tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTrain Adventures Ch. 02

Train Adventures Ch. 02


With a slight shake of my head, I realize that I need to pull myself together and get back to my charges. I stand up slowly; self pleasure still flowing through my body. Reaching down I pick up the treasured glass cock that just gave me so much pleasure. I slowly carefully run it under warm water and pat it dry. Putting him carefully back into my purse, I turn my attentions to reassembling myself.

Amazed that this plush bathroom actually had cloths, I moistened one and was carefully wiping away the evidence of my stolen moments of self-pleasure when there was a knock on the door. Realizing that I had monopolized the restroom for quite a while now, I guiltily said I would be right out. I was quickly straightening my hair when the door opened.

Startled I turned to see my boss, the gorgeous man I had just tormented myself to, striding into the now tiny room. And he didn't look happy. Grabbing my arm, he started to drag me out of the room. With the harshest words I had ever heard from him, I was getting yelled at about neglecting my duty to his children, and how there was no reason I should ever leave them alone with the bodyguards as long as I did today.

Tears were streaming down my face as I grabbed for my purse to follow him. My fingers brushing the fabric only cause it to fall off the sink onto the floor, spilling the contents for his inspection. My cherished glass cock rolling into view, his eyes take on a different sheen. The yelling changes into softly spoken hard words... "That is what possessed you to neglect my children and your job? You needed get fucked?"

"If I would have known that you were such a little fucking slut we could have taken care of that problem for you!"

Pushing me back onto the couch he shuts the door, relocking it. "I will teach you never to let your personal weaknesses get in the way of your job, you stupid little needy bitch."

By this time, my mascara was running down my face with the tears. I no longer saw the beauty in him that had brought me so much self-pleasure. In fact he was scaring the shit out of me. Looking into his deep green eyes all I could see was his rage.

His strong hands reached down and ripped off my shirt. Bruising my hips he turned me roughly to remove the designer mini skirt he had bought me. Standing before him clad only in a black wire bra, black thigh highs and my pumps, I felt vulnerable and very naked. He followed my glace to the spilled contents of my purse that included my black silk panties.

"Fucking little slut," as he reached down to caress the moistened fabric that I had removed before driving my dildo into me in his name. Slowly he brought them to his face, inhaling deeply of my scent. I turned red as he tossed them back into my purse. "Come here."

Very afraid, I walked slowly to him. Only to be forced down on my knees before him. My eyes wide I watched as he quickly undid his dress pants with one hand. Holding my hair with the other, he brought my face to meet his huge cock. I wanted to recoil in terror. There was no way I would be able to fit that monster into any part of my body, much less my mouth.

Tilting my head back, he pushed his huge cock deep into my throat. Choking, I struggled to breath around it. Not giving me a chance to fight or even refuse, he starts stroking slowly and deliberately into my throat. I try to relax and accept him as he fucks my mouth. Tears stream down my face as the man I have dreamt about for the 2 years I worked for him, angrily rapes my mouth. My jaws ache from how wide he has forced them open.

As I grow more accustomed to his violation of my mouth, he sudden pushes me backwards. Landing on my ass, I look up confused. He reaches down and hauls me back to my feet. Then I feel his hand rip off my bra, the hook drawing blood as he tears it from my body. His hands grab my full breasts. Roughly he caresses them, pinching my erect nipples. Dropping to his knees he pushes them together with one hand. Taking the nipples into his mouth. His little bites torment me, I whimper in protest. Pain shoots through my body as I am rewarded with a hard slap across my tender bruised lips.

Then as he is savaging my now tender nipples, I feel his hand moving lower. He forces my legs into a wider stance, and thrusts his hand into my inner core. I feel him enter me and fiercely fuck me with his entire hand. My body screams in pain at the violation. I feel his thumb move to my clit, he starts caressing it. I feel my body respond to his touch. He notices it and quickly removes his hand.

Standing, he moves behind me and bends me over the couch. I know what is coming... I can feel him behind me, hesitating. I feel him step back, for a second. When I try to look, I receive a smack on my ass, hard enough that I can feel my heated skin raise in red welt. And he steps forward again. I feel his cock paused at my entry. I know he is too large. I know I won't be able to handle his cock with in me. And he forces entry to my trembling body. Slowly he goes deeper until he is buried entirely in me. I feel stretched beyond what I could even dream of. Pain, delicious pain as I feel my body struggle to accept him. Giving me no time to adjust, he just as slowly removes himself to the very entrance. And I feel empty.

He chuckles at my whimper, slams into me. Burying his huge monster of a cock with in. I feel the zipper of his pants draw blood as he roughly fucks me. His belt buckle cuts into my upper thigh. I scream as the delicious pain washes through me. I feel myself building toward an orgasm I cant believe. I have never been so violated in my life. I have always demanded to be treated with respect, that my lovers remain gentle.

Here I was in a public restroom being raped by my boss, that I have fantasized about for years... and I was going to come. He must have noticed that I was responding to him also because he paused. Then I felt the familiar cold of my glass toy, centering on my virgin asshole. I struggle, trying to protect myself from this last humiliation. With his free hand he grips my hip hard enough to bruise me, and pulls his cock all the way out. As he slides in the toy I had just used, I feel cheated, almost empty. He fucks me with it just enough to coat it with my juices. Then his huge cock is replaced within me. I shudder around him, almost coming.

As he continues to fuck me, I feel the dildo at the entrance of my ass. This time there is no pause, and he slides it in... slowly. Working carefully he matches the rhythm and continues to bury both deep within my body. Bringing me closer to the edge than I have ever felt before. I feel my body screaming for release. A violent orgasm tears through me. I collapse against him. I feel him tighten in me... I can feel that he won't last much longer as he fucks my body with both his hard cock and my toy.

Burying himself deeper than he has been he fills me. I can feel his body spill into me. And I never want it to stop.

As soon as he catches his breath, I feel him withdraw his still hard cock. Grabbing my hair he pulls my mouth close. And I gently clean myself off him. When he is satisfied, he releases me. I fall to the floor. Looking down disgustedly at me, he tells me to clean myself up. That he will send one of the bodyguards with a change of clothes. Picking up my discarded panties, he shoves them into his pocket and walks out of the room. Leaving the door open, he turns to me, "this better not be locked when they get here, slut."

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