tagBDSMTotal Domination

Total Domination


The master/slave games began shortly after i found out that my boyfriend of 5 years was cheating on me.

I was so afraid that he was going to leave me, that i would've promised anything, to get him to stay. Turned out, he only wanted one thing.

Every so often, when the mood struck him, he wanted to be my master, and i, his slave. And if i didn't do exactly what he told me to, he would leave me. I agreed. Truth is, i grew to like our games...

One night, about a month later, my boyfriend called me, he told me to get ready for him. I could tell by his tone, that he was in "master" mode. He instructed me to wear my black thigh high stockings, and my 5 inch black heals and nothing else. I was to have my collar and handcuffs out for him.

I was not quite ready when he walked in the door.

I had just finished putting on my heels, when my master grabbed my hair from behind. "why aren't you on your knees, waiting for me, slave?" he asked.

"I, i'm sorry," i stammered.

"your sorry, what?" he demanded.

"I'm sorry master"

He chuckled, "that's better... now, get into position, slut"

I took my position on the floor, on my knees, head down, legs open, arms behind my back.

He yanked my hair back, so that i was looking into his face, "are you my slut?" he asked.

"Y-Yes, master," i said.

"And you will do anything i ask of you, right slave?"

I looked into his eyes, "yes master, i will do anything you ask of me"

He smiled then, "Good, now get up"

I rose, he told me to sit on the edge of the table and spread my legs. As i did, he walked over to me with the handcuffs. He roughly pulled my hands behind my back, and handcuffed me.

"Stick those tits out for me, slut" he said, eyeing my breasts.

I sat up straighter, so that my tits were sticking out. He pinched my nipples. Hard.

He heard my gasp, and laughed. Then he proceeded to get my collar and the leash. Once it was on, he stepped back a little to look at me. "now you truly look like the slut you are," he said.

I lowered my head, ashamed that i was getting turned on. "that pussy's getting wet for me, isn't it?" he asked.

"yes," i said.

He started teasing my cunt, lightly with his fingers, "yeah slut, i bet you want me to ram my finger inside that wet pussy, don't you?"

"yes," i said.

"then tell me," he demanded.

"please put your finger inside my wet pussy, master," i begged.

All of a sudden, he rammed two fingers deep inside me. I moaned. He then slowly took them out, only to ram them deeper. Then he took them out, and made me lick my juices off of them.

"yeah, lick your pussy juice, slut," he laughed.

Then he took my leash and forced me off the table, "get on your knees in front of me, like a good slut"

There i was, on my knees, legs spread, tits out, with my leash in his hands, when he shoved his cock deep in my throat.

By then, i was so turned on, i started sucking him like never before. I was so into it, that i didn't hear the door open. Then i heard a woman's voice.

I raised my eyes, my masters cock still in my mouth, and i couldn't believe what i saw. Standing there was the girl that my boyfriend cheated on me with...

I tried to pull away then, "oh no slut, you keep sucking me off, and you better do exactly as we tell you tonight, otherwise, you will have to be punished. And you don't want that now do you?"

His cock was so far down my throat that all i could do was whimper.

All the while, i am watching him, kiss her and fondle her.

Finally, he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

I started to ask just what was going on, when suddenly, he was behind me. Slap! he slapped my ass. Hard.

"Shut up, slave. Now listen good. You are to sit there, and behave like the slut that you are. Otherwise, i will walk right out that door, and never come back. Is that understood?"

I looked from him to her, fully understanding what would happen if i disobeyed.

"yes i understand," i said.

"Good. Now, we are gonna have so much fun with you tonight, slave," he said.

I looked down, tears in my eyes.

"oh and by the way, slave, you may call her mistress"

I looked up to see her smile. She then grabbed my nipples, and pulled on them, hard. "why isn't she wearing the clamps?" she asked my master.

He left the room to get them. All the while, she was still pulling at my nipples, "oh this is gonna be so much fun. You get to watch your master fuck me tonight, and you wont be able to do a thing about it," she laughed.

My master came back and handed her the nipple clamps to put on.

"Stick your tits out slut," she said.

