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Trick or Tryst



This is part of story series that I'm writing for my Hawaii Five-O site. In this tale Dan Williams is a happily married man to Caterina, with a pair of four-year-old twins. For purposes of this story, you should know that Caterina calls her husband 'Dannya', and she is planning on having some fun with him. Of course, he is Daddy to his twins.

For those of you who do not know or remember what Dan Williams looked like, here is his description: Dan keeps his very masculine five-foot-eight body fit. His legs are very muscular, his arms strong and he has the ability to make a woman swoon with his tender touch. Women found it difficult not to run their hands over his buffed and well tanned body when he was single. He had an air of authority about him, yet an easy going personality that fit in so evenly.

Dan's expressive youthful face was highlighted by his vividly blue eyes and a head of curly blonde hair. Over his masculine chest, the same light colored hair pecks out of his shirts when the top buttons were undone. He had a very engaging, confident, and sexy smile that made people feel very at ease.


Halloween was fast approaching and everyone in the Williams family was looking forward to Halloween. Dan was looking forward to the Police Academy's Halloween party this year because he was scheduled to be there. His job as second in command of Five-O team may require him to be there, but the big reason he was thrilled was due to his ability to spend time with his wife. For the past couple of months Caterina had been putting the final touches on this year's party. As a result, the Disc Jockey was hired to play the music, there were elaborate decorations, and the delectable food and beverages were arranged for, along with everything else that goes with a Halloween party.

Dan believed part of his wife's eagerness for Halloween was caused by their twins, who kept talking about their possible costumes. They were very excited abut the fact they were going trick or treating this year with Uncle Steve. He laughed at the thought of Steve taking the twins around his apartment building in their costumes.

Caterina was going all out with both of their costumes, which she promised would be fantastically sexy. With the party just a week away, Dan still had no idea what she had up her sleeve as far as a costume for him. He knew she had hidden it somewhere, but he had been unsuccessful in finding it thus far.

* It's something that will drive the ladies crazy, or at least drive your wife crazy,* he remembered a wicked glint in her eyes as she told him. Smiling to himself, Dan thought about something that would drive his wife wild. * The costume most likely would fulfill one of her sexual fantasies. Which fantasy does she want me to help her realize this time? * That idea was a little arousing to think about, but it would have to be something he could wear in public without it being too embarrassing. He was determined to find out what she had in mind for him so he could prepare himself for the party.

The last several weeks things had been slow in the Five-O office. It was a nice break for everyone. Even Caterina's schedule had lightened allowing the Williams Family to spend time together, such as long dinners without interruptions, Daddy reading to the twins before bedtime, playing ball in the backyard, and going swimming.

It also left time for Dan to be extra loving and attentive to Caterina, something he always loved to do. This slow time meant he could help her out by doing some of the running around for the big Halloween party. He was actually looking forward to the party, and the close romantic dancing, something that they had not been able to do in a long time and he missed it. He loved to dance cheek to cheek to his wife, with her body rubbing against his. Just the thought of having her in his arms for that kind of dancing was getting him hot and bothered.

Finally, he had a day off after three weeks of nonstop working. With the bomber in jail for threatening to blow up the high schools all over the Island of Oahu, he could fulfill his promise he had made to Catie by running around doing some odds and ends for the party. But mostly he wanted to search the house for his costume without letting his wife know about it.

* I know she hid it around here somewhere. * With a curious look in his bright blue eyes, he stood looking around the living room with hands on his hips. * Now where would that crazy wife of mine hide it? * Methodically, he scrutinized his home just as he would a crime scene. The only exception was he knew how his wife hid things, but then again, that fact may not be helpful this time. Of course, he made sure everything went back where it belonged. As he searched the living room, he discovered several misplaced toys that belonged to his four-year-old twins, DJ and Guinevere. He also found some storybooks and other miscellaneous items that belonged to them. Dan put these items into a large round wicker basket that Caterina always kept in the hall closet for this type of clean up. Toting the basket into the twin's room, he put the items away. * That should score extra points with Catie, * he reflected.

