tagSci-Fi & FantasyTroll Slave Ch. 04

Troll Slave Ch. 04


For one whole day Carrie played with Ariel, Nadine and Kylia, the latter three delighting in what they could teach their new novice. Not only was she eager to learn everything she could, but she also was a quick learner. Carrie was excited about the pleasures that she was learning about her own body, the girls even showed her how to pleasure herself when no one was around to help her out. The three of them passed the day enjoyably, spending almost the entire time in Carrie's rooms.

The next day Carrie was taken down to see Prince Luke again, this time Kylia escorted her to the door and then left. Feeling some trepidation at what might be in store for her today, Carrie knocked on the door and went in. Walking in, she almost gasped... immediately freezing as she was faced by a completely naked Prince Luke, the first time she had ever seen a naked man.

Between his legs, rather than the wet pinkness that she had spent the previous day exploring, he had a soft looking hanging sack and small shaft... yet she knew that it grew from what the girls had told her. When she had lived in the village she had seen stallions mating, seen the giant red cocks that they'd sheathed in the squealing mares... so the Prince's didn't look that threatening at the moment, that didn't mean it wouldn't become that way.

Standing in the center of the room, the Prince looked at her, that odd expression on his face again. "Come here," he ordered, "Come in front of me and kneel down."

Knowing that she would be punished if she didn't obey quickly she scurried to get in front of him, although her stomach was fluttering mightily. Now that strange organ was only inches from her face, soft and squishy looking.

"A man's body is similar to a woman's in where the pleasure points are," the Prince began, "But men have a dick instead of a pussy, when they are aroused the dick grows and then they pleasure themselves in the woman's body. There are many different ways that a woman can pleasure a man, we're going to explore three of them today. The last, of course, will have to wait for the Troll King." Carrie blushed at his frank speaking and wondered how on earth a woman could pleasure a man three different ways without the use of her pussy.

Kneeling down next to her, the Prince looked her square in the face, cupping her chin with his hands, and then he leaned forward and kissed her. Carrie was shocked at first, this hadn't been at all what she was expecting, but as his tongue probed between her lips she opened her mouth for him, allowing him to kiss her deeply. Her passionate response somewhat surprised him, but he continued, running his hands down to her breasts and squeezing them, rubbing the nipples with his fingers. Pulling away from the kiss, the Prince lowered his mouth to one of the pink buds, nipping at it with his teeth.

Looking down at him, Carrie could see past his head to where his dick had grown much larger than before, it looked very firm and long now... much more like what the stallion had used on the mare. She remembered the first day when she thought his loin clothe was fitting him oddly after he'd watched her and Ariel... it must have aroused him to watch her. He hadn't been kidding when he said the girls would be used for entertainment, it must be something that men enjoyed watching. As his mouth moved to her other nipple she felt herself melting into his hands and mouth, wondering how he would have her pleasure him. Right now, she would do almost anything to please him.

Pulling away he told her, "Now you suck on my nipples."

It was distinctly different than using her mouth and hands on a woman's nipples; his were much smaller and his chest was hairy... but it turned her on to be sucking on him. Slowly, as she kissed him, the Prince stood making her mouth move down towards his dick, she continued to kiss around his groin although she was rather afraid to make a move towards that long shaft. Gripping his hands in her hair, he brought her face until it was directly in front of his bobbing dick and pulled her down; knowing she didn't have a choice, Carrie opened her mouth and allowed him to press his dick into it.

Immediately he groaned as his dick was engulfed in her warm, wet mouth. Then he suddenly pulled her off and smiled at her, "That's actually the second way... the first way is with your hand. Make a fist around my shaft and move it up and down." Although she had rather liked the sensation of having him in her mouth, she obeyed; and she did like that it was now much easier to see his face as she fisted him. Up and down her little hand went, rubbing against the mushroom shaped head on his shaft, making him jerk with pleasure.

Again he pulled her mouth towards him, plunging his dick into her orifice... this time he pulled her as far down as she could go without gagging too much; her fist continuing to move up and down on the portion of his dick that she could swallow. Moving her head up and down, she did the best she could to pleasure him with her tongue and fingers, although she didn't have very much control over what was happening. His dick was long and firm in her mouth, pressing down on her tongue and bumping against her gag reflex; she tried not to let that affect her though. Suddenly his thrusts into her mouth became much more vicious and she was forced to let go of his dick with her hand and brace both small hands against his thigh. This gave him much more room to plunge his dick in.

