tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTraci's Day at the Races

Traci's Day at the Races


It was going to be a very hot day at the races. Temperatures were predicted for the 90s and Traci's family had seats in the uncovered grandstands. Knowing that infield parking would be full when they arrived, Traci's father decided to pull into one of the many houses surrounding the track that offered cheap parking in the yard. A muscular man in his early 30s told him to pull around behind the house. The car followed the driveway until a second, younger man directed Traci's father to pull off into the back yard.

Traci, her 20-year-old brother Joe, her mother, Carol, and her father, John, piled out into the heat. They all wore shorts and t-shirts except for Traci, who preferred showing off her 18-year-old body in a tank top. The younger man approached the family and Traci's father pulled out his wallet. The man stood directly in front of John and said, "You won't need that."

John looked down to see a small, silver handgun pointed at his stomach. The other members of the family were near the trunk removing two coolers. Carol was the first to see the gun and let out a loud gasp. She instinctively held Traci's arm and pulled her closer.

"Don't anyone scream or he's dead," the man said. "Close the trunk, grab the coolers and follow me into the house."

The older man had joined them now and followed the procession inside the back door. They passed through a kitchen and moved into a spacious living room. The house was old, but the rooms were large and bright with dark wood paneling highlighting painted walls.

Traci and Joe were told to place the coolers by the wall. Joe looked quickly around the room for anything that might serve as a weapon if the opportunity arose, but it appeared to him the room had been purposely stripped of any large objects. Two couches, two overstuffed chairs, a high back wood chair and a large wood coffee table filled the room. The drapes were pulled tight, but there was plenty of light.

"Nice of you to pull in," the older man said. "Brian, here, has put out the 'full' sign, so we shouldn't be disturbed. You can call me Pete. You'll be calling me worse than that before the day's done."

Brian laughed as he bent down to open one of the coolers.

"We didn't expect a car with two lovely ladies in it quite this early," Pete continued. "Must be our lucky day. And yours, cuz we aim to please."

Brian pulled a beer from a cooler and untwisted the cap. He threw the cap into the kitchen and took a long drink.

"That's not a good sign," Pete said, frowning. "Brian gets kind 'a wild when he drinks. We better get started."

Pete pointed the gun at Traci's father and told him to take off his t-shirt. When that was off, he made John sit in the high back chair and, pulling a pair of handcuffs from his back pocket, handcuffed the man's hands behind the chair's wooden back.

"No, please," Carol pleaded.

"Shut up," Brian yelled. "We'll tell you when to talk."

While her father was being cuffed to the chair, Traci was considering escape possibilities. She knew the front door would take too long to open, so she settled on a route through the kitchen to the back door. Brian had moved several feet away from the opening separating the kitchen from the living room. Traci and Brian were probably equal distance from the door, but she'd have the advantage of a head start, she concluded.

As the cuffs snapped closed around her father's wrists and with both of their captors concentrating on John, Traci took off.

"Hey, stop," Brian shouted.

"Traci," Carol screamed.

The young girl was in the kitchen. She threw a chair down behind her as she passed the table and continued running for the door. She heard the man close behind her and the sound of the chair being kicked aside. Traci reached for the knob on the back door, turned it and flung the door open. As she pushed the storm door open, a hand grabbed her shirt from behind.

The shirt pulled tight against her bare breasts. She tried to step through the open door, but a second hand tugged at the top of her shirt behind her neck. The tank top rose and pressed hard against her throat. She heard ripping fabric as she was pulled backward into the house. The shirt tore open at one shoulder and she lurched forward again.

However, the other arm was still inside the tank top and with one great yank, she was hauled into the kitchen. Traci spun around with the force of the tug and the man pushed her toward the table. She stumbled over the fallen chair and put her hands out to stop her fall before smashing into the table. Brian was behind her now, and put his full weight against her.

Traci was doubled over the table with her attacker pressed against her butt. A sudden, violent jerk removed her tank top completely. She could hear his heavy breathing. One hand pressed against her left shoulder, while the other groped at her right breast. He squeezed it viciously and she shrieked in pain. She could feel his hard cock push against her ass through their clothes.

