tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTrue Love Ch. 03

True Love Ch. 03


I knew it when I saw it alright. I was snapping away, eating through the first roll of film like a hungry animal.

Chief fucking Martin. I remembered watching him frisk my mother when I was ten years old. In full view of my father he'd run his hands up her skirt from behind, slowly caressing the insides of her legs. The Chief's sidekick just stood there laughing quietly, his hand resting casually on his holstered revolver, staring my dad down and daring him to make a move.

We were heading back from a daytrip when that fat asshole had pulled my dad over at the side of the road, telling him his tail light was out. Yeah, they usually are after they've been given the once over with a day-stick. Then he spotted my mother in the car and insisted she step out onto the road.

He came up with some bullshit story and had her bent over the hot bonnet of our run down Buick before anyone knew what was going on. You could feel the shame radiating off my father as Martin first frisked my mom and then used his day-stick for the second time that afternoon. At the time I wasn't sure what happened, just saw her gasp and throw her head back as the Chief shoved his wooden baton up her skirt from behind.

"Look away son, cover your eyes," Dad had shouted.

Looking back I wasn't sure if he didn't sound just a little excited but I did as I was told, wondering what was making the car rock so much and why my mom and Chief Martin were making noises like that.

Later on I worked up the courage to peep but just saw the fat cop doing up the zipper on his uniform trousers whilst mom straightened her skirt and smiled a strange smile.

The Chief spent an awful lot of time at our house after that. Even back then I knew he wasn't there for the milk and cookies and my dad never said so much as a word. Shit my old man was probably burning his ass in hell right now watching mom getting roasted by some fucking horny demon.

God rest their souls.

But I was enjoying this. I'd been wanting to dig up some dirt on Chief Martin since the first time I laid eyes on the big fat son of a bitch and there he was in his badly fitting birthday suit, a lusty sneer cracking his jowls as he took in the naked, struggling girl tied to his bed.

She was crying and mouthing something like, "Let me go you fucking creep!"

Tears streaked her face and she squirmed away from the blubbery monster who was raping her with his eyes. Then I saw him laugh as he reached down a pudgy hand and squeezed her fleshy right tit hard.

Another player came onto the scene and I recognised Dr Benjamin Rhodes, he spent about as much time down at the station house as the Chief and was just as crooked.

There was something a little odd in seeing the doctor like that. Yeah just another naked sixty year old pervert with a big gut, but he was carrying his heavy black doctor's bag in his hand and it added that extra touch of strange to the proceedings.

The bed heaved and sagged as fat Chief Martin climbed between the screaming girl's legs. I clicked away and swore blue as I reached the end of the film. My shaking hands fumbled and I cursed under my breath as I swapped films, tossing the used one into the bushes behind me. I lifted the camera to my eye once more just as that fat walrus descended upon the girl, sinking his meaty cock into her unwilling pussy.

The good doctor stood by laughing, his attention torn between the rape scene and the rapidly filling syringe in his hands, his cock standing to attention and begging like a hungry animal.

The girl was getting it good now, my cock swelled as I watched her struggling under Martin. For a fat guy he was pretty active, his huge buttocks rising and falling as he slammed his cock into her, his heavy balls swinging and slapping against her ass. I could see her mouthing "No!" repeatedly, like a fish out of water, as the Chief ran his tongue up the side of her neck and up onto her face, licking across it like a slavering dog.

Meanwhile the doc was ready for phase two. He flicked the syringe a few times on the side, three for good luck I guess, and took a strong grip on the girls arm before plunging the needle into it and giving her a dose of God knows what.

When it was finally empty he cast it aside and took a good hold of his cock, time for another kind of injection I guessed. He watched and wanked as the Chief picked up his pace, slamming the girl's young body into the bed and knocking the breath out of her. I could see the poison was having its effect and within a few minutes she was quiet, a glazed look in her eyes, her mouth slack and her body unresisting.

I got a great snap of Martin looking up at the Doctor, they were both grinning like hungry wolves. As I carried on clicking the doc pulled a scalpel out of his bag and I went cold. I was all ready to burst in and stop the action there and then when I saw that the doc was just cutting her cords and I breathed a sigh of relief. These guys would get what was coming to them for doing what they did to the girl, sure, but I was damned if I was going to stand by and watch her get hurt or killed.

What a saint I was.

The second film joined the first in the bushes and by the time I'd resumed my shoot the girl had come back to life, but this time it was like her evil twin sister had turned up to the party.

Chief Martin was still pumping away between her thighs, but now her arms and legs were wrapped around his heaving corpulent body. She was fucking him back, going crazy for his old cock, her wet cunt rising off the bed to meet his thrusts and her tongue buried in the old man's mouth.

Her newfound slutty charms were like a red rag to a bull, Martin's pumping got frantic before becoming erratic and finally stopping. His fat ass twitched and wobbled as he strained his flabby body and filled her with spurt after spurt of hot pig spunk. I got some great shots as he slowly pulled out his cock, the strings of semen connecting the tip to her glistening pussy lips stretching and finally snapping as he moved his huge carcass off the bed.