The first time he went all the way down her throat she almost chocked, her throat muscles working in confusion as she tried not to throw-up and also tried to breath. Prince Luke groaned as he held her in place, feeling the convulsions of her mouth and throat massaging his dick pleasantly; after a moment or two he pulled her back up and let her gasp for air around his shaft before pulling her back down again.

"Don't struggle," he hissed at her as he felt her hands pressing against his thighs, trying to pull herself off of him. Tears sparking in her eyes from both fear and discomfort, Carrie tried to relax and just let him control her body. In and out of her mouth he went, plunging all the way home every time and pressing her pink lips up against his groin... she felt sick in her stomach as though she was going to throw up. Prince Luke was very experienced though, and he knew when her gorge was rising and pulled out just before she could get to the point of no return.

Dick bobbing in front of him, slick with her saliva, he watched as she bent over and gasped, dry-heaving a little. Nothing came up, although her stomach felt as though it could possibly jump into her throat. Closing her eyes she concentrated on breathing deeply, trying to reduce the nausea that had overtaken her in the last couple minutes. She wondered why on earth men would want to torture women this way; making them nauseous, not allowing them to breath...

"You'll get better at this," the Prince told her, "We'll spend most of tomorrow practicing until you can swallow me on your own, and as you practice you'll learn to control yourself so that you don't get nauseous at all." Carrie looked up at him through tear-flecked lashes, still gasping for breath.

Kneeling next to her he began fondling her breasts again, rubbing and caressing - letting one hand slip down to the slippery folds of her pussy and toying with the little nubbin there. Carrie could feel her nausea melting away, being pushed out by a much more urgent feeling; moaning she moved her hips in time with her hand and pressed her breasts more firmly into his firm grip. Turning her head, she put her mouth on his nipple and sucked the little bud into her mouth, biting down gently as his hands continued to coax the most amazing sensations out of her body.

When she felt flushed and heated all over her body, wishing that he would just put his mouth on her pink wetness and eat her to orgasm, he stood up. Ordering, "Stay there." And turning to walk to the dresser. Picking something up, it looked like some kind of jar, he slathered something onto his hard dick, making it look shiny and smooth. Returning to her side he knelt behind her, in between her legs, with the jar and she wondered what on earth he was doing.

Freezing as she felt his finger press against her ass, she remembered Ariel telling her that men liked to take women in their bumholes. Breathing hard she tried not to panic as one finger worked its way into her tight anus, again she felt that wash of degradation as she was buggered by his finger. Blushing shamefully, she tried to ignore the full feeling of her lower body, the way his finger twisted and probed inside of her. Uncomfortable, but not really painful in anyway. Then he pushed a second finger in and she grimaced... that hurt a little. Little jabbing pains that made her stomach twist and cramp, increasing the further he pushed his finger in. Gritting her teeth she bore down on his fingers, trying to squeeze them from her anus, but all he did was push them further in. When she finally relaxed her muscles his fingers popped in all the way, making her moan as the thick digits moved inside her body. It was such a strange feeling to have something inside her, especially in the wrong hole.

His fingers sawed in and out of her body... and then suddenly they were gone and she missed them as soon as they were because it really came home to her what was next. She could feel his swollen mushroom head pressing against her tight crinkled hole, and she remembered that she couldn't swallow him with her mouth... as much as she wanted to please him - and she did - she was afraid of how large it would be in her ass. As his dick began to press into her body, her hole seemed to stretch forever, painfully spreading for his wide head.

With a sob, she tried to crawl forward and his hands grabbed her hips, pulling her backwards so that the head of his dick pressed into her ass with a pop... she screamed as her ass closed around his shaft, pushing mightily to try and expel him.

"Don't try to get away or it will hurt more," he told her, there was something very soft and comforting in his had voice, "I don't want to hurt you."