"Brian, bring her in here," she heard the older man yell from the living room.

"We're coming," Brian yelled back.

He pulled Traci up from the table, holding her arm tightly. He leaned back and pushed the back door closed again, then guided Traci toward the living room. When they entered the room, all eyes were on Traci's bare chest.

She had full breasts that didn't need a bra for support. The red imprints of Brian's fingers were still fading.

"Holy shit, look at this," Pete exclaimed. "That's as fine a pair of tits as I've seen in ages. Come here, sweetie."

Brian let the girl go, but stayed between her and the kitchen. Traci folded her arms in front of her and walked over to the older man.

"Drop your arms," Pete ordered.

She obeyed and watched him leer at each tit repeatedly.

"Turn around," he said.

The man pulled a second set of handcuffs from the drawer of a nearby desk. He pulled Traci's arms behind her and fastened the cuffs
around her wrists.

"We have plans for you. We can't have you disappearing on us again," Pete said. "Now, lets get started. Mom, why don't you come over here and remove your husband's shorts."

Carol was shaking as she moved towards her bound husband. She hesitated and said in a cracking voice, "Please don't make..."

"Do it," Pete shouted. Carol jumped at his voice, then leaned forward, unzipped John's shorts and pulled them off, leaving him in shoes and boxers.

"Everything," the man said. Carol removed John's shoes, then slowly pulled down his boxers.

Traci's father sat naked, looking at the floor in front of him. Carol and Joe were instructed to sit on one of the couches, while Traci was moved in front of her father.

Pete said, "Kneel down and put his cock in your mouth. We want to see him cum and I think you know how to make it happen."

Traci awkwardly got on her knees and inched forward. Her father separated his legs and she got between them. Her tits hung seductively as she bent at the waist and lowered her head closer to her father's cock. Her blonde hair fell on his legs and she opened her mouth. She put her lips on the cock and, using her tongue in place of her restrained hands, lifted it slightly. Her mouth closed around it and she felt it twitch.

Traci began to move her tongue over the cock's tip inside her mouth. John closed his eyes, humiliated by the fact he was not going to be able to subdue the certain erection that would result from Traci's actions. The sight of her tits, the feel of her hair on his legs, the sensation of her tongue gliding over his shaft-all contributed to the familiar feeling that preceded a raging hard on.

Thirty seconds later, Traci was sucking on a fully erect cock. Her head bobbed up and down on the shaft with ever increasing vigor. John's head rested against the back of the chair. Across the room, Carol looked on in shocked amazement. Her daughter, her baby, was handcuffed, half naked, giving her husband a blowjob...and he was enjoying it. Next to her, Joe was trying to figure out how he was going to conceal the fact he, too, was getting harder by the minute.

Pete walked behind Traci and said, "Keep going. Don't worry about anything else."

He took hold of one of Traci's ankles and pulled off her shoe, then did the same on the other leg. Then he reached around her small waist and unsnapped her shorts. He pulled down the zipper and put his hands inside. She tried to pull away as his right hand rubbed against her panty-covered pussy. Pete withdrew his hands, grabbed the top of her shorts and pulled them down over her hips and ass.

She wore light blue low-rise panties that barely covered her small, round ass. When he pulled off her shorts, she momentarily lifted her head.

"What did I tell you? Don't stop until he cums," Pete said.

Traci lowered her head just as began removing her panties. Just a trace of a tan line covered her otherwise bronze butt. She had obviously found time and a place this summer for some nude sunbathing. Her thighs were equally brown and smooth.

Joe squirmed on the couch. The front of his shorts no longer obscured his condition.

Traci heard the distinctive sound of a zipper being yanked down. Pete's shorts dropped to the ground and he kicked them aside, then he got on his knees behind Traci and lowered his boxers. When Pete's hands touched her hips, Traci flinched. She was caught between wanting to make her father cum as quickly as possible to end the torment, and what was happening behind her.

The next thing she felt was Pete's semi-erect cock resting on the top of her ass. He rubbed it back and forth along her crack, occasionally moving it over to the softness of her cheeks. Almost instantly he was hard.

