True Love Ch. 02



I love waking up without an alarm. The feeling of waking from a dreamless sleep with the sunshine trickling into a room and the birds chirping their morning song is peaceful. This morning was different than others though. This morning I could feel the gentle breath of Sam caressing my neck. The soft tickle of hair sent tingles through my chest. I managed to maneuver my way out from under my sleeping beauty without waking her. Seeing her dreaming peacefully was always a guilty pleasure of mine. Her lower lip would always hang open just slightly leaving a cute half smile on her face. The way her petite chest up and down slowly with her breath always calmed me for some reason.

We had fallen asleep on top of the comforter so I took the one from her bed and layed it over her and tucked her in. The light from the window began to creep towards her face and so I closed the curtains just a little more. I decided to dress without a shower, as to not wake her with the noise, and just wear last nights scent on me instead. I put on a new pair of underwear and pants while deciding to just wear a zipped up grey sweatshirt up top. I left a note, in case she woke up, saying I was heading out to grab some breakfast. The golden arches are calling my name.

The walk to the famed fast food spot took me about 15 minutes and the smell that greeted me was well worth the walk. I ordered a few muffin sandwich meals and a couple coffees. The walk back was uneventful and the chance to zone out was much appreciated. When I got back to the room I was happy to see she was still resting. I set the food down on one of the end tables and sat down on the edge of the bed. I sat there just admiring her beauty until she rolled over onto her back and kicked out of the comforter. With all the movement I was sure she had woken up, but after a minute or so she layed perfectly still apart from her breathing. I eyed her over and realized she might be kicking because she was still wearing her pants from last night. Wanting her to sleep more soundly I figured it would be best to remove them. If she woke up, she would have a nice hot breakfast, if not she would be more comfortable while sleeping.

My hands moved down and hovered right above her crotch. As deftly as possible I unsnapped her button and drew her zipper down. The outline of her black lace panties were showing. Thinking back, I had seen Sam in her underwear countless times. Of all the times I had seen her though I had never seen the most private part of her. It was always hidden or she would move to cover herself. The thought of how much she went through to hide it made what I was doing feel wrong and I hesitated before continuing. It should be her choice when to show me, I have no right to take that from her. I got up to eat my portion of breakfast when a familiar angelic voice stopped me.

"Morning stud." She yawned when she spoke.

"Hey Sam, did you sleep well? I got us breakfast."

"Ooh, what'd you get us, and yes, I did thanks to you."

"We got Mick's Muffins and some coffee."

"You're the best boyfriend ever!" She squealed and hugged me with her bare chest.

Sam was truly the most charasmatic person I knew. Her bubbly personality put everyone she met at ease and brought a light joy to their heart. I honestly believe that atleast 75 percent of it was her smile. She could tell you that your dog died and comfort you with a smile on her face and you would feel a little better. She could then hug you right after that and you would be happy again with all traces of sadness gone simply from being in her arms.

We both ate in silence, apart from the tv, as we usually did. Half way through my first sandwich I decided I was overdressed and unzipped my sweatshirt. Sam noticed and started to blush in between bites. She started to shift more in her beanbag. I was not blind to the fact that she was still pent up from last night. A fact that made me laugh with the additional knowledge I held. The funny part was that I knew that, because of her hormone's, Sam couldn't go half a day without touching herself. My first encounter with her libido happened when she was 13 and I caught her masturbating in her room to some porn on the computer. Sam, being Sam, simply laughed and asked me to join her. Me being me, I turned around and ran. She found me later and taught me the birds and bees and told me how much she did it and how much fun it was. That moment was the true first moment that I registered the difference between a guy and girl. Despite the revelation Sam was still a girl to me. She was a girl growing into a woman and the thought of her having a penis never really even crossed into my mind. That was until yesterday when I felt it press into my thigh and again now as it sits confined in a pair of jeans in need of release.

"Sam, you never did..." I trailed before nervously taking another bite of my sandwich.

