tagLoving WivesTrue Love Ch. 02

True Love Ch. 02


I stroked myself slowly as I watched the Major giving it to my wife from behind.

"Give it to me Daddy," she moaned as he forced her face down over his desk, her big tits swinging around and slapping against the leather desk top.

He tugged her tight skirt up over her big ass and roughly tore her French knickers down. He knew what she wanted all right and he was the man to give it to her. The old man was inside her before those damp silk panties had even hit the office floor.

"Move that big ass you sexy little bitch," the old man growled. "Come on fuck Daddy's cock you little whore!"

My wife obliged, grinding that sweet moon back onto his thick meaty cock, his huge belly riding up over the top as if he was just about to beach.

She'd certainly never fucked me that way and I had to slow the pace a little as I watched her. Loretta's eyes were glazed, her mouth hanging open, her head jerked loosely as the old man began to pump her hard. She was hanging onto his desk like it was the last train out of town on doomsday and I couldn't hold out any longer.

I gasped as I filled one of the tissues my wife had handed me not fifteen minutes earlier. I shot stream after stream, the best orgasm I'd ever had, all courtesy of some fat old man ploughing my unfaithful wife in his two bit office.

"You shot already?" Major Benson puffed, his heavy balls swinging between his fat hairy thighs as he upped the tempo. "Get it in her mouth kid she goes crazy for it when I'm fucking her."

I'd moved over to the desk before I'd realised what that meant and I was hard before my cock head even touched her ruby red lips. So she'd done this before. I wondered who the second player was in that doubles match and grunted as I felt her suck me down into her throat in one easy movement.

"That's it kid, now fuck her face hard!"

Like a good little boy I pulled out my piece and then thrust it back into her mouth, building up a nice steady rhythm that soon got hard and nasty. Don't get me wrong I wasn't angry with my wife - this was the most enjoyable afternoon I'd had since the days we spent by that quiet little lake way back when. I was enjoying the hell out of this situation and gave her mouth as good as her pussy was getting from the Major on the other side of the desk.

The old man's gut wobbled, the skin of his thighs slapping loudly against my wife's as he picked up the pace once more.

"Yeah that's it son," he growled. "Give it to her hard and fast, just the way she likes it."

The soaking wet squelches from her well stretched cunt grew louder and she moaned around my cock as her hips bucked violently.

I guessed she was enjoying the ride.

"Here it comes now!" the old man grunted. "Come on boy ask me to do it, beg me to shoot inside your wife."

I stumbled over my words and I felt my cock twitch as my pumping quickened. "P..please sir," I panted, "please cum inside Loretta, cum inside my w...wife."

With that, the old man cried out and held himself tight against my wife's ass cheeks, holding her hips in an iron grip as he spilled his seed deep inside her. I just couldn't take any more and the second best orgasm I ever had hit me, a second huge load making my wife cough and splutter as it shot down her throat like a white bullet.

We were both panting like dogs, my wife in between moaning, limp and lifeless across the desk.

The Major laughed out loud and slapped my wife's ass hard as he pulled out of her well used hole. "Now that's how to fuck a woman boy," he wheezed as he reached for a cigar.

I immediately reached for my lighter, the Major holding my shaking hand still as he took the first few sweet puffs on his long Cuban.

"Come back tomorrow. In the meantime I'll get one of my boys to develop those snaps and if they're any good you'll get a nice little bonus."

I stumbled towards the office door before he stopped me short. "Do yourself a favour and zip up those flies son," the old man chuckled as he turned back to my wife. Embarrassed I quickly zipped up, wincing as I nicked the flesh slightly on the way up.

There was a loud slap and a gasp from my wife as I opened the outer door.

"Oh Daddy," she moaned.

I turned back for a moment and watched as the Major went to work on her ass, spanking her hard as she moaned and writhed on his desk.

"There's something else I didn't know about her," I thought to myself as I left, the outer door cutting off the sounds of her obvious enjoyment with a snap.


I didn't go back home. I couldn't see myself there anymore, not right now anyway. We were both doing our thing and enjoying it and I didn't want anything spoiling the fun so I headed over to my lonely office, picking up a bottle of bourbon along the way.

The light was fading fast when I got there. Fumbling for my keys, I caught my breath when I found the door to my office already unlocked. I pushed it open gently with one finger and quickly stood to one side behind the wall.

When nothing much happened I worked up the courage to poke my nose into my own business and straight away made out a figure sitting in my office chair. The whiff of perfume told me it was probably a woman, but you couldn't be too sure of that these days. Whoever it was took a drag on a cigarette, the sweet orange glow shining brighter for a few seconds before it danced back down to rest near my desk top.

"You gonna stand out there all night Chuck?"

I knew that voice, but what the hell was the Major's wife doing sat in my office?

"Make yourself at home Sally," I chuckled wryly as I closed the door gently and set the bourbon down on my desk.

Opening the top drawer of my filing cabinet I pulled out two greasy looking glasses and gave them a quick spit shine with my tie.

