tagLoving WivesTrading Places Ch. 01

Trading Places Ch. 01


The door flew open and Wendy sailed into her sister's house, her eyes red with tears. Sally stood, opening her arms and embracing her twin with welcome and concern. For several long moments, both women just held each other, Wendy sobbing and Sally murmuring words of consolation.

"Are you sure?"

Wendy nodded, pulling back and wiping her face. When her sister handed her a tissue, she blew her nose and took a deep breath. "He's taking her out to dinner tomorrow night."

"And the hotel?"

"He's taking her there afterwards."

Sally shook her head, wondering what she was going to do to help her. "I thought things were fine with you two."

"They were but ... Robert wants sex all the time! He just doesn't understand that I'm not as interested in it as he is."

Sally sat back and eyed her sister, amazement running through her. "You don't like sex?"

Wendy wiped her eyes, taking a seat on the couch and keeping her eyes averted in embarrassment. "It's not that I don't like it, it's just ... tedious."

"Tedious? I've never heard sex called that."

"Well, you know, all those bodily fluids and the mess." She made a face that made her sister laugh. "And it tastes nasty."

"I'll have to agree with you on the last count, Wend, but slipping around in the 'bodily fluids' as you call them is half the fun."

"It's not fun to me. It's gross. He always laughs at me when I jump up to take a shower after we finish. I can't stand to have his semen and sweat on me!"

While Wendy waxed poetic about the nasty hygiene of sex, Sally's mind ran rampant. She remembered the tales about the size of Robert's cock. Wendy had been embarrassed but the bond between twin sisters was strong and they shared everything. Maybe now ... they could really share everything.

"I have an idea, Wend, but you'll really have to trust me ... "

* * * * *

Robert Maloney pulled into the valet parking circle in front of the Hotel Ici, confusion and excitement ruling his senses. His dick was hard just remembering Crysti's phone call. She wanted to skip dinner out. He was to meet her at the hotel, room 322 and he was to bring a bouquet of peach roses, her favorite flowers. He handed his keys to the valet and strode through the lobby, taking the elevator to the third floor and quickly finding the room.

A knock brought her call, "It's open," and he grasped the knob, pushing the door in and grinning at ... Wendy? His mouth hung open as he surveyed her luscious curves, draped in pink lace and satin. Her shiny blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders in thick curls, framing her beautiful face and she smiled, ruby red lips curving softly. "Hi, Robbie."

"W-Wendy! What are you doing here?"

"Why, I'm here for our date, of course!" She arose from the bed, walking over to him and grinning when she noticed where his eyes were focused. "Oh, and you brought me flowers! Such a thoughtful husband you are."

She attacked his mouth with such force that he was momentarily surprised but quickly dropped the bouquet, filling his arms with his wife's lithe body and groaning as she pulled on his bottom lip, gripping it between her teeth. His cock was as hard as a rock and he groaned when her hand found him, rubbing hard beneath the cloth.

"So I see that you brought something else for me." Wendy sucked his tongue into her mouth, thrusting her groin against him. "Want to give it to me?"

"Fuck, yeah." Robert couldn't get his clothes off quickly enough and he ripped the flimsy negligee from her body, lifting her to the bed while burying his face in between her breasts. His mouth moved over the soft flesh, finding a nipple and sucking it into hardness. She gasped beneath him, spreading her legs and accepting his weight on top of her. He licked every inch of both breasts, chewing on her nipples until she was nearly sobbing with need. "You want it, baby? You want it like I used to give it to you?"

She could only groan in response, her body trembling as the thick head of his cock rode up and down her wet gash. She held her breath as he pressed in, stretching and filling her pussy with his throbbing meat. "Fuck, I forgot how big you are." He growled in delight at her gasping words and began to slam into her, hooking her legs over his shoulders. It didn't take long for her to cum the first time. His size and his aggression turned her on something fierce and she exploded, digging her nails into his arms.

Robert quickened his pace, lifting her hips and driving deeper into her. She arched her back, allowing him greater access and watched the expression on his face as he hungrily plunged into her, sending her quickly back to the edge and joining her as his liquid heat filled her, spilling out onto the sheets. With a last spurt, he collapsed on top of her, panting heavily and gathering her in his arms.

"That was fantastic. Just like the old days. Why don't we do this more often?"

Her body still trembling and her pussy still pulsing with pleasure, she whispered, "Because I'm not Wendy."

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