Jim reaches one hand up and starts to manhandle her tits again. Pulling and stretching her nipples. She throws her head back and screams. Her eyes close as she continues to ram her body down on his cock again and again. With her free hands she starts to feel his big belly and hair chest. Then like a silent snake Jim's other hand sneaks to her backside. Eric opens another window to show a different camera angle. To see Jim's middle finger slide into her ass. With both cameras up on the scream as the finger slides in Eric can see her face completely open up, mouth, eyes and nostrils.

"OHHHHHHHHHH CHRISTTTTTTT!" She screams as fluids gush out of her pussy. Jim grunts as he is about to cum, when they hear the front door open. Greta jumps off Jim and falls on the floor. Greta whispers to Jim "hide in my closet! My roommate is home."

Eric glued to the screen switches on another window to see the living room. Kim is holding a large package that has already been opened. Eric mumbles "Maybe this will stop now."

"Hello, I know your home Greta! Come out, come out, come out wherever you are." Kim walks over to Greta's room and moves the door. Eric looks at the other camera to see Greta jumping across the room to lock the door. Jim seems to taking his time getting into the small closet. "I know your door only locks from the inside. Let me in Greta!"

Greta puts her tits back into the dress and pull the small skirt down. She opens the door for Kim "Sorry I was getting a surprise ready for you."

Kim a smile grows across her face seeing the little nurse outfit. She slides her arms around Greta and kisses her lightly on the lips and grabs her ass. They start to make out. Greta sits on the bed and Kim lifts up the skirt. Kim stops and sticks a finger into Greta's cunt "you're awfully stretched, and wet for just being home."

"Well I was thinking of you." Greta states in a sweet voice.

Kim stands up and walks over to the bed placing her package on it "Your bed is completely torn apart. And these are not your hairs."

"Who the hell is here Greta!" Kim stands over her and Greta falls to the floor in terror. Eric can see from his angle that Jim was already opening the closet door.

"I am here you little slut!" Jim shouts and Kim spins around. Her jaw drops as she sees his massive cock in his hand. "And I bet you would love a taste of this."

Greta leaps up knocking the package off the bed and onto the floor. Falling out is a leash, collar, videotape, a note and a 17 inch black rubber double headed dildo. Greta picks up the note and reads it out load "Till the next time we meet in Germany Madam, Love Eliza!"

Greta locks Kim in her arms from behind and puts her mouth up to her ear. "You can't talk shit Kim. I have not been the only person playing on the side."

Jim leans over and picks up the leash and collar attaching the two parts together. Kim try's to struggle in Greta's arms but she is trapped. Jim places a kiss on Greta's neck then locks the collar on to Kim. Greta announces to Kim "Look at how beautiful that cock is. Once you touch it you will want more."

Jim places the cock right next to Kim's hand. She try's to fight but Greta forces Kim to touch the massive black cock. After one light touch Kim closes her eyes. She raps her hand around it and Greta lets go her as Kim falls to her knees. Jim towering over her with the leash in his hand, he laughs "one bitch and one slut. For the cost of nothin."

Eric could not believe it! He must have really fucked up his commands or hypnosis some how for them to do this. They know they are being watched. He pauses and thinks, he hypnotized them to forget the cameras existed when they knew they were being taped. Eric's cock throbbed and he reached for the phone to call them. But then he looks at the view count. Another 50 people had signed up sense he last checked.

She starts to rub her hands up and down on the cock. Just looking at the rod she smiles and licks her lips. She leans in to start sucking on its bulb when once her tongue touches it Jim pulls the collar "did I say you could suck me slut!"

"Sorry sir." She hangs her in head in shame.

"You may suck it slut." He orders and she instantly dives onto his cock and starts to go up and down on it. She goes faster and faster sucking him in. He grunts and grabs a fistful of her hair. He looks over at Greta that is just playing with herself watching the action. "Bitch take off her clothes."

Greta jumps over unbuttons Kim's top and undoes her bra. Greta pulls off her boots, then undoes Kim's jeans slowly pulling them off also, leaving Kim in a transparent red g-string. Greta starts to play with herself again when Jim grunts "put the boots back on her."

Greta slowly puts the boots back on Kim and Jim smiles. He pulls the cock away from Kim and motions to the dildo "I want you two to fuck each other with that thing. Kim you better be on top. Because I am going to fuck your asshole while you bitches in heat go at it."

Greta grabs the dildo and starts to insert it into her pussy. Kim climbs on top and starts to slide down on the other end. Jim grabs the bottle of lube sitting on the night stand and lubes up his prick. The two of them start to fuck each other and kiss each other. They almost forget Jim is there until his cocks sits at the entrance of Kim's asshole.

"Ready or not here it comes slut." Jim starts to ram his cock deep into Kim's asshole. Her eyes open and she screams as he stretches her anus to the max.

She starts to fuck down harder on Greta as Jim starts to fuck without mercy. Out of nowhere, all three in one instant cum at the exact same time with Kim falling on top of Greta then Jim's large body falling on to the two of them. Jim phantom thrusts a couple of times, then gets up. He then places the cock up to Greta's lips and she sucks him in, cleaning him off. He puts his cloths back on and strut out the door "I will see you two the next time I need to get off."

Jim slams the door as he walks out. The two on the floor exhausted don't move and cuddle each other. Eric snaps out of his trance looking at the screen. He looks at the membership count for the website. It had more then doubled during that fuck session. He knew what he had to do.

Eric picks up the phone and watching the screen. Greta jumps up recognizing the special ring just for Eric.

"Hello master! How are you today?" In a very cheerful voice that would completely covered up her transgression as if the camera shot of her half naked body was not on the screen.

"You and Kim are to come to my house immediately. You will be spending the night." Eric states then hangs up the phone Greta still holding hers up to her ear. She lightly places it on her night stand next to the open bottle of lube.

She looks at Kim smiling, "that was odd, master seems upset. Well we should clean up and head over there."

The two of them get up and head to the shower. Eric turns off the screens, turns on his desk light as the sunsets outside and picks up his little black book. He knew the perfect person to call. A friend that he met a month ago in an online group, hopefully she is free this evening.

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