Moving back just a bit, he put his hands on the insides of Traci's thighs and pulled them apart. Her cunt became visible, with its soft lips and pink entrance. He moved his cock to the opening and inserted the tip. Moving his hands to the front of her thighs, he pulled her back and thrust forward at the same time. In one violent motion, he entered her until his entire cock disappeared.

She groaned loudly-a muffled gasp and cry combined into an incoherent muttering. She felt like the huge cock would somehow rise to meet the one in her mouth. The initial pain was compounded as Pete began pumping into her.

John was excited by the vision of Pete driving his cock into Traci's cunt from behind, her ass quivering with each thrust. He was on the verge of cumming, and didn't dare look at the couch where Joe and Carol witnessed everything. It seemed Traci was sucking harder on his cock as she withstood Pete's attack. Whenever her tongue touched the underside of his cock, John put his head back against the chair.

His eyes were closed when the first wave of an orgasm erupted from his balls. He lifted off the seat, pushing his cock farther into Traci's mouth. She felt the first blast hit the back of her throat, quickly followed by another. John's groans filled the room.

"That's it, Dad," Pete said. "Give it all to her."

Traci struggled to keep up with the volume of cum flowing from her father's cock. It dripped out the sides of her mouth and down her chin. John shot three more long steams of white cum into Traci's mouth before settling back onto the chair.

She focused now on the rising tension building inside of her brought on by Pete's fucking. She leaned over so the side of her head was on her father's legs, while Pete held her tightly by the hips and brutally attacked her cunt. He grunted fiercely and his own orgasm began.

Traci felt the warm liquid enter her each time he thrust forward. He kept up a rapid pace, causing her to finally give in to her urges. Wishing dearly to be able to touch her clit, she came with a sudden and welcome rush of electricity throughout her entire body. She held her father's legs as each wave of orgasm flowed from her stomach through her pussy.

"Ooohhhhhh, yes, yes," she cried.

"That's it baby. Keep cumming," Pete told her.

"Harder, harder," Traci urged him.

Pete had nearly stopped cumming until he heard Traci beg for more. Now he felt a second round of orgasms rush up from his balls.

Together they exhausted themselves. Pete softened and pulled out from Traci's wet cunt. He leaned on her ass and squeezed her tits gently.

Pete slowly got dressed and stood alongside Traci and her father. Traci was leaning back away from John now, resting her butt on her ankles. Her thighs shined from the combined juices of her own orgasms and Pete's.

"Looks like you excited the kid," Brian said. He pointed to Joe. An easily distinguishable outline of his erect cock filled the front of his shorts.

"We need to fix that," Pete said. "You two stand up."

Joe and Carol stood in front of the couch, each looking anxiously at their captors.

"Strip," Pete ordered.

Neither one moved, except for Carol's nervous shaking of her head. Pete moved to the table and took out a large hunting knife from the drawer.

"Don't make me use this," he said in a threatening voice.

Joe began to lift his t-shirt off, but Carol stood with her arms crossed in front of her, tears running down her cheeks.

"No, please," she said softly.

Pete crossed the room as Joe pulled his shirt over his head. As Pete approached Carol, Joe wrapped the shirt around his fist.

"Drop it," Pete yelled, pointing the knife at Joe. After a few seconds, the shirt fell to the floor.

"I said strip," Pete screamed at Carol. "Now."

Carol turned away from his voice and the weapon. Pete grabbed the back of her shirt and pulled it away from her body.

"No, stop," John yelled from his chair.

"Shut up. Brian, take care of them if they make any more noise."

Pete turned back to Carol, still facing away from him, and placed the knife at the top of her shirt behind her neck. He pulled the knife down and it cut the material as though it wasn't there. The knife continued down her back until the shirt had been cut in half.

Pete gripped one side of the shirt and pulled. Carol squealed as she lost her balance, turned back toward her attacker and felt her shirt pulling away from her body. She regained her balance with her side facing Pete. He threw the torn shirt to the floor and ordered Carol to face him.

