tagErotic CouplingsTransforming Genevieve Ch. 09

Transforming Genevieve Ch. 09


Bill is an incredibly wonderful lover. He's gentle, caring, and very, very sexy. When he touches me my body reacts exactly the way I'd fantasized about for so many years. His dark passionate eyes have the most erotic effect on me when I stare into them.

He has a hint of gray at his temples, which gives him a very distinguished look, and only has a hint of wrinkles on his face mostly at the corners of his eyes. I love his thick curly chest hair for the effect it has on my nipples when I press them tight against him, and I could run my fingernails through it for hours.

When aroused his cock becomes incredibly hard. The skin along his shaft draws tight and his arteries stand out very noticeably crisscrossing along the length. What makes Bill's cock so incredible is the glorious bulb of its head. His corona flares much wider then the shaft. Its soft texture feels incredible to the touch of my fingertips and my lips and mouth. When I take him deep orally and his flaring corona slips through the narrow opening to my throat it feels so incredible.

And when he presses that beautiful cock head into my pussy it stretches the opening of my vulva sending a shiver up my spine. From the wonderful flare of his corona his cock head curves inward toward the tip. I love pressing pursed lips against the tip and letting the natural curve of his head spread my lips apart as they move to slide over the corona.

His scrotum doesn't hang loosely like some men. I suspect because his balls are very large. I love taking one of them in my mouth and moaning or humming while holding it in my soft oral cavity. Bill apparently loves that too because when ever I do that he groans with pleasure.

As he disappeared into my bathroom I thought to myself, why had I not contacted him sooner after we made love that first rainy night several weeks ago? Had I gone that route perhaps my transformation wouldn't have gotten so far off track.

While he was in the bathroom I went to my dresser and slid open my nightgown drawer. I quickly slipped into a peppermint green chemise trimmed with dark green lace. It felt very sexy as I let the fabric slid down over my body. My nipples still erect pierced the satiny material just below the lace trim.

I quickly turned down the bedding, and piled the two fluffy pillows on top of each other in the middle. I moved a few candles to the nightstands on either side of the large wooden headboard, and noticed his surprise bag sitting on the nightstand but resisted the urge to open it and look inside. Bill had taken the time to uncork the wine bottle so I poured two glasses of Merlot and slid onto the mattress holding my glass of wine. Propping myself on one elbow I turned slightly toward the bathroom door and curled my legs invitingly over one another. A moment later the bathroom door opened and the light switched off.

Bill took a step into my bedroom and froze in his tracks. He had a large white towel wrapped around his waist and had combed his hair straight back along his scalp.

"Wow Gen, you look absolutely incredible." He said.

"Thank you Bill. I thought we might just enjoy our wine and relax for a little while." I replied.

Bill moved to the edge of the bed and sat down facing toward the headboard. He reached for his wine glass and raised it toward me.

"Here's to sensual thoughts and erotic nights Gen." He said offering a toast.

I lifted my glass and clinked it lightly against his. "Yes, and to passionate sex, and exotic encounters." I added.

I moved back slightly and patted the bed just below the pillows. "I saved this spot for you baby." I said.

Bill carefully slid across to the middle of my bed and rested his back against the stack of pillows and the massive wooden headboard. He took a healthy drink from his wine glass then lowered it to his thigh holding it there as I snuggled in close to him. I slipped one hand and arm under him between the pillows and the fluffy towel covering his loins and let my head come to rest on his chest just below his strong shoulder.

"Hmmmmm, this feels very nice." I said. As Bill lifted his free arm and wrapped it around my shoulder pulling me even closer to his body.

He began slowly stroking my shoulder and upper arm with his fingertips. Goose bumps instantly arose on my arm and the tiny almost invisible hairs stood on end as if electrified by his touch.

I wished I had a free hand so I could return the soft caresses he was pleasing me with. I took a sip from my glass letting a hint of the sweet tasting liquid remain invitingly on my lips.

Glancing up into Bill's eyes I smiled at him just before I leaned over and kissed his nipple lightly. His hand slid over my back and into my long silky hair. He lifted his wine glass to his lips and finished the remainder of his drink.

"Would you like some more Bill?" I asked.

