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Total Woman Academy 22


The Master Facility hosted monthly FreeWill Weekends where graduates and selected pledge contributors were invited to attend. One of the activities involved the pooling of individual fantasy and fetish requests of graduates with those submitted by select pledge contributors. If a match was found, the requestors would be notified of their acceptance and a FreeWill Weekend invitation issued. During the weekend the fantasy would be stage managed and enacted by the consenting participants.

Vanna and Vicki were attending a FreeWill Weekend. At the moment, they were in the modern décor fantasy suite playing photographer and model on the couch. They were also under the grateful gaze of a recumbent naked Ned who was propped up on pillows in the oversized bed.

Vicki was slowly, piece by piece, removing individual articles of clothing and lingerie. Vicki twisted and turned and presented Vanna, and Ned, with increasing risqué views of her body. Vanna clicked away with the camera moving beside, over, around, and under, close-up and full body shots of Vicki's poses. For his part, Ned lay quietly with his arms behind the pillows feeling his cock grow little by little as the scene unfolded.

As the shoot went along, Vanna, looking hot and bothered as she worked the camera, would remove an article of clothing to cool down herself. As both approached nudity in motion, Vanna was up-close and personal on a face close-up when both participants made eye contact and stopped moving. After a pause, Vanna and Vicki bent towards each other's faces and began a tentative lip and tongue bob and peck. Without losing contact, Vanna set the camera aside. The kissing increased in passion and intensity. Hands reached out to caress hair, cheeks, necks and arms in an effort to increase the sensitivity of her partner. Ned watched it all as his cock continued to grow a little more.

Vanna slowed the action by taking both of Vicki's hands, gently pulling her to her feet and leading her to the foot of the bed. Turning Vicki's back to the mattress, Vanna lowered her onto the covers and adjusted her position so that she was lying face-up between Ned's outspread legs. Vicki's hair fell across Ned's groin and added to the pleasant feelings in Ned's inflated cock. Lowering to her knees between Vicki's bed-propped legs, Vanna alternately kissed her way up the inside of Vicki's thighs until her nose bumped the spongy crevasse of her cunt. Moving further, Vanna's coarse tongue skin licked each inner lip with a cat-like lap that made the soft skin begin to swell with excitement.

Vicki lay in stillness with her arms outside her legs. Ned was watching the happenings and wasn't going anywhere. Vicki was issuing murmuring moans as Vanna performed her tasteful act of love. Vicki's breathing rate increased and Vanna peered up at Vicki's face without breaking contact or movement of her tongue with the object of her calling. Patiently working her lingual skills, Vanna felt Vicki's groin's growing warmth. The crescendo would be near soon.

Vicki placed her hands on Vanna's scalp and gently held her tighter to her cunt. Vanna continued licking. Vanna heard Vicki's breath quicken, felt more pressure on her head and smiled under cover as Vicki braced and groaned. Vicki's raised hips vibrated in orgasm as she held Vanna's face to her cunt. Then finally, Vicki slowly relaxed her pelvis back into the mattress and her breathing became more normal and regular. Vanna continued the licking, but slower and lighter until Vicki released her scalp and Vanna looked up into the dreamy gaze of Vicki smiling down at her.

Vanna smiled back as she cat crawled up Vicki's sweat sheened abdomen and locked her lips with Vicki's. They broke off long enough to move themselves to either side of Ned. Facing each other on their sides, they moved their faces forward until Ned's now full erection was trapped between their kissing lips. They pecked their tongues out seeking each other, sliding around the shaft alternately. Sometimes they connected tips on one side of the shaft and other times missed the beat and felt Ned's tongue trapped shaft throb. They moved up the shaft from base to knob.