The cold metal felt harsh against my skin, but it was nothing compared to the pain i felt, as she tightened them so much, that i cried out. She laughed, as she gently pulled the chain attached to them, making my nipples extend even more.

All the while, my boyfriend was touching her body. She had on a short skirt, and a tight, white shirt, with no bra.

As i sat, watching, he caressed her breasts, i could see them right through her shirt.

"Look at her tits," my master said, "see how hard the nipples are? mmmmm, her tits really turn me on, much more than yours ever did," he laughed.

I lowered my head. I felt him pull at my nipple clamps, "by the way, you are not to take your eyes off of us at all, you got that, slut?"

i looked up, "Yes master," i said, full of humiliation.

He unbuttoned her shirt, and opened it to reveal big, full breasts, with big hard nipples, that he continued to touch, as his eyes watched mine.

"Mmmmmm, look at these tits slut. I think i wanna suck on one. Do you wanna see me do that?" he asked me.

Before i could stop the words, i said, "no please. "

"oh no?... then you suck on them for me," he said.

I looked up, startled, he knew i've never done that before.

He smiled at the look on my face. "go ahead, slut, i wanna see you suck on your mistress' tits. "

With that said, he pulled hard on my nipple chain, forcing me forward, right towards her nipples.

"open your mouth, slut. Take that beautiful tit into your mouth, and gently suck on it, and keep your eyes open, and on me. "

I slowly pulled her nipple into my mouth, wanting so bad to close my eyes on this humiliation. But one look at my masters face told me, i would be in severe trouble if i did. So i kept sucking. "a little harder now, slave," he said.

She was kneeling on the floor, i saw her skirt had risen up her thighs. I saw my masters hand stroking her ass. He laughed to see me watching him while i sucked on her nipple. I knew when he slid his fingers inside her, cause i heard her moan.

"Mmmm that feels good, my pussy's all wet for you," she said to him, looking at me with a smile.

"Slut, suck on my other tit now," she said as she pulled on my nipple clamps, making me moan in pain.

"Ohhh fuck me now," she told my master.

"what should we do with the slave?" he asked.

She laughed, her tit still in my mouth, "she's gonna watch, aren't you, slut?"

She pulled her nipple out of my mouth then, waiting for my answer. "Yes," i said.

She roughly pulled my head back, "Yes what, you slut?"

"Y-yes mistress," i stammered.

They both laughed, as she lay down, waiting for my masters cock. "Remember, you are not to take your eyes off of us, oh and also, you are not allowed to cum... until i say so, you got that, slave?" she said.

I hung my head, "yes mistress"

They started fucking, while i watched, wishing it were me instead.

She was still holding on to my leash. She pulled me closer to them, forcing me to walk on my knees.

Then she grabbed hold of the nipple chain, and forced me to suck on her tits, all the while, my master was fucking her. Hard.

I was forced to stare, as his cock went in and out of her pussy. Oh how bad i needed to cum.

just as my master was about to cum, she told him to pull out. She made me get back on my knees, and open my mouth. He shoved his cock in so deep, i thought i would gag.

She sat up to watch, "yeah that dick tastes good with my pussy juices all over it, doesn't it, slut?

suck all his cum. lick him dry," she said.

When i was done, i saw her sitting down, with her legs spread. I could see her juices on her pussy lips. She had the whip in her hand.

My master stood up, pulled on my leash, and made me walk on my knees to where she was sitting.

"Suck on your mistress' pussy. lick all the cum off, and if you do a good job, then, just maybe, we will allow you to cum," he said with a smile.

He then handed her my leash, which she pulled until my lips were on top of her pussy. My hands were still handcuffed behind my back, so i had little choice.

I started gently licking her pussy.

I saw my master watching me, then i felt the whip, as it gently touched my upturned ass. I started to look up, when i felt her hands roughly pull my face back down, at the same time, i felt the whip strike my ass. "you better keep sucking my pussy, slut, while i give you the punishment you deserve," she said.

One, Two, Three... oh God, it hurt so much, the tears were streaming down my face. Just when i thought i couldn't take no more, she pushed me off of her, back on my knees. "spread those legs more, bitch, and stick those tits out," she demanded.

Then she thrust 2 fingers into my pussy, i couldn't help it, i moaned.

