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Total Woman Clinic 03


Syd stood in the swimming pool room. It smelled of chlorine and blue green glimmers splashed across the walls as the aqua tinged water rippled. He heard bare wet footsteps slapping across the pool deck and turned in their direction. An athletic looking African female approached. Her hair was bunned atop her head by a bandana which was all the clothes she wore. She walked to Syd stark naked and extended her hand.

Her skin color, everywhere, was dark chocolate. Her muscles beneath looked lean and toned, as would be expected of an avid swimmer. She stood as tall as Syd in her bare feet making easy confident eye contact. Her breasts were firm and high on her chest, conically shaped with little sag.

"Syd, I'm Wandah. I work Wednesdays. I am the water aerobics and swimming exercise therapist. As you can see, I find swimwear constricting. It's unnecessary and I want you to have that same freedom of movement. Let's get you out of your shorts."

Wandah stood close to Syd as he unbuckled the shorts. She helped him spread the panels and then kneeled to lower the shorts off his legs. Standing back, she gave his chest a sudden shove and he fell backward into the tepid water with a splash. His head came above water just as another splash announced that Wandah was in the pool with him. His vision cleared to see her draw up next to him. Her hair had little beads of water speckled like white jewels around the fuzzy knot atop her head. When they stood, the water was chest deep on Syd and nipple deep on Wandah.

At his side, Wandah put one hand behind Syd's head, another under his butt and raised him to a prone face up floating position. She slowly lowered her support until only Syd's toes, cock and face broke the surface; the rest of his body was submerged. She took away his support and Syd floated freely in the water. "Learn to arch your back a little and accept the water's buoyancy. You will need to rest periodically during water exercises and this position will help you do it."

Next, Wandah put Syd through some standard swimming strokes that would exercise all the different muscle groups. Syd knew how to swim but Wandah followed along the pool side critiquing his form as he swam laps under her coaching eye. As time passed, Syd began to feel the aches in his muscles from the exertions.

Syd stopped and sat on the pool steps at the shallow end of the pool. Wandah came down to sit beside him. The water was waist deep. Syd stretched his legs out trying to relieve the little cramps developing in his thigh and calf muscles. Wandah descended the steps and grasped one ankle pulling out and up. Syd lay back on the steps and Wandah cradled his heel against her breasts bone as she lifted the leg and stretched the rear thigh and buttocks. She massaged the inner leg from knee to groin to help the muscles stretch. Syd's cock began to stretch all by itself. Nothing escaped Wandah's perceptive gaze. She lowered that leg and similarly raised and rubbed the other. Syd's cock raised higher as well.

"I think we need some heat therapy on these legs. Follow me." Wandah grasped Syd's hand and led him to the Jacuzzi hottub next to the pool. Seating him in the bubbles, she sat beside him, rested his legs on her lap and continued to massage his legs. Several strokes went long and rubbed against Syd's full erection. Wandah stopped the massage and abandoning all pretext, climbed up and straddled Syd's lap.

Syd remembered how previous sessions had progressed and took his cue from Wandah's act. He leaned in and licked Wandah's left nipple. He captured the nub gently in his teeth and worried her tit around in little circles. His hand rose to grip the other tit as Wandah laid her arms across Syd's shoulders. She ground her pussy lips against his cock. When Syd was sufficiently hard, Wandah lifted her hips and lowered her cunt down completely over Syd's hard on. She hugged his head and pulled his nose into her cleavage. Ned closed his eyes and reveled in the warmth of her cunt and breasts.

Syd gave a push up with his hips and Wandah returned his one move. Syd pushed again and Wandah responded in kind. Syd could not get his feet planted for leverage so engaged his abdomen and butt muscles into a cock pistoning motion which Wandah rewarded move for move. Syd understood that Wandah was making him exercise his lower core; if he wanted to bring about a climatic conclusion to their exercise program today he needed to get busy.

Challenge accepted, Syd concentrated all his effort on the expected cyclic bounces. He hugged her body to his. His legs floated free in the bubbling water. Wandah's nipples caressed his face when she added sideways moves of her tits as a bonus to Syd's up and downs in her cunt. Incredibly, despite the extensive struggle, Syd felt his ardor and the familiar tingling begin to grow in his groin. Wandah heard his breathing change and prepared herself for her part of the ultimate action. As Syd breath caught in his throat and he growled, Wandah clamped her vaginal muscles hard, almost blocking the sperm flow but not quite. Syd felt his prostate crushed by his ejaculate muscles as they forced the impeded sperm out his urethra. Wandah felt the ropes burst into her cavity and laid her chin atop Syd's head, beaming with the pleasurable feeling. Syd clung to her as his head cleared. Wandah held him close, rubbing his head and upper back cooing "Good boy, good boy."

Wandah climbed off Syd and out of the hottub. She helped Syd to get on his feet and standing upright on the pool deck. She retrieved his shorts and carried them under her arm as she walked him to his guest room. Showering him and then toweling him off, she got him into bed and called room service to order his supper. Responsibilities completed, Wandah leaned over and kissed his cock, then turned and left the room. Syd lay back and dreamed of what awaited him on the next dawn.

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