Trick or Treat?


This story has been inspired by the incredibly sexy Morgan Bailey and her recent shoot on TS Seduction.


I want to tell you a story about what happened to me on Halloween night. You will be asking yourselves why any sane person would decided to cut through a graveyard just before midnight on any night let alone Halloween night and I have also been asking myself the very same question over the last few days and indeed nights since the event took place. Let me set the scene; I had been out drinking with my buddies celebrating the eeriest night of the year but more particularly checking out all the hot ladies in their sexy Halloween costumes. The other guys had all managed to score leaving me feeling like a gooseberry so I decided to cut my losses and head home for a nightcap and some porn.

The night was still and cloudless with the sky lit up by the light of a million stars as well as the glow of a very full moon. The streets in this part of town were deserted due to the lateness of the night and the chill in the air. My apartment was on the other side of the overly large graveyard and to be honest I didn't fancy the long walk around. The path through the graveyard was long and winding with most of the streetlights out but there was plenty of light from the moon to see where I was going. With a quick glance to the left and right I turned into the graveyard pulling up the collar of my coat and picking up my pace.

The centre of the graveyard is the oldest part with the more traditional large stone tombs, angels and crosses dating back over 100 years. This is by far the eeriest part not helped by the winding path and swaying trees. So there I was hurrying through the graveyard when an owl hooted nearby making made me jump almost out of my skin! I told myself to stop being stupid and hurried on when I heard a purring noise that obviously was not coming from a cat. I stopped and glanced to my left squinting through the darkness where I saw the shape of a young woman sitting on top of a tomb. She purred again and beckoned me over. Now any normal person would probably have ignored her and hurried home however with the courage of a few beers and an evening eyeing up hot women I paused only briefly before quickly making my way over to her.

She looked absolutely stunning bathed in the light of the moon. She was perched on the edge of an old grey stone tomb that was about 4 ft. high and partly covered in dark ivy having grown up the sides over time. She was wearing a glittering black cat mask with a shimmering black halter neck top, which showed the bulge of her full breasts, and tight black leggings with a 'laced up' effect along each side. Her feet were crossed encased in strappy shoes that had long spiked heels and a thick sole made of a clear plastic or even glass that reflected the moonlight. She looked absolutely stunning with her smooth porcelain skin, full red lips and large silver hooped earrings hanging from her delicate ears. Her long jet-black hair was pulled back tightly into a ponytail and her left arm was adorned with the tattoo of an elephant wearing a crown with a bamboo palace behind. There were a series of blue stars tattooed around her wrist.

She beckoned me over with a long slender finger and a big smile on her face. As I approached she wrapped her long legs around my waist pulling me into her, her fingers caressing my face as our lips touched. I felt the warmth of her touch as her tongue slipped into my mouth. Our kissing became more frenetic as she slipped my jacket from my shoulders and unbuttoned my shirt. I kicked off my shoes as she undid my jeans and managed to step out of both my jeans and boxers without breaking her embrace. By rights I should have been freezing but for some reason the chill of the night air seemed to heighten the experience rather than have me shivering with cold. She turned me around and pulled me close, her warm hands caressing my body, pinching and twisting my nipples before moving down over my stomach to my hard cock. Her fingers wrapped around my throbbing meat stroking me as she kissed my neck and shoulder.

"Trick or treat?" she whispered into my ear before sucking my earlobe between her painted lips.

I could hardly breath as I asked if I could have both, my eyes half closed as her hand wanked my cock.

"Right answer" she laughed.

She turned me around and pulling her halter neck aside she exposed her large firm breasts. Both nipples were pierced with a thin silver bar through each and she had two swallows tattooed above each breast, diving down to no doubt to nest in her wonderful bush which I was now imagining nesting in myself. She pulled my mouth to her breast and I hungrily devoured her nipple teasing her with my tongue before moving to the other.

"Trick or treat?" she whispered again.

"Oh trick and treat, trick and treat" I replied.