"Hmmm, your pussy is so wet slut, you like being punished don't you?"

"yes mistress," i said.

She removed her fingers, "sit up on your knees, now"

When i was in the position she wanted, she produced a large dildo, and positioned it under me.

"now slut, i want you to slowly lower yourself onto the dildo, then very very slowly get back up, and keep doing that, very slowly till i tell you to stop. understand?" she asked.

"yes mistress," i said. i was dying to feel that dildo, i was so turned on.

"oh and slut, you are not allowed to cum, do you understand that?"

"but... "i started to say.

Slap! i didn't even see my master go behind me, so intent was i on that dildo. Another hard slap on my ass, "you are to do what you are told, slave, no questions... unless you want to be punished again... and this time, we wont be so easy on you," my master chuckled.

"Now, ride that dildo, and remember what your mistress said... slowly!!"

I slowly lowered myself upon the dildo... oh god, it felt so good, i just wanted to ram it inside of me, but one look at my mistress' face, and i obeyed her.

As i was slowly riding the dildo, i felt my masters hands on my ass, slowly stroking me, he touched my pussy lips and i heard him laugh to see how wet i was. Then he slid his finger in my asshole, oh god... im trying so hard not to cum.

My mistress was in front of me, she took the nipple clamps off me, i gasped as the blood circulated again, the pain was intense. She rubbed both nipples, making me moan. "stick those tits out for me, let me suck on them," she said.

All these sensations were making it so hard for me not to cum.

"ride that dildo a little faster slut," she said.

I started begging my master to allow me to cum, "beg your mistress," he said.

"please mistress, please let me cum, i really need to, oh please," i begged.

Slap! my ass stung as she slapped me so hard.

"i said you are not allowed to cum, don't you understand that, slut?" she said as she slapped my ass again, over and over. All the while, i was going up and down on the dildo, my masters 2 fingers were now in my ass, going faster, my mistress was sucking on my tits and slapping my ass.

I couldn't help it, i came, fast and hard.

"you slut... you have no control?... now you will really see what punishment is," she screamed.

"please, i'm sorry, i couldn't help it. please don't punish me mistress," i begged.

She then took the dildo out of my pussy and made me lick it clean, then my master removed his 2 fingers from my ass, and i was forced to lick those clean too.

Mistress grabbed hold of my leash "lets go to your punishment, whore," she said, as she led me to the bedroom on my knees.

"Stand up, slave"

My master got behind me, to take off my handcuffs, only to replace them with the cuffs on the wall. he ordered me to spread my legs.

there i was, bent over, my ass up, handcuffed and scared.

They left me there like that for about 10 minutes, by now i was really nervous, not knowing what was coming.

I soon found out. I felt the two of the touch me at the same time. One ran a hand down my back, the other reached in front, to pull my nipples.

"beg me to whip you slut," mistress said, as her finger found my hole. "I was ashamed to know it was wet.

"please whip me mistress. i've been bad and i need to be punished, so please give me the punishment i deserve," i said, so humiliated.

they placed a bar in between my ankles, so i couldnt pull my legs together, then i felt 2 whips stinging my ass at the same time. Oh god, it hurt so much, and because my legs were spread so far, some of the blows landed on my pussy lips. i begged for mercy, but both whips kept raining on my ass. my master was grabbing my tits at the same time, cruelly pulling and yanking at my nipples. Then i felt something hard against my pussy and my ass, at the same time.

Mistress had a double dildo on, and plunged it into me, fast and furiously.

All the while, they both kept whipping me.

Just when i thought i couldn't take it anymore, mistress says, "slut i want you to cum now, cum all over this dildo in your pussy, cum now!!"

One last crack of the whip, and i came in buckets, she pulled the dildo out, and the cum ran all down my legs.

"now what do you say, to your mistress and master?" she demanded.

"thank you master and thank you mistress for allowing me to be your slave tonight," i said.

"good slut... now go to sleep... tomorrow we can torture you more," my master said.

They left me like i was, still handcuffed to the wall, cum still dripping down my legs, my ass burning from the whips, and i fell asleep, dreaming about what tomorrow would bring.

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