Once he was in the twins' bedroom, he started to put the various items where they belonged and found what could only be a piece of his costume. * This is a weird item to be in DJ's closet. It's too large for him and seems large enough for me. * It was shiny black cape with a stand-up collar, and red satin lining, just his size. Dan looked at the cape, admiring it as he decided to try it on. After fastening the collar, he followed through with putting his right arm up and around his face just under his eyes the way Bela Lugosi did staring as Dracula.

Chuckling to himself, he muttered the famous Dracula line into the mirror, "I vant to drink your blood." Then it hit him as he saw himself. "That's it!" he exclaimed. "She's going to have me dress up as Dracula!" He laughed at the idea and thought of all the fun of playing Dracula. He could sneak up on his wife from behind to bite her on neck in the spirit of the character.

In addition to that he thought, * My hands could creep up the sides of her sexy, well developed body to her ample breasts under her blouse to play with those fantastic nipples. * The idea of using the cape with him fully naked underneath, to seduce Caterina was arousing as he felt the tightness in his crotch. This inspiration was driving him crazy, which heated up his desire to a higher pitch as his hand rubbed against the fabric of his trousers with his growing hardness.

In his minds eye, he pictured he would take Caterina down to the beach, near the water's edge to watch the sunset. He would slowly remove her clothes, as she was laid on the blanket, fully in her splendid glory in the last of the evening rays.

All he had on was the Dracula cape, emphasizing his erection. He would get down on his knees between his lovers legs, waiting for entrance into her . . .

The phone started to ring in the other room, waking him back to reality. "Damn it. With my luck, it's Steve." Dan went for the phone but it stopped ringing just as he reached it.

Dan took the cape off, heading back to the twins' room. Once there he carefully put it back into the closet where he had found it. * If I'm going to be Dracula, there has to be more evidence of it around the house somewhere to support this deduction. * Dan thought as he finished tidying the books and toys on the lower shelves. While putting the more breakable items back on the top shelf, he found a few unusual things. There was a pair of vampire teeth wrapped in plastic and make-up for Dracula. The top-shelf was a place that only his mischievous wife could have put them. Dan needed the stepladder in order to see what might be on the top shelf and there he found a note.

Hello Dannya,

If you are reading this, you think you know what you're wearing to the costume party at the Academy, but you're wrong. The Dracula look is going to be for Steve. After all, Dracula was tall, with black haired chap. Nice try though.



"Damn." Dan was getting frustrated at not being able to find out what costume his loving wife was planning for him. He carefully put the note and all the items back on the shelf, along with a few other items that needed to be kept out of the twins' reach.

Daddy finished cleaning the twins' room by putting clean sheets on their beds, knowing it needed to be done. * I know I wanted a few extra hours of sleep this morning and it has been nice to be in the house by myself, but I wish Catie had left the twins here instead of taking them to day care. * Daddy did wish his little ones were under foot as he put the finishing touches on the beds with their dolls and toys before heading for the study. He was back in the twins' room a minute later with the vacuum cleaner. * Might as well finish up in here. * Dan always liked to have his home neat and clean, but with a pair of four-year-olds running around all the time, it was not always easy to keep it that way.

After he returned to the study, he started to search again, only to find a couple of new receipts Caterina had accumulated recently by purchasing some clothes for the twins and other odd and ends for the house. A half hour later, he finished searching the study and had even vacuumed the whole room without finding anything else.

* Let's see, I've checked the living room, the twins' room, and the study. Now where??? * Dan became conscious of the fact that he was getting hungry. Leaving the study, his growling stomach reminded him it was about noontime. He headed to the kitchen and the refrigerator. * Let's see what is in here to eat. * He spotted some of the left over lasagna noticing there was only enough for their lunch.