"No thank you Gen, I'll save it for later." He replied as he reached to his right and placed the glass back on the nightstand beside the half full bottle. I playfully tipped my glass and let a drop or two spill onto his nipple. My lips quickly circled the droplets of red liquid and I flicked my tongue out to gather them up.

Bill cooed softly as my lips and tongue enticed his nipple. "You're very playful." He remarked.

"I love playing baby." I replied.

Bill let his hand slid down my back and under the fabric covering my soft skin. I shuddered as his fingertips moved across naked flesh along my spine.

Taking my wine glass from my hand Bill tipped it pouring a tiny puddle of sweet wine in the indentation of his belly button.

"Want to sip from a different cup?" He whispered.

I grinned widely as I lowered my lips to his belly button and sucked the wine he'd just spilled there.

Hmmmm, it tastes wonderful Bill." I said.

I now had a free hand, which I slowly slid along his thigh below the fluffy fabric of the bath towel he'd covered himself with. As my fingers reached the bottom edge of the towel I toyed with it making him wonder if my hand would slide under or over the material.

His warm skin felt so inviting under my touch. The muscles in his thighs are firm and I massaged them sensually.

I decided to slide my hand over the material, but as I reached the top where it was tightly wrapped around his waist I hooked one delicate finger under the towel and ran it around his waist loosening the towel slightly. Bill's stomach muscles twitched as my nails lightly traced across his abdomen.

"Am I teasing you too much Bill?" I asked.

"Tease away Gen, I love it." Bill replied.

My finger again slid under the towel at his waist and it came a little looser. My delicate fingers were having the effect I desired, working the towel off his waist and judging from the growing bulge in the fabric bringing him to a full erection again.

Bill lifted his knee furthest from me causing the towel to spread exposing his thigh. My soft fingers move to caress the newly exposed flesh. He moaned as my fingers slid from his knee down the incline of his thigh toward his loins. Once my fingers reached the spot where the towel was still connected I turned my finger up and hooked the fabric. Lifting it slowly the twist that held the towel around his waist parted. I lifted one fold of fluffy towel toward me exposing his growing erection.

"So much for teasing me." Bill whispered.

"Oh yeah, well I've only just begun baby." I responded.

With my head and cheek resting against his hairy chest, and my right hand and arm tucked behind his back and between the pillows he was resting on I slid my left hand back down his thigh half way. My nails scratching lightly at his flesh. I moved my hand in to massage his balls gently.

"Hmmmmm... these feel swollen with cum baby." I whispered.

Bill responded with an almost inaudible, "ahuh." As he enjoyed my gentle caresses.

I scratched across his balls and scrotum with the tips of my nails, and elicited a deep groan from him when I started lightly tracing those nails up the length of his stiffening cock. My fingernails reached the base of his wide cock head where I slowly ran my fingertip around the corona.

"That feels so fucking good Gen." Bill said.

Bills cock twitched noticeably as my fingertip traced smaller and smaller circles around his cock head as I made my way up toward the slit at the tip. Just as my finger reached that spot a tiny droplet of pre-cum appeared from the slit I ran my finger across the small drop and then brought my fingertip to my lips and tongue to taste his fluid.

"Hmmmm... Sweeter then the wine Bill." I whispered.

I returned my soft hand to his cock and slowly stroked from the tip down to the base pulling taut what little flesh was left that wasn't already stretched tight from his now almost completely erect cock.

Bill said, "God I love the way you touch it Gen. Your hand is so soft."

I lifted my head from his chest and turned to look into his eyes. He smiled as I licked my lips with the tip of my tongue. Instead of returning my head to his chest, I slid down and settled my cheek on his hip. My moist lips now inches from his beautiful erection.

I didn't move to take him in my mouth, I just watched how his cock reacted to the soft sensual massage I was giving him. His cock swelled and became rock hard as my hot breath and soft hand aroused him totally. The arteries along the shaft stood out clearly and from the corona to the tip the head turned a deep red blood engorged color.

"My god Gen, you're driving me crazy!" Bill said.

"I am?" I asked most inquisitively.

Lifting my head from his hip I again licked my lips as I looked up toward his face. Bill's eyes grew to the size of saucers as he watched my tongue moisten the lips he wanted wrapped around his throbbing cock.

I asked the silly question, "Do you want me to suck it baby?"