"You really know how to treat a girl don't you Chuck?" Her voice was loaded with sarcasm and I wondered if she'd meant more than she'd said.

I poured out two measures and handed her one, clicking on the desk lamp at the same time. The dim yellow light fell short of illuminating her face but what it did do was light up her massive milk jugs like they were the two prize exhibits in the mammary museum.

"Like what you see?" She laughed.

I couldn't tear my eyes away from them. Wrapped tightly in red satin, they were just about as big and as perfect as my wife's fleshy friends. Just what were the odds of two pairs of perfect double h cups in one day?

"They're the same size as Loretta's, almost exactly." She took another drag on her cigarette and I could feel her eyes on me as I started.

"You know my wife?"

"Of course I do dummy. We were childhood friends."

"Come on we've been married a year and she's never even mentioned you. Hell I've never spoken to you before and I would have noticed if you were at our wedding."

Sally laughed gently, "Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. There're a lot of things you don't know, a girl must have her secrets."

"And some," I let slip before I could stop myself.

"Yes, that's one of them. My husband has been banging your sweet wife since she was sixteen years old. We both have a liking for dirty old men, but I got him and she got you."

I sat down on the edge of the desk and poured myself another drink. Sally Benson still hadn't touched hers. Instead she reached into her purse and took out a stuffed brown envelope.

"So what are you doing...?"

"What am I doing here?" She cut me short. "Here take a look."

With that she cast the contents of the envelope across my desk like dice on a craps table. I was looking at around twenty glossy back and whites taken that very afternoon. There we were on candid camera, Major Benson at one end, me at the other with my wife very much in the middle.

"How the hell...?" I started before she cut me short again.

"Now that's a secret," she smiled and began to unbutton her tight blouse.

I watched, hypnotised as she slowly undid the last few buttons and pulled her blouse open. A huge light brown lacy bra held those two perfect melons in a warm embrace. I felt my head moving towards her soft milky flesh involuntarily as she reeled me in like a fish.

"Good boy Chuck," she murmured as she stroked my hair.

I licked at sucked at her warm fragrant skin, burying my face in her huge cleavage. I felt the pop of the clip as she reached back and unhooked her bra and I was blissfully submerged in two beautiful mountains of flesh.

"Now unzip those pants Chuck, let's see your little man."

I did as I was told, suckling at her enormous breasts as I pulled out my stiff cock.

"Already hard I see," she purred. "Be a good boy and lie across the desk."

Reluctantly I withdrew my face from Nirvana and lay back over the desk, right across the evidence of this afternoon's craziness.

Sally moved around the desk in the darkness, her massive boobs swinging back into the light as she leant across me.

"Now lie back Chuck and enjoy. Mummy's going to give you a nice little treat."

I gasped as Sally took my cock in her hand and guided it between her heavy swaying breasts, then holding them tight around my pole she proceeded to jack me off, rubbing those beautifully soft tits up, down and around until she was driving me crazy.

"That's it Chuck, just let go."

After a few minutes of heaven the wet sounds of my cock between her giant tits told her all she needed to know.

"Good boy Chuck, let go all over Mummy's nice big tits."

I gasped as my hips jerked and I began to pump the third huge load that day into her cleavage. She continued to pump my cock, squeezing the last few drops out, the squelching noise of her wet tit-flesh around my cock the most incredibly erotic sound I'd ever heard.

"Mmmm good boy," Sally purred as she dipped her finger into the cream and took a little taste. "Just how Mummy likes it."

I gasped and fell back across my desk, now I just wanted to sleep. No more talk just sleep. But Sally Benson had other ideas.

"Now to business," she said curtly, as she rejigged her bra and began to button up her blouse over her heaving chest.

I watched the wet patches spread across the red satin of her blouse as it came into contact with her cum wet flesh and the little man began to twitch again.

"Oh no you don't," she admonished. "Put that thing away, we need to talk about your half of the bargain."

I zipped back up slowly and struggled up into a sitting position, while trying and failing to rub a little life into my face. She'd reeled me in now here was the catch.

"I want you to continue working for my husband, nothing changes there you got me?"

I nodded.

"Good. You'll also be working for me but I ain't paying," I heard a slight smile in her voice, "well...not with money anyway."

I could see into my future and it contained two huge tits, an unfaithful wife and a rampant old pervert...things were looking up.

"That's right Chuck," Sally purred reading my mind. "Do good work for Mummy and you'll get lots of little treats."

Now her voice hardened, "But if you breathe a word to my husband about our little relationship you lose these," she pointed at her huge boobs, "you lose your afternoon entertainment and you lose your wife. Understand?"

I nodded dumbly.

"Good boy Chuck. Here's the address," she handed me a folded note. "Get over there tomorrow at eight pm and get snapping."

Mrs Benson picked up her purse, took her coat from the back of my chair and headed for the door.

"What am I photographing?" I asked genuinely puzzled.

Sally turned to me and laughed, "Oh you'll know it when you see it. Just make sure you get those pictures."

The door closed behind her, leaving me with just her cigarette smoke and perfume for company. I needed to get some sleep.

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