tagBDSMTraining Aide Ch. 04

Training Aide Ch. 04


Both of my hands were gripped around the base of his huge cock like holding a baseball bat which still left a good six inches available for my lovely wife's waiting cunt.

I lay there transfixed at the sight, as her pussy lips opened wide to receive his cock. She slowly lowered herself on to it.

It will never fit I thought to myself as she moaned with its entry. I looked at her face which was contorted into a mask of pleasure and pain as she continued her decent.

In the background I could hear my mistress and the other women's comments. "See how steady he holds it for her", "Oh my god, he's going to split her in two!", "God I wish it was my pussy!"

Angel was crying out but I could not discern whether it was in pain or ecstasy causing her outcries.

"Quick," she commanded me, "Suck on my clit!"

I quickly placed my lips and tongue on her clitoris and started manipulating it. I could smell the mixture of their juices and I preformed my duty.

This seemed to help because now her pussy was stretched tightly around his shaft, six inches deep!

I was then reminded, as I watched her rise and fall on his cock, of the flexibility of a woman's reproductive organs, after all, they push babies through these small orifices.

Angel was emitting moans of pure pleasure now and saying "Yes, oh yes, fucks me, fuck me! Straighten our every wrinkle in my cunt! Go boldly where no man has gone,,,,,oh god, I'm coming ohhhh, ohhhh, yes, yes, YES, YESSSS!!!

I was both thrilled and horrified watching her orgasm. She had never come like that with me. I knew in my heart I would never be able to satisfy her again. I had lost her, forever.

Then I could see his back start to arch and his huge thigh muscles stiffen. I knew he was coming. His orgasm triggered another orgasm in Angel and their moans could be heard echoing throughout the room and I'm sure, out on the streets.

I could see his cum leaking out between his cock and her cunt as they both collapsed on the bed with her lying on top of him, her breasts heaving.

His cock made a popping sound as it came out of her pussy when she rolled over to hug and kiss him.

I could feel the tears running down my cheeks as I witnessed their post-coital embraces. My wife and this black man looked like two long lost lovers as the kissed and cuddled in after glow.

At this point, Mistress Elaine told the class, "She knows she has lost her. All she can do now is hope she allows her to be some small part of her new life. She is willing to do anything to stay a part of her life."

Angel then looked at me smiling and said, "Well bitch, what you are waiting for? Clean us up with your tongue. Suck his wonderful black cream out of my pussy, and then lick my juices off of his cock!"

As I started sucking her cunt, ingesting his salty sperm, I couldn't help but wonder how she had changed so much.

To have gone from a loving, devoted wife, to this cold, cruel woman, so quickly, was so out of character. I was completely dismayed and saddened.

I then proceeded to clean his cock. I licked his balls and shaft until they were devoid of cum. Then I took the head of his dick in my mouth and started licking it clean.

"That's right", Angel said, "Clean it all up, then kiss the tip and thank him for fucking your sweet little wife so well!"

I was practically sobbing at this point as I kissed the tip of the cock that had just given my wife the fuck of her life. "Th, th, thank you Sir for fucking my wife and giving her so much pleasure!"

I could hear the cheers and jeers from the other women in the room and I pathetically stuttered my thank you.

Mistress Elaine then spoke, "What you see before you ladies, is a completely broken little sissy, only good for serving his new mistress and any man she chooses to fuck. But there is one final thing that she must do before we can conclude our class."

She then crossed the room and grabbed me by one of my pony tails and led me to a hassock and had me lay across it on my stomach. She then proceeded to cut my panties off.

I looked up and saw two young, nude, black men enter the room.

"Even though you have provided your wife with a 50% discount for this class, there is a matter of the other $50. These two young men love to fuck little white sissies. You will fuck and suck them to settle the rest of the money you owe us. Now beg them to take your mouth and ass." My mistress stated.

I couldn't believe my ears. Just as I thought that things could not get worst, they did.

I was beyond the point of caring now. I knew I had lost everything. My wife, my self-respect, everything. "Please Sirs, please fuck my ass and mouth so I can pay for the pleasure and education I have been given today!"

Both of the young me approached me smiling. They were not as well endowed as the man who had just fucked my wife, but they had six to eight inches each and I knew this was not going to be easy.

I had never been fucked in the ass before and the only cock I had tasted was the cock I had just cleaned.

One of the men offered his cock to my lips and said, "Start sucking bitch!"

I took his half erect dick in my mouth. I didn't taste bad and I could fit the first few inches in without much difficulty.

He slowly started moving it in and out and I could feel it grow. It was starting to gag me now but I managed to keep sucking. I wanted to get this over as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the other man had moved between my legs and was applying some kind of lubricant to my virgin asshole. He then placed the tip of his erect penis against my anus.

"Beg for it!" he commanded.

At this point, nothing really seemed to matter. "Please Sir" I said, "Please fuck my ass and take my cherry!"

With one swift thrust he went balls deep into my ass. You could hear my muffled scream come from my cock-filled mouth.

It was very painful at first, but then, as I relaxed, the pain subsided. Soon they were both fucking my ass and face with abandon.

"Look at that bitch go!" and "She's one hot little faggot slut!" were some of the comments I could hear from the women watching my defloweration.

I glanced sideways and looked at my naked wife who was curled up in her lover's arms, smiling and obviously enjoying my debasement.

Then I felt them both start to cum. Soon both my orifices were filled with cum as they bucked against my sore mouth and ass.

After they came and pulled out of me, I just lay there, collapsed across the hassock, cum dripping down my legs, chin and chest.

"There you have it ladies" my mistress stated. "A completely broken, cuckolded, cum sucking sissy. His only purpose in life now is to please his new mistress, Angel. That is if she still wants to keep him. Any question?"

"Yes" one of the ladies asked, "Will you loan her out for parties, Angel, I could use someone to clean, serve and entertain my guest?"

Everyone laughed at her remark.

"We will see," Angel answered back, "I don't know if you can afford her" Again, more laughter.

I was then allowed to shower and put on my male clothing. Angel and I drove home in silence.

Finally Angel spoke, "Oh darling, I was so proud of you today! You are the most wonderful man in the world. I know we were pretty rough on you, I only hope you will be able to forgive me for being such a bad girl!"

Proud of me, wonderful man, bad girl? Her words completely mystified me. Here she was, acting like her old self and nothing had happened today.

I was too tired to even think about it. When we got home, I collapsed on the bed as slept for the next ten hours.

When we awoke the next day, Angel acted like nothing had happened. Things were back to normal, just as if this nightmare had never occurred.

I didn't question it. Life continued on, just as it was before.

About six months later, Angel received a package and letter in the mail.

She seemed very happy and said to me. "What I never told you about the class was it was just a set up for a Video that was made of that day. You didn't know it but the whole day was being videoed. Not only that, but the sales of that video have skyrocketed. It is one of the most popular videos in the Adult BDSM video market. Over 500,000 copies have sold and the adult bookstores cannot keep enough copies on the shelf. And here is the best part. I pre-arranged with Mistress Elaine for a percentage of the sales!"

She then showed me a check for $50,000 dollars and said. "Want to take a world cruise? I'm sorry honey but I knew if you knew what was going on, you wouldn't have done so well."

She then added, "There's a lot of talk about you being nominated for "Best Acting by a male lead" at the Adult film awards and a possible sequel!

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