Bill shook his head and mumbled "ahuh"

Keeping his cock firmly held in my hand I slid my other arm out from under him and slowly rose to a kneeling position. I lifted one knee over his leg and lowered my hips and chest to rest on his leg. The satin fabric of my chemise slid along his leg and my hard nipples pressed into the flesh of his exposed thigh.

As I moved my other hand toward his cock Bill tipped the wine glass he was still holding and let a drop of merlot splash onto the head of his cock. I instantly moved toward it and before it could run down the shaft I licked it from him.

My tongue slid up along the underside of his cock to the tip where I again lifted my head to gaze into his eyes.

"More please Bill." I said.

The glass tipped and several drops of merlot splashed over his cock head. I again licked the sweet tasting wine from his erection eliciting a sensual groan from deep in his throat.

Bill tipped his glass yet another time and a stream of wine ran over the head and down his cock shaft. I parted my lips and lowered my open mouth over him sucking sweet wine from his throbbing cock as my hot mouth descended over him.

I closed my lips tightly around the swollen shaft and moaned with his cock twitched inside my mouth.

"God damn Gen that feels so incredible." Bill whispered.

Lifting my mouth from him I again raised my head toward his. I spread my lips and extended my tongue offering him a place to pour another stream of sweet wine. Bill tipped the glass and my mouth caught every drop he pouring. Closing my lips, I lowered my mouth to the tip, pursing them I slowly pressed his cock between keeping the wine in my mouth. My lips slipped over the flare of his corona bathing him in sweet cool merlot and hot steamy salvia. Bill groaned deeply as my lips continued along his throbbing shaft. Once the head of his cock contacted the back of my throat I swallowed both the wine and his cock head at the same time.

"Oh my god Gen!" Bill exclaimed as his pulsating head pressed deeper past the narrow opening to my fleshy throat. Once I'd swallowed the merlot I was able to open my lips wide around his pulsating cock shaft. I moved my head up and down several times letting his glorious corona slide through the narrow opening to my throat massaging his corona with the tightest part of my oral cavity.

Bill moaned deeply and said, "God damn Gen, that feels fucking incredible."

As I sucked his cock something interesting came to mind. I'd allowed myself to be used by so many men since my transformation. I had let myself become a cum slut for most of those men. But while I did, I learned how to please a man intensely. I'd learned how to take a man completely with my mouth and throat.

Now that I was with a man who treated me like his equal, like his incredible lover I was glad that I'd learned all those sexual techniques from the men who only want to use my body as a cum depository.

Bill was different then all the men I'd fucked since I started my transformation. He was gentle, caring and warm. He made me feel safe, sexy and wanted and our lovemaking took on all those beautiful attributes.

Instead of wanting to fuck my mouth and throat, Bill lifted my head and pulled me up toward him so that I was straddling his hips with my thighs. His throbbing shaft pressed against my pussy. He made no move to insert this cock inside me. He just pulled my body against his and lowered his mouth to mine.

"Kiss me Gen." He whispered.

Our mouths met in a passionate embrace. Lips parted tongues darting toward one another. His lips were so very soft, his kiss tender but yet intense. His hands roamed my body. Sliding along my satin covered back to my ass. He cupped my cheeks and pulled my pelvis tighter against him. My wet pussy lips slid along his cock shaft until the head was pressing against my throbbing clit.

I started making short little grinding movements rubbing my clit on his rock hard cock. That all too familiar tingling started in my loins. I knew it wouldn't be long before I'd need to have his beautiful cock buried inside me.

Bill's hands never stopped moving. He slid them from my ass back up my body and around between us to softly caresses my tits and lightly pinch my nipples through the smooth satin fabric of my chemise. My nipples tingled as much as my loins under his skillful fingers. They hardened to tiny points of complete pleasure.

"Yes baby, keep touching my nipples. I love how you touch them." I whispered in his ear as I kissed along his jaw line.

Our kisses became even more passionate, lips moving to suckle every inch of each other's mouths and faces.

He slowly kissed my cheeks, my eyes, my eyebrows and forehead. His lips skillfully pleasured ever inch of my face and neck. I slowly moved my head about offering him each and every inch while showering his face with kisses in return.

As our passion, our lust, our intense craving for each other grew I moved my lips to his ear and whispered, "I want you baby! I want that beautiful cock inside me Bill."