No sooner was the Chief finished than the doc was in on the action. The girl didn't seem to mind, she welcomed the old man with open arms and legs, pulling him into her young body as she planted short wet kisses all over his sun-creased face.

I took a few more shots for good luck and turned to pick up the other rolls and leave, but it just wasn't to be. The muzzle of Chief Martin's police revolver was so close to my nose it made my eyes cross trying to look at it, so I looked at him instead. He gave me a nasty grin, the kind that hinted at my future and told me it didn't look so rosy.


"The doc wants you dead Chuck," Martin breathed unevenly as he patted down my pockets, his rolls of fat dancing like ocean waves.

He'd already taken my piece and placed it next to the toaster, adding that little extra something to his shabby kitchen. I sat and said nothing, just watched the gun, waited to see what he wanted to say.

"But I've been thinkin Chuck and I don't think that's a smart move. What do you think, huh?" the fat man said as he stepped back.

I could see he was still thinking, the thoughts drifting across his tiny mind like icebergs in the night, so I played it smart and kept my mouth shut.

"You always were a quiet boy Chuck even when you watched me with your momma all those times," he chuckled humourlessly. "And now you're a quiet man Chuck and I like a man who stays quiet. So come on get up."

His high pitched nasal whine had always given me the shivers, like someone running their fingernails down a blackboard while they poured a pitcher full of ice cubes down your back. He waved the gun at me gesturing towards the kitchen door as he picked up my camera from the kitchen table. I stood and moved slowly into the next room.

"Keep your hands where I can see 'em."

I did as I was told like a good little boy, just like I always had.

"I'm right behind you Chuck, now just keep moving and take the first left."

I followed his directions and found myself in the bedroom I'd seen from outside. The girl was still lying naked on the bed with her legs open wide, two loads of semen dribbling out of her wet, distended cunt. The naked doctor was sat silent in the corner of the room smoking a cigarette, his bony legs crossed tightly.

"Now strip Chuck and no funny stuff."

I felt the barrel of the Chief's gun poke me in the back as I pulled off my jacket and let it drop to the floor. My empty holster came next and as I was unbuttoning my shirt I looked at the girl's face. She was still out of it her eyes glassy, but she gave me a broad smile and reached out to me with outstretched arms.

"That's it Chuck," the Chief breathed as I dropped my pants and stripped out of my boxers. "Now get on the bed and fuck that little bitch, we got just a few more pictures to take on that camera of yours."

I hesitated.

"How the fuck old is she Martin?" I demanded.

The Chief started chuckling behind me, "Eighteen today Chuck and that's the Gods honest truth, eighteen today. So you just get up there and wish her a happy birthday son."

I believed him, it was just the kind of thing this asshole would do, fuck a girl on her eighteenth birthday and ruin her. I climbed onto the bed and hesitated again, looking down at her reaching out to me with a lustful expression on her features.

"Come on Chuck, give her what she wants. Otherwise I might just get to thinkin that the doc's idea is a good one after all."

I sighed, thanking my lucky stars I was hot to trot, and lowered myself into the girl's arms, my hard cock slipping easily into her soaking cunt. She wrapped her arms and legs around me kissing my neck feverishly as I fucked her hard and fast, I wanted to get this over with as quickly as I could.

The Chief was laughing and hollering as he snapped away, getting shots from all angles making sure he had everything covered and all the evidence he needed.

"That's it Chuck, give it to her boy," he laughed. "Hell I didn't even introduce you did I? This here's Sarah Roberts, eighteen years old, as fresh as a daisy and ripe for pluckin!"

I felt a rush in my balls and knew I was about to cum so I picked up the pace a little, the bed rattling and squeaking as I did. Sarah was panting and mewling and I could feel her cunt spasming in orgasm around my cock.

"Now don't you worry about young Sarah there Chuck," giggled Chief Martin, "she won't tell a soul will you honey?"

The girl was oblivious as she collapsed beneath me glassy eyed, I grunted and shot my load into her already overfilled cunt and stopped to catch my breath.

"That a boy Chuck," cackled the Chief. "Young Sarah here won't tell a soul 'cos me and her mommy and daddy, we've got ourselves an understandin. But I might tell Chuck and I got photos to prove it so you just keep bein a good boy and do as you're told."

The Chief had put my camera down and was pointing his gun at me again. Our little show had obviously pushed his buttons as his cock was hard and tight into his huge gut.

"Now Chuck, get dressed and kneel on the floor with your back to me."

When I gave him a funny look he just laughed and waved a pair of hand cuffs at me, "Don't you worry boy, I just need to put these on you. You're more use to me alive than dead Chuck, so don't you worry a little hair on your head."

I did as I was told figuring I'd stay alive longer that way, at least it had worked up 'til now anyway. Putting my hands behind my back I felt the cold steel of the cuffs snug around my wrists and heard a sharp click as they locked into place.