With her arms still crossed in front of her, he moved the knife under her chin until it pricked the bottom of her neck.

"Put your arms down, please," he said almost inaudibly.

Carol shook with fear as her hands went to her sides. The knife followed the center of her chest until reaching the top of her breasts. Pete ran the knife over the outline of her bra, across each breast. When he returned to the cleavage, he violently cut through the center of the bra.

Carol jumped and gasped, the bra falling loosely now over her tits.

"I said strip," Pete said, backing away from her.

Joe, who had stopped to watch what was occurring next to him, unzipped his shorts. Carol finally conceded defeat and pulled off the remainder of her bra. She kicked off her shoes before lowering her shorts. Her tits hung alluringly as she bent to pull the shorts over her feet.

Joe was pulling down his underwear, exposing his bulging cock. It stood erect as Joe stared ashamedly at the floor. His mother was taking off her panties, revealing a thin patch of short, dark hair surrounding her pussy.

"Much better," Pete said. "Brian, it's your choice. You can decide between the little girl or Mom. What do you say, partner?"

Brian smiled wickedly, looking at both women. He looked at Traci and said, "I think I want the girl. I got a preview in the kitchen and I want to finish it. Take off her cuffs."

"In a minute," Pete said. "First, that leaves us with these two. Mom, get on the couch."

Carol moved to the couch and laid down, lifting one knee to cover her pussy as much as possible.

"Son, here's your chance to get rid of that hard on. Do your mother."

"No, I...," Joe stammered.

Pete moved toward him with the knife at cock level. Joe immediately turned to the couch and moved down to the end where Carol's feet were. He placed his right knee inside her legs and climbed on the couch. Moving her left leg with his hand, he got between her legs. Hesitantly, he moved his hands on either side of her head and lowered his body to hers.

Pete went over to Traci and took off her handcuffs. Brian ordered her to lie on the floor while her removed his shorts and underwear. With his erection pointing straight at her, he situated himself over her.

Carol gasped as Joe's cock entered her. It was huge, she thought, but she found herself taking pleasure in the feel of it filling her cunt. She was wet, for which she was thankful. When the cock was in her completely, she felt as though it would run through her entire abdomen. Joe began a slow, rhythmic action, closing his eyes and enjoying the gratification after watching the events of the afternoon.

Brian was impatiently pounding Traci's small cunt, the sound of his balls slapping against her ass filling the room.

"Yes, you are some pussy. Just as I thought," Brian was saying breathlessly.

It only took a couple minutes for Brian to begin to cum. He pulled Traci's legs up as he thrust his cock repeatedly into her. "Oh, yeah, baby. Here it comes. Here it comes," he said loudly.

"Aaaahhhhh, fuck. Yes," he groaned.

He mumbled a few more unrecognizable sounds before shooting the first load of cum into her cunt. Loudly he announced each spurt of warm, white fluid. Pete watched Traci's tits bounce frantically as Brian fucked her.

Carol's body, meanwhile, was being disloyal to her. Between the sound of Brian cumming and the sensation of Joe's cock in her, she was on the verge of an orgasm herself. She bit her lip each time her son forced his penis into her. Her clit throbbed and demanded attention. Inside her stomach, she felt the familiar start of an orgasm.

She screamed to herself, "No, not here. Not now. Not like this." But Joe wasn't going to stop and she knew it. It was going to happen. She couldn't let them know.

Her hands became fists and her entire body tensed. Unconsciously, she spread her legs wider. Then it hit. She held her breath and raised her butt off the couch, arching her back. When she breathed again, it was a series of short, excited breaths. She clamped her lips shut to avoid shouting, but sounds came from deep inside her that anyone could identify.

She pushed her hips into Joe's body and came again and again. Her cunt tightened around his cock and Joe erupted with a torrential flood of cum. Stream after stream slammed against her womb. The feel of it caused her to sigh noisily, and Joe picked up his pace.

He shot cum into her a half dozen more times before collapsing on her chest.

Brian had rolled off Traci, who stared at the ceiling. Her body glistened with moisture as she ran her hands over her stomach, onto her breasts and her hard nipples.

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