"Oh god yes Gen." Bill replied.

I lifted my hips ever so slightly and rocked my pelvis so his glorious cock head was poised at the entrance to my fuck sheave. His throbbing cock head pressed between the swollen lips of my pussy. Its searing head begging to be quenched in the pool of moisture just inside.

Ever so slowly I moved my hips back letting his throbbing cock slide inside. I felt the wide corona of his cock head stretch me open and slip past my pussy's lips. Clenching my internal muscles I pulled more of him inside. Bills hands slid down to my hips and grasped them firmly. He gave into his lust and with one mighty thrust up off the bed his cock sank to the very depth of my steaming wet pussy.

"Oh god Bill!" I squealed as he impaled me on his beautiful fuck tool. His firm grasp on my hips did not allow me to lift off him to begin fucking his cock. Rather Bill wanted to have his throbbing manhood soak in the wet warmth of my pussy.

"Let me buried inside you like this Gen." Let my cock memorize every beautiful fold of your incredible pussy babe." He said. "Let me bathe in the wonderful warmth of you Gen." He added.

I was more than happy to be impaled his twitching cock, every time he caused it to twitch it sent rings of incredible sexual pleasure spreading from my loins.

We sat like that for what seemed an eternity, Bills cock soaking in the warm depths of my womanhood, and I basking in the incredible sensation of being completely filled by his glorious manhood. We were two passionate lovers wanting to pleasure one another completely.

I finally broke the silence, "It feels so good baby, I love the way you fill me.

"I can feel your pussy taking the shape of my cock Gen." Bill offered.

I clenched my muscles grasping at his cock with my warmth. He moaned deeply as the muscles surrounding him tightened.

"God Gen, I've dreamt of this moment since the first time we made love together." Bill said.

Suddenly I felt guilty. Bill had been dreaming of me for weeks. All the while he dreamt of me I was allowing myself to be used by a multitude of men. Tears of guilt welled up in my eyes. I buried my face in his shoulder and tried to hide the fact that I was crying. I felt an incredible need to bear my recent sexual actions to him.

Bill sensed that something was wrong. He tried to lift my face from his shoulder to look into my eyes, but I kept it buried in his shoulder.

He whispered, "Gen what's wrong? What did I do?"

"It's not you baby." I replied as the tears rolled down my cheeks.

I broke down completely and began sobbing softly as Bill tried again to look into my eyes.

I finally allowed him to move my head and he quickly stared deeply into my tear filled eyes.

"It's me Bill. I don't deserve to have such a wonderful man as you." I said.

Bill's confused expression told me that he didn't understand.

"There are things about me that you don't know Bill. If you knew these things you wouldn't have dreamt of me. You wouldn't even want to be with me." I said.

I slid off his lap knowing our lovemaking wouldn't or couldn't continue until he understood why I was telling him I didn't deserve him.

Kneeling beside him I took one of his hands in mine. The tears continued to cascade down my cheeks and between sobs I said. "I have to tell...."

I stopped mid-sentence not knowing how I'd explain all my recent sexual escapades to him.

"Gen tell me baby. Nothing can be so horrible that it would change the way I feel about you." Bill said trying to put my mind at ease about what I needed to explain.

Gathering my senses together and trying to stop sobbing I decided to start from the very beginning.

"You remember when I changed how I look several weeks ago?" I started.

"Sure I do, that's when I started dreaming about you Gen." Bill replied.

"Well the weekend before that I spent in New York. I had decided I was going to transform my image but in the process I also inadvertently transformed my sexual attitude Bill." I said.

"Okay?" Bill interjected.

"While I was in New York that weekend Bill I began feeling sexual cravings I'd never felt before." I continued.

"I met several men while I was there and let them satisfy those cravings baby." I said.

"So you had sex with a couple men Gen. That's not such a big deal." Bill replied.

"NO baby you don't understand. It was un-protected sex with men I didn't even know. I let them pick me up and fuck me in anyway they wanted." I explained.

"Oh, I see." Bill said, his face taking on a more serious and concerned expression.

"When I got back here to Regis after that weekend those cravings continued baby." I said.

"Yes?" Bill said expecting a more detailed explanation.

"That first week I had sex with several men, including you Bill." I confessed.

"And the night we made love was incredible Genevieve." Bill replied.

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