Ned was feeling the tongues do their work on him and knew he was close to his end. Vanna and Vicki could sense the impending end from Ned's breathing and moaning. At the ultimate moment, Vanna pulled back and Vicki rose and speared Ned's cock all the way into her mouth. Ned spurted and his cum fired directly down her throat. Vicki held it gently, giving small sucks as Ned deflated, working to pull any latent cum from his tube. Satisfied that she had gotten it all, she dragged her lips off his knob and lay down again. Vanna stared across at Vicki and smiled slightly. Vicki reached a hand out and caressed Vanna's cheek and thumbed along her lips. "Are you ready for your fantasy now? It's almost time." Vanna opened her lips, sucked on the end of Vicki's thumb and nodded.

Vanna and Vicki arose off the bed and went to the center of the room. Ned remained in bed, dazed by his post-orgasmic glow.

Vanna removed the remaining remnants of her lingerie. Vicki took Vanna's costume from the closet and helped her don it. It was an O-dress: a red tight bustier without bra cups, elbow length black velvet gloves, a calf length gauzy skirt, knee high dark silk hose and tall black heels. The bustier left both full breasts uncovered and the skirt was constructed of two overlapping panels which could spread open in front and back to expose groin and derriere. Vicki applied makeup to Vanna's face, dark eye shadow, ruby lipstick and rosed cheeks. She also applied rouge to the nipples, making them larger in diameter than Vanna's natural size, and a glossy umber rouge to Vanna's interior cunt lips.

Vicki helped Vanna to stand and walked around her for a final inspection. She yanked tighter the bustier laces down Vanna's back. Vanna stood just a tad straighter and taller after that. Satisfied that all was ready, Vicki positioned Vanna before the double doors leading to the adjoining suite where Vanna's fantasy awaited. She added wrist cuffs with dangling clasp chains and as a final detail, wrapped a wide satin band around Vanna's eyes and forehead, fastening it behind her, effectively blindfolding Vanna. Vicki stepped in front of Vanna and opened the double doors. Vicki reached back and took both Vanna's hands in hers, and backing into the room, led Vanna forward to stand in the center of the rug. Vanna felt the air movement as Vicki moved around her and left.

Vicki crawled into bed next to Ned and gently fondled his cock as he fingered her slit. They watched Vanna's unfolding scene on the flat screen TV linked to a hidden camera and recorder in the fantasy room beyond the double doors.

Vanna's Fantasy: no assistance, no resistance, blindfolded

Vicki stepped in front of Vanna and opened the double doors. She saw the inside of the room but barely. The walls were dark wood paneling and the floor contained a single large woven rug. On the left was a king size bed with black satin sheets and no covers. It was lit only by a single candle. Sitting on the other side of the center rug was a seated man wearing a silk bathrobe and a Zorro-style eye mask, obscuring his facial features but allowing him to see.

Vicki reached back and, taking Vanna's hands in hers, backed into the room, leading Vanna forward to stand in the center of the rug. The man watched as Vicki led the visionless Vanna into his chamber. He stayed unmoving as Vicki left and closed the doors behind her. He sat silent waiting for the dark quietness to be absorbed by Vanna.

Vanna felt the air movement as Vicki moved around her and left. She felt the coolness in the room and her own goose-bumps rising on her arms and the back of her neck. She couldn't decide if it was the temperature, the anticipation or both.

Vanna stood still listening to the sounds around her. She had heard her own and Vicki's footsteps enter the room and change tone as they walked from the solid floor onto the carpet. She heard Vicki move around her and retreat through the doors. She heard the solid thwack as the doors shut and the latch clicked, leaving her alone in the room. She heard the candle sputter in the air movement caused by the swinging doors. As she stood silently, she thought she heard a low breathing of someone else in the room with her.

Vanna smelled the musky aroma of the dark chamber. This was a man's room, redolent of wood polish and burnt candle wax. The single candle was not floral and did not cover the other manly scents. She could smell her own body with its creamy fragrance of makeup and her natural body oils.