* Of course, Catie must have taken some for her lunch. If she can have some for lunch, so can I, * he realized. Taking it out, he put it into the microwave to heat it up. He got himself some iced tea and a fork as he thought about being Dracula at the academy Halloween party.

"What's wrong with my being Dracula, just because Frank Langella was tall; Bela Lugosi was about my height. The only thing wrong with me is my blue eyes and blond hair," he said looking at his reflection in the glass of the microwave. "Hmmm, a black wig or some of that temporary hair color could be used," he said combing his fingers through his curly hair. "There's nothing wrong with Dracula having curly blond hair." The microwave beeped at him, so he reached for the potholders and took out his lunch before sitting down at the kitchen table.

He sat down at the table with his lunch, looking up at the three by four foot portrait of Caterina hanging over the fireplace in the living room and sighed deeply. It was portrait of them from their honeymoon, in a very loving embrace with a mountain in the background. He remembered they were standing on the beach with the mountain in the distance because they just hiked down it. Caterina was dressed in a halter top with cut off blue jeans. Her hair was in a ponytail and her cheeks had a touch of sunburn on them. Dan, on the other hand was in an open tan shirt with jeans with a ball cap on. Their arms were around each others' waist, with a touch of sexy smile on both of their lips.

* Oh my love, what an evening we had, * he reflected on what Caterina was like then. Caterina could offer any man plenty to appreciate with her mind and beauty both inwardly and outwardly. But he was lucky to be the one to have won her heart because she was a woman who was his equal at work and at home. He had known her since her sixteenth birthday, but he never imagined that he would fall in love her. It was beside the point that she was his boss' cousin.

Those shapely long legs could catch any man's eye because they were sexy and strong at the same time. He always loved watching her walk away from him with those shapely long legs, with her hips wiggling. Then again, he also enjoyed seeing her walking towards him with her wavy blonde hair blowing in the wind. Her hair had some lovely elements of red, flowing shapely down over her shoulders and framed her lovely face. Her blue eyes always sparkled when she was in a very cheerful mood and a bit mischievous. This was enjoyable because of the fact that he could easily look straight into her eyes when they were in their loving embraces. But those same eyes could become deadly daggers when she got angry, upset or, God forbid, pissed off.

Caterina's smile was warm and suggestively inviting. It always made Dan want to be with her warm naked body wrapped tight in an embrace. Her beautiful large frame was kept in magnificent shape, which she needed for her job as a cop. Her shape was enhanced by very succulent breasts.

Caterina's warm and caring spirit told anyone she loved her life and gave as much as she could to him and their children. She was helpful with others when they asked it of her, but their family had always come first with her.

Dan began to recall that night and the scene in the Dracula movie where Frank Langella made love to his queen to be, with the bright red light highlighting their love making scene. This memory of how horny it made Caterina started up his arousal again. He remembered how she had started to moan softly as Dracula entered the room with Lucy starting to open her night gown. This was the first time they had seen the movie together on a VHS tape and it had been one of the most romantic evenings in their relationship before getting married.

There they were on the couch in his apartment watching the movie, when Caterina's hands started to roam up his legs, getting closer and closer to his crotch. With her fingers, she began to lightly tap his tight jeans. His penis started to twitch, until it sprung to full erection as her fingers touched his balls. A slow moan started up from his edgy erection to his throat.

* Oh how I wanted to pick you up and take you over to my bed, but I didn't want to violate you that way. I've always treasured you, above all costs, especially since you were the lady I wanted to marry, * Dan reminisced.

With the picture of that night clear in his mind, he remembered that it was not until she opened his belt buckle with one hand and worked at his zipper with the other that he had problems. He tried to stop her, but then his own sexual drive would not let him. Before either of them knew it, they were on the floor, fully naked. His hand slid over her soft white breasts causing the nipples to become taut and perky. They summoned him to suckle them, one by one, inch by inch. She moaned as his tongue flicked over the nipple, with her body wanting more of the same. Her hands reached up to wiggle her fingers into his curly hair.