Blinking back tears she thought over what he had just said... it was certainly the first time that he'd ever displayed any concern at all for her well-being. But she couldn't really think it over because almost immediately his dick began to saw back and forth in her tight hole, working its way a little deeper with each small thrust. Gasping with discomfort, her ass was now cramping heavily and the short jabbing pains had become sharp jabbing pains that went straight into her belly as his dick quested forward. Still, she did feel some small pleasure when she heard him groan, he did sound like her tight ass felt good to him. In some ways she wished that she could see his face as he invaded her... on the other hand she was scared to see the pleasure when she was in such pain.

It seemed to take forever before he was completely imbedded in her ass, his dick twitching inside of her tightness. For a few moments he held himself there, allowing her to attempt to adjust to the new proportions of her anal cavity. Carrie let out a low sob as his dick began to retreat, her ass convulsing around the movement; and her back arched as he thrust back in, burying himself again. She remembered the way he had moved in and out of her mouth, and realized that he was going to do the same thing with this hole. Another thrust, another groan, and she half-lowered, half-fell onto her forearms, leaving her ass high in the air for him to plunder.

After a few thrusts, the jabbing pains stopped, almost as though her ass now realized that he was going this deep and only this deep and it could stop protesting. Sighing in relief as the intensely painful part of the process went away, still grimaced a little in discomfort; his dick stretched out her hole over and over with every rough thrust. Although he was actually holding himself back a little from full force thrusts, she felt as though he was trying to pound her into the floor.

Hands caressed her buttocks and then slid down her sides and to her tits, grabbing a hold of them and gripping, pinching her nipples as his hands cupped her fleshy globes. It felt good, very good in fact, and it even made the fullness and the movement in her ass feel a little less strange and uncomfortable. As he continued to fondle her, all the while pillaging her ass, it began to feel good to have him inside of her; with every thrust his balls were slapping against her pussy and she could feel that little wet slit start to respond. Her clit began to work its way out from between the slick folds in order to get its own tap from his swinging balls; each thrust began to cause an electric jolt of pleasure as he slapped her clit. Even the movement inside her slick back hole was starting to feel good, the fullness feeling more natural and less invasive.

Moaning, she began to push her ass back against him, wanting him deeper inside her for some reason... it hurt a little as she began to press backwards, increasing the force of her thrusts, but that just made her crave it more. Then he really let himself go and she realized that he had been holding back on his previous thrusts; he pounded her ass and she cried out in painful pleasure as one of his hands fell back down towards his body and into her pussy. Rubbing roughly along the length of her wet slit and rolling her clit between his fingers, he pounded her ass even harder; as though she was going to have to pay for the pleasure coursing through her with a little pain.

He wasn't going to last much longer after everything that had come before this, and the tight gripping warmth of her ass. Pinching her clit he began tugging on it, twisting and rubbing it between his fingers. Arching her back Carrie let out a cry of pure ecstacy as she came, her ass convulsing around him in orgasmic pleasure. His thrusts became positively brutal, shoving the breath from her body, and the last one sent her falling to the floor; her limbs already weak from the pleasure that was engulfing them. Crushed beneath him, she shuddered in the last throes of her orgasm as his dick dug its deepest yet and he began to release his seed into her bowels. Every spurt throbbed against the inside of her tight hole, and she moaned, her breasts pressed flat beneath her, his hands digging into her flesh and he held her tight against him.

Finally, he collapsed on top of her, his dick triumphant and weary in her tight hole.

After he pulled out of her, he let her go, telling her that she would return tomorrow to practice what she'd learned today. The day after that would be her public defloration; and Carrie felt that little thrill of fear again.

Before she could totally leave, as she was walking out the door, he suddenly grabbed her and pulled her back into the room - out of the sight of Kylia who was waiting for her. Holding her close to him, her startled eyes looked up into his as he seemed to search hers for something. Breathless, completely aware of him with every fiber of her being, the way his body held hers close, she could feel her lips part as she stared at him. Slowly, still searching her eyes, he lowered his mouth to hers.

This kiss wasn't like the other ones, it wasn't even like the ones she had with the girls. It was passionate but sweet, demanding and gentle, it made her quiver with unaccustomed emotion and her hands clutched at his shoulders as he pulled her close by her waist. They kissed deeply, as though he was trying to drink in her essence before she had to go.

Then, suddenly, he pulled away and pushed her - gently - back towards the door. With one backwards look at him, and a touch of her swollen lips, she left with Kylia. That night, her mind turned over the scene over and over again... wondering what the next day would bring.

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