He strained to produce more. He had been at it for over an hour now and even though he knew she would give him all the time he needed; it was the number of edges that concerned him. He ran his fingers up and down his shaft, desperately coaxing out another drop. A small drop formed on his head, not as much as he would like, but it was something. Looking down at the circle in the mirror he seen he was almost there, but he had already stopped six times and the times between edges was decreasing rapidly.

Her rule was simple, he was to stroke himself and fill up the circle she made on the mirror with pre-cum. She kept a tally of every time he reached the edge and had to stop stroking. If he paused for more than 30 seconds she would assume he had quit and would forfeit any opportunity to cum this week. In addition he would owe her an edge for every time he stopped, every night, until next Sunday.

His cock began to swell and his balls were tensing up. He knew he was going to have to stop again soon. Her laughter broke his concentration. "That's going to been seven dear. Tsk, tsk. It would be a shame. This would be your fourth week." She opened her silk robe and spread her legs, exposing her trimmed pussy. He let go of his cock and looked at her with pleading eyes.

She curled out her lower lip, mocking him as she clicked the stop watch. "Don't cry. I mean if you really, really wanted this" she began fingering herself "then you would have been done by now. Wouldn't you rather fuck me than sit there jerking off. Cause that's all you'll be doing every night till next Sunday when I'll let you start over again."

"5, 4, 3, 2" she counted and he hastily began stroking again. He worked slowly and deliberately, pushing up the underside of his shaft. Another large dollop soon formed and he dropped it into a dry spot. He looked down to see one last spot remaining. He could it, he thought. He massaged his balls with his free hand and swirled his perineum with the other.

"I think I'm going to enjoy you edging for me every night again this week. Watching your balls swell before my very eyes." She laughed as she spoke. She knew that did the trick. He grunted and strained just before stopping again. She smiled as she started the stop watch again. "Mmmmm, eight edges every single night for six nights. Oh, my my. You know I'm starting to think you don't want to fuck me."

Eight edges every night, he shuddered. He looked up at her. She was grinning, stopwatch in one hand and the other buried deeper her crotch. "3, 2..." he snapped back to life and began sliding his hand down his shaft.

He tried to block out her taunting as he concentrated on getting just a bit more out. "Just stop now Honey. You know you'd rather do this for another week than let it slide in and out of me." she was intent on trying to get another pause out of him. "Come on admit it. You love licking me on command and bringing me to a heavenly orgasm, don't you?"

He felt another edge building as her words sank in. Looking down just in time he seen the bead of pre-cum he needed to finish off the circle.

"Oh my God. You actually did it!" she said surprised at his accomplishment. She inspected the mirror very carefully, just to be sure. Secretly she hoped she could find a dry spot. "OK, well on to phase two." Confusion spread across his face as she fished out an ten sided die from her robe pocket.

"I was starting to think I wouldn't need this. Would you like to roll or should I?" He knelt in front of her, as if in shock, wondering what was going on. "I started with a four sided die and added two sides every week. Next week would have been twelve. Mmmmmm." She smiled as she cast the die across the coffee table.


"Yes!!" she cried out pumping her fists in the air. "Oh this is good Baby, trust me. I wish it were a ten, but I'll settle for a six. This means you get to fuck me to orgasm six times before Saturday morning."

"Really!!" he asked, excitedly. "Six times. Oh, thank goodness. This is going to be great. Honey, you have no idea how bad I need to come and to have the opportunity to empty my swollen sacks six times in a week is wonderful."

She stopped cold.

A wave of fear washed over him as he spied he reaction. "Oh, I'm sorry" she began "I think you misunderstood me. You get to fuck me to six orgasms, not have six orgasms." She picked up the die and looked back at him. The smile dropped from her face. "Don't you want to fuck me?"

"I do. It's...."

"Then you should be happy. Most men get excited when they are given a chance to fuck a hot chick. Am I no longer attractive?"

"You are babe. You're the hottest of the hottest...."

"Then it should be an honor for you to stick your thing in me."

"Yes, it is, but I was hoping to......"

"Stop" she threw up her hand and glared at him. "Don't tell me about your needs. What did we say about your needs."

He looked down at her feet. "My needs are secondary to yours."

"And why is that?"

"For too long I selfishly tended to my own needs while ignoring yours."

"That's right, dear and until I am satisfied that you understand this we shall continue this" she leaned forward as she spoke, waging a finger at him "and remember what happens to bad boys who have accidents."

"They are punished and put in a cage."

"That's right, dear. For one year!"

"Also, if I don't get my six orgasms by Friday, then I double the size of this circle next Sunday." she said holding up the mirror.

She motioned him with her finer and spread her legs. "Now come over here and put that tongue of yours to work before we go upstairs and start on your task."

He crawled over and inhaled deeply as he drew closer, thinking to himself at how great she smelled. He wanted to please her so bad so that they could end this game and move on. She smiled to herself though at her her own wants and he had no way of knowing that they were totally different from his.

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