Five minutes later the Chief was dressed and pushing me into the back seat of his patrol car. He'd left the good doctor to 'look after' the girl. I'd already heard the bedsprings squeaking again before we'd left the house.

The Chief heaved himself into the front seat of the car laughing, "Yep she's gonna get it all right, all day and all night."

He must have caught my expression in his rear view mirror because he laughed again, "Not off the old doc boy, he's only good for one more turn on the little whore. No, we've got a few of the boys comin down here to make sure she's broke in right."

With that he started the car and the fat fool filled me in on just about every detail of his operation. It turned out that he'd been doing it for years, taking local girls at around the age of eighteen, dosing them up and raping them, then passing them around the neighbourhood for all the local men to fuck. No-one tried to stop him, either because they wanted a piece of the action or because they had several nasty little faux pa's that he would turn a blind eye to if they let him fuck their daughters with no questions asked. Or both.

Doctor Rhodes' part in this was equally as sinister. The old doc had a special brew that he gave the girls to get them in the mood. It was also highly addictive so they always came back for more, and each time they'd want to party with them and the other local sex fiends.

"And now you're one of us Chuck," Chief Martin chuckled as we pulled up at the station house. "Welcome to the club son."

Like hell I was, I was going to put a stop to this little racket if it was the last thing I did. The fat man heaved himself out of his car and pulled me out soon after, pushing me in front of him into the station house.


When we got inside I was greeted by the human detritus that was Vinny Di Carlo, Chief Martin's right hand man. I'm not sure if that little weasel had ever had a bath in his life, but it didn't pay to be a heavy nose breather in his company.

Vinny just nodded at me and gave me a greasy knowing grin as he herded me into the empty holding cell and locked the door behind me.

"What the hell is this?" I asked Martin.

"Well, you just need to meet bail son," the Chief explained as he rolled his fat ass onto the edge of his desk. "So you just give me your telephone number and I'll speak to your hot little wife on your behalf and you'll be out of here in no time."

Vinny was laughing as he walked into the next room. The Chief just picked up the receiver on his phone and looked at me waiting. There wasn't much else I could do so I gave him my home number and he dialled it. Next minute he was speaking to my wife.

"That's right Loretta, we've got Chuck here and he needs to meet bail to get out...that's right honey, yeah...how much? Well let's see, how about you come down here and spread those pretty legs of yours and we'll think about letting him go...that's right honey, just me and Vinny...ok Loretta we'll be waitin just make sure you wear something nice so we can get good and hard for ya baby."

Chief Martin had unzipped his trousers while he was on the phone and was slowly wanking his stiff cock as he spoke to my wife. My head sank onto the cold metal bars in front of me as I felt my own cock stirring at the thought of Loretta letting these two creeps fuck her to get me out of the joint.

"Bye honey, bye." The Chief put the phone down with a click and chuckled, "That's a very loving wife you have their boy, you're a lucky man."

He stood up and stretched, his hard cock still poking out of his pants, "And now I'm gonna fuck her right in front of you boy, just like I used to fuck your whore mother in front of you and your pa."

He walked over to stand in front of me, so close I could feel his stale breath invading my nostrils.

"Don't look so glum boy you'll enjoy it -- like father like son."

I nodded remembering the first time I'd crept downstairs to investigate the strange noises during one of the Chief's many visits. Always the detective I just had to check them out.

It had been about two weeks since Chief Martin had pulled us over at the roadside and as I peeked through the gap in the door through to our living room I could see that he was making himself right at home.

My dad stood with his back to me quite close to the door, his hand stroking his cock slowly and his breathing laboured. mom was bent over, her skirt up around her waist showing her stocking tops and suspenders, her hands tightly grasping the back of her favourite chair. She looked so beautiful when she was enjoying a good fuck, her eyes were half closed and her mouth wide open as her body jerked rhythmically to the pounding she was getting from the fat boy in blue.

I looked beyond my panting and moaning mother and saw that grin again, always that fucking grin. The fat bastard was looking right at me, sweating and grinning as he fucked my mom in front of her family. I saw him reach round her front and tear her blouse open, buttons flying across the floor, and then roughly pull her big tan lacy bra up to release her massive fleshy breasts. They bounced and swung as Chief Martin pounded her harder.

I'd stood entranced watching her willingly take another man's cock in front of her husband for what seemed like forever, until the spell was broken by a grunt from my father as he spilled his load on the rug. I had quietly crept away, hoping that my mother hadn't seen me, thinking that I'd gotten away with it until that heart stopping moment when the Chief called out, "See ya again tomorrow boy!" and laughed long and loud.

And now here I was. After all those years of watching him use my mom, here I was waiting for my wife to walk in and spread her legs for him. A nervous excitement was spreading through my body, starting at my iron hard cock.

There was no use denying it, I just nodded and turned away. Finding a cot in the corner of the cell I sat down and waited for my wife to arrive.

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Excellent. Love it.

This excerpt is priceless:
"After all those years of watching him use my mom, here I was waiting for my wife to walk in and spread her legs for him. A nervous excitement was spreading through my body,more...

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