She arrived at his house late. Her eyes bloodshot, her eyeliner smudged down her pretty face from her tears. He smiled out of the window as he saw her let herself in then heard her dainty footsteps coming down the corridor. The front door to his one bedroom flat opened and he heard her soft voice calling plaintively down to him.

"Ryan? You home?"

"In here babe," she came into his bedroom in a cloud of sweet perfume and the air of the heartbroken. "What's he done this time?"

She flung herself into his lap her strong legs straddling his own and wrapped her arms around his strong neck. Her dark brown eyes stared into his own green orbs and her full bottom lip trembled, she crushed her lips to his and he groaned into her mouth as she began to grind in his lap.

Standing he took her with him and pressed her against the wall, wrapping her long, chestnut brown curls in one strong hand he tilted her head back and kissed quickly down her neck.

She moaned softly and wrapped her legs tighter around him pressing her hips harder against his. She small hands pulled his t-shirt over his head while he dispatched of her button down shirt, reaching between them he ripped her small shorts from her body with a tearing sound. Her strong fingers raked her nails down his strong exposed chest and she shuddered in his arms.

Grinning he threw her onto the bed and kicked off his jeans, crawling back between her legs he kissed from her belly button up to the soft curves of her breasts that her black lace bra did nothing to hide, she sighed and threaded her fingers through his wavy blonde mess of hair. Wrapping his lips around her small pink nipple he thrust gently against her until she was shivering uncontrollably.

"Please Ryan," her hips were thrusting up against him without her thinking and her eyes were sparkling with lust. He snapped the thin strings holding her panties to her before kicking his boxers to the floor. He entered her in one powerful thrust and she cried out in pleasure. "Better baby?"

She nodded and whimpered as her continued to move inside her with deep, deliberate thrusts, once again her husky cry escaped as she dug her nails into his back hard enough to draw blood, in a move so quick it startled even him she shifted them so that she lay on top of his muscular frame and a mischievous smile curved her pouting lips, her curved hips moved slowly against him and his hands curled into fists on her thighs as he fought to keep control. Her body began to tense and shiver slightly as her climax built and he grabbed her hips and began to thrust up against her almost violently.

"Oh, God! Ryan!" She came on another husky cry and crushed her lips to his again. He threw her onto her hands and knees and entered her again roughly from behind. Blind to anything but his own pleasure he pounded into her, he felt her tight pussy clamp round his cock once more before he groaned and shot rope after rope of cum into her. They collapsed in a heap on the bed, their bodies slick with sweat and their chests heaving. "So," he started when they could talk again. "What happened this time?"

"He's a dick," she rolled onto her side and he curled himself around her soft, naked body. Little trembles still shook her body and he ran a calloused thumb up and down her arm. "I got home slightly later than I said I would and he kicked off, calling me a whore, accusing me of sleeping around behind his back. Said if I wasn't with him I'd be alone forever, no one else would want a slut like me and that I was lucky he stayed with me."

"So you had a fight about you sleeping with other people?"


"So what do you come and do?"

"That's beside the point."

"It's not though baby," he felt her pull away from him slightly and sighed. "Look its not like I don't love it when you come round."

"Do not fucking patronise me," she stood and planted her hands on her beautifully rounded hips.

"If you don't want me anymore then I'll just leave." In a second he had stood and pressed her against the wall with one hand on her throat. "Don't you fucking say that. If it would be that easy for you to leave me, then fucking go but don't act like I want you to."

She lashed out her fist connecting with his jaw but he didn't even flinch. Screaming she pushed against him with all her strength, he stumbled backwards and she flung herself at his chest, he caught her round the waist mid-air and threw her against the wall. She hit and plaster shattered around her.

"You bastard!" Reaching to the side of her she wrapped a hand around the leg of his bedside table, swinging it round she smashed it against the side of his head, he stumbled backwards clutching the side of his head.

"I've only just replaced that you fucking whore." She smiled nastily. "A whore?" Her eyes flashed dangerously. "Call me that again."

"Fucking. Whore." A snarl came from her throat and snatched the floor lamp from behind her, swinging it violently she attempted to hit him again, he snatched it from her hand and brought it round catching the back of her head, she cried out and ran at him, planting her hands firmly on his chest she pushed with all her strength driving him onto the bed. The legs collapsed under her strength but before she could land back on him he kicked out with both legs and she slammed into the wall.

They lay still for a moment counting injuries and listening to bones knit back together. Slowly he crawled over to her and sat leaning against the wall his hand resting gently on her thigh.

"You going back to him?"

"Is there a point?" Her eyes were closed and a single tear ran down her face. "I'll never be happy with him."


"Will you really make me say it?"

"Yes, I want to hear it."

"But you already know why."

"I want to hear you say it."

"What will it prove."

"Say it!"

"Because, he's not you! I can never be happy, because he's not you." Her eyes remained closed and she turned her head away from him slightly, he pulled her onto his lap so she straddled his legs, she shook her head and tried to move away. "Please Ryan this is difficult enough."

"You want to leave me?"

"No but I have to. It's not fair on me, it's not fair on you and it's not fair on anyone around us. We can never give them what we give each other but we can't stay like this." Finally her eyes opened and she gestured around the destroyed room. Dropping her head to his shoulder she sighed as he rubbed his hand up and down her back.

"I don't want you to go."

"I know, but even you know that this had to happen at some point."

He pulled her closer to him and kissed her neck gently. She tried to pull away but his strong arm kept her to him, nipping gently at her collar bone he felt her shudder then melt against him and knew he had her. Grasping her butt in his hands he moved her hips back and forth in his lap until she moaned and her head fell backwards, he could feel her pulse flutter under his lips and took her earlobe between his teeth.

Lifting her slightly he guided her down onto his hardness and she sobbed against his shoulder.

"Ryan please."

"Please what?"

"Don't make me say it." He held her still and she growled in frustration.

"Tell me what you want baby."

"I cant, I cant keep doing this."

"Tell me what you want," he could feel her trying to thrust her hips against him. "Tell me."

"Fuck me Ryan, please." He growled and threw her onto her back thrusting hard into her soft, hot body. His fingers curled into her thigh leaving dark bruises on her soft skin, leaning down he bit her neck and felt the skin brake under his teeth, her sweet blood flooded his mouth and he sucked on the wound. "Oh my god!" She came, shivering violently around him as he kissed her, his body tensed above her and he muffled his cry against her shoulder. He slumped atop her body, his breathing ragged and kissed her cheek gently.

"I love you." Her voice was quiet and another tear slid down the soft skin of her cheek.

"I love you too Lily. I always will."

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