"Are you sure? There's no turning back and I have now asked you three times on Halloween night. This is your last chance, trick or treat?" she said more assertively this time.

"Both my love, I am sure" I said.

She playfully pushed me back and climbed up on to the tomb with her feet slightly apart. She towered above me. She must have been 6ft3ins in her bare feet and the heels and platform soles must have added at least another 6 or 7 INS to her height over and above the height of the tomb. She looked utterly amazing with the moon behind her almost turning her into a silhouette. I swear you could have heard my heart beating like a drum in the still night air. She slid her mask up onto the top of her head revealing what could only be contact lenses as she stared back at me through bright glowing green cats eyes with diamond shaped jet back pupils. Her hands moved down to her hips and she smiled wickedly at me, the tip of her tongue licking her red lips as she hooked the top of her leggings with her thumbs.

"My name is Morgan and I am not of your world. I have asked you three times what you desire and you have made your choice. You must now live with the consequences of your decision and give yourself to me. Your role is to give me pleasure and I am going to make damned sure that you fulfil this role to the full."

She then slowly peeled down her leggings to just below her hips freeing what must have been a good 8ins of solid cock, which sprung free. Smiling wickedly down at me she spat into her hand and slowly massaged the spit along the length of her cock that made it glisten in the moonlight. That was enough for me and without a moment's hesitation I turned and ran back towards the path, buck naked leaving my clothes behind. I glanced back as I ran but couldn't see her but then all of a sudden there she was right in front of me, I almost piled straight into her. I stopped abruptly and she grabbed my face kissing me hard on the lips. I pulled away and turned, running back the way I had come. Again she suddenly appeared before me smiling wickedly, her eyes burning through me.

"There's nowhere to run my little rabbit" she said.

I was out of breath and my head was spinning. She took me by the hand and led me back to the tomb where we had met. Morgan kissed me again, her tongue slipping between my lips and into my mouth, probing me, searching out every inch as her hands enveloped me pulling my body hard against her own. I felt Morgan's hard cock dig into my stomach as she pushed me back against the edge of the tomb, the cold stone pressing against my naked skin sending a shiver through my body. Her hands were caressing me, finally finding my semi hard cock. Her fingers wrapped around my shaft, stroking me as she moaned into my mouth, the sound vibrating through my lips. My cock was unable to do anything other than respond to her touch. She moved back a pace or two and continued to stroke my hard cock as she stared intently at me whilst biting her lip in a sexy, smouldering kind of way. My heart was racing and my breathing became shallow as I prepared mentally to give myself to her.

"Not yet Markie, not before I've cum at least once, maybe twice...maybe more" she smiled letting go of my cock.

She reached out and took my hand guiding it towards her own cock, which was standing proud and erect. I had never touched another penis before and it felt warm and slightly spongy in the palm of my hand. I could feel the blood coursing through her veins as I began to slowly stroke her dick. I could not take my eyes off her cock and quickened my pace. After a couple of minutes I felt her hands on my shoulders gently pushing me down onto my knees. My mind was completely blank as I knelt there in the graveyard, her cock now inches from my face. One of Morgan's hands moved to the back of my head whilst the other grasped my chin, her fingers digging into my cheeks forcing my mouth open.

Morgan gently pulled my face forward to the point where her cock head pushed between my lips and into my mouth. Morgan let out a low moan as I tentatively touched her cock head with the tip of my tongue tasting her precum. Getting bolder I ran my tongue around her cock head as I cupped her big cum filled balls with my hand. I started to swallow more of her length, my tongue curling around the base of her shaft until her cock head pressed against the back of my throat. I tried to concentrate on all the things I like about having my cock sucked trying to do the same for Morgan. I hungrily slurped on her hard meat grabbing the base of her cock with my other hand and wanking her into my wanton mouth whilst pulling on and twisting her balls. Morgan rocked back and forth on her heels enjoying the pleasures of my mouth. I felt her grip tighten on my head and she started pushing her cock deeper into my mouth and into my throat making me gag. I tried to relax as much as possible however Morgan was now unashamedly fucking my face with her magnificent dick and any attempts by me to participate were useless.