A chair screaked and she heard the sound of someone standing. Footsteps approached from her front and stopped, she guessed, about arms reach away. A small air movement felt on her chest preceded a hand, palms and fingers, touching the top slope of her right breast, sliding down and around the outside to come underneath. The palm cradled and lifted her mound and a thumb circled her enlarged made-up nipple. The nub of her nipple was held between thumb and finger and twisted it mildly. Her arms lifted a little in a movement intended to fend off an anticipated pinch but arrested in mid motion and her arms dropped again to her side. The hand released her breast.

She heard steps as the man walked behind her. She felt his clothes brush against her back. Her arms were pulled backwards and she heard the click of the chain clasps on the cuffs attached to her wrists. She rested her arms downward and discovered that she could not bring them fully to down position and she was effectively hand-cuffed though not severely constricted.

She felt and heard the man return to her front and she smelled and heard his breath as he brought his face closer to but higher than hers. She felt hands on both her breasts this time and would not be able to stop his caress, whatever it would be. She was relieved when his manipulations of her nipples were gentle and smooth. They went on for some time, light pulling, pinching, and twisting, lifting, even inward pressing.

The man stopped and walked behind her. She heard the rippling of his waist belt untying and heard the robe fall to the floor. Stiffness pressed the small of her back, and then pushed downward to the split of her buttocks. She felt it rub back and forth within the crevasse, a simple stroking. The touch stopped and pulled away. She heard and felt the man again move to her front. He gripped her shoulders, turned her a quarter way to the right and pressed her back, step by step until a silky bulk touched her at mid-calf level. The man continued to push and she fell backward but was guided and protected by his hands on her shoulders until she lay recumbent on the smooth silky fabric of the bed sheets.

Her arms were still fastened behind her back and she used her fisted hands as supports beneath her ass to raise her pelvis. The man cleared aside the split skirt panels, drawing the halves over her thighs, the fabric slipping over her skin. He put two fingers from each hand under her knees and gently pulled up and out, lifting and separating her knees. She drew her heels towards her ass and planted them wide on the mattress. The exposed inner thighs felt the chill breeze as he moved closer to her. She rolled her hips up slightly, and presented her make-up glossed cunt for his use. She felt the bed give and then heard and felt his body above her. His stiffness made contact again, this time at the entrance to her slick vulva.

She felt him drive inward in one thrust and the weight of his dropping body forced her back into the mattress. He held still, allowing her time to adjust to his size and weight. Then the man got down to work. He employed long strokes as she felt his tip bump her cervix. All the inner surfaces of her cunt were rubbed by his knob. She heard his regular breathing begin to quicken. She felt his long strokes become less protracted, quicker and plunging deep but pulling only half way out. She could feel the moisture of his exertions on his chest and it was transferred to hers. Her slippery breasts and nipples were rocking around beneath his chest. The bed rolled and creaked rhythmically.

She felt his hands rub her arms and lift his upper body. The loss of contact body heat and the moisture of the sweat left chilliness on her breasts and nipples. The man's upper groin slapped against hers. Suddenly, she heard him give three progressively louder and deeper grunts, hold his breath, then emit a long howl. She felt his warm discharge deep inside her cunt, four elongated shots. As the last one flowed into her, she was again pressed full body into the mattress as he collapsed his weight onto her.

She lay still, awaiting his recovery. She felt him lift away from her and the bed creaked as she heard and felt him stand up at the foot of the bed. She heard his footsteps as he walked out of the room by another entrance than the one she had used to come in. The door closed and there was silence except for the sputter of the disturbed candle flame. She heard the double doors open and footsteps, lighter but wearing heels, that clicked on the hard floor until they were silenced at the carpet.

The bed rocked as a body crawled onto it. Vanna felt hands beneath her head undo the satin blindfold and it was removed. She saw the darkened room for the first time. Vicki's face came into view. She raised her eyebrows in a "How was it?" gesture. Vanna smiled back and nodded. Vicki helped Vanna to sit up and reached around to unfasten the chains connecting the handcuffs.

Vanna rose to her feet. Together Vanna and Vicki walked out through the double doors where they had entered and closed out the scene of Vanna's fantasy.

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