His teeth scraped against her tender skin causing her to moan even louder. She cried, 'Take me. Please, take me.' With those words, he pushed her legs apart, revealing the wetness that awaited him. He shifted his body between her legs, raising them over his hips to position his hard cock at the entrance of her lips. Slowly, he moved into her, pushing through her swollen lips, down the passage until he hit a wall. He was about to push harder when he realized that she was still a virgin, causing him to stop in mid-stroke. Dan looked down, in shock that he was about to take a virgin in the most unromantic way. He pulled out of her quickly sitting back on his heels.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he exclaimed.

She was coming down from her sexual high, topped off with disappointment. "Does it matter? All I know is I want you," Caterina said, reaching up to touch him as she sat up.

Dan got up pulling Caterina with him to lead her into the bedroom. Together they lay down on the bed in a tender embrace, with their bodies entwined with each other. As tightly as they were cuddling together, as much as Dan wanted to take all her way, he could not do it. His fingers caressed her skin making her moan and move closer to him and his body responded to the advancement of her body. Just as he was about to enter her wet passage again, he pulled away from her. He rolled away from her tossing her, his robe to cover herself up.

* Oh yes, that was a wonderful night, regardless that we didn't go all the way. Oh my, just thinking about that night can still get me excited. * He remembered it fondly. A few months later, a night of his choice, with romantic candle lighting around the pool, a full moon in the sky, a cool breeze coming off the ocean, she gave him the present of her virginity.

Several months later, they were lying on the double width, padded lounger in a romantic embrace. He was laying on his side as his fingers started to undo her buttons, one by one, revealing her sweet breasts to him. She was cooing in his ear each time his fingers touched her warm skin. As the blouse was opened, he pulled it off her shoulders. She sat up just enough to pull her blouse off all the way and tossed it aside. Her fingers worked at opening his tie to pull it out from under his collar. With the tie falling onto her breasts, she started to open the buttons of his shirt to reveal the curly chest hair which her finger tips began to get tangled in.

He came back swiftly to the present day, with the family dog barking. He shook his head to clear it and went to the sliding doors to see what Lord Skye was barking at. Nothing that he could see was unusual. He stopped by the coffee table in the living room to get the newspaper to read while eating his lunch. * I haven't been able to just sit and read like this in I don't remember how long. * He smiled thinking about the reasons why there was never peace and quiet to read his paper or even a book, except late at night. One just had to look around the kitchen and dining room area to see that his house was a home with kids in it. * Yes, * he thought, * this is a home, MY Home. * There were pictures drawn or colored by the twins on the refrigerator and toys lying under the dining room table where DJ and Guinevere had been playing for the last couple of nights because of the heavy rains.

Before Dan knew it, he had finished reading the entire newspaper while he polished off his lunch. * Wow, I haven't read the paper and eaten that peacefully in years. * Thinking about it, he considered, * When was the last time? Maybe it was when I was first married? * That was when he became conscious of the fact that the house was peaceful and quiet. * As much as I'm enjoying this quiet time, I prefer to have my kids around to bug me. Listening to their mother complaining about them doing something wrong or praising them for what they did right them doing something wrong or praising them for what they did right. * He chuckled at idea of wanting the noise of his twins. * When did this all happen? I usually want this peace and quiet. * He rubbed his chin with his forefinger chuckling. * Who really cares when it happened? The point is I'm a family man. *

Even though the lasagna was as good as it was last night, it was not as enjoyable as it had been when he had eaten with his family the previous evening. Dan thought about how he had truly become a family man and loved it. Sure, he complained at times about this or that, but he loved being a husband, a dad, and a cop. He finished his lunch, put the dish in the dishwasher, and finished cleaning up the kitchen. While he cleaned, he started his search once again, not finding anything that did not belong. Upon finishing in the kitchen, he turned on the dishwasher and headed for the dining room.

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