"No, but it's okay Alex. I know this is new to you. We can take this as slow as you're comfortable with." She flashed her brilliant smile and continued to eat her sandwich while watching the morning sports report.

"Do you remember when I walked in on you..." I trailed, still nervous about the subject.

"Oh my god! Like every day! I was so embarassed that I couldn't finish until later that night." She spoke inbetween fits of giggles. "Why do you bring it up?" Her openness put me at ease.

"Just wondering, now that we're dating...We are dating right?" She nodded happily. "Was just wondering what you masturbate to? I never did get a good look at anything."

"Well it's changed alot since then, but usually I watch alot of aggressive stuff. Do you wanna watch some together?"

"Sure, that seems nice. Where do you...?"

She got up from her beanbag and I couldn't help but notice the slight bulge in her tight jeans. She pulled out her laptop and hooked it up to our TV. The screen flickered to a mirrored image of her monitor. I could see her scrolling through various flashes of porn vids. She settled on a folder of videos from a site called "Shemale Seductress." She scooted her bean bag within arms reach of mine and nestled into the mold of her seat. The video started with an interview between the two actors. One was a very innocent looking white guy who looked eerily like me. The other was a beautiful mixed woman with an obviously heavily worked on face and body. Despite the modifications, her overall look was highly appealing. The conversation drifted on about fetishes they each had and what they were open to doing in the scene.

"I always liked this one. I always imagine it being you and me." I could only sit in silence on edge for what was to come.

The actual scene began with the two of them drinking together. Things began to get heated as they undressed eachother while kissing. The red lipstick on she wore started to smear over the guys face and lips. She forcefully pulled his head to her breasts which were pulled out over her bra. She arched her back as he hungrily licked at her nipples. She continued to be forceful as she pushed his head lower towards her skirt.

The scene contiuned from there on the usual track a porno follows. I couldn't help but to get aroused by the images flowing on the screen. I started to rub at the growing erection trapped in my pants. I turned to look at Sam when I heard a moan escape from her. That's when it happened. My jaw lost all control and simply hung loose. The sight before me was far more intense than the one unfolding on the screen. Sam's hands were slowly pulling at her growing dick that was hanging out of jeans. She wasn't even hard yet, but she was already larger than me. Now I know why Bobby Turner was scared to go all the way. Sam was absolutely massive. Her eyes were starting to glaze over as she turned to look at me. I was caught, her mouth turned to a wicked smile when she caught me staring with my mouth open. She looked into me, not at me, into me. Her eyes pierced inside of me and simply winked for me to come closer.

I felt compelled by her will. I fell to my knees on the beanbag in front of her. Her pulsing member was now at full attention. She was easliy 9 inches long, possibly 10. It was her girth though that was truly intimidating. Her member looked almost as wide as a coke can.

"It's okay, just do whatever you feel comfortable with."

I felt my hand reach out to grip her flesh. It was warm in my grasp. My hand could just wrap around her length. I could see the generous amount of pre-cum flowing from her slit. There was more of it dripping on her shaft than I had ever seen. Soon enough her entire shaft was shiny and slick. She had begun to twist and pull at her nipples with both hands with her head locked back in pure bliss. It felt as though I was outside of my own body as I saw my other hand reach to the base of her ample shaft. Her cock pulsed with need in my hands. With my one hand holding her still my other one started to glide along her length with increasing speed. The flared head of her dick started to pulse to life growing larger with each passing second.

"Alex, please..." Her voice wasn't the same, she was completely filled with lust.

I knew she about to cum. Her hips began to buck in the beanbag. My mouth inched closer towards her tip. The unnatural pre that formed looked to inviting to my lust driven mind. My tongue inched out and was about to lap at her juices when she screamed.

"Alex I'm cumming! Oh god I'm cumming!"