Suddenly without warning her cock erupted, pumping jet after jet of her hot spunk over my tongue and down my throat. I tried in vain to keep up with the amount of cum but it leaked from my lips and ran down my chin. She finished by pulling her cock out of my mouth and pumping the last of her seed over my cheek before wiping her cock head over my face.

"Wow you really are an amazing little cocksucker aren't you?" she sneered at me.

She wiped up some of the loose cum on her finger and pushed it into my mouth, which I hungrily sucked clean. This seemed to please her no end and she then used her cock to do the same, pushing her head into my mouth each time to suck clean. Once she had finished Morgan hopped up onto the edge of the tomb and lying back she pulled me on top of her. We kissed deeply, our bodies pressed together as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I turned my attentions back to her breasts, hungrily chewing on her nipples, first one then the other. Morgan was writhing beneath me as I worshiped her perfect body with my mouth and tongue. I was obviously pushing all the right buttons as I felt Morgan's cock begin to harden once again and press into my chest.

"I must have you now Markie" Morgan almost whispered as she slid from underneath me.

Morgan slipped off the side of the tomb and beckoned me over to join her. She pulled me close and kissed me, wrapping her fingers around our two cocks and rubbing them together. She then pushed me back and turning me around at the same time she bent me over the edge of the tomb. Morgan pushed my feet apart as she manoeuvred behind me pulling my arse cheeks apart before dribbling some saliva directly onto my virgin hole. Morgan massaged the saliva around my hole, pushing her thumb into me as she did so making me moan. She then dribbled some more saliva onto her own cock and smeared it over her meat before pressing her cock head against my ring.

Morgan's fingers dug into my hips as she pushed her head against my ring, which finally gave way to her advances. I cried out as I felt her thick shaft slide slowly inside me, filling my virgin arse with her hard throbbing meat. Morgan collapsed forward lying on top of me, her cock deep inside me not moving for a moment before beginning to grind her hips and push her cock deeper. She began to fuck me with deep hard strokes, her hands now on my shoulders, nails digging into my bare skin making me cry out. There was no one there to hear my cries as she ploughed my tight hole with her magnificent cock. Morgan knew exactly what she wanted and had every intention of taking her pleasure here with me that night.

She pulled out pushing me up onto the tomb and climbed between my legs. Raising my arse slightly she found what she was looking for and thrust her hard cock back inside me. Her lips found mine and we kissed passionately as she sunk her dick deep inside me, fucking me with urgent strokes. Her breath was becoming laboured and I knew she was close to cumming once again. My arse was full of her cock and my mouth full of her tongue as we rutted there in the middle of the cemetery like a couple of wild beasts. I bit her neck and shoulder as I willed her to cum and then suddenly she pushed deep inside me moaning loudly as her cock exploded for a second time. She pulled me close to her as she pumped her hot seed inside me almost crushing me in her embrace. Her cock jerked inside me for what seemed like an eternity before she was finally spent.

I lay there with my eyes closed feeling the warmth of her body pressed against mine and her cock slowly softening inside me. We kissed gently this time as we held each other, my hands caressing her smooth skin along her back and down to her firm arse cheeks.

"Now you have had the treat, it's time for the trick" she whispered in my ear giggling.

I looked quizzically at her seeing the mischief in her eyes and felt the hairs on the back of my neck begin to rise. Looking around I saw another pair of cat's eyes glowing in the dark, then another and another. Each of those cats' eyes belonged to a tall beautiful woman each of who was looking on and smiling and each of who was slowly stroking a big hard cock having enjoyed the show.

"Meet the girrrrls Markie, I know they are so very keen to make your acquaintance!" she purred.

There's more to tell but it'll have to wait for another time. It's almost midnight and I have to hurry over to the graveyard, I certainly don't want to be late!

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