True to her word she came. The first blast was so powerful that it hit all the way in the back of my throat and I recoiled back in shock. My hands continued to stroke along her spasming member as rope after rope of thick white cum coated my chest. The couldn't help but swallow the thick liquid in my mouth. It really wasn't all that pleasant. I was having trouble with the thickness as it slowly tricked down my throat. There were screams of pain and pleasure coming from behind me and I turned to see the woman starting to pound into the small guy. My ass started to clench in fear of the coming certainty of what was on the screen. I glanced down to my chest and was shocked to see more cum than I had ever seen from any porno covering me. It seemed very unnatural with how thick it was.

"Thank you Alex, I needed that. Did you?"

"No, I don't..." I looked down and noticed the wet stain from the inside of my pants. "Well I guess I did."

"Well let's turn this off and get cleaned up then."


She stood up and from the beanbag, her dick was still hanging loose from her fly. Her hand wrapped around mine and we walked to the shower. I was still in a state of shock at what had happened and I'm sure she picked up on it. Years of societal pressure would tell me that what I just did was wrong or immoral. My body told me something entirely different though. I had not only enjoyed it, but I enjoyed it so much that I came without even touching myself. The feeling of content pleasure that washed over me from the control she held over me was a new and wonderful sensation. She didn't even need to say anything to pull me closer. I just felt compelled to please her, to mak her happy.

Sam always looked out for me. When we were growing up, as kids, Sam would protect me from the bigger kids and use her charm to keep them off of me. She once convinced the class bully to leave me alone by telling him that he would never get a date as long as he was in school if he continued to bully me. Sam was so popular that the other girls in our class would have happily agreed to not go near him if she had said so.

When I started baseball freshman year I twisted my ankle trying to get in shape by jogging with Sam at the track. Sam took care of my wound and got me back on my feet without the need of visiting the hospital. I remember the way her eyes looked when she gently wrapped and iced my ankle. Her eyes were filled with gentle concern and a fire that said she wasn't never gonna leave my side.

"You here with me sweetie." Her gentle brown eyes were right next to mine. Her hand stroked my face.

She knew I was lost in my thoughts again. She knew my mind trailed when I needed to process something. I noticed my clothes were now crumpled in a pile on the floor. Now that she knew my mind was back she began to strip off her jeans. She took the time to slowly bend over as the jeans and underwear slid over her ass. My eyes trailed along the crack of her ass. My hand was drawn to the supple globes of her ass cheeks. The skin was warm and soft in my grip.

"Nuh uh uh. We'll never get anything done if we keep this up. We can't just have sex 24/7."

"I'm sorry..."

"It's okay sweetie. Let's get in the shower and wash up."

She took the hand from ass and guided me into the shower where the water was already running. Her body was huddled close to mine so we could both get wet under the spray of water. There was an impressive heat coming from her crotch and that's when I noticed her full package. Her member, when flaccid, looked very feminine. It was free of any wrinkles or veins. It was tapered perfectly, being thin at the tip and widening towards the base. She kept her pubic hair completely shaved which added to her femininity. Her balls looked like large smooth eggs.

Sam took some shower gel in her hands and offered some to me. My senses were filled with the scent of berries. She began to run her lathered hands over my body and I followed suit. The suds were instantly washed away under the shower head. Our hands continued to roam over eachother. Every movement of her hands was mirrored by my own. Her slick hands wrapped around my shaft and as I did the same I noticed the severe difference in size between the two of us.

"Turn around please."

I did as she asked and felt her hands scratch along my back. She kept roaming further until they reached my ass cheeks. She moved slowly letting her fingers run along my hole. She took her time running every finger along my quivering hole. She contiuned to trail until she was finished srubbing my feet.

"Now you do me."

My hands shook nervously as the went down her back towards her rear. Her ass very sculpted and plump. I think I lingered a little too long and was brought back to reality when she cleared her throat. When I finished she shut off the knobs and stepped out to dry her and myself off.

"Now get dressed in our school colors, I gotta put my makeup on."

"Why in school colors?"

"We're gonna go to a football game."

"What made you decide that?"

"Well unlike you, I actually watch the TV when we have it on." She said with a grin and shut the door.

This should be fun. I couldn't help but smile.

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